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This is a transcript from our 117th Internet Marketing Podcast(2nd page).

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Free Website Analysis

Chris: Oh, yeah. I know the video is not on iTunes. And we actually don’t have plans to put this video on iTunes. We’re gonna keep this one as an audio and then we are gonna put the Unknown Secrets SEVO, Secrets of Internet Web Analysis. We’re gonna put that one as a video podcast on iTunes. And he says, “Chris and Charles, keep up the good work.” Manny from Capture Billing.


Chuck: So Manny, we appreciate you tuning in.


Chris: Punch in the face.


Chuck: Hit me on Twitter first because something’s in there, a link to your site so we can check it out, you know, we’ll show you some link love.


Chris: Daniel Buchanan, he went on like three different places and wrote reviews. First punch in the face like for each review.


Chuck: A tumble, pushing treadmill. I am sore up and good at like three weeks.


Chris: Oh, right, really? Cool. I went jogging last night. It is so hot it’s like — I went at 7:30, 8:30. I was just pounding water to survive. And he says, “You guys are awesome. Just stumbled into my website analysis for getting more PC.” And it’s and watched it. He was tensed up thinking that we were gonna rip him a new one but — and I’m gonna switch back to what he said. “But your criticism was factual and constructive. Plus, you told me where to change things and how to improve things. I know many web guys and no one emphasis no one has give me this kind of feedback for my site which I want and need.”


Chuck: For free.


Chris: For free. “I’ve tried to implement some of the changes. So thank you guys so much.” By the way, I looked into your website. It does look better. Also, he’s using a tool for mobile. Yeah, he’s got a mobile plugin. I tried it out last night. It’s not gonna work for some of our situations but we may be able to tweak it. Wow. Shout out to or punch in the face to Daniel.


Chuck: I still don’t understand the Chili Peppers though, has no top.


Chris: He has a video like kind of almost a spoof commercial so it’s got a little cheesy on his homepage. You guys should go check it out. It’s kind of good. So hopefully we’ll get him some good information there. And actually that’s my Facebook entry of me asking him — oh, here we go. Dean Calhoun on Facebook. This is really cool and it shows “Importance of having a well-structured site became greater with today’s changes to Google site links.” And he pulled up his — it took up a bunch of screen space so that’s great. But his snippets needed some work. So he’s gonna work on those.


I need a glance at some of those. I Googled him, it’s Affygility Solutions, training Affygility Solution seminars. Some of these may be dependent on my screen size actually. Company history that makes sense. I like this one though. Save time on expensive travel. It’s because it’s missing the rest of the sentence, meeting up your goals. That’s not too bad. Maybe he’s already tweaked them. And they’ve been updated.

I pulled off ours and I was really surprised that a lot of our blogs, a few Google E-Webstyle in our site links, we’ve got a lot of blog entries. So you know, we do some technical work, some IT tech work around Houston. So whenever I bumped into a problem that takes a little more than usual to actually find the solution, when I finally find the solution, I make a blog entry. And so we’ve got things like mswinsock.winsock.asp is one of our main links and that’s just a friendly, a stupid blog entry from a long time ago. So I don’t what the algorithm is. I would suggest that they should change it.

Chuck: Yeah, or either that or we’ll figure it out, I mean, make changes.

Chris: Make changes to us, yeah.

Chuck: ‘Cause it would show us a way — we had like — they only listed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 sightings.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: But we definitely had more than 6 pages.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: So we just have to determine — figure out what form were they using to determine which will be listed as sightings.

Chris: I wonder if it’s related — it could be related to traffic, right? Like which one gets more main or whatever.

Chuck: These things get the most traffic.

Chris: I don’t know. Or, even search position based on keyword, value or something. I don’t know. All right.

Chuck: Something or another.

Chris: Something or another, being above that causes the — just the position of the search.

Chuck: Yeah, well, you said it.

Chris: All right. Let’s get the Geno time limit. Ding. Let’s get into the meat of today’s podcast.

Chuck: So yeah. I put up an article. Wow and I don’t have where I got it from. Okay. I’ll post this on —

Chris: Well, usually the title — they can search the title. They’ll be able to find it.

Chuck: Yeah, but anyway. The article is about video marketing. We have to talk about video marketing today because it’s needed.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: It’s necessary and it’s really a Google train, not just one but mobile as well. And so somebody’s tips can help you in both situations. And so we’ll kind of go through the tips and take it from there. One of the main tips is “Make your title count.”

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: We were talking about the titles earlier. And so title, you know, just like on a website, the video title itself is definitely one of the most important places which is why it’s tip number one, you know, for your keyword.

Chris: Let’s talk about — so what are the components of a good title for a video?

Chuck: Well, I think number one, just grab the video if you can, right? And make sure that you have the right keyword in the title if possible. You know, you don’t want to sound cheesy and have description or a super long description for the keywords that’s really not reflected with the video.

Chris: Yeah. That’s one. The other is if you really need to target multiple keywords, you probably should have multiple videos even after that segmenting map because then you’re gonna get those titles and have some value in that. So because what happens is what’s called keyword delusion, if you put your keyword first and then you put on a bunch of other keywords and we saw a website the other day that had that challenge where I think it’s the new client, right, with the Shelby guy. He had, you know, four, five keywords in his title and the challenge was that he had lots of pages. If he had just started with one page towards one keyword and then another page towards another keyword.

Chuck: He was definitely diluting his title, you know.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: And so we’ll also extend for him, maybe say new clients so we’ll get him right here.

Chris: Wohoo. Yeah, I post it — hold on to your hat, white hat, of course. Did you see that entry? I was like we just got it. That’s what the picture — that’s why you found my suit on your desk ’cause I took a picture of the suit and the beer saying late lunch and a celebration. We got a new client. Hold on to your hat, white hat, of course.

Chuck: Okay. Now, it makes sense. I was wondering what he was doing when I came in.

Chris: Since I leave my coffee everywhere you’re like —

Chuck: Yeah, put it right here. That’s the crazy spot scene. Who is this?

Chris: Sturdying up my desk.

Chuck: So tip number two is “provide excellent content.” Now, this would go without saying. You know, I think one of the reason my video has been successful.

Chris: I always had a question. I got to ask this question. When it goes without saying —

Chuck: Why do you think?

Chris: Why do we always say it? It’s a great question.

Chuck: That’s another question because it doesn’t go without saying for everybody.

Chris: For everybody.

Chuck: Yes.

Chris: It should — really it’s an implied should go without saying.

Chuck: Yeah, yeah. I thank you with that. It should go without saying. But, you know, have a good content. If video is boring, I’ll stop watching. I won’t share it. As a matter of fact, I’ll thumbs down it.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: I won’t like it. You know, I won’t plus it, won’t do anything. So definitely put on some good content that is useful and everything.

Chris: And engaging.

Chuck: Yeah. As a matter of fact one of the things they said was take some time to think a bunch of view and make sure that they’ll find what you’re offering valuable. Forget what you can teach them. I mean, you know, position yourself as an expert if you are an expert. So things like that they create value for your video and make people want to watch, make people want to share.

Chris: I’m making sure we’re still live.

Chuck: Yeah. That’s a good idea. Third tip was “Include the URL in your video.” That’s a great tip.

Chris: Frankly, some I hadn’t thought of.

Chuck: Yeah. That’s a great tip. Show the URL especially if the video has been transcribed or you know, now they indexed the videos.

Chris: Well, I’m also thinking because of the tools that you get with YouTube that you can have text in it, you got to believe that text is indexable.

Chuck: Exactly.

Chris: And so I think there’s a lot of value in that.


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