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Fifty-nine SEO Podcast May 7th 2010. Third page of Transcription

Paul: Okay, so what else? There are a couple of other points that I did some research, attended some seminars on things that are of importance that I feel we should talk about for your Google Places. First of all, the first thing on my list, Google Local Business Center is now known as Google Places. That happened a couple of weeks ago.

Okay, now here’s one thing that I learned…

Chris: Just to make sure, that doesn’t really change anything right?

Paul: No.

Chris: Yeah, okay.

Paul: [Laughs]

Chris: Just a name.

Paul: Just a name.

Chris: So if you’re doing well with it before, don’t freak out with the name change, you’re still going to be doing well with it.

Paul: Here’s something that I think a lot of people are really going to want to hear. What I learned pretty recently was that the completeness of your Google Places listing will have an effect on your position in the Google Place Look – Maps whatever you want to call it.

Chris: Well, that kind of makes sense doesn’t it?

Paul: Yeah. It makes perfect… So if you don’t have a listing, one, go get one. Two, if you have a listing and you’ve been like half-assing it, so to speak, get it done.

Chris: Right. So, maybe you put in the description, maybe you put in some categories that you’re listed under and some contact information and you’re not doing anything… Okay, well make sure you add a coupon, make sure you upload a picture, I think a video…

Paul: It’ll tell you, hey “You are x number of percentage complete.” And what I also learned is that they’re going to be coming out with more sections of it like now there’s like pictures, video, description, hours of operation, what type of payment you accept. They’re going to gradually come out with more…

Chris: Who knows maybe they’ll come out great like Facebook feeds or Twitter feeds or…

Paul: Maybe so. Hey actually that would be cool. Do you have a Facebook profile, put it right in your places…

Chris: They can put it right there…

Paul: …see what people are saying about your business. I think that’s cool. They said like every couple of months, they’re going to be coming out with something new so you have to check this pretty often to make sure that you stay 100% complete. So, if they come out with a new category, so to speak, in two months when you go back and check your local business whatever, you’re Google Places Listing, it’ll say, you’re only 90% done. So that can have an effect – it does have an effect on your placement.

Chris: In the Google Local Places listings.

Paul: In the placement yes. Okay, if you have any pictures you should add those to your places listing. If you have any videos, you should add those to your places center…

Chris: And just to be clear, we don’t recommend thong pictures.

Paul: Yes. Yes. [Laughs] Oh, another thing, if you add a video, it can be – then it doesn‘t have to be a video, it could be a moving pictures of stills…

Chris: Oh, yeah. That’s a good point ‘cause like as soon as you say the word “video” people are like, “oh, god, I’ve got to get a camera and I’ve got to go out there. I’ve got to get back lighting (which we need) or front lighting. I’ve got to get all these fancy equipment and make sure I’ve got the audio and then I’ve got to write a script. I don’t really feel like talking so I’ve got to get a friend who can actually talk” and all these things are going through your mind. No. You don’t have to do any of that.

Just make sure – there’s a bunch of software out there. There’s one called ProScreen Recorder or Bulent Screen Recorder. So, you could just take some pictures of your website using that and maybe do a little voiceover, you know not a big deal. With those pieces of software you use you microphone and it captures your computer screen and converts it into a video. Then you can upload that to YouTube, also owned by Google, and then that’s how you can get on there. So, don’t freak out and think, “I’ve got to go get all of these production cost or whatever.” Take 10 minutes to get that software or there’s probably a free version of a screen capture software, and just make something happen. ‘Cause if you think about, Google is smart, but they’re not smart enough yet to know what’s on the video. So, literally you could just have a dude standing there like this. And really this is worth downloading the video, you should get it.

Paul: [Laughs] And they could see, hey he didn’t have a video and now he’s got a video, check. He’s 100% complete.

Chris: And that’ll help.

Paul: There you go. So, if you don’t get anything else from this. If you don’t have a Google Places Listing, get one today. If it is not 100% complete, complete it today. It shouldn’t take that long and two it will also help your placement on the Google…

Chris: Google Local Placement Listing or Google Local Listings…

Paul: Yeah. I’m like come on. Like I’m calling it everything. It will help your placement there so get one. It will not guarantee it, but it definitely will help so you want to complete that up…

Chris: And this really makes sense, ‘cause at the end of the day, the more complete your listing right, the more value you’re providing to the person who’s actually on that page.

