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This is a transcript from our 124th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Friendly Local Neighborhood Top Position Snatchers
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Friendly Local Neighborhood Top Position Snatchers

Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.

Chuck: Yeah, you get that.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres owner of E-Webstyle.

Chuck: I’m Charles Lewis, your Internet Marketing Specialist.

Chris: Yes, that’s it. We were listening to a Podcast the other day and he’s like, I’m your Internet Marketing Person. Insert generic term for human body.

You are listening to the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes. You don’t know but you may notice it if you’re watching, we believe that the video quality should be significantly better. And camera’s significantly really closer, it’s basically on our face right now.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: You may even get some spittle on the camera today.

Chuck: I don’t know if that be cool or gross.

Chris: Yeah, somewhere in between. By the way, we do have, we usually on to visual stuff on our Podcast, ‘cause this really does get turned in to audio for iTunes. You will notice that there is a visual item it’s inference a big event this week and anybody who gets the reference hit us up on Facebook. Did I say Facebook?

Chuck: You did say Facebook.

Chris: I did say Facebook. You can hit our Facebook page.

Chuck: ewebstyle


Chuck: ewebstyle


Chuck: ewebstyle

Chris: Podcast@

Chuck: I’m too good, you didn’t give me that…

Chris: [00:01:25:00][Inaudible]

Chuck: It’s Friday.

Chris: This is Podcast 124, as always we like to mention our tip from the previous Podcast and really last Podcast was answering a really long e-mail.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Go back and has a great real world answers to real world SEO questions and problems. The tip was for the keywords that you target and that received the most traffic, you must know to which page Google sends that traffic.

Chuck: Exactly.

Chris: And then we would say going step further and you know do Cebo potentially send it in for a Cebo analysis. By way the way last night I got our website Cebo analysis Podcast, one of them is up and live, it’s actually on iTunes. I have no idea how to find it. I was too late, I didn’t even see if I could find it on iTunes or anything.

So if you don’t know how to get to it go find it, you can actually go to our YouTube page which we already mentioned and there you can find a bunch of our website Cebo Analysis.

Chuck: Analysi, if I want a subject you know you got a website you already watching this Podcast ‘cause you probably need some help with it. Feel free,, right column for lots of website analysis request and I will personally or Chris do that analysis for you.

Chris: Yeah, and if you don’t want it posted live then just let us know. We are happy to put it what we typically do is we put it private so anybody has the link does have access to it. We’ve done that for actually one of our clients that we’ll be mentioning today, I think.

Product placement free, yeah, we’ll you want the, does that make you happy too?

Chuck: Chris got like three drinks.

Chris: Coffee.

Chuck: Coffee, that goes. Only want two drinks.

Chris: Today. Yeah, sometimes it’s three. So, you know no review on iTunes. And you know what that normally means.

Chuck: The tear drop tattoo.

Chris: Yeah. Fortunately for me I’m excited because Stope SEO, I spoke to… Thank you so much.

Chuck: Punch in the face.

Chris: Punch, we’re going to take this hammer and punch you in the face, that’s just off the charts happy. He was twitting like every couple of hours about how many Podcast he had actually listened. He’s been listening to out Podcast for, it’s like a marathon. It was like…

Chuck: Got lonely and get caught up, like you know guys three, four more you’d be caught off.

Chris: Totally caught up. And it gave us some idea, we’re going to actually start encouraging you if you’re watching you, hey, twit what you are learning now. Twit that we’re talking about Stope SEO, twit something. If you’re sitting at your desk and listening to this, it’s probably a couple weeks later, if you are at your desk go ahead and pull up your Twitter accent and twit and use what should we do, we use.

Chuck: #SEO Podcast and the number that you’re watching.

Chris: There you go.

Chuck: For example if you follows us on Twitter right now, you would have seen my latest twit that said, SEO Podcast 124, with the hash tag. So, yeah show us that love.

Chris: That would be awesome. And we also had an interaction, aren’t the sound so alike, yeah, we had interaction on Facebook, interaction number one 95, it’s hey guys, I love your Podcast, amazing currently I’m catching up on old Podcast, currently am currently catching up old Podcast.


And learning more stuff to help me in running my business. Cheers and keep up the work.

Chuck: Who is it?

Chris: I clicked through and she’s actually from Syria, from Damascus. And a good friend of mind, Sam who was in yesterday is actually from Damascus originally as well. So of course, you know it’s a big country, they probably don’t know each other, but you know, check it out.

