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Ninetieth Internet Marketing Podcast December 17th 2010.  Third page of Show Notes

Google Places A through G

Paul:                            Yeah, I know. China SEO — this is what I remember, so right around this time like sometime in the fall, China like — I can’t remember what. They like cut their internet — oh, they cut Google out. Well, I know they did that. They cut Google out.

Chris:                           Yeah, the negotiating, yeah.

Paul:                            And I don’t know — China was just being a real D-bag for some reason. So these people were, “We’re restricting their —

Chris:                           Internet.

Paul:                            — internet access and all these other stuff,” and I remember I was like — and we were talking bad about China, I was like, “Yeah, we’re done. Like, they’re going to cut us off.”

Chris:                           Yeah. We’re not going to be broadcasting in China anymore.

Paul:                            Yes. And I mean, I’d love to see somebody in China, all right, and sit there ‘cause I know we have a listener.

Chris:                           Yeah. We’ve got a whole bunch. I mean, our stats don’t lie. We got a lot of listeners there. Hopefully, they’re not all with the party.

Paul:                            Yeah.


Paul:                            Chris said that. Not me.

Chris:                           Hi.

Paul:                            They’re all coming here after you. That is Chris.

Chris:                           Hi party.

Paul:                            I remember our SEO tools we discussed that — this is when we discussed those — that’s why I gave the tool earlier at the beginning of the podcast, there was another tool, but you have to back to podcast 80 ‘cause I don’t really remember it.

Chris:                           And the tip from that was, “Find the keyword tool that works best for you.”

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chuck:                         It’s cool that he doesn’t remember.

Chris:                           Yeah.

Paul:                            I mean, we’ve used a ton.

Chris:                           Which may or may not be the tool that he —

Paul:                            Yeah, you know —

Chris:                           — doesn’t or does remember [Laughs].

Paul:                            Market Samurai, that’s another tool. And these is just a ton of them.

Chuck:                         Yeah.

Paul:                            I can’t think of the —

Chuck:                         SeoQuake.

Paul:                            That’s a —

Chuck:                         Firefox.

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chuck:                         Firefox, Donald Trump. I hear you get at me man, we worked so much. You just have to come over. Yeah, SeoQuake —

Paul:                            Aardvark.

Chuck:                         Aardvark, I love Aardvark and that’s a great tool.

Chris:                           We picked up another one the other day that had some pretty good information. I do not remember the name of it.

Chuck:                         They have no clue. They only used it that day.

Paul:                            A lot of these are — like they’re on page 2 as you start the tool and it’ll just — it’ll show you what’s happening behind the scenes.

Chris:                           Are the usual header tags, whether they’re alt tags that kind of —

Paul:                            This is paragraph, this is an image blah, blah, blah. You know, great stuff. I use Quake and Aardvark all the time.

Chris:                           All right, number 81. We told you we’d get back to it. CMS like WordPress for SEO and really go back and listen to it — and so that we just really kind of got into more detail after having some more experience with different content management systems.

Chuck:                         Yeah.

Chris:                           And the tip from that podcast was, “Take your time, do your research, get the right CMS for your business.”

Paul:                            Yes. What I’d like to say is there are — some of them are very easy, some of them are simple, some of them are not, some of them are very large. My experience with Joomla! Is that it’s a very large — it’s very powerful, it can do a million different things literally. I would like to say and I don’t —

Chuck:                         This isn’t the “Don’t be a douche phase.”


Paul:                            I think that Joomla! is more capable than WordPress.

Chris:                           Oh-oh. Oh-oh.


Chuck:                         That’s the point.

Paul:                            I think.

Chuck:                         That’s intended just to create discussions. Number 2 he is probably right, all right, in regards to how Joomla! works. It has a lot of functions and a lot of different things it can do as well as the plug-ins.

Paul:                            Yes.

Chuck:                         But!

Paul:                            Too many plug-ins.

Chris:                           Yeah.

Chuck:                         Well, I think its overkill.

Paul:                            Yes, it’s overkill.

Chuck:                         And that overkill is what makes it difficult. WordPress has a ton of plug-ins also, but everything is seamless and it works.

Chris:                           I think rather than overkill it’s actually just too compliment — confusingly or complicatedly executed.

Paul:                            Complicatedly.

Chris:                           Yeah.

Chuck:                         Yeah.

