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Fifty-three SEO Podcast Mar. 26th 2010. Second page of Transcription

Chris: It could even be multiple opinions inside one article. Wikipedia has pretty interesting stuff. It’s an interesting concept and it really has – remember when we used to have – when we were like, “Oh damn, I got to do a report on Spain.”

Paul: Oh yeah.

Chris: Then we either go the library where we actually happen to have…

Paul: Encyclopedia.

Chris: …walk over and get this big book and look up Spain and then read like the eighteen pages they had on Spain and now you just type Spain.

Paul: Yeah. Now you just copy it.

Chris: Copy it and you paste it (laughing).

Paul: You just plagiarize it from Wikipedia (laughing)

Chris: Kids have it so easy these days.

Paul: Yes they do now. Yes they do.

Chris: I’m expecting twins, I’m going to buy encyclopedias and make them use encyclopedias.

Paul: Make them…

Chris: Damn it.

Paul: God. Or at least kids know what an encyclopedia these days.

Chris: Or an iPod…

Paul: It’s like with the Wikipedia at…(laughing)

Chris: Oh man. We’re on some sort of roll today. Yeah let’s see. Oh Google called me like I said earlier…

Paul: Talk about that. That’s going to be interesting. So people out there you are going to start getting calls from Google.

Chris: Yup.

Paul: And it actually is Google. I don’t know whatever country you’re listening it may not be, but it was Google.

Chris: Google actually called me yeah. And apparently I think it’s San Jose and Houston are the two starting cities ‑ don’t ask me why it would be those two ‑ for a new service that they have and it’s called I think the local sponsored listing. So they called me of course they wanted money. They didn’t just want me to tell them how good they were…

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: And you know to thank me for referring to them repeatedly on our internationally known podcast. No. No. It wasn’t that. It was they wanted our money. And what they had is, you know we’re all familiar with Google local result. So in this particular case, you can go to a browser and type in ‑ go to a search engine and type in – well not a search engine. This is the one time I really mean Google.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Go to Google and type in lawyer in Houston and in the local spots you’ll notice that there is a little something different. There’s a little light yellow Post-it or highlighter looking thing and then a little sponsored ad there. And the concept is that as it was pitched is, that makes it stand out. So it was kind of interesting. This is ‑ you know we’re in the business in sales so when we’re talking to people we know numbers we’re throwing out and numbers that we don’t want to reveal or whatever in a particular case, although we really don’t have many we don’t want to reveal. But he said you know, “Right now you’re getting a 5% click-through rate. And I was like, “Wow! That’s pretty good.” And he’s like, “You think that’s good?” I was like, “Yes. I’m in the industry. I know that’s good actually.” (laughing). And he’s like, “Oh, okay. Well that’s about what we’re seeing on average. As any of the local Google listings are actually getting abo
ut a 5% click-through rate.” And I was like, “Oh that’s great. Well this clearly is going to make it stand out. It’s got the yellow thing. It’s highlighted. It’s sponsored. It makes a little bit bigger.” And so I said, “So what kind of click-through rate are you seeing on those?” “Oh it varies.”

Paul: Nice not way to answer it.

Chris: Nice non-answer.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Thank you. The cost worth is $25, which I think is pretty reasonable. It depends on your market. We have a lot of things that we’re involved in so in this particular case, we probably won’t do it. They called for He’s got hypnosis CDs for quitting smoking and losing weight. And if you think about it, somebody who has typed quit smoking hypnosis Houston, which is actually where it comes up, is really looking for like a hypnotherapist in the Houston area. And that’s a pretty tough sell, to get them to go from I want a therapist to I want a CD or Patrick does do phone consultations but a lot of people are very apprehensive about doing a phone consultation. So you know for $25 a month, we probably won’t be doing it.

Paul: Here’s my question and I might guess assuming that they gave this sales reps a list of companies that are probably already on the local maps.

Chris: And probably also have spent some time actually creating a local entity.

Paul: Yeah. Setting up their Google local profile or Google local business or whatever. So they probably just called them in. We probably should ask them, okay what about the people that aren’t on this profile? Are you offering a service to get them on the profile? Because I’d probably say, “That’s coming next.”

Chris: Oh yeah, I’m sure.

Paul: I’d probably say that is probably what’s coming next. So we could put you in the local profile.

Chris: So in your previous life, you were a Yellow Pages sales guy?

Paul: Yes.

Chris: Isn’t he doing the same thing?

Paul: Exactly.

Chris: You’ve already got a listing, right? The listing is either free…

Paul: Let’s make it…

Chris: …or you created the free listing. Let’s make it more effective.

Paul: Let’s put some funny color around it you know or whatever…

Chris: (laughing) whatever I used to say.

Paul: Yeah whatever I used to say (laughing). I think that’s cool. Now what countries they’re offering this in. I don’t know. Right now just Houston and San Jose in the United States. But I think that’s cool you know? That’s just a testament hey of how Google is changing. Next month they’re going to say, “All right, we’re going to have something else.” Now there’s going to be Google something else and now there’s going to be thirty listings on the first page: Google local, the natural results and there’s…

Chris: Generic or whatever…

Paul: Oh that’s serious ‘cause there’s a sponsored listing already. So now there’s going to be 40.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: I mean Google is very intelligent. You know you should always watch what they’re doing. And if someone does try this, let us know how it works.

