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Eighty-Fourth Internet Marketing Podcast November 12th 2010. First page of Show Notes

Google SEO and Flash Websites

Chris: Hi! And welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast. Paul: What’s up everybody? Welcome back to another fun-filled Friday of the internet marketing, Unknown Secrets of SEO. Chris: We are your friendly neighborhood top position snatchers. Paul: That’s right. I like that. Chris: And our mantra is “Don’t be a douche.“ Paul: Don’t be a douche. Chris: And you’re going to see that on T-shirts at some point in the near future. This is podcast number 84. You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. I think we went through a name change. Right now we’re SEO podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. Paul: Oh, no. Chris: Yeah, ‘cause I did some research and at one point people search for internet marketing more than SEO. And now there are searching more for SEO instead of internet marketing. So, you know, you can have a name change, because we all know that the — there’s a significant importance to having the keyword early in a particular title like your title page or — I don’t know your H1 tag or you know, maybe — Paul: I think that’s cool ‘cause it kind of lead into what we’re talking about, that’s like back to basics. That’s like — Chris: Back to basic keywords. Paul: Oh, your keyword depends on where you put your keywords, and your content, and how it gets indexed, and where your placement comes up, so that’s a — Chris: And keyword density. This is yours I think. Paul: I’m sorry. Chris: No, no. You don’t have to apologize. It’s all good. Let’s see. As always we want to have the tip from the last podcast. The tip from the last podcast was “Make sure your Google Places ad is 100%.” Paul: Yes, as in filled out completely, 100 complete or at least more complete than everybody else in your city. Chris: And your competitive keyword area. Paul: Yeah, there you go. Chris: Yeah, ‘cause — and it’s clear in Google Places. When you get onto Google Places they tell you — they’ll tell you right there. You’re 90% done, you’re 50% done, some of the components of that are going to be video. Hey, you know what? You should probably go back and listen to the last podcast to find out what those components are. A little bit of news. Wow, let’s see. Oh, I like this one, so Fired By Facebook is like a Facebook group and it turned out about 7% of companies have fired someone because of Facebook posts, Facebook or Twitter posts, 20% have disciplined someone and I was just kind of going through the list and there was one girl who was let go ‘cause the day before she was interviewing, she was pronouncing how she hoped she was going to be able to pass the drug test and her photo had her with a joint. [Laughter] Paul: Oh no, God. Let’s just change our name to like You know, that’s just stupid, man. Yeah. Chris: I also saw another little article which was interesting and that badmouthing your boss can be free speech — yeah, that’s our fax machine, it canceled and stuff. Paul: Yeah. And really what you said about the British chick and the boss was gay. Chris: Oh, that was hilarious. Paul: Yeah, that was hilarious. Chris: Well, you know, the whole — but it’s — you know, we all kind of recognize free speech. We understand free speech is important and — good, we killed it. There were some electronic animal in the back making noise and we killed it. And so is that free speech? And what — you know, what rights do you have as a company? I mean, yes, you have the right to free speech and I have the right to fire you because you’re doing damage to my company. I mean
, where’s the balance? I don’t know maybe there isn’t a balance. And we had a life size picture of the galaxy I just — like the galaxy sounds really cool. Paul: Oh, yeah. Chris: By the way, if you listened to the podcast where Paul was badmouthing the iPad, I believe you’ve got something to say about that. Paul: Was that me? Are you sure? Yes, I want an iPad now. Yeah. I mean I think I like to retract something like every — I like the newspaper. I can’t read this. I’ve got something else I need to retract about the — [Laughter] Chris: So if you don’t know, immediately after we press stop recording that’s when we do our disclaimers. Paul: Yeah. [Laughter] Chris: The galaxy came out that had a big ad, the coolest thing in CNN. I’m on my front screen of CNN homepage, and the whole screen kind of — well, what’s the best way to