Google Boost and Negative Keywords

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Google Boost and Negative Keywords

Chris: Hi! And welcome to SEO podcast, The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.   Paul: What’s up everybody? Welcome back to another fun-filled Thursday, we’re recording a day early today. What’s today?   Chris: Thursday.   [Laughter]   Paul: And I don’t know today’s date. What’s up? Welcome back.   Chris: It’s the day before Mardi Gras, that’s not exactly why we’re having a podcast early. I just know that you are actually heading out tomorrow, right?   Paul: Yes. I am heading to New Orleans to see the fam.   Chris: To New Orleans.   Paul: Yeah.   Chris: I heard on the radio — somebody, they’re talking about how they should — they were thinking New Orleans should sue Galveston for stealing the idea of Mardi Gras.   Paul: [Laughs] Stupid.   Chris: Did you realize that it’s actually —   Paul: That’s dumb.   Chris: — a religious based ceremony.   Paul: Yeah.   Chris: That there’s a reason it’s in Louisiana because it’s the biggest —   Paul: For real. They should sue South America for Carnival?   Chris: Yeah, exactly. And I think it’s through —   Paul: Seriously, same celebration.   Chris: — the big one is up in France. I mean that’s why Louisiana, French influence, it’s a catholic holiday. Anyway, there’s our little religious tidbit of —   Paul: Of stupid people 101.   Chris: Yeah. This is podcast number 98. You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. We really appreciate you listening and if you’re getting any valuable information from this and we know you are, go out and submit a review on iTunes or submit a review on our Facebook page. You can find that — no,, another way you can stalk us and we got, and you can send us an e-mail at   Paul: Or you can go to our homepage and we have links to all of these places on our homepage.   Chris: Everything. And you can actually be watching this. If you’re listening to it make sure you start tuning in, usually it’s 9:15 Central Standard Time on Fridays. All you need to do is go to and that will take you to our SEO podcast page where you can enjoy the fruits of our podcast labor.   Paul: You got it. You know before we get started I want to send some shoutout to —   Chris: Wait, wait, wait. We decided — we don’t do shoutouts.   Paul: Oh, a punch in the face?   Chris: Punch in the face!   Paul: Well, she’s going to get this ‘cause we kind of grew up together. [Laughs] Now my home girl — and be able to say, “You do a podcast?” And I was like, “Yeah, fool.”   Chris: Internationally recognized podcast.   Paul: So, I want to say a shoutout to my home girl Ampy Basa in Olsow and I’m not sure if that’s Switzerland or Sweden or Swaggerville or wherever. It begins with an “S.” So what’s up Ampy? I’m going to send you a link to this podcast.   Chris: As always, our last podcast — podcast 97 we had tip. The tip was, “Good SEO starts with the right keywords and good content.” How about that for like a back to basics like tip? Again, keywords and content we always talk about — in real estate it’s location, location, location. In search engine optimization it’s keywords, keywords, keywords.   Paul: Keywords.   Chris: Yes, thank you. So, go back and check out podcast 97. We have a lot of good stuff. I actually did a pseudo rant. I didn’t really go for it and it felt good. Anyway, remember we are your friendly local neighborhood top position snatchers, where we tell you don’t be a douche and we punch you in the face.   Paul: Yes, don’t be a douche. Listen to our podcast. And if you like it, tell a friend. Hell, tell your SEO company.   Chris: Yeah, exactly. Maybe they can learn a thing or two. A little bit of news, this is — I don’t know if you guys are like real techie — well, I know that actually, so you’re aware of Linux, the German foreign office spent 10 years trying to switch to Linux and decided they’re going to go back to windows.   Paul: Okay.   Chris: So that’s a —   Paul: 10 years down the drain.   Chris: — does not blend well for Linux.   Paul: Yeah, so most people lost their job, most programmers lost their jobs.   Chris: Yeah, .02. I don’t I know if you knew, Gmail was having a problem.   Paul: I didn’t.   Chris:
