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Google Local Listings, Trust Factor
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Google Local Listings, Trust Factor

Chris:                           Welcome to the SEO podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing!

Paul:                            That’s right everybody. Welcome back to another fun-filled educational day.

Chris:                           Pretty awesome, I just nailed the title and I’m so excited about that. Hey, we’ve god some – I’m excited. We’ve got lots of cool reviews. We’ve got cool information. I just printed out something. I’m not even going to – I probably won’t even go get it ’cause we don’t need it.

Paul:                            [Laughs]

Chris:                           My name is Chris Burres. I’m the owner of E-Webstyle.

Paul:                            I’m Paul Hanson, sales manager here at E-Webstyle.

Chris:                           We really appreciate you guys being here today. You make us the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. The best thing you can do to kind of show your love is give us some link love. Link back into our podcast, link back to our homepage whatever it is. You can also go to iTunes and create an account. This doesn’t take any time. Create an account, submit a review and then let us know that you’ve submitted a review. That way, we can give you a shout-out and give you a little bit of link love.

Paul:                            Yeah, some link love.

Chris:                  We got a question about how we got our fancy name.

Paul:                            Uh-hum.

Chris:                           We’ll get to that in a little bit. That’s how you can stalk us. You can email us at We do websites.

Paul:                            And we definitely do websites–

Chris:                           We definitely do.

Paul:                            –and Internet marketing.

Chris:                           You know, the image was so awesome. I still have to send people back to the image.

Paul:                            The A-team?

Chris:                           Go to our Facebook page. Darren Booy put together an awesome South Park kind of South Parkerization of our SEO podcast and go back and check it out. It’s pretty awesome.

Paul:                            Darren let me know if you drew that or if there’s like a program where you can like create your own little South Park character.

Chris:                           And Darren is the one that actually turned us on the Prezi, which we haven’t used yet and we may never use and we like.

Paul:                            It’s so awesome though.

Chris:                           We like it a lot.


He did a great presentation. It was Google Save Us, I think —

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                           — or or something along those lines.

Paul:                            Uh-hum.

Chris:                           So I just got a tweet there I think from one of our listeners. All right. So, every podcast we like to – we have a tip. We have a tip from the previous podcast.

Paul:                            Previous podcast, we kind of covered – we were going over… The last two podcasts, we’re kind of going over Google Places stuff and our last podcast, the biggest tip was make sure you have video and photos. You need to have at least one video to complete your listing and five photos to complete your listing.

Chris:                           One in five, one in five.

Paul:                            Yes. So, even if your video is just a still photo collage, it’s a video. So put that video on YouTube, link it to your Places page.

Chris:                           And our recommendation is that that video should be on – you just said that – on YouTube and also the image is on Picasa because that’s a Google product, and then get those on to your Google Places.

It looks like – we’re covering this really nice article. It looks like we have a lot more information to go. We’re probably going to kind of start weeding out some of the information ’cause we don’t want to do 20 podcasts on Google Local Places, although, it does have that kind of value. That’s the reason —

Paul:                            It is very important. I think this podcast, we’ll probably wrap up Places and then we’re going to go into – well, we’re going to go into some specifics of Places, some on-page criteria that will go as necessary for your website, reviews, things that should – can have an effect on your placement listing and your review. So, we’re going to kind of break it up and kind of go forward a little bit. Plus, we’ve got some great insight from some listeners from James Slattery and Dean Calhoun. He gave us some great stuff.

Chris:                           Oh, excellent. I don’t have that in my list to cover so… All right. One cool thing.

Paul:                            Okay.

Chris:                           I have a networking meeting like every Tuesday and I usually go in and I say the city of the day is blah, blah, blah ’cause I look up where somebody listens to us across the world. We’re ramping up to 100,000 downloads of podcasts.

Paul:                            That’s what’s up.

Chris:                           In Portugal, I’ve got four cities. How about that? I’ve got Torres Vedras, hopefully I’m saying these things right, Mesão, Rio Maior, I think that means the big river, and then Alcochete. Each of those has like each downloads so…

Paul:                            That’s what’s up.

Chris:                           So, we may even have more than one listener in each of those cities. Portugal —

Paul:                            I hope that fool wasn’t in his car driving —

Chris:                           [Laughs]

Paul:                            — between cities.

