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Thirty-eighth Internet Marketing Podcast Nov. 6th 2009. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the unknown secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: All right, we’ll go back to another fun filled edition of the unknown secrets of SEO podcast.

Chris: This is podcast number 38, my name is Chris Burres, owner of EWebResults.

Paul: And this is Paul Hanson, sales manager of EWebResults.

Chris: So great of you to join us, actually on the video we don’t have anybody watching yet so, ah so that we get you next time …

Paul: Well, we’re watching.

Chris: … you can se us live on USTREAM at 9:15 on Friday mornings we actually record our podcast on video and then we get it out later as a podcast onto I-Tunes and other services, podcasting services so if you have, if you want to see us live, we’re here, you can actually see the videos of our previous podcast and you can find those at USTREAM once you get to actually transfers you over to, I bet you didn’t know that. Paul?

Paul: I did not know that.

Chris: There you go. Paul is busily working on pulling up some incredibly interesting news for you. So go to and then search for e-webstyle and I think you need to search for e dash webstyle. I’d give the URL, but the URL is really, really long like, yeah it’s not something that I want to get over. Um, in fact, every time just before we go on air we actually tweet the fact that we are about to go on air so you can actually sign up and follow us on Twitter, that’s, that ewebstyle does not have a dash, uh you should recognize our logo and everything there, start following us and then you will be reminded that we’re about to do a show so that you can tune in and that will have a link with it. You can also follow us on Facebook, the easiest way to get to us on Facebook also has a very long URL so we made a nice easy method. Go to and that will automatically take you to our Facebook page and you can become an e-webstyle groupie. I mean stalker.

Paul: Speaking of groupie …

Chris: Follower.

Paul: All right. I’m looking through the news today. Some funny odd random news that came out today on the AP News Press. The title is: Sex Toy Study at Duke University Raises Some Eyebrows. So man, where was this one when I was in college?

Chris: Yeah, they never had any sex toy studies and …

Paul: A religious leader at the campus of Duke University is unhappy about a study at the university, ah Duke University that invites female students to attend parties where they can buy sex toys. Wow. Sponsored by the university!

Chris: All I’m thinking now is ah, Revenge of the Nerds and cameras. Hidden cameras. That’s what I’m thinking of right now, and the little Asian guy, “Oh, we want muff wear – – we want muff …”

Paul: Here’s ah, here’s something ah, this is pretty interesting. Another thing out of the news I just found, it came out yesterday. There was a design flaw in an Indiana jail that allowed inmates to leave their cells. They were altering a part of the jail, they were redesigning a new part of the jail system and it basically allowed people to crawl out of their cells.

Chris: You know this is another – – this is just another horrible thing that Microsoft has brought upon us.

Paul: Ha ha ha … I see colors Microsoft …

Chris: What about windows 7. Because of Microsoft now it’s acceptable for our jail systems to have thugs. Right? You know what? If Mac was the predominant operating system …

Paul: They’d never get out of jail.

Chris: There’s no way out, right. They’d be trying to figure out how to get them out.

Paul: That’s pretty interesting.

Chris: That’s pretty crazy. All right. So what we covered last, in our last podcast, um, we actually started going over the lyrics for Design Coding which is a rap by Moe Serious also known as Chuck also known as Charles, um he wasn’t able to be with us today so uh we’re going to continue going over that for the rest of today. I also wanted to talk about, well we wanted to read our reviews. It’s shout out time.

Paul: It is.

Chris: It’s shout out time. I’ve got everything over here.

Paul: Oh, okay.

Chris: Um.

Paul: Where’s the lyrics?

Chris: The lyrics are right there.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: Yeah, here. You can hold these.

Paul: All right.

Chris: You seem to want to hold some. There you go.

Paul: Alright we’re ready to go now.

Chris: We got a really nice email from Dean Calhoon, he’s with Affygiliti …

Paul: Affygility.

Chris: … yeah, and that’s A-f-f-y-g-i-l-i-t-y, uh and he says he’s been enjoying our podcasts for three months, thank you so much Dean for listening. Um, he’s trying not to focus on page rank, interesting, ‘cus we were, we were just talking about that, I think two podcasts ago, so we’ll talk about that a little bit more. Uh, it doesn’t really – – he actually said his page rank went down from 3 to 2, it didn’t seem to matter because he’s still at the top 3 or 4 in the surps for his key words that he has chosen. Um, Dean I glanced at your website, uh, you have a very, I think it’s a very knish market. Send us some key words, yes, we will be happy to give you some back link love, uh, we’re just that kind of, we’re that easy actually.

Paul: Ha ha, ha ha ha. That easy. All you gotta do is ask and we’ll give you some.

