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This is a transcript from our 126th Internet Marketing Podcast(2nd page).

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Google, IP’s and SEO

Chris: ‘Cause maybe I tried carpet installation, maybe I tried Berber installation. And so in that – one of the challenges is this becomes really predominant then I can no longer know that I really should be focus on Berber Carpet installation instead of general carpet installation or you know, tile carpet installation, whatever it may be and that’s very unfortunate…

Chuck: And I wonder if it’s more than just a keyword. Let say you were in [0:11:11][Inaudible] or Pearland but you landed on my site.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: You know, the math overlaying Google Analytics tells me where my tracks are coming from.

Chris: Right, I wonder if you will be in lump sum of that’s it.

Chuck: I wonder if you will be in lump sum of that’s it.

Chris: Well, I think that’s not true because I think Google Analytics uses the IP Address as a visitor to identify where they are at.

Chuck: Okay, so…

Chris: Right. So I visited this website, the Google Analytic…

Chuck: Over here.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Okay.

Chris: ‘Cause we know that Google does grab the IP address, they make it really hard to show it or they don’t show it at all, but that’s where they grab some of their information. But, yeah still the keywords are – are paramount. I mean we make decisions on websites based on, you know, what keywords are used to get somebody to the homepage.

So you know, we have often talked about where we knew that a lot of the quit-smoking – all of the quit-smoking keywords were actually landing on the homepage. You know, now we may not even know that we’re getting any traffic from—all we know is traffics coming we don’t know…

Chuck: Google.

Chris: Yeah, we don’t know that it come from quit-smoking or weight loss or you know, human behavioral expert, whatever it is.

Chuck: If they’re logged in.

Chris: If they’re logged in. Now, Google is saying this is only going to – it’s going affect less than 10% which by the way if it’s really about privacy and you can implement across the board, why not, but they’re not. And also even if you’re signed in, if you click the Pay Per Click section it will pass through refer data. Now, there goes their privacy argument.

Chuck: Yeah, yeah, will pay dollars. You know.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: We will give you…

Chris: If you’re paying for this.

Chuck: Selling me, yeah.

Chris: If you’re paying for this traffic, we’ll be happy to tell you where the traffic is coming from if somebody signed in. If you’re not paying for the traffic we’re not going to tell you where the traffic is coming from. So it’s – it’s frankly a little bizarre, right?

Chuck: No suspect.

Chris: Yeah. That’s why it was almost our blank news, blank stare news.

All right, let’s get in to the meat and potatoes of today’s Podcast. Last Podcast, we had this list of 56, is it?

Chuck: Yeah, something like that.

Chris: 50 something.

Chuck: 55.

Chris: 55 points about Search Engine Optimization. We got through the first…

Chuck: Page.

Chris: Page, which was 16 items. Now, let’s get started on 17.

Chuck: Or do we go to phase 2?

Chris: I don’t know.

Chuck: Okay, now we went through phase 1. So number 17, when we got right in. When linking this transfer, you know. When link building think quality not quantity.

Chris: Absolutely.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, but we always talk about, if you could get a link from MSN that’s going to have a lot of value. If you get a ton of links from kind of abstract blogs then that has value it just doesn’t have the value. I mean, it’s clear it’s kind of clear to any user who thinks about there’s more value in MSN.

Chuck: I think is that – that’s when a high PR side, right?

Chris: Right.

Chuck: A very trusted site. But I think also quality in regards to the type of links, like who linking to you. You know, if you do, if you install wood floor, then if you had a link from Lumber Liquidators, you know, that’s a good quality link to have. They are a manufacturer and distributor of wood floor.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: And so, you know, I think the type of links you have coming in is equally important.

Chris: Speaking of tie – we were on a PR 7 website yesterday and it made think of, we should give a nice punch in the face to Terry Crosby, she actually put us…

Chuck: At Crosby.

Chris: She actually put us in contact with PlanetSEED so we’re – we’ve got a proposal, we’re excited about that opportunity, I mean no matter what happens…


that’s a great website, you guys should check out It’s actually a not for profit supported almost entirely by Slumbershay if not entirely.

And basically they trying to utilize the scientific expertise that they have within the company of Slumbershay to reach to disadvantage or people who are in remote locations to try and increase science education. Really kind of targeting both teachers and students and creating kind of a global scientific education committee and it’s a great – great little project.

Chuck: Offers to have great site that has tons of information loaded with everything from projects to student, I mean this is…

Chris: Free games, they have free Flash games that teach you about buoyancy and viscosity and it’s really cool.

Chuck: So yeah, punch in the face to Slumbershay and PlanetSEED and…

Chris: Terry Crosby.

Chuck: Yeah. Number 18, search engine went natural language don’t try if you takes a keyword. It won’t work search engine look at how many times they term, is in your content and if it’s abnormally high, will count this against you [0:16:10][Inaudible] for you.

Chris: Yeah, 3%.

Chuck: 3% that’s every keyword.

Chris: Yeah, and there’s a lot of tools out there to let you know what ratio is we tend to use SEO Quake, by the way they’re not sponsor yet…

Chuck: Yeah, they ain’t here I’m…

Chris: Yeah, ‘cause we mention you in this and in our Podcast, Unknown Secrets of SEVO Website Analysis regularly, so. Anyway check out SEO Quake, once your page is up you can visit it and it will give you a keyword entity.