describe that? Warps or like goes down the drain. Paul: Like pulls down, yeah. Chris: Pulls down like going down a drain into an image of the galaxy, and I was like “Wow! Homepage CNN, that’s some bucks,” and it looked cool and — you know, we were talking about just this week, my opinion is the galaxy is what Paul was hating on the iPad which is, it’s just a big cell phone. Paul: Yes. It’s a big Evo. Chris: Yeah, exactly. And where the iPad actually is large enough to actually be useful in some areas, the galaxy is just kind of a big pain in the butt iPhone except it’s an android. It’s Evo. Yeah, that’s a good one except wrong network. Paul: Yeah, except it’s a big Evo. Chris: Hey, I printed out our stats from Facebook. I think this is pretty cool and just to go over a couple of things real quick, of our followers we’re up to 57 now, likes not followers, I’m sorry. Paul: 58. Chris: 58? Paul: I just saw it today. Chris: Really, that was — this — I printed this, this morning. Paul: I am lying. Chris: No, no. But I mean it could be — Paul: I thought so. I’m just — Chris: Maybe somebody un-liked us and you know what? We’re glad to see you go if you don’t like us, we don’t like you either. Paul: I think about — yeah, I think it might be 57. Chris: Let’s see, again, still I don’t know what the deal is. It’s 75% male, 25% female. Where are the females? Come on, you got to like us. You got to like us. We’re handsome, and we’re funny, and we’re geeks, you know, geeks are cool, right? Paul: And we’ll do the next podcast — no — never mind. Chris: In drag? Paul: Yeah, I was going to say — [Laughter] Paul: Oh, my God, no. I was going to say shirtless but — [Laughter] Chris: We want to attract the female listeners not drive them away. Paul: I know that sounds like — no, we’re not going to do that. Chris: 43 listeners in the United States, 3 in United Kingdom. Here is just some other countries, Honduras, we’ve got a guy here Javier from Honduras. I don’t know how he’s listening from Honduras and being here, Lebanon, Mexico, Philippines, Romania. Paul: That’s what’s up man. Chris: That’s pretty cool, yeah. And then I don’t — there’s another chart here that — oh, 4 active users. Out of our active users 0% are females so come on ladies. Paul: Carole Baskin, was on Facebook. Chris: Oh, this is going to be old stats ‘cause that’s right she did and — Paul: A shout-out to you Carole and thanks for the post about — Chuck: Posterous. Paul: Posterous. Thanks Chuck. Yeah, ‘cause I was like — Chris: Chuck’s going to make a little comment about that later ‘cause he’s like our twit decker. Paul: For real. Well, I like to say if you are a Facebook friend, and you like us on Facebook give us a shout, you know, holler at us and say, “I just liked you on Facebook,” tell me your URL, we’ll give you some love ‘cause I always see the number go up but I don’t know who is new, who is old ‘cause I don’t have everybody memorized. So holler at us. Let us know you ad us up. Chris: I wanted to give this shout-out to one of our listeners, thank you, Proactive Patrol. They actually gave us a free license. I don’t know how many that’s good — 12 months, that’s just one license — why don’t you guys get — Paul: Yeah, I’m actually going to try it out on my laptop. Thanks, Matt. That’s what’s up. Chris: We thank you. We have a company, but I think some of the guys would like to use it at home. And yeah, you know, we’ll talk about this. It’s everything anti-everything. I love that title. Paul: Yeah. Chris: I love everything. Paul: Yeah, I liked it too. Chris: From Proactive Patrol. And they’re — again, they’re giving to charity at least half or something. Paul: Yes, they’re donating — for all their software they’re donating to a kids grant, to children. You know, I have a soft spot for children, so I’m like “Hey, I’ll definitely support your cause.” I’ll take a look at the product, you know, give you a good review. So a shout-out to Matt Dixon at Proactive Patrol and all the guys at Proactive Patrol. Chris: Here’s a punch in the face Matt. Paul: There you go. A shout-out to Strong Mother, a new follower on YouTube, says, real quick, “I love the podcast like I really — I really like how candid you are toward podcasting and you have thought me. It doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect. As a matter of fact” — [Laughter] Chris: What is she saying? Is she saying it’s not perfect? Paul: I just caught that. “As a matter of fact, it is better if it’s not, great information on SEO even, got a