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Unknown Secrets of SEO
Twelth SEO Podcast March 20th 2009.  Second page of Transcription

Chris:We have opportunities to play with hey, do we want an audio intro or a video intro?Which one does better, an audio intro, a video intro, or neither?And we get to do a lot of playing with search engine optimization, and then, what ultimately creates the URI for a particular website with his website.

So the next thing is the dashboard.And Paul, if I say anything, you know, don’t fall asleep on me.

Paul:I’ll try not to.

Chris:The next thing is the dashboard, and this is as it sounds.It’s the first screen that you see, and it has a pretty good overview of what you’re looking at.On the dashboard, we can see all sorts of things.

We can see for the last 30 days, in kind of the upper right-hand corner, one of the things I would like to do a little bit later in this podcast is I’ll actually just look at the last 3 days because we’re constantly making changes to the website, and I’m really mostly interested in keywords although I’m going to cover a lot of other stuff right now.

What I’d like to see is, over the last 3 days, what keywords got people to our website.Of course, what are the balance rates?What are the things like that?What I’m looking for is like a new set of keywords that are bringing an amount of traffic.

What that will typically mean is that we’ve gotten much better placement for a particular set of keywords, and we want to follow that and follow those keywords.Go type those keywords in Google and see what page they’d land on, and make sure that that’s a good landing page for those particular keywords geared towards that.

Other things that are nice to look at, we can see a number of visits.We can see here Patrick has 86.5% of his visits or new visits, so that’s great.That’s all new people.That’s all search engines.You scroll down a little bit, you can actually see that 71% of his traffic comes from search engine.

So if the only thing that you’re doing is getting out to people to link to you or sending out emails, then most of your traffic is not going to come from search engines.In this case, you can clearly see that we’re doing our job.We’re making sure that anybody who’s looking for subjects related to Patrick are showing up on Patrick’s website because of search terms that they’ve put in.

By the way, Patrick, what he does and what he sells is a human behavior expert.He’s on TV on a regular basis.He gives talks at different conferences on relationships, on success, and he’s got a whole slew of products from quit smoking to find your perfect mate match.So it’s a lot of self-help stuff.There are a lot of products.And again, it’s really fun to play with this particular website because it does get a good amount of traffic.

One of the things we can do with this, which is pretty interesting, is actually, we can click into the content, which is on the left, and this gives an overview of content.How many pages these are, you need to use, and balance rights, which are also available on the dashboard, but we can actually see what the top content is.

So here, we can see that its index page gets 11% of his views.That’s a significant amount of the view.The next predominant one is what a woman wants book, which is a book that Patrick wrote called What the Woman Wants and How to Give it to Her.So when we go and look at the keywords, we probably see some keywords that are very relevant to what a woman wants that are sending traffic.

He also has a number of blog entries so we can see that, and actually, I can now click the full report, and again, I’m looking at the top 10 pages, and this is over the last 30 days.So this is a really, really good way to look at the content on your website.

We can actually show more rows.There’s actually more than 465 different rows for Patrick we can go down to let’s say just kind of look at the top 50 and see if anything really stands out.He does live phone consultations so we see that.We see stop smoking hypnosis, which is some of the keywords that we’re working on right now.

And something really interesting here is we can actually look at bounce rates.In fact, the headers for the rows here have bounce rate, actually has page views, which is a default sort, unique page views, average time on the page, bounce rates.

So when you click I haven’t done this in a while, so you might come up with some interesting information that you guys can see here.So we click average time on page.Now, some of these are clearly going to be eschewed because somebody spent almost 2 hours on a Why Men Want Women to Cook for Them blog entry.


Chris:We can probably imagine that he read the first 10 minutes, and went off, and asked this woman to cook for them.

Paul:To cook for them.And that was 1 hour and 54-minute discussion after that.

Chris:And then he came back and said, “I had to please a woman in bed.”Which is another [0:11:43] product.So, the next one Why People Reject Love.That’s probably a little more reasonable, which is 25 minutes, and then it goes on and on.So that’s a good rate to kind of look at those pages that are really good.

And now, we can switch that up.We can click that again and that sorts by time on page, and of course, we have a whole lot of zeros.So we know that people, and this is one of the things that we’re working on.There is a page that Patrick has, which is Baltimore Quit Smoking Hypnosis, and it’s targeting the keywords quit smoking, Baltimore Quit Smoking Hypnosis, Baltimore.

And you can imagine anybody who goes in and types quit smoking Baltimore is probably looking for a hypno therapist…

Paul:Uh hmm.

Chris:Well, if they include hypnosis and the Baltimore area.So we’re doing well in search engine placement on that.We’ve just got another hurdle, which is although they came to our webpage, there are what we would call not very targeted because they’re looking for a hypno therapist in Baltimore.

Patrick is not in Baltimore so we can definitely say it’s not targeted, so now, that page has to be geared-written.It’s got audio on it specifically to try and address hey, we know that you were looking for a therapist. Here’s why a CD, my CD is actually better than a therapist, as good, better, best, whatever, or a great accompaniment to actually getting a therapist.

So it’s not actually that surprising that the average time on the website is zero because they come here.They are looking for a therapist in Baltimore.They quickly realize that and they go.That also has a very interesting parallel to the bounce rate, the infamous bounce rate.

So we can also click on the bounce rate.We can look at which ones have zero bounce rate and the average amount of time that they spend on the website by way, let me go back to this, so even the one that had a person who stayed for 2 hours, the bounce rate on that page is about 95%

So, in this case, a lot of Patrick’s blog entries are very unique like there’s Why Men Wanted the Woman to Cook for Them.The next one is Why People Reject Love.Those are probably topics that people are coming into as website reading and then leaving.

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