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Fifty-seven SEO Podcast April 23th 2010. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the unknown secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: What’s up everybody? Welcome back to the unknown secrets of SEO.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres, owner of EWebResults.

Paul: And this is Paul Hanson, sales manager at EWebResults.

Chris: We are glad to have you. I lost my little cheat sheet with all our little cheat summation. We’re going to have to…

Paul: [Laughs].

Chris: I don’t know. Okay, thank you for joining us for the podcast. Without the cheat sheet we’re nothing. All right. So, the first we’d like to do is cover a little bit about what we covered last time and I didn’t bring my cheat sheet so, I’ve got an idea.

Paul: So, you can have the list of the last podcast.

Chris: Go back and listen to podcast number 56.

Paul: [Laughs]

Chris: Apparently though, I was simultaneously drinking Coke and coffee and Paul was laughing.

Paul: Oh, from there?

Chris: Yeah, that was our… What’s up?

Paul: So, my main man Darren Booy.

Chris: Darren Booy. Man, we got a little bit to talk about with him ‘cause he’s done some pretty cool stuff. So, we want to…

Paul: We should put a link to that on the blog man. I think it was really cool.

Chris: We’ll get to that here in just a second ‘cause it’s actually really good stuff. So, stay tuned. We’ll be back right after this commercial announcement. Hi, I’m Chris Burres with EWebResults. You can get SEO from us [laughs].

Paul: Our, own commercial.


Chris: All you need to do is go to our website, If you’re interested in sending in an email to the podcast and getting it read on-air and probably answered. So far, we’ve answered everything to the best of our ability. You can send those inquiries to I don’t remember who it was – oh it was Jaye, Jaya?

Paul: Jaya…

Chris: Jaya. He gave us like – what is it? Like a homework assignment or something…

Paul: Yeah, he did.

Chris: …for our website. “You’re missing this. This is how to spell. This is wrong. You got the wrong logo and you should have a Facebook URL.” Guess what?

Paul: We have a Facebook URL?

Chris: You’re right. We have a Facebook URL. So, you can now find us on Facebook by going to No dash, ewebstyle.

Paul: That’s cool.

Chris: You can also find us on Twitter. You can also listen to this – excuse me ‑ watch us record this podcast live at 9:15 Central Standard Time…

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Here in Houston.


Paul: Somewhere in the world.

Chris: Somewhere in the world. I don’t know. Use Google and translate it to your local timeframe. All right, so we also want to cover a little bit about news. What have we got here? Oh, I thought this was pretty interesting. McAfee apologized for crashing…

Paul: For sucking?

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: [Laughs]

Chris: No. ‘Cause sucking would be good compared to what they did.


Paul: They crashed 10 million computers.

Chris: Tens of thousands of PCs were crashed…

Paul: Oh, wow.

Chris: …because of their latest like that really is – what they did is there is an executable program called SVChost. I see it all the time ‘cause we do some IT and you know we have clients who have problems and we get into the task manager and really look at the stuff that’s running, the different programs that are running. SVC host is something that runs pretty much all the time. Apparently, their latest DAT file said, “Oh, SVChost is a virus. Shut down.”

Paul: Their own program…

Chris: Their program…

Paul: …said that their own file was a virus?

Chris: It wasn’t their own file, but it was a very common file from Microsoft that’s always running shut down.

Paul: Oh, that sucks.

Chris: [Laughs]. So, apparently, they were running round-the-clock IT guys to help people get it all straightened out…

Paul: Oh, wow.

Chris: …to have some fix.

Paul: So, somebody got fired and their stock price sucks now.

Chris: Oh, man. You know, we stopped using McAfee. McAfee is one of those, I don’t know, maybe stereotypical ‑ from our perspective a very stereotypical large company. So, there are a couple of products that we use for some of our customers on the IT side of things. Like in two years, they renamed the product that we were providing to our customers five times.

Paul: Oh, wow.