Chris: Yeah. That’s a great yeah…

Paul: Let us know how it…

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: You know ‘cause there’s somebody in Houston or in San Jose who’s going to take it, that’s listening to the podcast who’s going to take advantage of it. And it might be a phenomenon. It might be a great way to market a business for twenty-five bucks.

Chris: Yup. I think if you’re doing window cleaning or if you’re Joe the plumber and you’re listing is up there and you’re getting a 5% click-through, that is good. And if you can increase that even marginally, you know twenty-five bucks a month, that’s one customer.

Paul: Yeah. Oh yeah. That’s definitely one customer, but I mean to Google seriously if you’re going to call me and pitch me and I have some solid numbers, you know I mean anyone that’s not…

Chris: And give us our link back.

Paul: Thank you. Anyone that’s not a complete retard is not – and I probably shouldn’t even say that word but…

Chris: Did you tell me that’s their actual word?

Paul: Yeah. So in Houston schools have actually used that in meetings. They used the word the term retard.

Chris: So you were talking to some teacher an
d she was like, “Yeah. I teach retards.” Whoa. It sounds uncomfortable to me.

Paul: Yeah. I’m like, “I’m not really comfortable with this.” She’s like, “No. That’s the term that we use. Our principal uses that.” I’m like, “Alrighty then.” But you know if you’re going to call me and pitch me, anyone who’s not a retard is going to ask you questions like, “Okay if the industry standard is a 5% click-through rate, what is the click-through rate of people that have this particular feature on their local listing?” So…

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: …if you can’t answer that, how the hell are you going to sell somebody man? Come on.

Chris: The reality is it probably goes from 5% to 5.5% which is within the margin of error of any particular whatever so percent.

Paul: (laughing)

Chris: You were actually listening huh? So it’s within some error and then of course some people aren’t getting any additional results. And then who knows? The one thing I didn’t add and maybe I’ll give them a call back is, does sponsored listing guarantee that you end up in one of the top 10? ‘Cause we know right now that there are people and I think it’s related to the key terms that are in your listing. But we usually identify the Google local listings were related to the center of the city, right?

Paul: It makes sense to think that.

Chris: Yeah. If you type in a zip code, okay that’s one thing because then you get a list of the people on that zip code. But if you type in Houston or you know some of our suburbs, Bay Town, Sugar Land or whatever – well, let’s just say Houston. So all of those people who serve the suburbs will also serve Houston typically and who are the first seven? You know, there are more than 20 plumbers in Houston.

Paul: In Houston yes. And who decides how do those ten get their local listing?

Chris: And does doing a sponsored listing increase your ability…

Paul: Your chance of getting. And why is there like five in the center of the city and then like three that are way out here on the outskirts? I mean I would love to know the answers for that question.

Chris: It’s complicated issues. The other reason that we wouldn’t do what Patrick is ‘cause currently when you type in quit smoking hypnosis Houston, there’s only three.

Paul: Oh.

Chris: So to make us stand out of three ‑ you know maybe that’s why he would argue that 5% isn’t that good. Maybe that’s why 5%, which I think is actually good, is ‘cause for every time somebody sees our listing, there’s only three other competitors.

Paul: And here’s another question, what is the click-through rate for national listings?

Chris: Yeah. Give us that number.

Paul: Yeah. And then let me compare that to the local maps.

Chris: And this is something that we’re talking to people in terms of branding, you really are going to want to have a sponsored Google local business listing. You’re going to want to have pay-per-clicks sponsored ads because it’s again about branding and you’re going to want to have organic. And that’s where you either listen to this podcast and find out how to do it or you hire a company like E-webstyle to take care of that for you. So very interesting stuff. It’s always cool when Google comes knocking on your door.

Paul: Yeah. Especially when they come out with something new, new ways to market your company and they’re going to have something new in a few months. They’ll be calling us for something else. So I’m excited to hear about what else is coming.

Chris: What’s next yeah. ‘Cause they’ve always got something up their proverbial sleeve.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: I think I mentioned this probably three podcasts ago, but I didn’t not have it in my hands so I really couldn’t kind of say, “Oh look this is what they’re doing.” This is Facebook Analytics. For those of you watching the video, I’m going to describe this so you don’t really need to it – need to watch the video for all of our podcast listeners out there. It’s pretty cool. I’m just going to cover some of the stuff that it has in here. We’ve got a growing list of fans. In over the course of a 12-month period, it shows interactions and in this case it’s showing I think because it’s a black and white print it doesn’t show, but it’s got like how many comments did we have, how many wall posts did we have, how many total interactions and how many people can click like of Facebook or dislike or whatever, which they don’t seem to sum that up. And also of our fans, it tells us currently only 26% are female. So if you’re a dude out there then you know some chicks, then you should turn them on to our show ‘cause you know statistically, we’re sexist.

Paul: Yeah. (laughing) We are statistically sexist. That should be the title of our podcast (laughing). I am. So the dudes need to stop listening and tell…

Chris: No. No. No. [Indiscernible] [0:23:00] we have kids who are listening and get them to convince their younger more attractive sister to listen also.

Paul: So dude when you listen to this, have your girl listen to it with you.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: That’s the way to bond like, “Hey baby, let’s listen to this podcast.”

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