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Forty-first Internet Marketing Podcast Dec. 8th 2009. Second page of Transcription

Chris: We saw a 3 — you know, there’s a difference between how men approach, you know, pregnancies and babies and everything and how women — and so, we actually — we’re in the doctor’s office and we got all these — they have screens all over the place and she was looking at her screen over here and I’m looking at my screen over here and she goes “Look, so cute!” And I was like, “You’re looking at something different.”

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: ‘Cause 3D babies in a room are freakin’ ugly.


and Paul: (laughing)

Chris: I don’t care if it’s mine or yours or anybody’s, that’s not an attractive little thing there.

Paul: Amoeba looking guy.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: I was probably about …

Chris: Are those eye sockets? What the hell is that?

Paul: How big is it, like that?

Chris: Yeah, it’s …

Paul: Oh.

Chris: Yeah, it’s …

Paul: I don’t know.

Chris: Okay. We’ll go with that. So, all right, the information that we’re talking about a little bit, if you missed it, make sure you go back and catch it. We’re talking about Google analytic goals and there are 10 must-track goals. And remember, we already — we already had a little conflict with the guy who wrote the must-track goals.

Paul: Oh, yeah.

Chris: Like, yeah, I’m not sure you should be tracking this. And then I pulled back because he was actually right.


and Paul: (laughing)

Chris: There are good reasons to actually track it. So, I think we covered everything here that’s been highlighted. Some of these make sense. You definitely want to track when people do a newsletter subscription. You want to track catalog requests. You want to track new account openings. And there’s some other good stuff so like big tracking feed subscriptions.

Paul: Like an RSS feed?

Chris: Like a podcast.

Paul: Oh, like a podcast.

Chris: That’d be a great example, right? And in fact, this is kind of related to the next one but we’ll get into that. So, if the only way t hat they can subscribe to whatever your RSS feed is, is from your own website, then there are actual tools so that you don’t just send them to that RSS feed, you actually, you know, when they click the subscribe button, it’s a goal that Google tracks and so now Google knows that somebody’s subscribed to your feed.

And of course, with all the other tools that come in Google analytics, you actually track how they came into your website, you know. Did they come from your pay per click campaign? Maybe a print media campaign, whatever, TV, somehow — if you’re sending them to a specific page then you can actually track them through your website down the funnel and to the point where they actually subscribed to your feed. The challenge, or one of the challenges is that — in our case like in this podcast, if you’re listening to our podcast from iTunes, you didn’t actually subscribe to our feed from us. You just subscribed to a particular file. That file we can track, right. That’s not a big deal and it makes me think that I’m actually not tracking it, so I should.


and Paul: (laughing)

Paul: Time out. Got to go track this.

Chris: Now, what you can do though is when you’re on iTunes and you click a particular mp3 file, that file — we are actually hosting that file somewhere else and even when we’re hosting it with us, that mp3 file Google — we can’t put a Google analytics tracking on an mp3 file. So, this is — if you go back and listen to one of previous podcasts, so we’re kind of reiterating this, there is what we consider a flaw with Google analytics. And that flaw is, is that mp3 files, you know, if people click them from somewhere else, not outside of our control which clearly iTunes is in a very — really sent that outside of our control, then you can’t track it. If you take special precautions and you do extra things, then you can’t track it. What we’ve done — and we find this highly valuable and I highly recommend it — we’ve moved our podcast to In fact, two days ago …

Paul: On the second.

Chris: … we were on the first page of because we were mover and shaker.

Paul: We were the top 6 movers and shakers of all podcasts worldwide hosted on podomatic.

Chris: Yes. So, not only on the second were we the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes, we’re also on the first page, one of the top 5 movers and shakers on podomatic. That’s ’cause we are a movin’ and a shakin’ …

Paul: And a shakin’ kind of company.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: For you guys watching the video, you’re lovin’ it, for you …

Paul: You want some more of that, don’t you?

Chris: (laughing)

Paul: You like? You like?

Chris: Keep tuning, 9:15 on Fridays, Central Standard Time. Moving over there and then we have some other challenges. But once it’s over there, then we can actually track the downloads. On our own server, what we’re doing is actually tracking it with some devices, some analytic software that actually is run — unlike Google, it’s actually run on the software and reads the log files and then you’re able to track specific mp3 downloads. What we learned from that is that there was an Asian — this is interesting information. There was an Asian …

Paul: Spider, okay.

Chris: … search spider — search engine spider that was visiting each one of our podcast three times a day. And that became significant bandwidth …

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: … which is one of the reasons we moved off and …

Paul: And it skewed our numbers.

