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Thirty-six SEO Podcast Oct. 23rd 2009. Second page of Transcription

Charles: It was crazy ‘cause after we debuted I went down there at SES, I mean literally, you know, the guy, Kevin at La Mousse orchestrated SES, he was like, “You can’t upload. You have to debuted down here.” So we debuted down there, got back to the hotel room, uploaded it to YouTube on a Friday, I think it was. Monday, back in Houston, it was already at 10,000 views.

Chris: Wow.

Paul: Which one? This was—

Chris: Design Code.

Charles: Design Code, it was Design Code.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: By the end of the week, it was at 100,000 views.

Paul: You have a couple of million now, I think.

Charles: Well, no. Design Coding still obviously was the most popular is like right at 500,000.

Paul: Okay.

Charles: Collectively, almost at a million.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: Cool, that’s awesome.

Paul: Wow

Charles: Yeah, so after that, then we did—I did a remix to Social Media Addiction.

Chris: Remixing, that’s just cool! Dance mix?

Charles: Well, again, the Page Rank is the dance.

Paul: Yeah, I’ve seen that one. I saw that.

Charles: It’s a dance.

Chris: I saw on I think this on YouTube some video of you’re like in a restaurant or something with some girl doing a move—

Charles: Yeah, that’s the Page Rank. That was actually shot—now that was in—that video there was actually shot at New York when we were down there for SES, we were in the subway.

Chris: Oh, wow!

Paul: Oh, okay. Wow.

Charles: We were in the subway.

Chris: So the video in the subway, that’s cool.

Paul: Wow, that’s very cool. I’m sure everybody was like, “What?”

Charles: What are they doing?

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: Yeah.

Paul: Page Rank.

Charles: And Audra too. What’s going on, Audra? She was in the video with me.

Paul: That’s cool. So go to and check out Chuck’s videos.

Chris: They’re all awesome. So the next thing you were with Pop Labs, you did a number of the videos with Pop Labs.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: And then you got so famous, you got (14:20) away from Pop Labs, right? Is that what I understood?

Charles: Well, kind of. I mean I don’t call it fame. Like I said, a lot of my co-workers and peers have more fun with—than me.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: You know, they enjoyed. It was just—it was work to me. I make music.

Chris: Right.

Charles: It’s always been my love. And so to me, that was just another project.

Chris: Right.

Charles: But, you know, the quality was there.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: You spoke about content. The content was on point.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: You know it made sense and it was correct.

Chris: It flowed.

Charles: Yeah. And so with that, it did open up some other opportunities for me. I was able to meet Andy Jenkins, and, you know, the crew at Stopper Net. And so they brought me aboard over there, pretty much gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. And, you know, parted ways good with Pop Labs. And those still my people still love them but I had to, you know, do what was right for my family.

Chris: Yeah, I know that makes sense. So Stopper Net made a nice offer to you. You are actually there up at Atlanta, right?

Charles: Yeah. They’re based in Atlanta. But they gave me an opportunity to work virtually from home. Which is good and bad. Work from home is great, you know, I wake up, put on my pj’s and the kids to school and go to work.

Chris: All right. I think you just said you sleep naked. Good. ‘Cause you wake up and put on your pj’s.

Paul: You wake up and put your pj’s on.

Chris: At least, he’s not working naked. I wake up, I take off my pj’s, I go to the office.

Charles: You know, the problem with work from home is you’re gaining weight.

Chris: Yeah, everything’s easily accessed.

Charles: Yeah.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: You know, that is true. I worked at from home for quite some time. It’s sometimes hard to make that, you know, okay, now I’m working and now I’m with family or now I’m not with, you know, whatever you’re doing at that time. And you end up, it just kind of gets so intermingled. It’s really—it is a balance. And then, you know, the TV is always there. If you’re—

Charles: Well, I had to make some decisions. Turn the TV off.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: Get dressed.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Thank you.

Charles: I’m just saying get dressed and, you know, turn off everything. Leave office phone on. Turn the cell phone off and focus. And that’s how I get it done.

Chris: You know, it reminds me of remember “Mr. Mom” with the guy who played Batman? The first Batman was–

Charles: Michael Keaton.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Michael Keaton. He played a—there was a movie called “Mr. Mom.” Man, am I dating myself or what?

Charles: Maybe I don’t think I saw the movie.

Chris: Maybe it’s an Anglo thing. You guys just don’t understand. Well, he lost his job, his wife goes to work and he’s at home and he just becomes a wreck. You know, unshaven, the kids are eating, you know, whatever, the house is a disaster and he like wakes up one day and realizes just like you were saying, you know, he’s got to get it together, he’s got to get up and take a shower and get the kids to work and keep the place clean and he becomes, you know, Mr. Mom.

Charles: Shout out to all the Mr. Moms out there.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: I mean ‘cause, you know, I recently got custody of my children.

