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This is a transcript from our 100th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Gowalla SXSW and SEO
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Gowalla SXSW and SEO

Chris:                           Hi! And welcome to SEO podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.


Paul:                            All right! I think we got it.


Chris:                           Yeah. Well, we should ‘cause this is podcast number 100!


Paul:                            100! That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           Man, a high-five for that.


Paul:                            That’s awesome.


Chris:                           We made it to a hundred. I don’t know — that’s what? 50 weeks?


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           Is it? No, no that’s every other week. No, that’s a hundred weeks, [Laughs] but we skipped a couple of weeks, I don’t even know why I divided it by two. As you realize this is not the Math podcast.


Paul:                            Yes.


Chris:                           This is the SEO podcast. Thank you guys for listening, you are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. Again, that’s because of you guys, we really appreciate you. You can stalk us Twitter.com/ewebstyle, Facebook.com/ewebstyle. You can actually watch this podcast live 9:15-ish Central Standard Time on Fridays, all you need to do is go to the page E-webstyle.com and find the link or continue typing and type in “/seopodcast” that will take you to that podcast page.


Paul:                            Yes. And on our homepage we have a list of — just below the flash banner, we have a list of places to contact us. We have a podcast link, Facebook link I think. [Laughs]


Chris:                           Yup. Twitter link.


Paul:                            Twitter link.


Chris:                           Yup.


Paul:                            So, if you can’t reach us you have a problem.


Chris:                           Yeah, you’re not really trying.


Paul:                            Yeah, really.


Chris:                           Yeah. And I’m excited we got a review today on iTunes that’s pretty cool. We’ve got lots of information to cover on Facebook. Our man in the field for South by South West, Dean Calhoun, not only provided a lot of good feedback and you know cool stuff about South by South West. He also followed up with the meat and potatoes of today’s podcast —


Paul:                            Oh, yes he did.


Chris:                           — which is actually from SMX not South by South West which — you know, I had to — I don’t know. But there’s a lot of —


Paul:                            But they sell some cool stuff from South by South West though.


Chris:                           So we’ll cover a little bit of that. As always, the last podcast — our tip from last podcast was, “Monitor and take action to published algorithmic changes.”


Paul:                            Yes.


Chris:                           Basically we covered some algorithm changes and we’re going to be talking about some of that today but we covered algorithm changes that were made to the Google algorithm and you really do need to monitor those on a regular basis so that you can make sure that you’re taking appropriate steps. The review we got, this review is from Emperaves — Emperaves.


Paul:                            That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           Yeah. It has a good “rrrr,” right?


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           Rrrr. Here it is, “Great show! I’m a beginner at SEO.” Hey that rhymes, he’s following Chuck’s —


Paul:                            There you go.


Chris:                           — “and listening to you two guys while I work, it helps me out. Also, it makes me crack up. I hope to hear more shows and absorb some more wisdom from you two.” Wisdom, wow! “Thanks for the info and don’t stop.” Believe us we’re not going to stop.


Paul:                            That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           Don’t stop get it —


Paul:                            We won’t stop get it — I was thinking of that same thing. Get it get it.




Paul:                            Ah! So those of you who like — friends of Luke Sky — not Luke Skywalker, Luther Campbell, 2 Live Crew that’s old 2 Live Crew song.


Chris:                           Or Luke Skywalker —


Paul:                            Yeah. Why did I think Luke Skywalker? Today’s tip from today’s podcast, “Don’t stop get it get it.”


Chris:                           Don’t stop get it — I like that. Let’s get wilder —


Paul:                            [Laughs]


Chris:                           We’ll have two tips ‘cause —


Paul:                            There you go.


Chris:                           — one does need to be SEO related.


Paul:                            Links, don’t stop get them get them, or content, don’t stop get them get them.


Chris:                           All right, we had Brian Florip did some research for us.


Paul:                            That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           So last podcast we were talking about J.C. Penny and I think you said like James or something and we’re trying to figure out what J.C. Penny was.


Paul:                            Oh, yeah.


Chris:                           He actually looked it up for us and it’s, “James Cash Penny.”


