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Fifty-four SEO Podcast Apr. 2nd 2010. Third page of Transcription Google Places Sponsored AD and SEO

Chris: What I’m actually thinking is, is they were looking for us specifically. So they went to Google Maps and they typed e-webstyle or they typed e-web or the most popular SEO podcast in Houston. So, they knew about us already…

Paul: Uh-hum.

Chris: …and they were trying to find us and when they found us, of course, they clicked us. So, that’s not rocket science and what’s the value? I don’t need to highlight my ad for somebody who’s looking for me in particular. So, I’m going to do that needless to say thing. Needless to say…

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: And I’ll say it, we’re not going to be participating in the Google local sponsored ad. It’s only $25 and you know I think we could figure some other better – maybe dancing naked chicks, we could throw $25.

Paul: Spend $25. I probably wouldn’t spend twenty-five bucks on that.

Chris: (laughing) Probably not.

Paul: You know, the sponsored ads, I think there’s some value in it. Specifically, what I’d like – I think there’s some value in it. I can’t say specifically what at the top of my head I find valuable in that. But I do think that standing out on the first page is going to be a good idea at some point, maybe not today or right now, but I think there is some value in it. I just don’t think that the way that Google is approaching it is the best way to do it the right now. I think it will be valuable at some point, just maybe not right now.

Chris: Yeah. Well, part of the value is we always kind of recognized in the Yellow Pages that, you know, a slightly different ad however it was different was, had some advantage because it would stand out. And so having that little Post-it and that little yellow highlight is going to stand out. Now when all five or ten them do it because it’s $25, eventually you know what? I want to cancel my $25 ‘cause then I’m going to stand out.

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: (laughing) so you got people adding them. And there’s no contracts unlike the Yellow Pages. So you can actually – you know month-to-month you can turn it on and turn it off and you may play with that. The point that the guy in the phone made is, “Look you know you’re conversation rate now, you could actually just pay $25 and see the conversation rate.” So my needless to say maybe wrong ‘cause it might just be an interesting experiment that we’ll do just for you guys. In fact, we probably will do that so we can say you know what…

Paul: And if anyone else is listening and has actually taken advantage of it, let us know how it worked out for you or if you’re in Houston or San Jose…

Chris: San Jose. Yeah. Yeah. Let us know. You can send us an email at I almost forgot, I got a little shout-out. Hopefully, he’s watching ‑ a shout-out to David Welling. I met him last night at a concert. I went to a One World Concert I think that was the name of it. It was just amazing. They actually had an Eastern European dance couple. They had Flamenco dance. They had belly dancers and it’s a world group and there was one scene that was just amazing. I’ll be brief. The guy who was playing guitar is an incredibly talented guitarist and he’s playing with an Indian guy on the tabla which is the small little drums where you sit Indian style and you look kind of like a Pakistani Buddha playing these things. And they only moved their fingers and make these loud noises and it’s rhythmic nice noises, not just noises.

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: …loud music – I don’t know.

Paul: Just noise.

Chris: It’s just noise. The concert was amazing. And David was sitting next to me, I started talking to him. So he’s actually a graphic designer. So hopefully, he’s listening in. David if you are, great. And also hopefully, he’ll come and see my show tomorrow night. I’m actually performing impromptu here in Houston tomorrow night.

The next subject that we have – oh we’ll have to blow through this one. So this example is two things. One, how we work here at EWebResults ‘cause this is a great story of how we do it. And two, the value of keywords and the value of having a company that knows what they’re doing helping you in your SEO.

So, here it is. I’m talking to – it’s actually a friend of mine who owns a window treatment business, shades and blinds and everything. And he came over and we’re talking about his website, what he needs to do with his website and we’re talking from this perspective, if you’re going to do SEO, here are the things that we need to do. About halfway through the meeting, Paul walks in unprompted ‑ so this is an amazing teamwork that we have here at EWebResults ‑ and hands me this page. And this page really changed the whole meeting that I had with him. So I probably didn’t thank you enough for that. That’s awesome. And the reason it changed the meeting – I don’t know if you had a chance to glance at this or look at this and do you want to talk or you want me to just…

Paul: Go ahead…

Chris: Okay.

Paul: All right.

Chris: So, what was pretty interesting was you can imagine the terms related to Houston…

Paul: I’m still trying to remember like when was this?

Chris: (laughing)

Paul: Like when did I do this?