Chris: Oh, wow.

Charles: And so, you know—

Paul: Congratulations.

Charles: I understand totally.

Paul: Yeah. So you’re Mr. Mom in there right now?

Charles: Yeah, yeah, kind of.

Chris: That’s cool. That’s awesome. Yeah and so it’s such a true story that, you know, when you go through these transitions, sometimes you really don’t handle them well at first. And you’re like you know what? This isn’t working. Like you said, I’m putting on weight, I’m not happy with whatever’s going on. So all right, time to make a change.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: So you are working with Stomper Net remotely so from Houston, telecommuting, as they say. And that one real good. You did a lot of—you handled really big project over there.

Charles: Yeah, we did a big project, the Formula Five launch. It worked well. And, you know, and then after the project was complete, the job was done basically. And, so, you know, I was able to, you know, shift my energies towards running Mo Serious. Mo Serious Entertainment. You know, that’s my company, that’s my (18:10), that’s my life.

Chris: Right.

Charles: You know, I breathe Mo Serious. Seriously, Mo City, in case you’re wondering, I’m form Mo City, Texas.

Paul: Oh, okay.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Yeah, well, people don’t know what Mo City is.

Charles: Mo City, Texas, man, it’s a suburb right outside of Houston, southwest side.

Chris: For those of you in Russia. I’m not kidding. We found a website in Russia that references our podcast.

Paul: Wow.

Chris: We actually had to cut and paste the Russian text in—

Paul: To figure out what it said. We didn’t put it there.

Chris: Maybe they’re dogging on us or something.

Paul: Yeah, so I figure it like how did we get here and what does it say.

Charles: I get that all the time. I was looking at the Design Coding video for example. It has like thousands of comments people posted.

Paul: Yeah.

Charles: In all these other languages. What is he saying? Should I delete this comment? Should I keep this comment? You have no clue what it says. Oh, I’ll just keep it, you know.

Chris: Yeah, you got to be happy for Google—what, just Google in general.

Paul: Yeah. They’re awesome.

Chris: There’s nothing you can’t do with Google. I fixed the zipper the other day ‘cause of Google.

Charles: The only problem I have with Google—

Chris: Here we go!

Charles: The only problem I have with Google is about a few weeks ago, I released the Page Rank video.

Chris: Right.

Paul: Yeah.

Charles: How to get your page rank up, how to get these links, yada, yada, yah. And then, two weeks later, they released a statement that they’re not even valuing page rank anymore. You know they actually remove on it from the webmaster tools and I can’t find them in the Google tool about anything. Yeah, so—

Paul: That’s news to me!

Charles: You got to stay on it.

Paul: That is news to me. I did not know that.

Charles: So then I was like, “Okay.”

Chris: Do you believe it?

Charles: Well, I mean, it’s Google, why not believe it?

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Well, here’s—‘cause the firs thing I think is okay, yeah, take it away from visibility but it’s still in the equations.

Charles: Well, I believe that, you know, what the rise of being and with the rise of, you know, Twitter and all these social media platform, people are—they’re more in other places, you can get information.

Chris: Right.

Charles: Google still has the majority of the—

Chris: Searches, yeah.

Charles: Search volume.

Chris: Right.

Charles: But, you know, they still have to stay ahead of the game.

Chris: Right.

Charles: And so I believe with the page rank leaving, there’s probably algorithm change coming, there’s probably a few other things they have in the pipeline.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Say that again ‘cause that’s going to affect people that are listening to this podcast. You think there’s—

Charles: Algorithm change coming.

Paul: Algorithm change coming.

Charles: I mean if you subtract page rank, then something has to be done.

Chris: The algorithm must change. So kind of—it sounds like they’ve pulled all the page rank information out, they haven’t changed the algorithm yet. So it’s still in there, right? So that algorithm, I believe it that algorithm change is coming. So—

Charles: Just like, you know, people when they stopped using meta information for example.

Chris: Right.

Charles: Because people were manipulating it.

Chris: Right, right.

Charles: To get higher ranks. So they changed it. And, so, now, people understanding tips to get your page rank higher like linking to sites with higher page rank—

Paul: Yeah.

Charles: Putting relevant content, you know, basic stuff, okay too ends up manipulating the search engine all these false links and paid links and link swapping stuff people ignore, they’re going to change it.

Paul: You know, one day, I read this about two or three days ago. It’s Twitter and another social media site are I think hooking up with Google for search. So that search (21:31) Twitter or tweets and Twitter-Facebook?

Charles: Facebook.

Paul: Their tweets are—

Charles: Indexible.

Paul: Indexible, yeah.

Charles: Yeah, yeah, tweets are—they’ve already been indexible but I believe Google is placing that rank a little bit higher—

Paul: Okay.

Charles: Because—

Paul: Maybe that’s what I just read.

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