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This is a transcript from our 102nd Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Google Plus One +1 and SEO
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Google Plus One +1 and SEO

Chris:                           Hi! And welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.


Paul:                            What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to another fun-filled Friday. We took a week off and we are ready to rock and roll today.


Chris:                           We’re back unlike the federal government.


Paul:                            That’s right.




Chris:                           Well, that — like Arnold said they’ll be back.


Paul:                            Yeah, for real.


Chris:                           In some cases —


Paul:                            They still won’t have fixed the —


Chris:                           In some cases though unfortunately. You are listening to podcast number 102. This is the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. That is because of you. Let me slide this over for you just to make sure we got them balanced here. Uh, that was probably a loud drop. Thanks to you. We’re the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. I just got back from Panama last night and I had the most horrific drive on a freeway ever here in the US after I got back.


Paul:                            That’s — oh, but you’ve only had like two drives though.




Chris:                           Exactly. But it was ever. Driving in Panama was absolutely insane. It’s just bizarre, psychedelic, unbelievable. We actually got pulled over by —


Paul:                            In Panama?


Chris:                           In Panama on the way to the airport yesterday in the morning. It was like the — you know the James Bond where the dudes on the motorcycle that goes off road and on road?


Paul:                            Oh, yeah.


Chris:                           And then there’s a dude with AK-47 on the back —


Paul:                            Shooting, oh, yeah.


Chris:                           — like all bouncing around? I’m like, “I hope he’s got the safety on.” So we got pulled over by one of those.


Paul:                            Wow!


Chris:                           Yeah. They turned around and I’m like I don’t know if I should pull over, and then he points at me in my mirror and says, “Pull over.” Apparently, the windows were too dark —


Paul:                            Oh, okay.


Chris:                           — and they had recently arrested another criminal in a Honda CRV. So I don’t know the logic which is —


Paul:                            Oh, you were on a CRV? Oh.


Chris:                           And we were on a Honda CRV which is today must be criminals in —


Paul:                            Yeah, dark windows in a Honda CRV. That guy thought you must be with him obviously. Gosh!


Chris:                           So I had to roll down the windows and here are my babies in the back with their bottle. Anyway, that was another fun experience. I am excited today because it’s been awhile and we have — look what I have in my hand.


Paul:                            Oh, a review. That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           We have a review on iTunes so we’ll be getting that — get into that here shortly. You can stalk us. You can follow us. You can contact us. Contact us at Stalk us both at,, Stalking is not so good on YouTube. And you can actually see our videos and we do have a couple of cool videos and some cool stuff. We’ve got lots of information to go over as usual. The last podcast we have a tip and last podcast was podcast number 101 so we went back, we did the basics. We thought that was appropriate.


Paul:                            Okay.


Chris:                           The tip is: Check your SEO fundamentallys — fundamentals quarterly. I was trying to put those words together.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           All right. Let’s get to it. A little bit of news. Apparently, the federal — I go away for a week and the federal government decides to shut down?


Paul:                            You said never go away.


Chris:                           I’ll never go away again or I’ll go away immediately after it shuts down.


Paul:                            Yes.


Chris:                           So the news was federal websites may also go down. I wonder how that works like so if we were hosting —


Paul:                            Whoo! There goes a link juice.




Chris:                           If we were hosting — if we were hosting a website for the federal government, we probably wouldn’t shut them off that day because they’re paid up prepaid but —


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           — I don’t know. That’s interesting… Did the lights go out? Like when the federal government shuts down, did the lights turn off? Hey, I’m going to go work on Saturday. Oh, I couldn’t work. The lights were out.


Paul:                            Were out, yeah.


Chris:                           That’s a little bizarre. I like this. HTC profits triple because of smart phones sales.


Paul:                            Oh.


Chris:                           HTC, yeah. Typically, the EVO, yeah.


Paul:                            Okay. I’d say, you know, I’ve had an HTC phone since ’08 and I probably won’t get — I like their phones. They make really good phones.