.02% of their customers are experiencing some problems where they lost all of their mail or they can’t sign in, and there was a period of time where the mail wouldn’t actually — it was actually an upgrade that went array. And I was just trying to think .02% — there’s probably still a time.   Paul: That’s — yeah, probably like a million people.   Chris: And on a similar note, Microsoft and Yahoo will not reveal their e-mail uptime stats.   Paul: Really?   Chris: Yeah, we’re not really up that much. And we don’t want to tell you officially what it is.   Paul: That’s interesting. I don’t know that — I mean why am I always worried? So, I’m like “Okay.”   [Laughter]   Chris: Yeah.   Paul: Did anybody care to be honest.   Chris: Apparently, it’s probably down regularly. You guys, if you listen regularly and we know you should be ‘cause we are the Red Bull of SEO. Google has actually pulled some malware, pulled some applications out of their Android. So what I was saying is if you listen you know we all like Android here and so be careful.   Paul: The Android market?   Chris: Out of the Android marketplace.   Paul: ‘Cause you know I recently found there’s a new — Google has a couple apps, they have the Android Marketplace as well as the apps store. If you use you can — I mean this is — these are mobile apps, these are just apps that you can download to your PC. I found out if you use Chrome — you probably know what I’m talking about. I use Chrome, that’s like everything that I use, but you can download apps to your Chrome like homepage kind of.   Chris: All tends to go towards the shiny things.   Paul: Yeah.   Chris: Ohh, Chrome. Ohh, look at that. [Laughs]   Paul: So that was cool. It sounds like they’re coming up with something called “Campfire” but we’ll get into that later.   Chris: Okay, we’re running our Geno time limit here. Five things that the iPad 2 is missing — there was an article. There was a lot of little stuff in it and totally missed flash, like “Hello?” That would be number six at least. And I didn’t know this, Oracle is actually in control of Java in MySQL, and those are open source platforms. And so the article — the reason I pulled up the article — well, the article was, “Is Java in MySQL going to thrive under the direction of Oracle?” And it was a little weird to– I don’t know it’s just —   Paul: Well, I guess somebody has got to be pushing it forward but I thought that whoever created those things would be pushing it —   Chris: Would be holding onto it or something, I don’t know. And usually I know that the terms of user for open source are very specific like, they were specifically designed so that no one could ever profit off of them, ever. And so, they can’t be sued ‘cause there’s no way to make a profit and blah, blah and it’s really interesting.   Paul: Well, Oracle found a loophole.   Chris: Yeah, they’d but it. I don’t even know how that works. I’ve got a couple of posts on our Facebook, actually here’s one that was on our blog. What we do and some of you may have found us through this process. We actually take the audio from our podcast, we transcribe it, we put it in our blog and there was one that we wrote, “Problems with Google Boost.” And Mark Kennedy wrote and I thought this was good.   “I ran into similar issues, I saw the Boost campaign details show up in a clients AdWords account.” Right? “But I couldn’t edit it. I ran a search query report and the broad match keywords weren’t even close. I called my AdWords rep and she suggested I call the places in line.”   Paul: [Laughs] Kennedy, yo! Hook us up with that number seriously.   Chris: Yeah, if you got that line. And he did say, “I called but the rep didn’t understand anything about broad match or negatives so I just canceled it.” It’s a shame because to allow negatives that would work better and this goes back to, you know, we’re running Google Boost, it’s kind of a — it’s Pay-Per-Click Google Local Places ad and you have zero control over keywords.   It’s amazing that Google would even — you know, with all their expertise in keywords, why would you put a product out that is so — I mean it’s not even as good as what Yahoo does. Did I just say that out loud?   Paul: Yeah.   [Laughter]   Paul: That’s risky grounding.   Chris: And so Mark Kennedy, punch in the face. Thanks for that great support.   