Chuck: Let’s see not only – number 19, not only should you links use keywords Anchor Text but the text that’s on the links should also be related to your keywords. In other word get around the link with descriptive text, yeah.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: I mean this to me means, it says you should make sense, right. I do think he’s been [0:17:02][Inaudible] writing for the search, I would more say write for your audience, we’ll just keep searching mine.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: So you know if your keyword is Houston Carpet Installation the that should be the link that’s in your text and that whole paragraph around that, you know, should be talking to the visitor about Houston Carpet Installation.

Number 20, if you are on a [0:17:25][Shareter] I thinks will be at this, do a blacklist check to be sure you’re not on a proxy with the spam or a band site. No negative, no variety could affect your own rankings.

Chris: That – that makes sense.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: And by the way it can be pretty easy for a server to get on a black list and then fairly straightforward to get pulled off, you know, it happen to a we do hosting and it happen to our server and you just got to do a little of background effort and frankly would often causes that is a particular site is hack on the server.

And it starts becoming a spammer, your server is being a spamming device. And so, you know, it’s pretty straightforward to get that fixed up. So don’t be alarmed if it happens to be true. Also if you just moved on to a new host, they may have had, you know, that IP address may have been flag before you even got there. So those are things that you can take.

Chuck: Yeah, you that alleviate there if you – if it’s in your budget you know get your own server.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: I mean instead of using a shared server.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Let see, number 21. Be aware that using services that block domain ownership information would be register their domain. Google might see you as a potential spammer.

Chris: I haven’t heard that one.

Chuck: Yeah, I think they’re referring to like who is the information.

Chris: Being hidden.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Often services charge.

Chuck: Yeah, I can and a few others have not do that, yeah. Yeah, that all understanding.

When optimizing blog post, this is number 22. Optimize you blog post title. When optimizing your blog post, optimize your blog post title independently from your blog title. Okay, thought I read blog post title twice.

Yeah, basically fan, my blog title and then walking to the stairs, alright and then my latest post, mobile marketing conference in Chicago.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: There’s like literally excellent loud real example right there. Yeah, so make sure your title is different from the blog title and in that way you know, you can, you won’t be having a lot of duplicate keywords when you really should be focusing on the blog post and not the title of your blog. Make sense?

Chris: Make sense.

Chuck: Cool. Let see here, number 23. The bottom line in SEO is text, links, popularity and reputation.


Voice and text, okay ‘cause I was thinking content, because text is content.

Chris: Well, you know in all of that is, you know…

Chuck: Keywords, keywords, keywords.

Chris: Yeah, it’s predicated on the big 3, keywords, keywords, keywords. And once you accept that then yeah.

Chuck: Yeah, then it takes the link there, ‘cause all of the stuff is relative to the keyword.

Chris: But yeah but the other point there was text really applies, you know, like title text, Age One text, all text. Content on the website, text – that is the content, you know, that’s…

Chuck: Vague.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: To say the least.

Chris: A big brush stroke works on. Work on your data, that’s what we give advice to our clients. You just need to work on your text.

Chuck: Yeah, work on your breaststroke. Let us see here, number 24. Make sure your site is easy to use. This can influence your link build and ability and popularity and it does to your ranking.

I just think you make your site easy to use, period.

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: Just for the sake of getting conversation not even speaking SEO but just once when you do get a visitor and you want them to take action then your site needs to be easy.

Chris: I would even go one step beyond, you know, easy use has an implication and the implication is, you know, a good navigation whether it’s across the top of left. We even go a step beyond on that, you know, we want to guide the customer in a certain direction. And so it’s not just that it’s easy to use, it’s easy and clear what you should do next and there’s an enticement for them to do that next. You know, free consultation is not a great…

Chuck: It’s not a great CTA.

Chris: CTA, it’s not a great CTA. You know, free consultation learn how to grow your business is a better CTA. So, you know we really focus on – not just and then if that’s not what they’re looking for then we have a good navigation structure.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: So, yeah it’s important, it’s – we almost consider it standard and by the way you know, we were showing a client the other, she was like, oh all of your website are templates, no, all of our websites are custom. They have a very similar look and feel because when somebody arrives on our website they expect the navigation across the tab, potentially some navigation on the left.

So, there’s a lot of various similar looking feel, but you know we made a point through, by the way you should punch in the face to Caroline with Bingle Vet. We made a point to her, these are custom design each in every page, each link, they’re not you know, equal distance space or whatever, these are not templates. These are actually custom design websites, so…

Chuck: Yeah, I’m kind of lonely [0:22:50][Inaudible] discussion with PlanetSEED, you know, from a landing page to the CTA to the action after the CTA, right, that’s path we want to create, that’s the path you want to create. When you’re designing your site, you want it to be easy to use, but if the consultation is the end goal that you want, then you know, when they land on the site they need to see why they should get the consultation.

The benefit of getting that consultation, here’s how you get that consultation and—and drop them down that path, you know that gets a conversation and that’s easy to use.

Let see here number 25. Give link love, get link love, don’t be [0:23:32][Inaudible] we’re making note that will encourage go to link to you, ching-ching.


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