Chris:                           There are also — even my last Microsoft phone was an HTC. The phone was good quality. I don’t think —


Paul:                            Yeah, my first was a Windows — my first HTC was a Windows and it was —


Chris:                           It will be your last Windows.


Paul:                            Yes. I will not get another one.


Chris:                           I’m tempted. The come marketing is really good. You’re looking at it. It’s got that simple screen and the numbers are like, I’m not going to touch it. Sorry. Sorry, no. you’re going to have to — your marketing is going to have to triple or something to get me back. In addition to a review actually one of our listeners, Darren, created a QR code —


Paul:                            That was very cool.


Chris:                           — for us. So Darren, thanks. You can find that at Facebook. We’ve got some really cool stuff over at Facebook. I don’t remember any of it right now. There are some photos of you eating Latino ice cream.


Paul:                            Yes.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Paul:                            It was off the chain.




Chris:                           And a picture of a margarita… when we went to the restaurant —


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           All right. Here we go. This is…


Paul:                            That’s awesome. I read that and I was like, “Is that really who that’s from? I didn’t know that even existed.”


Chris:                           Yeah, me either. Websites for blind people. It’s Steve Dale, He’s in Mission Viejo, California and he has written — this is — you know what? This is —


Paul:                            That’s a butt itch?


Chris:                           Yeah.


Paul:                            Wow! [Laughter]


Chris:                           Hold on a second. “At first, I thought ‘What a bunch of clowns’.”


Paul:                            Join the club.


Chris:                           Yeah. We can’t really deny that. “But after a few podcasts, I got it. They actually enjoy what they do for a living. They actually like internet marketing fortunately. So do I. Occasionally, they make your butt itch in a healthy way.”


Paul:                            I’m not — I was going to — I don’t even know —


Chris:                           I just got a picture, you know, that when dogs will scoot across the carpet. That’s our listeners. Darren, there’s an image for you. Our listeners scooting across the carpet like a dog. “They have pushed me to grow in my internet marketing business. I’ve been forced to look at some areas I don’t do so well and admit I can’t do it at all. They exposed me to the concept of a team. Thanks guys. They seem to have the pulse of the industry in their studio. They harmonize like a well,” This is amazing, “well-crafted autoresponder.”


Paul:                            That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           “They flow like a viral video.” Charles, you have to steal that one. “They flow like a viral video.”


Paul:                            I don’t even know what that means but it sounds good.


Chris:                           “And you can’t turn off — oh, a viral video you can’t turn off and they monetize like an AdSense for weight loss on page one.”


Paul:                            Oh, that’s what’s up.


Chris:                           Ooh, that’s awesome.


Paul:                            I do know what that means.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Paul:                            Yeah. Kind of.


Chris:                           That’s… you’re just pretending to get it.


Paul:                            Can you just dumb down the analogies like it’s good.


Chris:                           Well, Steve Dale, thank you so much.


Paul:                            That’s awesome.


Chris:                  We’re going to check that out. I’d like to know —


Paul:                            I didn’t even know —


Chris:                           — how you’re doing that.


Paul:                            Yeah, I didn’t know that — I always thought that kind of blind people got to sort into the shaft when it comes to the internet.


Chris:                           Well, I know that pages when they’re written properly even Charles was kind of pointing out to me that the proper to write some pages is for — so that it can be read and so the links are obvious, you know, where you can click and everything so…


Paul:                            That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           That is — that is what’s up. Thank you so much, Steve Dale. And I’m done. I’m going to go sit down and you can…


Paul:                            That’s what’s up.




Paul:                            Wow! All right. So today we’re going to talk about something that was probably about two weeks old, and if you were listening from out of the United States, this will not pertain to you yet because we’re awesome and we did stuff first. We’re going to talk about the +1 button.


Chris:                           +1.


