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Unknown Secrets of SEO
Twelth SEO Podcast March 20th 2009.  First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi, welcome to the E-Webstyle, Unknown Secrets to SEO podcast.

Paul: Yes, thank you for joining us for another fun filled edition of our podcast.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Paul: And this is Paul Hanson, sales manager at E-Webstyle.

Chris: And welcome to our special Olympics podcast.

Paul: Yes. Why are we having a special Olympics podcast today?

Chris: Well apparently, our President Obama made a gaff on Jay Leno Show.

Paul: Oh yeah.

Chris: You’ve probably read about that. He made some comment. Apparently, Obama’s not such a good bowler.

Paul: Bowler.

Chris: So Jay Leno was like, “Yeah, they probably just burned the bowling alley.” And I believe Obama’s comment was something to the effect of, “Yeah, I’m practicing and doing whatever I can. I bowled a 129. It was like a special Olympics or something.”

Paul: Oooh, Obama. Man, that’s the kind of stuff you used to say around your friends. You don’t say that on a talk show.

Chris: Yeah, Jay may be his friend.

Paul: You say that at home. There are no cameras around. That just ugh.

Chris: Yeah, I actually think if you’re President Obama and you’re planning on making 2 terms, that’s just something you don’t say for 8 years.

Paul: Yeah. You can take that out of your vocabulary altogether.

Chris: It does not, you know, Josh Blue can get away with that.

Paul: He can. He definitely can.

Chris: But President Obama?

Paul: Josh Blue could actually make it funny.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Hilarious even.

Chris: You guys who don’t know who Josh Blue is, he won a…

Paul: Last Comics Standing.

Chris: Last Comics Standing and one of those episodes. I don’t know if they’re still airing that anymore.

Paul: If I know you two because that’s right dude, and he has MS?

Chris: Yes.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: Yeah, I actually saw him live here in Houston on the show.

Paul: That’s right.

Chris: He was pretty…he took questions afterwards. And one of the questions was who would win, you or a guy with…he’s got, no, he’s got several palsy.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: So he goes, “Who would win in a fight between you and a guy with MS?” And Josh Blue said, “Well, I’ll just wait it out.”

Paul: Oh yeah.

Chris: Again, Josh Blue can make it funny. Probably no one else. Alright, so, like we talked about last time, we’ve covered a whole lot of stuff on Google analytics last time. We don’t really even need to go back into it, and so we’re not going to. We’re just going to move forward, and I really wanted to break down what is it that I look at when I’m looking at Google Analytics? And in going, we can go into good details about some of the power of Google analytics. So off we go.

The first thing, you just sign in, you go to Google Analytics. You obviously have to have an account. In our case, we’ve got a whole lot of accounts. Typically, when we get a new customer, we’ll add a Google, we actually create a Google account using that customer’s email address.

So we give that information, the username and password, to our customer, and then we sign in as our customer and add our company wide Google account to that customer’s account so then we have access to seeing in Twit and make all the changes that we need to.

Google has so many really valuable tools that can be the springboard for using. I don’t know. One of the powerful tools that everything like the Google has is the ability to make multiple copies of the same page, but have them be slightly different.

So maybe change the submit button or the put buy now button, change it from buy now to subscribe now or whatever it may be. Something not so purchase focused. And like you can try different calls to action.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: We try different things and see how this particular button or image might work or convert as supposed to another one.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: So then, you put a little bit of code on that page, and every time that page is clicked on by a user, Google determines randomly which one is shown to the user, and then you can get which ones did the call to action work better on. That’s a great tool.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: So, when we give ourselves access, we give ourselves access to do all of that stuff. Then of course, we have to put some code on every page that we want Google tracking on the customer site. So, this is a little more challenging, if you will, for websites that are all HTML code because you literally have to go to every page.

Now, you can usually do a bulk replace, find the body tag at the bottom of it and replace it with a Google code and the body tag, and you do that for the whole directory, and all of a sudden, you’re done. You’ve got Google in there.

A lot of the websites that we’ve put together have borders; top border, bottom border, right border, left border, and so we’ll typically just put our Google Analytics information in our bottom border. That’s how that works.

So, when we go and we sign in to Google Analytics, you sign in to your account, and in our case, we see our customer base. So we can see that. There’s a customer that’s no longer with us.

Paul: Yeah, yeah.

Chris: So percent change a little lower. My wife has a website. We don’t do much for it. It’s percentage for change for a number of visits is a little bit lower, and you see, we actually have a new number of accounts and these are all kinds of accounts that were partnered on under one specific heading here, and so we see, this is kind of a global view of everybody we have access to, then I can click into the account that has all our others, and we can go in on that one and see on a URL basis, and in this case, we’re looking at our website, which is up 31%.

We’re looking at a couple of others and then we’re looking at one that I actually visit a lot because we’re partnered with this individual, it’s, and you can see that his for this month is up 4.9%. He’s a fun website to play with because he gets a lot of traffic, and he gets it from all different areas so we have lots of opportunity to play with things we’ve just talked about multiple pages.

Paul: Uh hmm.

Author: eweb-admin