Paul: To the user.

Chris: To the user. That’s what we always talk about. Your job as search engine optimizers is to provide a great user experience to the Google user. Obviously, they’re Google users; they’re on Google Local Listing. On that page, the more complete it is, the more information you have, the better decisions people can make about whether they want to use your service or not…

Paul: There you go.

Chris: Also there are also reviews…

Paul: Oh, another thing I forgot to write that down, reviews. Reviews are huge. Get some reviews on your Google Places Listing.

Chris: I’ve got an idea; go find the EWebResults places. So go to Google Maps, look up EWebResults, you’ll find us, go there and write a review. If you don’t want to do it on iTunes, we understand. If you don’t want to do a PodOmatic, we understand. Do a Google review, write a review of us. Write about our podcast and we’ll be tapping into our customer base and getting them to write some reviews about us as well ‘cause those have a lot of value.

Paul: Yes. Get reviews from your customers. Now, the way I understand it, on Google Places, if someone is going to write a review about you ‑ one, they have to have a Google account not necessarily Gmail but they have to have a Google account.

Chris: That whole thing is a little confusing.

Paul: It’s weird to me.

Chris: The personal one that I was talking about earlier that has the business listing on it is actually That’s the first company that I started in 1991. So, that’s what that listing is under. So, I it’s not a Google Gmail account…

Paul: So, you have a Google account with an ses email?

Chris: Non-Gmail, yeah. And I also have a Google account with a Gmail account. So, those are two separate accounts, which I also can’t merge ‘cause that feature isn’t available yet.

Paul: Yes [Laughs]

Chris: So you don’t necessarily have to say, “I don’t want a Gmail. I’ve got Hotmail and Yahoo already, I don’t want a Gmail account.” Don’t worry about it, you can actually use your Hotmail account to create your Google account so don’t sweat it.

Paul: That’s a good point ‘cause I didn’t actually know that so thanks.

Chris: And just to say, I’m pretty sure it’s true.

Paul: [Laughs] That’s very cool.

Chris: I‘m about 98% that is true. If the 2% is actually correct, write as an email at Let us know that we need…

Paul: And we’d appreciate it. So, if you’re trying to get your customers to write you reviews, they have to have a Google account, not necessarily Gmail but they have to have that. And per Google account, you can only write one review per business per account. So, if you’re trying to set up a Google account and then write 10 reviews for your own business, you can’t do that. You’ve got to get your customers to do it. Now, considering how big sites like – what’s that big review site? Not City Search, but…

Chris: Yelp.

Paul: Yelp. Considering how big places like Yelp and City Search are becoming, reviews are like the thing, I feel like the thing on the internet now.

Chris: Well, we’ve been saying for probably a year now that part of a good website is you need to have testimonials. And you don’t have a testimonial page, which by the way is the same as a review.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: You don’t have to have a testimonial page or you should have a testimonial page, but realize that that’s not good enough, that people aren’t going to visit that page. What you really need to have is actually a testimonial on the particular pages as you’re going through. ‘Cause testimonials have a lot of value.

Paul: Yes, certainly. I mean I look at reviews like a mad man now before I go to restaurants or a bar or go visit or stay at a hotel…

Chris: To be honest, you don’t check it before you go to a bar dude…

Paul: No. No. [Laughs] I go anyway.

Chris: Restaurants maybe, a bar, yeah whatever. I’m pretty sure they have alcohol and hopefully they have some hot chicks there…

Paul: Cheap drinks? Sold.

Chris: And hopefully there are some hot chicks there. [Laughs]

Paul: [Laughs] Sold. But I might get on one and say, there were some hot chicks there.

Chris: And if I happen to be perusing and I see one that says there are lots of reviews about hot chicks being there, I know where I’m going.

Paul: There you go. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. [Laughs]

Chris: [Laughs] Out of my way.

Paul: So very important, you’ve got to get some reviews, get your Google Places Listing. I think we’re getting close to time so there are a couple of other points that I just want to talk about. There are a couple of things that I’ve learned here pretty recently that can have an effect on your SEO and we’ll go over these in another podcast. All right.

Chris: By the way that’s cool. That’s a good point ‘cause you know this is the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes, people listen to us throughout the world and we are constantly learning, and you just learned a lot of these stuff in a seminar that you went to. We’re always looking to give information back and if you guys have little pointers that you think are important, send it to us.