Chris: So, every time we called up, we’re like, “I used to be using…” It’s kind of like with your bank like you call your bank and it’s changed like four times…

Paul: Oh, yeah.

Chris: You’re like, “I used to bank with Wells Fargo. I don’t think they exist anymore and then I was with Amigi [Phonetic
] [0:04:39], and I know I’m calling Chase. Is this the right number?”

Paul: Is this Bank One? It used to Bank One, now it’s this.

Chris: So, we had that issue and then on top of that, the process of purchasing stuff from them was archaic and ridiculous – redonkulous

Paul: Redonkulous.

Chris: Redonkulous. That came from Shrek 3, right? I just saw an ad for it last night.

Paul: [Laughs] I’m going to watch Shrek 3. I haven’t seen it.

Chris: Well, it’s redonkulous. [Laughs]

Paul: I bet it is.


Chris: And then I wanted to give you – as I was doing kind of research for the news this morning – did you have anything?

Paul: I do, but everything I have to talk about is kind of news, but it’s kind of SEO…

Chris: Kind of news…

Paul: It’s SEO and it’s kind of news. The one thing I can tell about is the Facebook like button.

Chris: Oh, it’s up and it’s liking-able now.

Paul: Yes. The become-a-fan button is now like and you will see it outside of Facebook. And just to name a few sites, you’ll see it on CNN, Mtv, IMDB, Pandora, Univisione or that’s you know…

Chris: Oh, good pronunciation there.

Paul:, ESPN,, Trip Advisor, Fandango, and the New York Times. And Facebook is basically taking over everything else outside of Facebook. So, you’ll be able to see that everywhere. I don’t know. We’ll see how I feel about that. I haven’t actually seen it yet so…

Chris: So, if you don’t know what we’re talking about, here’s an idea. Go to and click that little like button, see what happens.

Paul: Yeah. [Laughs]

Chris: See if you like it. Report back to us at Hey, I pressed the like button and I’m now liking it so much. Give it a shot.

Paul: They need a dislike button too.

Chris: Yeah or probably just a dis button there.

Paul: Put a dis-dis article on CNN…

Chris: Facebook and the dis button. We need a…

Paul: ‘Cause I see the thumbs up and the thumbs down, you know? I don’t know. I can’t figure out what social media tool that it is, but I see that you know…

Chris: Thumbs up, thumbs down. That’s like dig or…

Paul: Okay.

Chris: I don’t know specifically dig, but one of those kind of article following thing. Shouldn’t there be like a, talk to the hand?

Paul: Talk to the hand…

Chris: Thumbs up, thumbs down, talk the hand.


Chris: Up yours, finger up, finger down. All right, what else do I have here? Google announced the… Oh, I guess yeah. This was pretty interesting. Google announced some changes that they made. This was an interesting article ‘cause…

Paul: So, the Webmaster Tools?

Chris: It wasn’t ‘til Webmaster Tools.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: Oh, so we got even more stuff. That’s awesome. So, it was actually changes to Google. And they made – before they started this… I know I sound like I’m rambling and I haven’t even yet begun to ramble. As an intro into this article, they were pointing out that, you know, Google is the massive, you know big behemoth…

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: … and they really could potentially rest on their laurels and they’re not doing it, which is pretty cool. We all…

Paul: ‘Cause they’ll turn into Yahoo.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: I just dis Yahoo every week, man. I don’t even know why.


Chris: Yahoo, talk to the hand.

Paul: Hey, I’m just like… I don’t even know. I should stop doing that. They’re probably a good, you know, search engine even though I don’t use them.

Chris: Well, aren’t they Bing?

Paul: Yeah, Bing.

Chris: So, they are a good search engine. They’re Bing.

Paul: I don’t use either one.


Paul: Sorry guys.

Chris: So, they talked about these improvements that they’re making. So, some of the stuff they’re doing – you know most of the focus on search engines right now is Google Local. And here are some really cool examples of, you know, what they’re doing with Google local. You know, already we’ve had conversations about google local sponsored ads and results…

Paul: Uh-hum.

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