personality.” Thanks, you are a smart woman. “You’re both really funny. I really like the song in the end of the podcast.” It is a good song. Chris: She just became my favorite listener by far. Paul: Yeah, really, really. James Slattery thanks for shouting out to us on Facebook. I actually took a look at those links and I want to talk more about this at another date, and Chris: And James should be at PubCon, right? Paul: He should be at PubCon. Chris: I’ve been following PubCon on Twitter, if you guys are following us on Twitter, I’ve re-twitted a couple of things from there. One of them — it says that I think Google Instant is making SEO harder and Pay Per Click more expensive. By the way, you know, after I re-twitted that, I kind of realized there’s actually no evidence for like — there may be evidence for that, but I don‘t know the link to the evidence so — Paul: It would have been a cut scene. Chris: I — maybe. Yeah, he’s at PubCon so he hasn’t returned my call yet. Paul: Oh, okay. Chris: So I’m sure as soon as he gets back, and he takes care
of all of the business that comes before me, he’s going to give me a call. Paul: Don’t be a douche Matt. Hook it up, come on. What’s up? Chris: Hey, give the top position snatchers a call. Paul: Thank you. Chris: That is us. Paul: So what is on the menu for today? Chris: Well, we’ve been threatening for a while to get back to basics and I thought — you know what? We’ve been threatening so long maybe we should just stick one more thing in front of it. [Laughter] Paul: So we are getting back to basics. Chris: We are getting back to basics. In a minute. Paul: Real soon. Chris: What I wanted to talk about today ’cause you know what we haven’t mentioned is Google Preview. Paul: Because I don’t know what it is. Chris: Yeah, Google Preview when — yeah, you do. You’re the one who like — Paul: Oh, okay. Chris: — “Hey, dudes, check this out.” Paul: Well, that’s why I never talked about it. [Laughter] Paul: Yeah, I don’t know that’s what it was called, Google Preview. Chris: Yeah. So you can — you have to click on the little magnifying glass — Paul: Magnifying glass. Chris: — right there and then you can preview the rest of them. It’s kind of interesting, the written article today, this morning, it does not parse flash. So if you’ve got flash on your website or if you Google Preview YouTube, there’s a big blank area because you have to have flash in order to see those videos. Well, it’s interesting because the very same day they actually announced that they are better able to parse flash text. And actually, I wanted to ask our listeners. Keep an eye out for any substantially flash website that shows up on the first page of the SERP. Paul: On the first page. Yes. Chris: ‘Cause we’ve never seen it, you know, we still say “Don’t have an all flash website.” We’re going to continue to say that. We’re going to continue to say that until — I don’t know, say, 20% of the websites we see on the first page are actually all flash. Paul: Yeah. Chris: Until that point we’re going to be conservative and we’re going to do the right thing for our clients. We’re going to make sure that they have, maybe some flash in it although, with Google Preview you want to double think — you want to think about that again. Paul: Yeah. Chris: Hey, if Google Preview is showing a big blank space in your website do you really want that — you know, that look and feel. Paul: Does James still have a MySpace? Chris: Yeah, I know it’s true. I still was looking at it today. As long as it’s flash, it’s going to be blank because they can’t do the imaging of the flash so. Paul: Okay. Well, that sucks. But what I would say, you know, how does this affect you like last we talked about all the changes that’s going on, you know, think about that flash that’s on your homepage, and really think about the way your homepage looks, you only get — everybody gets one chance to make a first impression. If I preview your website and it’s garbage, you know, I’m not even going to bounce. I’m not even going to click. Chris: Yeah, that seems like — wait, there’s got to be a new word for that, not clicking. That’s sound little crazy. Paul: Yeah, I’m not going to click. So, it’s even more important to make sure that your homepage or whatever the landing page is from that link is — looks — is attractive, is cosmetically — Chris: Appealing. Pau: — appealing. Chris: So remember we’ve said this a long time ago, SEVO begins at SERP. Paul: Yeah. Oh, man.

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