Paul: Send it to us

Chris: And also include your link information so we can announce that over the air, we can give you some link love. And that we can spread the word and get some more information out there.

Paul: Perfect.

Chris: We’re always learning.

Paul: Always learning. Okay, I’m going to piggyback off – I think Chris was the one that told me. Facebook became the number one site in the US or world or something like that.

Chris: Most trafficte-ted…

Paul: Trafictided?

Chris: [Laughs]

Paul: Site that‘s out there. Facebook has a phenomenal page. We always talk about links. If you’re linking, consider your social bookmarking to link back to your website. Why? Because Facebook is the bomb now. So, your Facebook, your Twitter, your LinkedIn, Yelp – all these different review sites and social media sites have a high page rank. If you’re looking for links, get links from those places.

Chris: Make them yourself in that case right?

Paul: Thank you.

Chris: Make your own Facebook page and link back to your website.

Paul: There you go. So, that’s one point. Next point; Google bots, Google Robots, if you’re keyword stuffing…

Chris: I think I called them Google monsters once…

Paul: Oh, really yeah. I like this but…

Chris: In one podcast.

Paul: They should make the little Android thing do the robot that would be awesome. [Laughs]

Chris: Go wave. [Laughs].

Paul: Google bots, if you’re putting in keywords in your content, Google bots are very intelligent. If you’re doing like some new age form of keyword stuffing, they’ll figure it out. Google bots are trained or programmed…

Chris: Trained [Laughs] You know the monsters are trained, the robots are programmed.

Paul: [Laughs] They’re programmed to check your content. So if you put in one keyword right, they’re going to check a couple of words before and a couple of words after, they’re going to check that sentence. Does this keyword makes sense in this sentence…

Chris: Syntactical sentence, yeah

Paul: Is your syntax proper. So they can tell if you’re just throwing it like baby oil, dirty diapers, Nike shoes, Houston plumbers…

Chris: That’s an interesting combination. [Laughs]

Paul: Yeah [Laughs] I don’t know where that came from. So they’re smart enough to check that so be careful.

One more quick point: If you use the keyword – this is something I learned at the seminar. I did not know this. Most people probably don’t use a keyword tag now ‘cause some places do but Google doesn’t use the keyword tag.

Chris: Meta tag right?

Paul: Meta tag, yes. If you have a word, a keyword in the keyword meta tag that is not on your page, they will penalize you for that.

Chris: Interesting. So that’s considered keyword stuffing.

Paul: Yes. ‘Cause that is keyword stuffing. I found this out and I was like, “Oh, I didn’t know that.” The reason I think this is important because a lot of you may have put some keywords in the keyword tag months ago, a year ago, and found out Google doesn’t really look at it. You probably didn’t touch it anymore. You may have changed your website. So review your keyword meta tags. If you have words there that are not on your page…

Chris: Not in the body of the page, yeah.

Paul: …take them off. One, Google doesn’t use them anyway.

Chris: In fact we say, you know the keywords need to be in your title meta tag – no not meta. Actually, it needs to be in your title tag, it needs to be in your keyword and description tag, and it needs to be early on in the body of your text so…

Paul: Yes.

Chris: Excellent.

Paul: A couple of quick points there. We’ll go over those in another podcast, but hopefully we all learned something.

Chris: Excellent. Well I think our time is up. You have been listening to podcast 59. We are the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. That is because of you. Remember to follow us, stalk us, chase us, paparazzi us everything…

Paul: It’s because of you guys.

Chris: Thank you very much for…

Paul: Because of John in Western Australia and AJ in Hawaii and Darren over at Europe and Jedi – I forgot where he was…

Chris: Jedi, did it say. Jedi, no you’ve got to give him a review.

Paul: Oh, okay. And DF ‑DF..

Chris: DTRF Webmaster, yeah.

Paul: Because of you guys thank you.

Chris: And whoever is listening to us in Gaborone, if I’m saying that correctly.

Paul: Botswana.

Chris: Botswana. That’s just way to cool man.

Paul: [Laughs] Really cool.

Chris: That is…what’s up.

Paul: What’s up.

Chris: All right. This is the end of podcast 59. My name is Chris Burres.

Paul: And this is Paul Hanson.

Chris: Bye-bye for now.

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