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How to get Google Places Page Reviews

Chris: Right.

Charles: And part of that entails, making sure your places page is right. Making sure it has all the details Google wants. Part of our off page link building stuff is done to assist in your places page, submitting to other directories, city search, addresses, things like that, that help generate the [00:21:49][phonetics] that Google wants to see to help your places page improve.

Everybody knows that Google places page reviews. And so one of the things we do is operate with integrity, we won’t do any fake reviews or anything like some people do. And so, part of our job is to consult with our business owners about how they can generate reviews.

Chris: How they can change their internal processes so that they drive their insisting customers to reviews.

Charles: Yeah, definitely. I mean, an example would be you know, if you are selling let’s say, we’ve built you an e-commerce store. And part of your check out process would be you know, thank you for your purchase, with the link to your Google places page. Please give us a review about your process or about the product itself.

And so that way, as we tend to drive traffic and that traffic converts to sales, it can also convert into reviews.

Chris: Which helps more traffic when the cycle continues.

Charles: Definitely. And so, that’s just part of it. And lastly, reporting. You have to know how it’s working. Which keywords are working best for you? Which keywords frankly are not working? Which pages are being viewed the most? Which referral source is working?

And so, our campaign has always include natural listings, they include places listings. And whether it’s SEO or pay search or social, you will also get reporting. I need to let you know where your traffic is coming from. How many page reviews did you get? What’s your bounce rate? You know, things like these help us determine what’s working? What’s not working? What we should change? And we will do more than just send you the reports and tell you have a good day. No, you will get the reports and then we need to talk because what looks good on black and white may not necessarily be what’s happening at the office.

I could see you getting a thousand clicks and you could say my purchases haven’t gone up. We need to fix that. We need to address that. One of the benefits of having us do everything is that we can immediately address it.

Chris: And everything meaning, the website and the internet marketing. So, the website and driving traffic to that – like I said, the third thing that we do well is iterate with the traffic from Google and your website to make sure that it actually converge into business.

Charles: Definitely. And so, with our SEO, that’s what you can expect. You can expect that your basics will be taken care of. You can expect for us to go in and handle the advanced stuff, especially for an industry that’s a little bit more competitive and a little bit more complicated to kind of crack that first page ranking. We know what to do to get you there.

You can expect to get reports to understand what’s happening and why it’s happening. And you can also expect some consultation to help you work on your end so we can all achieve that same goal.

Chris: Absolutely. You’re probably wondering how good are we at what we do. If you Google internet marketing Houston, online marketing Houston, PPC Houston, pay per click Houston, website marketing Houston, we’re the only company that’s on the first page for all of those terms.

So, that’s us going against our [cross-talk]


Charles: Houston is the big market.

Chris: Yeah, fourth largest city in the country. There is a lot of SEO people focusing on that particular term in this city. And we’re the only company that’s on the first page for all of those terms. And you know, that is constantly changing so I will put the [00:25:12][phonetics] that is as of 2012 because maybe somebody else is listening to our podcast and maybe adjusting their efforts to catch up to us. And the reality is all they would be doing is catching up to us. They wouldn’t be passing us.

That has been a good explanation of search engine optimization. We told you what it is. We told you why you specifically want it. We kind of showed you a little bit about how our approach is different on a per customer basis. And Charles went in to some good detail about how we actually implement it and things that are important it.

One thing that I’d like to say is do a search for a term that you would like when people search that term for them to find you. And at the very top, right under the search bar, you’ll see how many results there are for that search. And what I’d like to see is how many times would you like people to be driven to your website. And if that number is bigger than what it currently is, give us a call.

Charles: Definitely. Give us a call. Let’s talk about it. If we can’t help you, which I doubt would happen. I’m pretty sure we can but we’d like to talk about it and maybe we can help you get to that number.

Chris: Excellent. Again, my name is Chris Burres, owner of EWebResults.

Charles: Charles Lewis, your internet marketing specialist.

Chris: Thank you.

That was good. Our SEO podcast listeners, thank you. We’re getting applause, that’s awesome. Our SEO podcast listeners, that was a great behind the scenes thing. Do we have any blank stare news?

Charles: I do got blank stare.

Chris: Oh, we have blank stare. All right, I didn’t warm up last night. I think I can still do it, though.

Yeah, that was void, with a smirk.

Charles: Blank stare with a smirk. We were talking about our iPad 3 earlier. So, this blank stare is at Sprint. And that’s my carrier.

Chris: Mine, too.

Charles: Sprint is mad because they didn’t get invited to the iPad 3 launch party. Not realizing it’s called iPad 3 Lte, they don’t provide that for [00:27:19][phonetics] service.

Chris: So, why would you be invited?

Charles: Yes, come on Sprint. Get the game right. They did release a statement saying that hopefully by this summer they’ll had the network and everything in place. And so, you know, we’ll see. I know a few iPhone users on Sprint network and I’ve been hearing negative stuff. So, let’s hope Sprint get it together.

Chris: It’s been bad with the iPhone on?

Charles: Yeah. I know few people who have iPhone’s with Sprint.

Chris: But iPhone have problems on AT&T. Literally have problem from day 1.

Charles: That’s true.

Chris: It is not the best phone out there from a phone stand point. It is one of the best phones out there from a multi-user device and a smart phone device without a doubt. Excellent.

Charles: That’s true. They did have problem. The only one they seem to succeed on is [00:28:12][inaudible] pretty well with it.

Chris: Yeah. Well you know, and somebody made a point, and I know I’ve mentioned here on the podcast, that even with AT&T, the other phones never had a problem.

So, iPhone users would blame AT&T and you know, their other phones that didn’t have that kind of problem. And then of course, the iPhone 4, when it came out and had that – you can’t hold it properly issue.

Charles: Hold it sideways.

Chris: You know that kind of shed a little light maybe on the design of the actual phone components on the iPhone. So, I think it would be great to get the iPad on Sprint.

I was actually just in Sprint the other day. Apparently, they’re dropping the – isn’t it Sprint rising this together. Anyway, there’s apparently a whole new spectrum that’s gonna be opening up and available to Sprint so they’re gonna try and take advantage of it. You know, low spectrum. Some spectrum, I don’t know.

Anyway, you have been listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes that is because of you. You over in Africa, you over in Asia and you in Central and South America.

We actually have listeners on every continent that has population. Thank you very much.

If you could do us a favor, there’s two ways that you could help us. One is you could go to iTunes. You could create an account. You could write a review and then send us an e-mail on And when you send us that e-mail, let us know. In fact, the one that we read today with punchucational, they already got my punchucation.

Charles: He’s been punchucated.

Chris: Past, present and future. That one was, actually, submitted on iTunes and then he sent us an e-mail. So, we were both actually sharing it with our significant other. That was really cool. That he is sharing it with his son and he is coming up with this great terminology.

And then the next thing that you could do for us is go to our podcast page, And on that, if you go down right above where my biography and Charles’ biography starts, there’s a link to our Google places page. Go there and submit a review there if you could.

Charles: They would love that Google review.

Chris: And wait, we don’t want you to do that unless you enjoy and get good information from our podcast.

Charles: Yeah. [laughter]

Chris: All right. Here’s a punch in the face to all of you guys. My name is Chris Burres, owner of EWebResults.

Charles: Charles Lewis, internet marketing specialist.

Chris: Bye-bye for now.


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