Paul:                            Oh, that’s what’s up.


Chris:                           And you know somebody named “Cash Penny” is bound to make a lot of money and that’s just like — that’s you name, that’s like naming your son “Money.”


Paul:                            I’m not sure if it was the him or the guy — or Sam Walton that was like ridiculously cheap.


Chris:                           Oh, it was Walton.


Paul:                            Okay.


Chris:                           Walton was like — yeah.


Paul:                            Was this retarded rich and super, super cheap.


Chris:                           Billionaire and drove like a 20-year-old truck.


Paul:                            Like a Ford Cutlass.


Chris:                           Yeah. It’s bad. So a little bit that Dean Calhoun covered, “Day 4: South by South West, he was attending the mobilization performance from Search and Big Time Saver go to Getlisted.org.” We actually haven’t checked that out. He said the Diggnation party the previous night was amazing. He sent us a picture, DJ spinning up peanuts —


Paul:                            Yeah, I saw that.


Chris:                           — at Diggnation party, he got a couple of likes on that. You can check that little video that he put out there. He did attend the — what was this? The Diggnation event. He thought the Diggnation event was great. VIMEO, Nikon even better, “Nerds gone wild” was his description of that.




Paul:                            That’s perfect.


Chris:                           And scheduled for today was the Bing-Google smack down. It has turned out to be not so much of a smackdown. He also send us a picture, and I’ve seen this picture before and it’s, “How not to be a douche bag.”


Paul:                            Okay.


Chris:                           And you know I kind of thought — you know, of course one our mantra is, “Don’t be a douche.”


Paul:                            Don’t be a douche.


Chris:                           In fact I haven’t mentioned in a while. But remember we are your friendly local neighborhood top position snatchers. Where our mantra is, “Don’t be a douche.”


Paul:                            Don’t be a douche.


Chris:                           And I responded I said, “Seems we’re trendsetters” and Darren Booy chimes in and he says, “Why is nobody asking why a cat is wearing a Hawaiian shirt?”




Chris:                           ‘Cause that’s in the image.


Paul:                            It’s in the picture?


Chris:                           Yeah.


Paul:                            I do see that Dean is using Gowalla.


Chris:                           Yeah?


Paul:                            He’s been checking Gowalla — I think I might be butchering it —


Chris:                           Is that like a hoot suite kind of —


Paul:                            No, it’s like a — from my understanding it’s like a Yelp or Foursquare but it’s based in Austin. It’s an Austin based company.


Chris:                           Oh, okay.


Paul:                            And the only reason I know that is ‘cause I — they did some advertizing before at South by South West, and I looked it up and I was like “What is that? That looks cool.” So, it’s just something else that you can check into.


Chris:                           Yeah, since there’s not enough new technology —


Paul:                            Yeah, for real.


Chris:                           — to be looking at a regular basis. He said at the final event at Stubbs, the Foo Fighters showed up.


Paul:                            Wow!


Chris:                           And he said 6,000 of our closest friends were there.


Paul:                            Wow! Nerds gone wild, that’s exactly what it was. That’s crazy.


Chris:                           And he did send us this — well, we got a little bit of news to cover too.


Paul:                            Okay.


Chris:                           And then we’ll cover his last little post.


Paul:                            Typing protector is going everywhere, ahh!


Chris:                           So we’ve been having a client — we have a client, not been having — we have a client who — they closed one of their stores, so they had two stores in Houston, they closed one of their stores and she calls me and she says, “People keep telling me and calling and tell me they’re showing up to my old address, why is that?” And of course other website that’s been updated like so long ago, it’s ridiculous.


“And on Google, it’s down to just one listing and sure enough over on Bing were two listings, or location that closed down and the location that is still open. So I’ve literally been working for two months to try and figure out how to gain control of the second one.” And it’s this process where the thing you think you should do that makes the most sense doesn’t work, like grab control of it and change the information.


“And I think what happens is, as soon as I change it to the other address it goes, “Oh, you want control over the other one not the one with the bad address.” I’m like, “No, I’m trying to change that one.” I actually pressed the report inaccurate data, it went to 404 page like so it’s not even available.”


