Google Accounts Mess Up Search Results

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Twenty-first SEO Podcast June 26th 2009.  Second page of Transcription

Chris:             A Twit seat? A Tweat? (laughter).  A profile, we’re working on a profile for us, and what we really want to do with that to kind of guide our customers.  And things that we can do is let them know that there’s a podcast, which can drive them to our site.  And let them know we’re about to do…..this is exciting….what are we going to do later today?

Paul:               A videocast.

Chris:             Alright!

Paul:               So people get to see our handsome face.

Chris:             And we’re also going to try our hand at a viral video.

Paul:               Yeah, that’s going to be funny.

Chris:             I think it’s going to be funny.  And you know, sometimes viral videos, they’re either really good or lame or whatever.  We don’t know what it’s going to be….that’s great….we’re going to have a lot of fun with it.  Probably by the time this podcast comes out, we’ll have that video up somewhere, so if you’re listening to this, go ahead and look for this and you might find it.  Also, if you have some sort of concept for a viral SEO video that you’d like to see us do, you know Paul and I are game for pretty much anything.

Paul:               Yeah, please do send it to us. I’d love to hear it.

Chris:             Send it in our direction.  We’ll certainly give you credit for sending it to us.  We’ll put the video together…we’ll send it out there….so there’s an example…. we’re working with videos.  Are we ready to approach a client right now and say, look, you need to be doing videos and we’re going to help you?  Not yet, because this is just our first and second video.  When we get a good hang of it….when we get a good hang of not just doing the videos, but also marketing the videos, then that will become another service that we offer.

Paul:               Yes

Chris:             Because it’s a technology that we’re comfortable with and a technology that we are world class experts at.  Oh, now I’ve got a humbling moment, so you were with me on this journey Paul, this week, part of last week.

Paul:               Oh yeah, (laughter)

Chris:             This is totally embarrassing and I love to throw embarrassing moments out there so that, one; I never do it again, cause I don’t want to look so foolish.  It’s kind of like the monks who whipped themselves.

Paul:               Oh yeah.

Chris:             Only, not really, not like that at all. It’s not an actual whip. And I also like to put it out there because probably somebody else will make the same mistake and hopefully, we can avoid that.  Now, we of course have lots of Google accounts here and I have a Google account.  And I noticed that what appeared to be on IE, the results for one search, very favorable results for one of our pet projects here.  And the results on Firefox and Opera and even Chrome were different, and it was all on the Google search engine but the results were different on the different search engines.  So I start researching, why are they’re different, and I’m showing Paul and sometimes they’re different, sometimes they’re the same and this doesn’t make sense.  And the research out there…you know….says sometimes there’s some discrepancies….don’t worry about that.  But we were looking at a discrepancy of first position on Google to not even on the third page.  And so finally, I figured it out.

Paul:               What was the glitch?  Why were they so different?

Chris:             So, the issue apparently, is when you’re signed in to Google, it changes the search result listings for you.  Now, I kind of knew this, but I hadn’t really experienced it. So it wasn’t the first thing that popped into my mind, so I’m literally saying that….and this is interesting that  you can do this….maybe for some terms related to pages that you visit….you know, often.  Of course, I visit the page that is our pet project on a regular basis.  So, Google sees the search results.  Google sees that that page that I’m signed in and that page is a page I’ve visited before and thinks that I probably want to see that page again.  I’ll be flat out honest, and Paul and I discussed this, I totally disagree.

Paul:               And so do I. So it’s going to change their search results depending on what accounts… if you have this particular account in your Google account, watching them on analytics….and you search for something related to them, they’re going to pull up that account in your search results.  And that’s….I mean….that’s kind of skewed.

Chris:             Well it’s skewed and it’s also….I mean….the premise is, I think, fundamentally flawed; which is to say, okay, I’m aware of this website already.  Usually when I’m searching, I’m trying to find new information, right?  Maybe I’m trying to go back to old information, but I have my history, unless it’s a really bad browser.  And I’ve never heard of a bad browser that doesn’t have a history.  So that’s not an option, so it’s clouding the results again and I’m so tuned in to skipping the first page…I mean not going past the first page or changing my results….if what I find on the first page is not right.  So here I find….and in this case, I actually had two of the websites in the top ten were not top ten result websites.  They were just websites that I’d visited before.  And this…..You know I understand….I appreciate what I think they were trying to do…I just think it’s totally wrong.