Chris:                           Parking outside of a hotel downloading our podcast as he’s touring Portugal.

Paul:                            Yeah, I know. [Laughs]

Chris:                           Hey that’s a good idea. If you need entertainment while you’re taking a long road trip, just listen to our podcast. Go back and listen from podcast #1. This is podcast #94. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that.

A little bit of news, MPAA shut down 12 torrent sites in the US and 39 abroad.

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                           So, none of us here at E-Webstyle would know anything about that.

Paul:                            I would know about that at home though, not here, but a lot at home. [Laughs]


Chris:                           ‘Cause he has a cousin who uses his internet.


A hundred thousand downloads.

Paul:                            [Laughs]

Chris:                           All right. LinkedIn IPO, they were in the process of getting prepped for their IPO. They’ve revealed that they have $161M in sales.

Paul:                            That’s what’s up.

Chris:                           That’s kind of cool. And this is – the title was really kind of “Android Tablets App Development Ramps Up.” It’s just really exciting to me ’cause…

Paul:                            I think it’s cool. Now you all need to come up with a tablet that’s the size of the iPad and then I’ll buy one.

Chris:                           They’re working on it. I mean, there’s some and there’s —

Paul:                            That’s what’s up.

Chris:                           — some marginal ones out there. Somebody will do it. Somebody will absolutely do it and that’s going to be exciting. It’s part of the reason I’m excited ’cause I like it. I’m also excited because we have some reviews here.

Paul:                            Uh-hum.

Chris:                           We have a review on iTunes.

Paul:                            That’s what’s up.

Chris:                           Here it is. This is from KH Williams. It says, “Best SEO podcast out there!”

Paul:                            I’m going to say that’s Kennedy Williams ’cause I saw his name on our Facebook page.

Chris:                           Oh, cool.

Paul:                            What’s up Kennedy?

Chris:                           All right. Kennedy.

Paul:                            I hope that’s Kennedy and not like Karen.

Chris:                           [Laughs] “These guys are entertaining, informative and educational.” This is the review just in case… “Great place to pick up tips and tricks” – oh the image got cut off. “Recommended for the beginner and advanced SEOer alike. Everyone can pick up something from their podcast,” – from our podcast. He started listening to our podcast about a week ago and has downloaded all the episodes and is staring through them like a kid smoking crack with candy.

Paul:                            Ow…

Chris:                           No, that’s the image.

Paul:                            Oh, okay. ‘Cause I’m like wow, that’s fast.

Chris:                           [Laughs] It did say candy though.

Paul:                            [Laughs]

Chris:                           “And yes, I listen while driving too. Anyhow, great job guys…” And that’s a good point ’cause we have been told we are the only SEO podcast that it’s legal to listen to while driving–

Paul:                            Yes.

Chris:                           –’cause you will not fall asleep.

Paul:                            Yes. Yes. The Red Bull of SEO, I think.

Chris:                           Yeah, Red Bull of SEO. I almost forgot about that. And here’s one more – this is on our Facebook page. We’ve got a reviews tab. So if you’re just kind of chilling and got a few minutes, check out our Facebook page. We’re actually getting a lot of interaction between people. In fact, Darren Booy is out giving good advice. I actually saw some good advice to another listener about their website. And he actually started a section where people can submit a podcast and we can review it live there. He submitted his three websites and I know we haven’t looked at that yet.

Paul:                            Oh…

Chris:                           Sorry about that, man.

Paul:                            I didn’t know that was there. I would actually like to see that.

Chris:                           It’s in the discussions area.

Paul:                            Oh.

Chris:                           But Samantha Henneke, she said, “I really have enjoyed and still enjoy listening to your podcast over the past months. I’ve tried other SEO podcasts, but keep coming back to yours regularly. I like the way you all are entertaining about SEO and the internet. Red Bull of SEO.”

Paul:                            That’s what’s up.

Chris:                           “I find myself laughing at your jokes. Thanks. You guys love and enjoy what you do and that shows through.” That is so true.

Paul:                            That’s what’s up.

Chris:                           That is what’s up.