Chris: Skewed our numbers. Yeah, we thought we had, you know, a hundred …

Paul: An extra hundred of downloads a month.

Chris: Yeah, it was — it was — it turned out to be a little frustrating, but we did two things. We blocked — first, we blocked that particular news feed, I mean crawler, spider ’cause we don’t really need to be on any Asian — we have to with Russian, right?

Paul: Yeah, and we’ll take Russian.

Chris: We got to go back and listen to our previous podcast. We love to be on Russian …

Paul: Oh, we can’t say that. We can’t say that because people listen in the Philippines.

Chris: Yeah, Philippines.

Paul: We got some love to the Philippines.

Chris: That’s true. That’s true. Well — so, we feel we’re more targeted towards an English-speaking market.

Paul: Yes, yes.

Chris: And Russian.


and Paul: (laughing)

Chris: Da! I think that’s German. I don’t know.

Paul: I don’t even know any Russian words.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Perhaps 00:13:36

Chris: All right, man.

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: It’s getting ugly. So, we didn’t really need to be on the Asian …

Paul: We don’t need that spider coming to our website.

Chris: And wasting our traffic and everything. So, we used our robot text file and we stopped them. That’s a good way to control where any actual search engine robot goes. So, go back and listen to our robot text file podcast if we have one.

Paul: Nah, that was probably like podcast like 3.5.

Chris: Yeah, okay, pretty early on. So, you know what, just go back and listen to them all and if we didn’t do enough …

Paul: (sneezing)

Chris: … bless you — if we didn’t do enough in-depth information on robot text file, let us know and we’ll be happy to do that.

Paul: We’ll do one.

Chris: all right. So, what do we have next? Next we have a track file downloads. So, kind of just touched on that. Why would we want to track file downloads?

Paul: Okay, let’s say, we had a special file. Let’s say, we had — let’s say we had an e-book. That’s will count as a file. You had a e-book that you wanted to promote to people that you — a free — “Hey, download my free e-book.” Or you wanted to — this is — I’m just taking it off the top of my head.

Chris: Yeah, you’re — it’s good.

Paul: And a great place to figure out how many people are downloading this. Is there any valuable information in it? Am I selling or — and it didn’t have an e-book, you know. Here, download my special offer. What — download my coup — there you go. Download my coupon.

Chris: Yeah, and your coupon could be a file, pdf file. Yeah. So, you know, you definitely want to set goals for that and as long — again, unlike podcast and as long as you’re in control of how they get to that particular file, then you’re actually able to — what you do is you create a URL that includes a Google piece of information that then allows them to download the file. In that way, Google servers are able to recognize, “Hey, somebody’s downloading that particular file.” That’s a good example because you may have people subscribe and get a pdf. So, there may be, you know, how many people actually subscribe and get to the page where they can download the pdf and then don’t download it, right? So, you could — that’s really good goal-setting. So, hey, I know that 20 people got to this page and only 9 of them downloaded the file. Maybe my link to the file is too small or it’s obscured or, you know, I can’t see it or I made some change to my website and for whatever reason, they can’t, you know, those people cannot …

Paul: Can’t find that.

Chris: … find that information. So, those are the kinds of things where you really like, you know, things that make you go …

Chris and Paul: Hmm.

Paul: Wow, man. I haven’t heard that song before ever.

Chris: (laughing)

Paul: Some people might, “What are they talking about?” That was a song back in the day called …


and Paul: “Things that make you go hmm.”

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: It had a little more rhythm to it.

Paul: Yeah. It was a lot more entertaining than listening to us …

Chris: (laughing)

Paul: … actually do that song.


and Paul: (laughing)

Chris: That’s bad. So, next year we have leads and this — again, I just want to say this article comes from

Paul: So, it says leads so we’d like — what kind of leads should we be tracking?

Chris: So, I really am going to have to read here. (laughing)

Paul: Well, let’s read. Let’s read it more.

Chris: ‘Cause it says — perhaps my second favorite — if you’re selling online or making a living from online world, you simply have to track and approve on your lead tracking. I usually track down my site to track free website health check reports and working with the goal funnel. So …

Paul: Bang! There you go. A free website — oh, and we got another one. Louis here in Houston.

Chris: Really?

Paul: So, yes, yes. Somebody in Houston. Yes, that’s the first time we got someone that called us fro Houston.

Chris: From H town.

Paul: Yeah, from H town. I think that’s awesome. A lead, a great — that …

Chris: That’s what you just say.

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