Paul:               So do I.

Chris:             It’s not….when I’m searching again….I’m not looking for what I found before, I’m trying to find new information. So anyway…

Paul:               What I would say, if you are out there and you have an analytics account and you’re signed into it and if you…..for a particular keyword search….if you’re website comes up first….log out of your account.

Chris:             And you literally only have to click the log out button and immediately you’ll return their same results for that search as if you weren’t logged in and then you’ll see the true position.

Paul:               Yeah, you might be saying, oh I’m on the first page.

Chris:             And here’s like….I had all sorts of doubts and I had all sorts of theories.  They were all really brilliant theories….

Paul:               Ah hem…….laughter

Chris:             Given my fundamentally flawed premise. (laughter).  You know, flawed theories about….oh, maybe they’re using different servers and it’s going to propagate because this page is on the first page.  I also knew, that if that page were on the first page, we should see significant…..not minor….not reasonably….not a slight increase….significant increase in traffic because the search term is so popular and we weren’t seeing that.  And so there was an absolute disconnect which is of course, the reason I kept pursuing it.  Because if it’s on the first page, great, I just let it go and a month later we’re going to see great results….No, that’s not how we attack things here.  We want to make sure that everything makes sense.  And at the end of the day, we finally figure it out, so if you do have something that’s in the first page, you can literally hit the log out button and it will log you out and show you the actual results for your website. So, hopefully that’s helpful….hopefully you guys don’t bump into the same thing.  It drove me nuts…I need to do a blog on it.

Paul:               I think that actually would be a good idea.

Chris:             Because I went and did….I actually searched….like why are my results different?  Well, I’m going to put that example out there so by the time you’re hearing this, you’ll probably see a blog entry on Why Are My Results Different in Different Browsers?…..because that’s what I’m assuming….why are they different when I’m logged and not logged in….which is obvious….if you figure that out then at least you know you’re on the right page.  (laughter)….unlike me.   So….

Paul:               Good learning experience for us.

Chris:             Yes, and we’re very happy to share with you guys if you have similar experiences.  Again, if you’ve got any questions that you’d like to bring to us, please let us know.  We’re very happy to put you on air.

Paul:               Excellent, that was awesome.  So lets talk more social media.  I had a question that popped into my head and really why we want to talk about social media….it’s so big right now.  If you have seen CNN and you have heard Twitter and Facebook, you know, all these different social media networks and sites and you’re probably thinking….should my business be on a social networking site?   Well, first lets just make sure we have a website.   A website should be your very first order of business.  I would even recommend it before a social media site, because you have to have somewhere to bring all this traffic back to.

Chris:             And you can control the calls to action.

Paul:               Yes, better on your own website.  How long do you have a website first?

Chris:             So, what would they do if they needed a website?

Paul:               Well you could call the best website company ever…us.

Chris:             Oh us, yeah. That’s right, we do websites.

Paul:               And that’s the truth because I found that on the internet.


Chris:             And it was the first page result.

Paul:               Never mind that I wrote it.  So yeah, should you be on a social networking site?  And this is a ….there’s a very fine line.

Chris:             And while we’re talking about that, you know, we do do websites, we do do SEO….I want to throw out our email address real quick.  You can contact us at You can also give us a call at 713-592-6724 and we’ll be happy to talk to you and answer some questions, keep giving on.  You know, we had a guy our last podcast…that’s what it was….our last podcast was on video and video submission and it was thanks to a gentleman by the name of John Povlokos.  And he said the last time I pronounced it was the closest. And one of the things I didn’t do is actually give…like….props to his company and…you know….tell you guys where you could find him and I think that’s certainly worth doing.  So, his company is called DRTV Productions and you can find him at and when we get this podcast transcribed, I’ll make sure to put a link in there.  John, thanks again. He did put some final comments thanking us, he’s actually heard the podcast already because I sent him a direct link immediately and he sent some comments back and those will be posted with the transcription of this podcast.  So, when you’re listening to this, it means that our podcast has already been transcribed and is already available on our blog and you can go on the first.  We usually break it up into three segments on our blog entries.  And you can go to the comments on the first one and you’ll be able to see John’s comments.  He had some good things to say and actually interestingly enough, he liked the idea of transcribing the podcast because it’s really very, very valuable.  So I want to just interject that….you know….when you do send comments to us, we’re…you know…happy to give your company…..

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