Google Glasses and SEO

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This is a transcript from our 144th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Google Glasses and SEO

Chris: Hi. And welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. I was on a multi-tasking [cross talk].

Charles: That’s why I’m laughing because I’m looking at those. Like, okay…

Chris: Thos are probably in the way. My name is Chris Burres, owner of the E-webstyle.

Charles: I’m Charles Lewis, your internet marketing specialist.

Chris: Thank you, guys, for tuning in to Podcast number 144. As always, tips from previous podcast. Every word will begin with a P today. Opposite to what the articles – so, last time we covered the details of this article by Melissa something, the name got cut off and the article title was “How to Maintain a Good Relationship with Your SEO and Web-“something got cut off. [cross talk]

Charles: Yeah, now ranting. That Firefox printing sucks.


Chris: Oh, that’s Firefox printing sucks.


Charles: Yeah, that was “How to Maintain a Good Relationship Your SEO and Your Web Design Firms”.

Chris: And you, the client. And so, we’re saying, opposite to what this article said, you should expect to be treated with respect by your SEO Company. That’s just our fundamental principle here.

Let’s get in to news. News for today, there’s some kind of cool stuff going on. Do not forget, we are your friendly local neighborhood top position snatcher. And our mantra is …

Charles: Don’t be a douche.

Chris: And if you are sitting down in front of some electric device, or you have one in your pocket, pull it out of your pocket and tweet, Facebook and G Plus right now. And what are you going to look…

Charles: This portion of the program is sponsored by Google Nexus.

Chris: Google Nexus and Twitter.

Charles: And Twitter. Yeah, tweet right now – #seopodcast144. Tag us that you’re watching us. Tag us @ewebstyle, so we’ll know you checked us out and we too, we can interact, kind of get your thoughts on it.

Chris: No dash on that ewebstyle.

Charles: No dash.

Chris: News – Mac Flashback Trojan affects 600,000 users.

Charles: Mac Flashback…

Chris: It’s a Trojan, yeah. 600,000 users, so this is kind of, at least as far as I can remember the first Trojan malware, whatever that has really gone after Mac and had an impact, too that’s new worthy. I think Apple has released two updates for it to try and fix it.

Charles: I didn’t know that but I did just got an update. I did on my Mac Book. I did just got an update. This probably has just been restarted.

Chris: Now, you’re safe from Flashback which is apparently a flash, there’s a hole created in the Apple OS by Flash, Steve Jobs’ favorite friend.

Charles: Yeah, of course. That almost makes sense. Like, there shouldn’t be a hole.

Chris: In the Flash.

Charles: Exactly.

Chris: That was the whole purpose of that entire company now called Adobe.

Google Glasses, have you seen anything about this?

Charles: I saw it in the news t his morning. Looks cool and looks not safe. [laughter]

Chris: And to think we saw the lady who fell into fountain. There’ll be a lot more ladies [cross talk].

Charles: And so now, I got tweets and pop ups and a map kind of where Vanilla Sky is, right? But I think you know, we’d head in that direction. And maybe if they release, then we will probably be somewhat prepared for it. But it looks cool.

Chris: Yeah. And there was a picture of Sergey Brin, one of the founders/owners of Google standing next to – I can’t remember the actor’s name, a good actor. And the actor tweeted later, he was like, yeah he wouldn’t let me try them on. But he could see that the information was flashing.

Charles: I just don’t know how, you know. You probably can’t drive with them on.

Chris: So, maybe I’ll be looking at you and I would pull up SEO rapper and …

Charles Just give him a whole profile,, SEO Rapper, [00:04:07] [inaudible]. Oh, doing what the? You know, everybody [cross talk].

Chris: Exactly. I think you and I are okay with it. There’s a lot of people who would not be happy with this, it’s like – you’re a pedophile.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: I’m really – we’re done.

Charles: Yeah. No, the meeting adjourns.

Chris: Yeah. [laughter] I don’t know how you got pass the receptionist. Although she’s quivering in the corner.