Chris:                           Complicated means actually —

Paul:                            It’s like, “Hey, I just want to build a new page that’s it. That’s all I want to do is build new page. How do I do that?” WordPress?

Chris:                           WordPress this link.

Chuck:                         If WordPress says, “Go here, edit, publish immediately.”

Chris:                           And WordPress has that rollback feature at the bottom which is kind of sweet.

Paul:                            Modest.

Chris:                           How sweet is that?

Chuck:                         Edit this resource, save. Joomla! on the other hand it is “edit this article, go to this template, review this module —

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                           — and go to this menu again.”


Chuck:                         Yeah. Check the menu —

Paul:                            Review us on the —

Chuck:                         Yeah.

Paul:                            — review our website and then —

Chuck:                         Plus save and publish.

Paul:                            Yes. And is this a bad problem and you’re good to go.

Chuck:                         Yeah.

Chris:                           A train leaves New York.

Paul:                            Yes. I’m like — it’s just — but and not to knock Joomla! It’s a great platform. It has got a lot to offer but you have to really learn [Laughs], you have to really learn it. And we use all of them just for a variety but you got to really learn it. SO, my man in Scotland, yeah, I feel your pain. I definitely feel your pain.

Chuck:                         Yeah.

Paul:                            Dugnow.

Chuck:                         Dungloe.

Paul:                            Dungloe.

Chuck:                         Yeah.

Paul:                            Yes.

Chris:                           All right.

Paul:                            Keith, Steven — I don’t know.

Chris:                           Steven. Well, number 82. We talked about — actually the next two podcasts we did bring up and discussed Google Boost. Google Boost is kind of a new way where basically you can highlight your — it kind of blends Pay-Per-Click with Google Local Places

Chuck:                         Yeah.

Chris:                           And it’s probably just Google Places — with Google Places and it’s really a way for Google to make some scratch off of your places listing.

Chuck:                         Well, I think that them realizing that Local is the new thing.

Paul:                            Yes.

Chris:                           Yeah.

Chuck:                         You know, and so if that’s going to be the new thing, let’s first off make it — take a majority out of real estate and point out what search page and two, let’s make money of it.

Paul:                            Let’s make money off of the entire page, not just the very top in the right-hand side for the sponsors, let’s make money everywhere that we can and — yes.

Chris:                           And we did finish our conversation on CMS in that podcast. Our tip was “Just to let you guys know the CMSes we are currently considering are Joomla!, Maddox and WordPress.”

Paul:                            Yes.

Chris:                           In any particular order.

Paul:                            Yeah.


Chuck:                         Somebody told us about one peach.

Chris:                           It’s perch.

Paul:                            Perch.

Chris:                           Perch.

Paul:                            Darren told us about Perch.

Chuck:                         Okay, maybe that’s the one he was talking about, he commented and he said he knows a great CMS.

Paul:                            Okay. And there’s one — what I’d like to say — ‘cause you said something about Google Local becoming the place to be and we’ve talked about the —

Chuck:                         Yeah, A through G.

Chris:                           Yeah.

Paul:                            Yes, A through G. The seven pack.

Chuck:                         The place to be!

Paul:                            That is becoming the —

Chuck:                         A through G, yeah.

Chris:                           A through G.

Paul:                            Yeah, that’s what’s up [Laughs]. That is becoming the —

Chuck:                         Oh, like rap on some Google Local.

Paul:                            A through G.

Chris:                           And we need to add a bar on each podcast.

Chuck:                         That’s cool.


Paul:                            Now, that’s becoming the place to be, A through G.

Chris:                           A through G.

Paul:                            [Laughs] So, you really need to focus on that — to know that it’s becoming the place to be. I feel like — I’ve always said — I said this awhile back, I feel like that is the most important place on the search engine results page, is the local maps, that is the first thing everybody sees.

Chris:                           Yup.

Paul:                            Spend some time on it and write Google Places a dirty e-mail because they are really getting on my nerves.

Chuck:                         Yeah, he has been assaulted and he approved it.

Paul:                            Yes.


Chris:                           I’ll take the party calls. You can take the Google calls. The next podcast we again talked about Google Boost and what else did we talk about?

Chuck:                         We talked about the layout.

Chris:                           Yeah. Oh, the new layout, yup.

Chuck:                         When they — we noticed — when we noticed —

Paul:                            The SERPs.

Chuck:                         The map on the left —

Paul:                            Yes.