I noticed that you use cheers so you probably learned your English some place other than the US and he theorized that you learned it in Canada. So, hit us up maybe you learned your English in Canada.

Chuck: Yeah, hit us up give us some link to your site and let’s check it out and we’ll show you some link love.

Chris: Let me not forget that we are you friendly local neighborhood top position snatchers where our mantra is.

Chuck: Don’t be a douche.

Chris: Don’t be a douche.

Chuck: And go that position for you.

Chris: Man, news. News.

Chuck: A lot of news.

Chris: Yeah, there’s news. As we all know Steve Jobs passed away and that was, I actually twitted, I re-twitted who’s were like I don’t know the dude, but I’m like, you know, getting a little emotional reading about that, thinking about all the product he’s come up with. Thinking about what an amazing life he had lived. And, you know it’s a – it’s pretty amazing.

Chuck: Oh, Nick told me about the video that he watched, that Steve did in like the ‘80s where they were talking about touchscreen technology.

Chris: Oh, in the ‘80s. Wow.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Well and you know, he, I mean people theorized that he stole it from some UNIX Developers or some UNIX packages but you know the fact of using the miles and the way we interact with computers was at a minimum spearheaded and brought to market by Steve Jobs. I mean, can you imagine if we stole a [0:06:45][Inaudible] you know and that nerdy geek guy comes in and start typing stuff to make happen on the computer.

Imagine if you had to do that in order to create a word document, in order to put a Facebook post, you know, it just wouldn’t be where it is today.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Is the AC, could somebody turn the AC on.

Chuck: It’s a little warm here.

Chris: Start warming here. Let see what else do I have here, I’ve got, oh iPhone is coming to Sprint.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: We’ve been on Sprint for a while.

Chuck: I feel you Sprint, love Sprint, and have no problems Sprint. But I’m going to stick to Android.

Chris: Yeah. I think I’m going to stick Android as well. I’m still debating the iPad, like I’m back and forth. I think I did try to pull up Ustream. So our Ustream Podcast does not come up on iPad.

Chuck: Which is weird because.

Chris: You probably get the app.

Chuck: Yeah, no people with the app who can use it Fire.

Chris: And there’s a Sprint, I mean there’s an Android app, right, where you can actually broadcast directly from your 4G or 3G phone whatever. And but that’s like that one step, you know, I probably end up with the Android tablet.

Speaking of it how does a $35 Android table out?

Chuck: Like that.

Chris: And actually there’s some debate because of the, I think a conversion of Rupees to Dollars. One group reported that at 22 bucks and another at 35. What it is Android devices in India for Indian students. So, you know let me buy 100,000 or have at least subsidies are actually $600 –they would be $600 less price.

But they’ll be selling them to schools, their own schools for like 22 or 35 bucks depending on how you, depending on the Rupee exchange rate that particular day. So I think that’s pretty cool.

One thing I did mention, you know, this is – I think some people forget you know, they think Steve Jobs is this Apple, Apple, Apple. And some of the other things he did were just phenomenal. I don’t know if you remember Next Computer?

I remember when I was in college, there was a NeXt Computer that had a very unique, it was a unique…

Chuck: NeXt computer?

Chris: Yeah, and it’s NeXt, I know those letters stood for something or stand for something. That became Pixar. Right, so you think Steve Jobs, computer on the desktop and then there like Pixar. Wait, that’s Toy Story, like so intimately involved in the animation that we see today. It’s impact us.

Chuck: That’s phenomenal.

Chris: I mean it’s just crazy.

All right, news. Geno time limit up, we got an e-mail and this is going to be really interesting, I think. I really, in fact we met with a potential client called Yeah, PlanetSEED is not for profit funded either entirely or mostly, at a minimum mostly by Slumbershay. For those who don’t know Slumbershay it’s a huge oil field services company.

So, they would be a competitor to like KBR as an example. And that website, so that.


That’s a planetSEED, really cool website and their goal and I got to get that sentence. Their goal is to actually take advantage of the Slumbershay scientific expertise around the world and put that to work in under privileged or underserved education communities.

Chuck: Yeah, where to focus on science. I mean, I think it’s good is for…

Chris: Slumbershay education excellence.

Chuck: Educational Economic Development.

Chris: There we go.

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