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Thirteenth SEO Podcast March 27th 2009.  Third page of Transcription

Paul: The blue tarps?

Chris: Yeah. I think he’s a little lazy.

Paul: How long was that one, eight months ago?

Chris: Exactly. But he does still have a tarp on it. People are still doing more roofing now than they were prior to the hurricane. Those are kind of trends that are need to see and then with the plumber … I just went backwards out of it.

Paul: Here’s a random question somebody might … if you’re kind of new SEO you’re probably thinking, is this the only way to find keywords? Is this the only keyword selector tool out there?

Chris: The answer is no. You can come call us. We’ll help you find them. We’ll use this tool for you. No, there are other keyword tools.

Paul: I just like this one the most. With the other ones, I just personally like Google’s keywords the most.

Chris: I think I sent towards one called good keywords. They use the overture. There used to be an overture website and then that was kind of taken down. You could still sometimes find it or if you had a bookmark you could get to it. The good keywords software was actually tied in to it. That’s kind of why Google Adwords has the captcha so that somebody can’t write a piece of software that just ties in to their data and then you start spreading all that software everywhere or everyone is using it and Google is getting slammed and really not getting any of the benefits. But yeah, there are still other tools out there. One of the things I was really thinking when I was trying to find and would probably more of a trend on AC or HVAC specific terms which is we’ll see a spike in the summer.

Paul: In the south you will.

Chris: Actually anywhere. HVAC might be heating, so if it’s air conditioner repair guy, no matter where you are in the country if it’s out in the winter, you don’t really care and you may even don’t know. Then if it’s out in the summer, those calls will spike and you’re going to go to your computer and you type in AC repair guy. You can see trends like that on this. That is pretty cool, lots of information. It also has a nice column, highest volume occurred so you can actually know when people did the most searches in the year for a particular term. I’m not seeing anything here of any particular interest but they all seem to have a low spot right there, don’t they.

Paul: I don’t even know. I wonder what month that is because it all just kind of…

Chris: November. It dropped off the map. Interesting. I wonder if it had … maybe Google was experiencing some sort of data problem.

Paul: It is consistent for every single keyword.

Chris: Google must have had…

Paul: Yeah, they have to have been.

Chris: Some data issue. It’s interesting, sewer line cleaning apparently the month of October was a big poop month.

Paul: Everybody was having …

Chris: Issues. October … you know what’s that? That’s after all the candy I guess.

Paul: That’s Google. We appreciate the free keywords selector tool.

Chris: There’s a button right down the bottom. Actually, you don’t miss that. We just add all 181 in this case. Those were the search terms. I’m just going to put them all.

Paul: It’s convenient because it says, hey you can go ahead and add all of these to your keyword. They would love you to do that, add all 200 keywords to your PVC campaign.

Chris: They make it so easy to spend money. Google is doing great. Let’s hope they stay benevolent. They say that there’s no better leader than a benevolent dictator. We get the feeling that Google is the dictator and thus far they have been fairly benevolent. It’s exactly what happens.

Paul: I’ll tell you something that I read this morning on the internet that really kind of threw me off. I don’t know if anyone has seen this. Google is laying off. Blow me away. I was like, what.

Chris: Does that mean like they’re retiring servers or something?

Paul: They let some people go and I was like, I can’t believe this. It was an article about how bad is the economy when Google has to lay some people off. I was like, wow, that’s a really good point. The biggest and the badest of what they do when they have to lay somebody off, wow.

Chris: Things have slowed down.

Paul: Things have slowed down everywhere else except for in our office.

Chris: I don’t even know of the employee count. Did that article mentioned the employee?

Paul: It did. Well, I didn’t actually read the entire article. I just read like the header’s paragraph and that was about it.

Chris: Thank you for the confession.

Paul: Sorry, I didn’t actually read it.

Chris: Yeah, they laid off like three janitors or something ‘cause they bought robots. It’s just that their business model is so good because it’s so automated. Almost everything they do is automated. Most of their staff is R&D for what’s the next wave that we’re going to catch. Do they really need to write an Adwords? Do they ever really need to write? It makes good business sense. Gmail, is there any real reason to do Gmail? Well, only because they can spit ads at you.

Paul: That will make it funny I guess.

Chris: They didn’t need to do that but there was profit there. Don’t worry, I’m going to get to something that doesn’t actually making profit here eventually. There are Google ads. You have got a kind of version of word equivalent, excel equivalent. What’s the value there? I don’t see any ads. I use it for a couple of things. Some of our interfaces were third party vendors. We shared documents on there and there are no ads. So there’s no benefit to doing that. It’s just kind of…

Paul: The key is to keep coming back and keeps Google fresh on our minds.

Chris: We’re right at the end of this podcast. Hopefully, you learned a whole lot about Google Adwords and how to find new keywords because, again, the three most important things when you’re doing search engine optimization or pay per click are keywords and keywords and keywords. All three: keyword, keyword, keyword. Next time, we’re actually going to go over … we’re doing a couple in a row now … actually, we’re about four podcasts in a row about tools. The next one is going to be one of the tools that we use here. We use advanced web ranking. What we use that for is for tracking and reporting to our clients, the keyword results, what are the keyword positions in a particular search engine. We’ll be discussing one of our clients. Of course, we’ll be discussing how good they are doing on all of their search engine placements.

Paul: They wouldn’t be with us.

Chris: One of our mantras is give us six months and you’ll never leave. This would be one of those clients who we really don’t have much concern. In fact, we try to do with her and with all our customers either on a quarterly or at least a biannually basis, we’ll sit down with him and kind of go over their website. We try to set that appointment with her and she was not, I don’t have time, we’re good, you guys are doing great, I don’t need to meet with you. That worked out. She’s very happy and we’ll kind of discuss some of the results of that and a little about advance web ranking. Again, it’s a tool. I don’t use all of the tools that it has ‘cause it has a ton of information but, again, I will kind of approach her from the perspective of what do I use it for on a regular basis and then touch on the fringes of some of the stuff that I do know about the capabilities of that tool. It all have pricing and everything just to let you guys can know what that is. Until then, make sure you do check back with us next time. Until then, send us an email at We’d love to hear you. We’d love to your comments about Komodo dragons. Maybe somebody knows something.

Paul: That he owns a Komodo dragon, he could sell us one.

Chris: Actually, we just want to rent it ‘cause we’re going to parade it past the diners and then we going to feed it Popeye’s. Feel free to send us message. Make sure you check out our other podcast which is killer web design and development. Until next time, I’m Chris Burres.

Paul: And this is Paul Hanson.

Chris: We’ll see you next time.

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