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This is a transcript from our 117th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Google Plus SEO

Chris: Hi. And welcome to the SEO Podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.


Chuck: Woo, I think you got it right that time, you got it right that time.


Chris: Yes. My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.


Chuck: I am Charles Lewis, your internet marketing specialist.


Chris: Don’t forget we are your friendly local neighborhood top position snatchers.


Chuck: The top position.


Chris: And where our mantra is —

Chuck: Don’t be deuce.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Do not — this is not good. This is podcast 117. You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. If you’re listening you probably know what that means and if you don’t know what that means that stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Let me remind you there is another podcast, I’ll get to that in a second. Nice teaser, huh?

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

Chris: They’ll at least listen for ten more seconds.

Chuck: SEVO, yeah.

Chris: As always, we have a tip from our previous podcast. What is it? All right. And our tip is “Follow SEVO best practices.” And you know, segway into — we have another podcast. It’s called The Unknown Secrets of Website Analysis SEVO. I think we need to change that.

Chuck: Yeah. You said SEVO, Search Engine Visitor Optimization.

Chris: Newest thumb, do not have a blank stare in the middle of title. It’s just a good rule.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: We should really put that as our tip for our next one.

Chuck: Yeah, I could get you the title right. But we’ll talk about that later in the video market.

Chris: Yeah, yeah. So we have a SEVO podcast. All you have to do is go to our website, and fill out the form on the right side. We got quite a few submissions so we’ll be knocking out a couple of them. It isn’t officially into a video podcast yet. We haven’t got it on iTunes or whatever. Feel free to find it on our Ustream.TV and then search for E- Webstyle and we’ve got a lot of them on our YouTube account which is

Chuck: Yeah. The bait, no Facebooking, you know, just probably you want to get some clearance on the people who follow them just where you put it.

Chris: Yeah, that’s true. And you know maybe put one of the three we do a week out there as a little teaser. I think that’s a really good idea. Well, we already did the tip from last one. Let me be like a talk show host.

Chuck: Ever — look what Mike does it, a little spot. They’re reading them. They check a moment ago.

Chris: Well, then, all right. You don’t want to be copying anyone. You are listening to this. We actually do broadcast the video of this podcast live on Friday mornings. It’s about 10:30-ish here. Soon we’ll be starting back at our —

Chuck: Yeah, next week.

Chris: Next week we’ll be back to 9:15 Central Standard Time, Friday mornings. Just go to and you’ll be able to see the podcast right there. We know that Dean Calhoun is watching right now ’cause he commented on our fire extinguishers, says that he likes it ’cause we had our graphics guy complaining about it. Actually, we appreciate that and it goes —

Chuck: Dean takes me if he ever pitches for a reason.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, I think it does a little weird stuff here and then works properly online, hopefully. I don’t know. We’ll see. Let’s see what else do I have. All right. A little bit of news. We’ve got — I don’t even know if this is news. I just thought it was really, really, really cool. Google Plus and YouTube since they are owned by Google. You can now watch a video and then, you know, like sometimes you want your buddies to see it so you sent them a link and maybe they never get around to it or whatever. Now, you can interrupt their day, bring them in to a Google Hangout and watch the video together. So that was a situation where Charles could actually pause and go back. I could hit play or pause it.

Chuck: You know what else we can do to that? ‘Cause you initiated that from the Google Hangout.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: I believe —

Chris: No, no. It was from — I did it from YouTube, yeah.

Chuck: From YouTube, okay. What I was gonna say you can do it from the YouTube place.

Chris: Yeah. Under the video there is a share button that opens a little section and start to Hangout. Yeah, that’s pretty cool. That’s really cool.

Chuck: Speaking of Hangout, anybody who’s listening or watching. Hit us on GPlus. As a matter of fact, if you go to our podcast page, down beneath the podcast you’ll see a link to my Google profile. Add me because eventually we might Hangout during this podcast. And so I’d like to be able to take you and let you know that we’ll about to start. Keep that in mind.

Chris: Yeah. I think it’s a great idea. You know what we could with the big screen and all the people and like who’s that. Maybe we could get to meet some of the people in, you know, like Greece.

Chuck: Last we had a guy from, well, Saudi Arabia or somewhere.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, I don’t remember. We got Saudi Arabia. We got the other Arabia. This was interesting. I found this news. It was Google Apps, some interesting information about Android Apps actually. The Top 50 Apps. How much time spent on Apps do you think the Top 50 Apps account for?

Chuck: How much time it represents?

Chris: It represents time like —

Chuck: Let’s say top 50 Apps account for probably 70%, 80% at the time.

Chris: It’s 61.

Chuck: 61?

Chris: It’s still way up there ’cause —

Chuck: Yeah, that’s hot. It’s more than half.

Chris: There’s a hundred, there’s like thousands, like tens maybe even a hundred thousand apps and 50 of them get 61% of the time on the actual applications.

Chuck: They just love so much the Top 50 Apps.

Chris: It didn’t and I’m sure Angry Birds is one of them.

Chuck: Yeah, most likely.

Chris: ‘Cause I’ve been like way more than the time that — I spent more than the Geno time limit on Angry Birds. So speaking of the Geno time limit, we’re gonna totally ignore it today. And if you’re not familiar with the Geno time limit then you actually need to go back and listen to our podcast. This is 117 go back to start at 1. There’s great information — I don’t know where the Geno time limit came into it.

Chuck: Yeah, number 40-something probably.

Chris: Yeah. And if anybody finds the original Geno time limit podcast number, send it to us.

Chuck: You get a link for that.

Chris: Yeah. That’ll be awesome. We are excited. I am excited. I can erase the tear today, right? Remember we came back —

Chuck: Can’t do that — tears.

Chris: A tear tattoo when we don’t get reviews. We got two reviews on iTunes. Simple process.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Go on to iTunes, create an account. Write a review.

Chuck: Yeah, first five — three minutes.

Chris: Yeah. And so the first one we got here is from — the title is “Best SEO podcast ever.” It’s by San Fran Jason.

Chuck: San Fran Jason, I bet he’s from San Francisco.

Chris: I bet. Or Saudi Arabia. One or the other. “These guys take what could be a dry subject in the hands of other podcasts.” And he did mention the names.

Chuck: Oh, that’s awesome.

Chris: “And makes it entertaining — ” That’s not cool. Well, we are record — go and click that green bar on the top.

Chuck: This, man?

Chris: Yeah. And then you start recording again. We are recording this for the audio. So at least that’s going out. And he says, “And makes it entertaining as well as truly informative. Make it extra fun by having a drink every time they say that’s what’s up.” I think that’s a great idea. We’ve just turned SEO podcast into a drinking game. That was my dream. As I was growing up I was like I’m gonna take a dry subject and turned it into a —

Chuck: To make it fun and then at the time and then if people get drunk.

Chris: The next one is “A must listen to SEO podcast” by Taco Manny.

Chuck: Taco, I bet he likes tacos.

Chris: Or Saudi Arabian food. “At first I was not sure about this podcast but after listening to a few episodes, I was hooked. There’s always great information and at least one SEO tip each podcast that I can start using right away. I just read it by company website and used what I learned from these guys and I’m ranking for lots of keywords on the first page.” Yeah. There’s a drink. “I got to the point where I started looking for the shows on iTunes starting Friday afternoon. Now, I can’t wait till lunch so I go see them live on USTREAM Friday mornings.” Did he mention Friday?

Chuck: I bet it’s on Twitter. Somebody twitted us and asked if it was on iTunes.

Chris: Oh, it is on iTunes.

Chuck: Well, I think he — fronts of the video.


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