Chris: When was that?
(laughing) Let me pat myself on the back and try to remember when it was. It was with – you remember Juan Paredes right?

Paul: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. The window treatments.

Chris: So, you know the keywords that would obviously show up here are going to be blinds Houston, shades Houston, window film Houston, solar screens Houston. And the number one search volume is shade Houston. Not shades Houston ‘cause you actually install shades, but people start by searching for shade Houston. And I made the point to Juan right away. This is really kind of interesting analysis. If it were blind Houston, potentially blind Houston looking for other services, maybe services for the blind…

Paul: …for the blind…

Chris: …or blind organizations in the Houston area. But shade Houston, unless it’s maybe shade tree – can you think of any? I can’t really even think of anything. They’re just lazy people who aren’t typing the S…

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: … and Houston. So that’s number one search volume term. Interestingly enough, ‘cause Google their keyword analysis tool tells you what the competition level is for it and it’s zero. So no one in Houston is pay-per-clicking or optimizing for shade Houston, but it’s the number one search term. So this changed the conversation. It’s interesting right as well. I can guarantee you somebody is going to be advertising and pay-per-clicking that soon. But it’s the number one reason why you really need to know how to use these tools, when to use these tools.

And again this comes back – we talk about real estate is location, location, location. SEO is keyword, keyword, keyword. And you know here’s a great thing where I’m able to tell a client. And he’s actually considering using ‑ he’s hired a consultant to do some business plan for him and that particular consultant has contacts and can get a website done for him. And I’m saying, “You know you can get a website, but then you still got to come back to us and we’ve got to clean up whatever they’ve done for SEO. You should just start with us and let us take care of your website, do it properly and then focus.” And then one of the things that we’re going to do that they would never know to do is have a page or at least content related specifically to shade Houston. And if you don’t do that analysis upfront, then you know you’re swimming up the stream with no paddle. No, there’s no swimming with a paddle.

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: I don’t know. You’re doing something wrong and you should call us. Let’s see. Do we have anything else here? I mentioned David. Yeah. So that’s actually our podcast for today. It looks like ‑ actually we’re right on time that’s pretty good.

Paul: Right on time.

Chris: So again you are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. I didn’t tell you this. On podOmatic, two days ago, we were above Mr. SEO.

Paul: Really?

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: Yeah. I didn’t see it. So just s
o you know what we’re talking about, our actual podcast, that’s the audio portion of this, is actually hosted on a website called And you could do us a very small favor by going there, creating an account and becoming a fan and watching us and following us on that. Mr. SEO is kind of – it’s the first – it’s the reason we’re doing this podcast. Lots of accolades to him. He did a great job. He hasn’t posted a podcast in two and half years?

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Something like that. For a very long time. Which is part of the reason we say, we’re the most popular SEO podcast ‘cause we’re continually producing podcast. He no longer is. On podOmatic because of his history and because he has one of the first podcasts, he was actually ranked above us in terms of popularity. Dude, I know that sounds counter.

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: He hasn’t put out one in like two years. Yesterday I looked and he had moved up one and we had down one, which means we were in position 1 and he was in position 2. So we’re pretty excited about that.

Paul: That’s very cool.

Chris: You know…

Paul: Take that sucker.

Chris: Yeah. Boom. Boom.

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: Mr. Bellastrino (laughing). He’s got a jingle and it’s catchy and it’s…

Paul: Annoying.

Chris: Annoying.

Paul: But good stuff though. I definitely – I give him his respect. Very good stuff on Search Engine Optimization.

Chris: Yeah. So now what we’re saying is ours is better right? There’s more. We’ve got a lot more content. We’re producing fresh content. He’s not talking about Google – none of his podcasts talk about Google local sponsored ads, I can promise you that ‘cause it didn’t exist.

Paul: It didn’t exist.

Chris: (laughing)

Paul: So basically we’re saying, we’re the bomb.

Chris: We’re the bomb. Yeah. We are the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. Please send us an email. Please follow us. Again, the people who go out, go to iTunes, create an account and submit a review about us. We really appreciate that. If you’re getting any information about out of us, do whatever you can – something you’re going to spend like five minutes or something and give us shout-out somewhere or post us on a blog, give a link to us. You know just help us out. Help us spread the word. We’re internationally known and we’re giving back as much as we can and hopefully you guys are enjoying it and learning from it. That is the end podcast number 54. This is the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. Until the next podcast. My name is Chris Burres.

Paul: And this is Paul Hanson.

Chris: Bye-bye for now.

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