Chuck:                         — the map on the right. The actual places listings being mixed up with regular natural listings.

Paul:                            Yes.

Chris:                           Organic, yeah.

Paul:                            I know the perfect example why Places is extremely important.

Chris:                           And I — you know, you made predictions too in the last podcast. I predicted that I think they’re going to start including in their organic algorithm, the Google Places Listing.

Paul:                            The Google Places Listing.

Chris:                           So, that what it’s displaying is the combination of the webpage that would normally show up organically and the Google Places Listing. I think that’s going to happen. They are kind of doing it already, but we don’t know if what they’re doing is just having that six-pack integrated, right. So, the six-pack defines it and then they just kind of mixed it throughout, or are they already integrating the Google Places and saying, “Look, a factor in our algorithm to show up on the first page is the completeness of your Google Local Places.” “Do you have reviews?” Those kinds of things, and really it should, right?

Paul:                            Yes.

Chris:                           If there is any way for them to present websites with reviews, boom! Google Local Places would be a great way to do it.

Paul:                            Yes. So, make sure that your places listing — you have a places listing and it is completely filled out, you have the —

Chuck:                         Did you read the tip?

Paul:                            Oh.

Chris:                           That’s good. Make sure your Google Places Ad is 100%.

Paul:                            [Laughs] Ah, that’s awesome.

Chuck:                         Yeah, you need videos, you need reviews, you want images, you want links and they’ll give you a spot for links, so this is great way to put a link to your social sites.

Chris:                           Yup.

Paul:                            Oh, there you go.

Chris:                           All right, now. This is our last podcast that we’re going to cover in our 2010 SEO Year in Review. Who’s going to take it?

Paul:                            Ah, Chuck.

Chuck:                         Number 84. SEO for video — oh, well — yeah, I suck — Google, SEO, and Flash websites. Well, SEO for flash websites, it’s still up in the air. Some people are saying they can index it, some say they can’t. My recommendation is just be light with it, don’t overdo it. It works good for the headers and certain graphical elements, but for the most part make a text so it can be indexed. The same thing with video, if your video is very informational, make sure you at least transcribe it and post the content with it and the title of that video which can be indexed which we know — make sure it is keyword-rich.

Chris:                           Yup. And that page that you’re putting the content, make sure you got the right header tags, title tags and everything ‘cause Google is going to value that video based on the content that’s around it.

Chuck:                         That’s around it.

Chris:                           So, that’s kind of the advice for getting your video onto the first page of Google or even YouTube depending on what you’re shooting for.

Paul:                            And here’s the tip that I remember Chuck saying, “Put videos on YouTube.”

Chuck:                         Yeah.

Paul:                            It was like — ‘cause you know obviously YouTube is a Google —

Chuck:                         Google product. Yeah.

Paul:                            — product. So, you make sure if you have a video that on your website, you need to have a YouTube page with that video on.

Chris:                           And that’s the video you put in your Google Local — in your Google Places Ad so…

Paul:                            As a matter of fact, you — yeah, you have to.

Chuck:                         Yeah.

Paul:                            The only way you’ll get a video on your places ad is on YouTube.

Chris:                           Or you can upload it? I didn’t know that. Wow!

Paul:                            Yeah. It’s got to be on, unless they have changed in the last like three weeks which I hope not.

Chris:                           Well, there’s no reason for them to, right?

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                           ‘Cause the accounts are already kind of integrated, so you’re already just log in, just tie that to a YouTube page and then use that.

Chuck:                         Which by the way, I’m not sure I like, since you brought that up.

Chris:                           Yeah.

Chuck:                         I don’t really like — they ask me, every time I log in to YouTube, “Do you want a merger?” And my answer is “no.”

Paul:                            Wait, they want to merge YouTube and what?

Chuck:                         They want to merge my YouTube account with my Google account.

Paul:                            Okay.

Chuck:                         The reason I don’t is because I don’t use my Google account except for Analytics and AdWords.

Chris:                           Right.

Chuck:                         Right.

Chris:                           So, you’re keeping them separate.

Chuck:                         I keep them separate. My YouTube is really m0serious.

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chris:                           Yeah.

Chuck:                         And if y’all give me an option to merge that with my m0serious Google Apps account then I’m on it.

Chris:                           Right, right.

Chuck:                         Yeah, I don’t want to merge with Google, so stop asking me that.