Paul:                            All right. Before we get into it, I want to run a shout-outs to a couple of quick – I want to ask you some questions and talking about a couple of things. Real quick, Darren Booy had a quick – well let me shout out to some guys, some people. Vanessa – these are the six friends that showed up on our page. Vanessa Rushlow, Christina Hawkins, Scott Burridge, Leo Borrego, Gentom Price, that’s a sweet name, and Kennedy Williams. What’s up guys? Thanks for listening. We have Scott Burrage. He says, “Hey, I’ve been listening to your podcast and hear you have trouble knowing who are new ‘likes’. I just click ‘see all’ under the double # sign and…” Oh, “I click the “see all under “x people like this” and the newest “likers” should pop up. Thanks I didn’t —

Chris:                           Right at the top. Yeah.

Paul:                            I didn’t know we could do that.

Chris:                           Yup. That’s the see all button right there.

Paul:                            Wow, that’s very cool. Darren Booy had a quick question and a cool fact. The fact, there are more users for Farmville Accounts than Twitter Accounts. Darren, how’d you find that? I didn’t know that. But it makes a lot of sense, which is why I think had a big deal to do with – Farmville and these other sites had a big deal to do with Bing passing Google ’cause people spend so much time on Facebook, you know, jacking around on Farmville.

Chris:                           Yeah.

Paul:                            — which is cool.

Chris:                           There was a stat that we gave in one of our podcast, something like 80% of people playing like Farmville or Mafia Wars have never played a video game in their life.

Paul:                            Wow.

Chris:                           And that’s the first time, yeah.

Paul:                            I would agree with that ’cause I know people that are playing that that do not play video games.

Chris:                           I also read an article, I just chose not to bring it in the news, which was talking about how Facebook has weeded out spam in Farmville of course and Mafia Wars is one of the – you know, you used to get inundated with like somebody built a new row of corn.

Paul:                            Oh, yeah, god.

Chris:                           Somebody picked an ear of corn.

Paul:                            I was getting so tired of that.

Chris:                           And they figured out – basically they have an algorithm based on if you like it or don’t like it or hide it. If enough of those messages get hidden, they stop that message —

Paul:                            They just – yeah.

Chris:                           — gets hidden across everybody. And if enough of it is bad enough then they’ll just stop the application all together so…


Paul:                            I got you. Another quick question, Darren Booy, “How do you guys get your nice-looking Facebook URL?”

Chris:                           Yeah. That’s the question.

Paul:                            My response, email Chris.

Chris:                           [Laughs] All right.

Paul:                            He did it.

Chris:                           All right. It says I believe from my memory that you can apply after you get 25 followers and then I did a quick little Google search. And if you go that’s where you can actually set up your username. So when I went there, I’ve got my networking group, I’ve got E-Webstyle. Actually, I’ve got E-Webstyle Places too.

Paul:                            Uh-hum.

Chris:                           And we’ve got to get you following that too.

Paul:                            E-Webstyle Places?

Chris:                           Yeah. I did read an article so…

Paul:                            We have a Places page?

Chris:                           We have Places on Facebook, yeah.

Paul:                            Oh, yeah that page. I remember that.

Chris:                           And you can merge them and everything I read said whatever you do, do not merge.

Paul:                            Don’t merge.


Let me guess, we read that after we merged them.

Chris:                           Yeah. Most people I think read it right after they merged them so I got lucky. But, yeah, so Darren you should have – I haven’t checked. I do not know how many followers you have. I think there was like a 25-follower limit.

Paul:                            Okay. Samantha Henneke says, “I love listening to your podcast while working on the studio. We own Bulldog Pottery in Seagrove, North Carolina. You guys make me laugh.” Everybody check out in Seagrove, North Carolina. That’s what’s up. Samantha, thanks for the shout-out.

And I want to send a quick shout-out Dean Calhoun and James Slattery. Dean called in earlier this week, got to talk to him for awhile. Dean is in Affygility Solutions in Colorado. Gave us some–

Chris:                           Doing a lot of mobile stuff, right?

Paul:                            Doing a lot of mobile stuff. We had a great conversation about mobile and where it’s going. I really want to get into that this year. After we finish this up, I want to get into more mobile. And James Slattery, he gave me some great info on Whitespark Local Citation Finder. I’d like to go – we discussed it briefly. I’d like to go over that a little bit more. So thanks guys. We definitely want to get into this. We’re going to finish up Places…We’re going to finish the listing stuff and we’re going to get into it. So, thanks everyone for following, listening, and let’s do it.