Charles: I just was doing my tweet, #seopodcast144.

Chris: Wikipedia dumps Google Maps and selects Open Street Map which is like an open source mapping system. And I don’t know the difference between Open Street Map. I don’t know if there’s even an app to download it and try it versus Google Maps. Apparently, Google started charging for server hits, 400 bucks for you know, whatever a thousand server hits or something.



And so, Wikipedia dropped them and Four Square dropped them recently. So, they are over on Open Street Map. I just though that was interesting.

Charles: That comes from having probably the best map system. You know, that it gets a lot of traffic people use it.

Chris: You got to try and at least pay for it somehow. How about do you hear Yahoo?

Charles: Blank stare.

Chris: Okay, we’ll skip that one in. I wanted to bring up, we’ve talked about this recently in the last couple of podcasts. Blackberry, have you been seeing ads?

Charles: I have.

Chris: They’ve been doing a good job, right?

Charles: They’re trying to do something. I was glad they got away from the whole push they were trying to do.

Chris: Right.

Charles: Remember, they were trying to mix fun and corporate. And so they had all the business people with the Blackberry Curve or the Blackberry Bold on roller coasters. And it was like, okay, I see it but it’s not working.

Chris: I’ve actually done that. [laughter] Try to answer an e-mail on a roller coaster.

Charles: I broke my Blackberry on a roller coaster. I was in [cross talk], riding the bullet and it – I got off the phone and my whole screen was [00:06:12] [inaudible]. So, yeah.

But anyway, I’ve seen some of the new ads, and you know, they were okay. Good luck with that rim.

Chris: I think it’s cool. They were like, it just works as kind of the [00:06:25] [inaudible] if they use that tag line, they should pay me because there’s something else that does that, isn’t it? It just works.

Charles: Just probably a few people.

Chris: Yeah. I saw this article, this is on SEO. In this bright SEO future, don’t forget the basics.

I had to read this first – we finally made it to April, folks. I’m just gonna reads the first paragraph. Apparently, Charles is gonna read the remaining part.

“And I say it with more than joy than usual, since March was a crazy month for SEO. If you made it through March, with out an e-mail from Google, or a penalty from Google, or a drop in Google Organic Search traffic, do the Panda updates or paid link related issues, you should give yourself a high five.” Boom! That’s us giving us a high five because we have just not seen any of those issues [cross talk]

Charles: Matter of fact, our [00:07:13] [inaudible] got better.

Chris: Yeah. We’re gonna cover the rest of that article because it has got some really good back to basics. I’ve got – these are really long. I’m gonna blow through them.

Darren Booy, long time listener, excellent fan, punch in the face. Is that right? Punch in the face to Darren Booy.

“I’m an experienced website design consultant at That’s, with a PhD and over 10 years experience in website design, website accessibility and SEO. However, the more podcast I listen to from E-webstyle, the more I progressively learn my ignorance of SEO. It doesn’t matter how much you think you know, these guys are world class on what they do and can guarantee that it would be a significant learning experience for anyone.” He can guarantee that.

“The content is clear but detailed. And the presenters are friendly, relaxed and makes something which is typically boring, interesting and accessible to people at all levels. They also cover not only SEO but internet marketing insights to enriching your website. Quite simply, if you value progression and enrichment, you will listen to these guys past and the future. I just found this last night because it’s stored on iTunes under the Netherlands section.”

Charles: Punch in the face to Darren.

Chris: And you know the title, and this is back in December 2009. Don’t let a blind butcher do a skilled surgeon’s job. [laughter]

Charles: It’s the vision of the blind butcher.

Chris: Yeah. Which way is he? Like Jordan in the piñata. Charles told us a good story about his son and letting him lose on a piñata.

Charles: Oh, man. People need to follow instructions. [00:09:09] [inaudible]. And I told Joe to back up.

Chris: Further. You are not backed up further enough.

Charles: [00:09:19] [inaudible] [laughter]

Chris: People run and tripping over people, stepping on small children.

Charles: And he took a thousand swings and did not hit the piñata once.

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