Paul:                            Yeah. If you guys have seen about a week and a — maybe was it — no, it was last week I think. Google wrote out +1 (Google Plus SEO). It was on — as a matter of fact, I first saw this on March the 30th — the 31st. They came out with a +1 button and then on April 1st, they said, “We’re tracking the +1 button.” And I think it would — Chuck said he thought it was a prank but it is back. So you do have the +1 button. And to make a long story short, it is an attempt of Google to have a Facebook like.


Chris:                           Button.


Paul:                            That’s basically exactly what it is. Here, I printed some stuff from Google and says —


Chris:                           You know, if you think about it, we’d ultimately rather and so with most businesses rather be focused on their website —


Paul:                            Yes.


Chris:                           — instead of, you know, kind of diversifying and having, okay, now we’ve got a business Facebook page. Some people probably put together business MySpace page.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           And if we can consolidate all that and have it at one place, actually there would be some nice benefits. It could make our job easier.


Paul:                            Yes. So and it works just like a like button. Basically, it’s a — I’m going to kind of paraphrase this from this printout I got from It says, you know, you use the +1 button to public you show that you agree with or recommend things on the web. You can right now the +1 button can be on Google. Right now it’s on Google related sites and on a select few non-Google sites.


Chris:                           So is the + actually in the SERP or…


Paul:                            It will be in the SERP, it will be on websites, and it will be on ads.


Chris:                           Ahh, okay.


Paul:                            It will be on…


Chuck:                         It’s on the SERPs if you’re signed in to Google.


Paul:                            Yes.


Chris:                           Ahh, so you have to signed in to Google —


Paul:                            Yes.


Chris:                           — in order for it to be on the SERPs. Okay.


Paul:                            Because right now —


Chris:                           Well, that makes sense because otherwise like who likes it.


Paul:                            Exactly, yeah. Right now they are only the showing the +1 button to a small size of the US population that is signed in users as an experiment and they — I’ll get into this later. We are not — well, no, I have not seen one yet. Chuck, have you seen one?


Chuck:                         Yup, I just did.




Chris:                           This is late breaking news. E-Webstyle gets the + button.


Paul:                            There you go. So if you all are wondering, I’ve never heard of the +1 button or I’ve never seen it before that’s why. It’s only been rolled out to a select group of people. It’s called basically an experiment and you — I’ll tell you how you can get on the experiment. So —


Chris:                           Which Google calls every experiment beta.


Paul:                            Yeah, basically. So it’s in beta. So right now you might a +1 button for a Google search result, a Google ad next to an article that you’re reading, on your favorite news site. It could be — so it could be all over the place basically. So what happens is when you click the +1 button, it will turn blue and it will be added to your — the +1’s tab of your Google profile. So right now if you’re in the experiment, you go to Google profile, you have this tab, and you can see like your likes. You can see all your like, all your +1’s so you can see, right? Then you can say —


Chris:                           ‘Cause like is probably copyrighted, patented.


Paul:                            Yeah, I’m sure it is. I’m sure it is like after a while I won’t be able to say like to my friends.


Chris:                           Yeah. No valley girl talk anymore.


Paul:                            Yeah. And so —


Chris:                           Fifty buck. Fifty bucks.


Paul:                            There you go with Facebook. So it will turn blue, it will be added to your +1’s tab and you can manage the +1’s. You don’t have to show — you can show the whole world what you like — excuse me — your +1’s. You can show only your social connections for your Google profile, your +1’s, or you can not show any of your +1’s. It could just be for you. So they will let you customize it, right? All right. So to me this is exactly like the Facebook like. In my opinion…


Chris:                           It has the possibility for some parallels to the Blekko… You can report — I think you can report a spam or they’ve got some option for SERP.


Paul:                            Okay.


Chris:                           So — and they’ve used that actually to weed out a lot of the Blekko search engine —


Paul:                            The spam?


Chris:                           Yeah.


Paul:    Okay.

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