Chris:                           Let’s get to it.

Paul:                            Okay. All right. This is going to be – we’re going to wrap up the list, the Places stuff and then kind of get into some other things in the next few podcasts, more specifics and some of it’s Places, then mobile, then other things. All right.

Chris:                           All right. Good job right there.

Paul:                            I think we have number 46. Number 46, the criteria that of an important piece of —

Chris:                           By the way, we are totally out of order so that’s just the way it printed up.

Paul:                            Yeah. Don’t worry about. If I say a number, just don’t even listen to it.

Chris:                           I mean the number is real.

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                           Like when you go to the article, which I’ll find the —

Paul:                            It says number 46. But right after number 46 comes number 49.

Chris:                           You bet. I think that’s a different page. Like, I don’t know what happened.

Paul:                            No —

Chris:                           Well, yeah, maybe–

Paul:                            They’re just of order.

Chris:                           Maybe they sorted it by most important.

Paul:                            Oh, okay.

Chris:                           Or something like that.

Paul:                            We’ll just talk. So number 46 says you need to have a matching Google account and URL. Basically, this is kind of like a – it had moderate importance. This is more of a trust factor thing. People don’t really think – the experts were like… It’s not really that important because I’ve seen people who don’t have matching URLs, who have URLs that don’t have Google Accounts still get on the first page. What it basically boils down to if you have a Google Account and it matches your URL, it’s one way to give Google – it’s a trust factor.

Chris:                           Factor, yeah.

Paul:                            So they can trust that your website is a good quality website ’cause you have a Google Account. Is it going to have a big effect on your listing…?

Chris:                           So because I didn’t understand what this is, I’m going to assume that there’s one other listener out there who didn’t understand what this means.

Paul:                            Okay.

Chris:                           So I think I got my head around it. You can claim a Google Local Places listing without a Gmail account?

Paul:                            Uh-hum.

Chris:                           Is that what this is about? So, you need to grab it with your Google Account with your – an existing Google Account.

Paul:                            Basically having a Google Account associated with your web domain.

Chris:                           Instead of like another email. So, I think you have to have a Google Account, right?

Paul:                            Yeah. You have to have a Google Account.

Chris:                           But it says that – ’cause you can have a Google Account that uses your Yahoo email as a sign in —

Paul:                            Yes.

Chris:                           — or a Gmail or whatever and so this is suggesting, hey, do you have to have a Gmail Account, basically.

Paul:                            We have Google Accounts associated with our web domain and —

Chris:                           Our email is hosted on Google.

Paul:                            Yeah. And we have Google Accounts not associated, but our E-Webstyle listing isn’t tied to that. So, yeah, it is cool. It’s just really a trust factor but is it going to put you on the first page or take you off? Nope.

Chris:                           And I did want to make sure that we give credit. This article is brought to you by David Mihm. He has – if you go It’s a great article. You can Google it and find it. It’s given us a lot of good information so…


Paul:                            Number 49, it says choosing a list of areas served for your Places page. At first I was like, yeah, everybody’s got to do that. However, people feel like – they feel like it’s moderately important and some people are saying that you can actually get penalized for it. Tom Crandall says, “Currently, I recommend the option to use targeted cities and zip codes rather than choosing a list of areas served.” Dev Basu says, “Rankings have dropped when selecting this option” and Mary Bowling also says that, “The idea is a great step forward for Google Places but actually using this feature at this point can hurt your rankings.” So, it was a very low agreement.

Chris:                           Wait, wait, wait, let me understand this.

Paul:                            Uh-hum.

Chris:                           There’s a problem with Google Local Places?

Paul:                            Newsflash.


So, that’s kind of cool. All right next 52, including coupons with Places Page. Now this is funny because the very first expert that chimed in says, “Google has coupons?”


And then he says, “I’m being facetious.”

Chris:                           And then nothing else.


Paul:                            And basically, I felt like and I agree with this, they’re basically saying, using coupons adds to the user value. Pretty much that’s it.

Chris:                           Not to your Places location.

Paul:                            Yeah. It’s not going to add much —

Chris:                           I would highly recommend you do it and I totally agree it’s not important for your placement.

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