Paul:                            Any other big news that happened between? So we just covered August to December.

Chuck:                         Twitter made 200 million the other day.

Paul:                            Wow! Like you know —

Chuck:                         I had to blank stare.

Paul:                            Oh.

Chuck:                         Yeah.

Chris:                           Wow!

Chuck:                         They did raise another $200 million. Which I don’t know how they keep raising this money? Shout-out to Twitter, like give me money. I’m not mad.

Paul:                            Oh, really.

Chris:                           The tip of that last podcast was, “Optimize everything including videos.”

Paul:                            Okay.

Chuck:                         Okay.

Paul:                            That’s what’s up. What’s up Leo?

Chuck:                         Leo!

Chris:                           Leo!

Leo:                             Hi.

Paul:                            What’s up? I know there’s a lot of things that happened between August and —

Leo:                             Excuse me.

Paul:                            — September. I just can’t think of —

Chris:                           Anything.

Paul:                            I really can’t think of —

Chris:                           Well, we do have notes here. I think it’s a good time, we’re actually — we’re hitting two — the last two podcast have been 40 minutes, so it’s a good time. The 2010 SEO Year in Review which I’m not going to remember that title better than our actual podcast title.

Paul:                            Yeah.

Chuck:                         Yeah, even though it is written right there.

Paul:                            Yeah [Laughs].

Chris:                           Well, that’s wrong though. It’s SEO podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.

Paul:                            There you go.

Chris:                           Remember when got that changed a week ago.


Paul:                            Oh, we did it like a minute ago. All right, men, it has been a great year. Again, I want to say thanks to everybody that listens to our podcast that says — you know, comments on our Facebook page that connects us on YouTube, on Twitter, Facebook, PodOmatic, people who write reviews on our Facebook page, who ask questions. And again, we do this for you guys.

Chuck:                         iTunes subscribers.

Paul:                            Yes.

Chuck:                         Oh, yeah.

Paul:                            People who write review, you know, or people who communicated with us, who like to laugh, joke, and have a good time, we do this for you guys. If you have questions, comments, concerns, you can hit us on our Facebook page.

Chris:                           Yeah. There’s a — in the discussions tab there is a place to put it.

Paul:                            You can e-mail us at We still offer a free website analysis. There’s probably about 8 now, we have to go and do.

Chuck:                         Yeah. We’ll do it tonight.

Paul:                            We are still to do it. Okay, we still have to do them, but we will get to everybody. What else? We build websites if you need someone to build your website, we can offer that.

Chris:                           You know, I’d like to — I’ve got a short little elevator pitch I do in my networking group and I say this “Well, we do three things. We make great websites. We put those websites on the first page of Google. And then, we actually iterate with that website, Google and the traffic to make sure that, that traffic is actually converting your business.” So, those are the three things that we focus on.

Chuck:                         Yeah, those three things.

Paul:                            So, we can provide that services and the reason I say that we had a guy who listen to the podcast like, “I didn’t know y’all did websites. I had somebody else build my website.” I was like, “No!”

Chris:                           Ah! Boo! Boo! All right. Well, this is the end of podcast — I don’t even know what number this is. This is the end of the —

Chuck:                         80 something.

Chris:                           80 something.

Paul:                            Well, we finished 84.

Chuck:                         But, yeah, I think —

Paul:                            But I don’t know — 90.

Chuck:                         90?

Paul:                            I think this is 85.

Chris:                           90.

Chuck:                         No, I think it’s 90.

Paul:                            Okay.

Chuck:                         Yeah.

Chris:                           Yeah.

Chuck:                         Podcast 90.

Chris:                           Podcast 90. Thank you guys for listening. Thank you for making the most — making us the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. Remember we are your friendly neighborhood top position snatchers.

Paul:                            Top snatchers.

Chuck:                         Snatchers?

Chris:                           And we come to you with the message of, “Don’t be a douche.”

Paul:                            Don’t be a douche.

Chuck:                         Don’t be a douche. Yeah. Happy Holidays.

Paul:                            Happy Holidays.

Chuck:                         Happy New Year.

Paul:                            Be safe.

Chris:                           All right.

Paul:                            I hope to see everybody next year listening to the podcast.

Chris:                           My name is Chris Burres.

Paul:                            I’m Paul Hanson.

Chuck:                         Charles Lewis.

Chris:                           Bye.

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