Paul: I’m not even playing like send us that number.   Chris: Yeah, send us that number. Paul: That wasn’t even a joke.   Chris: We don’t care if she doesn’t understand anything. We at least have somebody that we can call up once a week —   Paul: Repeatedly.   Chris: — and complain.   [Laughter]   Chris: What about our Google Place ad? And we’ve got another one, it took us awhile to figure out his name ‘cause it was — I’m assuming written Hebrew, and we don’t speak Hebrew nor do we even really understand the collection of characters there.   Paul: Yeah, best coolest friend request I ever got. Man, it was like squiggly a lot, exclamation point, hash tag, dot and I was like, “That’s what’s up.”   [Laughter]   Chris: Dude! It’s either super nerd or a foreign language.   Paul: I was like, “Wow! That’s cool.” There was this guy?   Chris: Yeah.   Paul: The design guy?   Chris: Yeah. Well, here he signed “Natty Clasi” — no, “Guy Nimni.”   Paul: Yeah, “Guy” —   Chris: Oh, somebody else liked it. Okay, so it was Guy Nimni. And here’s what he said, “There is no doubt about it. You guys are making a great job. Since I found out about your podcast on my iPhone, I’m working Android” —   Paul: Ohh.   Chris: I almost stopped reading there. [Laughs] That’s so stupid. “I’m working with my headphones all day, moving from one podcast to another, trying to keep up until I finish all of your previous podcast.
Thank you guys, I’m learning a lot and laughing all day.” Wow! That’s really cool. He doesn’t know if he’s the first one, but we do have a new fan in Israel.   Paul: In Israel. That’s what’s up man.   Chris: That is what’s up.   Paul: That’s very cool. I looked at his Facebook page and I was like, “This looks so cool but I can’t read any of it.”   [Laughter]   Chris: And I promised you there’s a special punch in the face for you there Guy or that guy.   Paul: Yeah.   Chris: All right. So let’s get into some meat of some stuff. We’re going to talk about —   Paul: Let’s talk about mobile SEO.   Chris: — mobile again, all right.   Paul: You know, mobile is a — I said that I think our first podcast, “2011 is the year of mobile,” but I think last year was the year of mobile and next year will probably the year of mobile. So I want to talk mobile — you know, not just mobile but mobile SEO specifically. There has been a lot of things coming down the pipe, algorithm change. We talked a little bit about that. I want to get more into that later but now let’s talk mobile, right.   Okay, listen. Everybody who listens to this podcast probably has a smartphone. I’m going to say everybody who listens to it so… This is important ‘cause everyone — you know, you spend a lot of time on your phone and you need to make sure that you’re — people that get to your website — the mobile version of it, if you have one. It renders correctly, it loads properly and stuff like that so…   Chris: This is probably a little more — you know what? What I’m about to say was just recently disproved, so I’m going to say it anyway, and then eat my words. It’s probably a little more applicable to brick and water stores, right? So, you know, if you’re brick and water you’ve got to have mobile because people may be looking for your store while you’re out. I look up stores and restaurants and everything all the time when I’m out even when I’m on my way there.   So, if you’ve got some ad or something you’re going to put, make sure you’re taking advantage of mobile. And the reason I say it was just recently disproved and I’m going to quote, “Since I found out about your podcast on my iPhone” so…   [Laughter]   Paul: Yeah. So he found us I guess.   Chris: Yeah, he found us mobile so we probably need to have a mobile SEO podcast page.   Paul: Yeah. And here’s — we’re going to talk about how to get one very quickly ‘cause I learned something when I read this I was like, “Wow! I didn’t know you could actually do that.”   Chris: And what are we reading?   Paul: We are reading an article from a search engine land. It’s called the “New Mobile SEO,” what you need to know by Cindy Krum, with a “K,” K-R-U-M. It was written —   Chris: Wow! A while back.   [Laughter]   Chris: Wow! That’s useless. All right, what are we going to cover now?   Paul: I don’t know. That’s what’s up.

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