Paul:                            So what do you do? Just quit.


Chris:                           Yeah, you know the client called again yesterday and I’ve — last week I created a new account so that they would be separate and I just grabbed and got a hold of that account to try and just have control over it. I finally did that yesterday and then we did a call so we’ll see in the next couple of days. I mentioned all of this just because you know, not only is — it’s not just Google Local Place that’s dysfunctional.


Paul:                            Yeah, it’s also Bing.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Paul:                            Oh, yeah. But it is definitely dysfunctional.


Chris:                           Yeah, it is definitely dysfunctional. How about this? Rustock — and you’re going to know this not — well, shutdown. What does that mean for you?


Paul:                            Rust man that means that my life will continue on the same way it did yesterday. [Laughs]


Chris:                           Except it will probably have 39% less spam.


Paul:                            Oh, that’s what’s up.


Chris:                           The dude — he said —


Paul:                            Rustock —


Chris:                           Rustock is a botnet —


Paul:                            — is a spam server?


Chris:                           It’s a botnet.


Paul:                            Oh, okay.


Chris:                           So it’s a network, they think of a million infected computers and it got taken down. When it was taken down in 2008, in 2008 it reduced spam by 75%.


Paul:                            That’s what’s up.


Chris:                           And then it relocated and fired up again.


Paul:                            Oh, that’s the one.


Chris:                           Yeah. It’s in some place, internet safe. Android, so there’s other — a report that the Android Nexus was 50 — the browsing was 52% faster than Apple. Apple cries “foul” because they were using — they weren’t using the actual Safari browser, they were using other technologies to make it easier to monitor time so… Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.


Speaking of apple which we do a lot — probably too much. Toshiba and Mitsubishi are in a process of trying to get their plants back up in Japan. That’s the supplier of memory, Toshiba supplies about 40% of the world’s memory and Mitsubishi supplies a resin that goes into the iPad 2 or probably both and —


Paul:                            Also, their operation — so their technology goes into Apple products —


Chris:                           Yeah.


Paul:                            — and their plants are down. Ooh, that one suck. Who has really got a sub with iPad 2 —


Chris:                           On it’s way.


Paul:                            Ooh, man.


Chris:                           Well, one thing is this —


Paul:                            So prices are about to go up.


Chris:                           What they were saying is, is that Apple has such a — it’s such a high tier partner that they’re going to get president so they — other people will probably get the shaft.


Paul:                            Oh, okay.


Chris:                           Yeah, and so —


Paul:                            So, we’re not making anything, but Apple products for the next two months.


Chris:                           Yeah, and as soon as we can make it we’ll be making it more Apple products ‘cause that’s how it works.


Paul:                            That sucks. So the price — I say, the demand will go down, price will go up. That’s all I remember from Econ 101.


Chris:                           That’s when demand goes up, price goes up.


Paul:                            Down.


Chris:                           No. When supply goes down —


Paul:                            There you go. That’s what I meant.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Paul:                            Supply goes down, price goes up. I guess I did not pay attention that hard.


Chris:                           When no one wants it, you got to charge more.




Paul:                            So I took econ — I probably didn’t pay attention.


Chris:                           You slept through weeks 1 through 17.


Paul:                            One through final.


Chris:                           All right, so Dean’s final note he sent us this — it’s a nice article from Search Engine Land and it’s about, “What’s up with Google Farmer/Panda and the update called Farmer Panda?” Which Panda I haven’t heard of.


Paul:                            I’ve never heard of Panda. I’ve heard a Farmer, not Panda. I mean, they’re just making shit up now like —


Chris:                           Yeah. There you go.


Paul:                            Yeah, we got to — we’ll call it —


Chris:                           They call it the skunk.


Paul:                            Yeah. We’ll call it anything, yeah.


Chris:                           Keeping you in theme with the Panda. All right so this is again, Search Engine Land, “Lessons learned at SMX” do we know what SMX stands for?


Paul:                            I think it’s —


Chris:                           Search Marketing Expo?


Paul:                            I think that’s exactly what it is.


Chris:                           Search Marketing Expo.


Paul:                            Well, that’s the new name now.

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