Chris: Um, but lets make that back link love a little more powerful, you’ve been listening to our podcast so you know something like, um, I don’t know health care services which is too generic for what you guys do, but something like that is going to be better than just us pointing to – environmental health and safety. So, thanks for listening, thanks for sending us an email ah, and you know actually about the page rank, um, remember we were talking the other day. Google recently pulled page rank off of the webmaster tools and, uh, and it was actually Charles was saying that they pulled it off, I don’t know if his statement was that they are no longer using it, I doubt that they are no longer using it, I think they are still using it in their algorithm, I just think they’re not, they’re not publishing it so people can’t use it to try and market their websites and, you know, sell back links. If you’ve got a really great page rank, what we found is that people are trying to sell links off of those great pages and Google, in trying to control that has said, “You know what, we’re just not going to let you know what your page rank is. So go ahead and good luck selling it.”

Paul: So no more page rank. That sucks.

Chris: So I do think it’s still important, I think it’s an important part of their algorithm, I just don’t think we have it and just like Dean said, he dropped in page rank uh but he still positions 3 and 4 on the search engine result pages for his key words. So don’t worry about page rank. In fact you can’t because you can’t even know what it is.

Paul: ‘Cus you don’t … yeah.

Chris: So, um, you know, stay focused if, if you’re not sure how to get on the first page of Google, then you have approximately 37 other podcasts to listen to, go back and listen to all their podcasts ‘cus we tell you how to do it and we do it well and we do it strong and its free if you listen to our podcast and implement. So go ahead and do that. We’ve go a couple more we had been requesting, and we still request if you guys are getting any good information from this podcast, please, however you signed up, if you signed up on I-Tunes, you know what? Even if you didn’t sign up on I-Tunes, go create an I-Tunes account and submit a, um a review about our podcast ‘‘cus we’ve got three reviews here and I’m gonna, you want to jump in on any one of these of your favorite that you want to read here?

Paul: Oh, I like, uh, from Wonder Nate. Nate d-o-double g. What up Nate? Nate gives us reviews says, “I was told about this from my brother-in-law who is one of those rich and successful people that you get really jealous of, it was a great recommendation, very informative which would be enough by itself but they are fun and laid back and you feel like you’re hanging out with them, shooting the breeze about the internet.” So that was cool, man, thanks Nate, we appreciate that.

Chris: We like that, Nate. We’ve got Dr. Video said, “Real solid info, no hype.” I think we have even mentioned that one before.

Paul: Uh huh.

Chris: And I like this one. “Keeping the workplace fun.” That’s what we do. Right?

Paul: Yeah, trying to keep it live, try to keep it fun.

Chris: Uh, “I was told about this by my boss and Wonder Nate actually told him and instantly found the podcast and it fit my needs and listening style. I’m not one to sit and listen to someone that’s all work and no play. These guys combine the right amount of both in a 30-minute podcast. Not only that but they actually work at answering your questions and do so in a timely manner.” You hear that? So Dean is going to get a little bit of link love, come on you guys, keep sending in questions, keep sending in emails, uh not only will we answer those emails but, uh, you know we also usually end up pointing our customers and our listeners in your direction so that’s gonna have some significant link value. Um so great. If you are getting value out of this podcast, please go to I-Tunes or some other place where you can write a review, link to us, there’s lots of ways to do that, you can find our podcast actually on our blog which is at and just go to the homepage and click the blog ‘cus I don’t need to give out the whole URL …

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: … on that one. All right. So, um, I think we’re ready to get – – you know I wanted to mention one other thing, this has been, this happened a while back. Um and Yahoo closed geocities. I don’t know if you remember …

Paul: Yeah, you read, you said that to me. I haven’t actually used geocities.

Chris: If you go back, geocities is one of those …

Paul: College?

Chris: … free, you know free web services that you can actually have a website for free and if you think, you know I’m sure there’s lots of other services out there that are still doing that, if you think that that’s worth doing you really need to go back and listen to some of our podcasts ‘cus we talk about hosting your website for free and the value or lack of value in doing that so go back and listen to that. Anyway I was really surprised ‘cus geocities was getting like 1.5 million …

Paul: Million.

Chris: … hits a month. Right? And these are new hits a month and instead of selling it they just closed it.

Paul: That I thought was kinda weird. Like wow why wouldn’t you just pawn it off to a smaller, I mean that’s what usually a lot of companies do whenever they’re uh you know I guess when they’re, I guess, I can’t think of a general example but, you just sell it off. That is what I was thinking. I know my experiences come from corporate America and I know AT&T does that all the time whenever they have product that’s just, they’re not really interested in or not really working, they’ll just sell it to a smaller company. They’ll take it and run with it.

Chris: Yeah, well, in, so I don’t know what their thinking was, I know that now they have a service, they’re offering kind of the same service at a fairly inexpensive price, uh but you think they would have like transitioned them or some of them are very strange.

Paul: Yeah. I know. Yeah.

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