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Thirty-four SEO Podcast Oct. 31st 2009. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast.

Paul: Hi, welcome back. Thanks for joining us for another fun-filled edition of our podcast.

Chris: This is podcast 34.

Paul: Thirty-four already?

Chris: Yeah, it’s awesome. I gave you the 3-2-1 countdown. You’re still texting.

Paul: I know, I know. I’m like what else is in the news?

Chris: Anything. We need some news item. Well, as usual, we want to talk a little bit briefly about what we discussed last time. We actually went through three of seven points on the website, remember that?

Paul: The new SEO account,

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Texas Orthopaedics.

Chris: Texas Orthopaedics. So that’s a great podcast. It really is a good perspective on, you know, how do we look at a website, how do we analyze it, how do we decide what we’re going to be doing and what changes we’re going to make. Often, what changes are we going to make before we even start SEO so go back and listen to that.

We still have some people out there who have promised us iTunes reviews and anyone else out there who’s gotten some beneficial information from this podcast, we know who you are.

Paul: And we know where you live. Well, I don’t have their–well, we have their email address.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: We know where you live on the Internet.

Chris: On the Internet, yes. Watch out! We’ll stick Mo Serious on you.

Paul: I’ll send a virus to your computer, fool.

Chris: So please help us out, write a review. Also, you can find us on Twitter – e-webstyle, actually that’s You can also find us on Facebook. The easiest way to find our Facebook page is to go to and that’ll automatically forward you to Facebook, our Facebook page.

Also if you want to send us an email, we got a couple of emails here. This is awesome. So we’ll be answering those soon.

Yeah. What did I say? I said we have a couple of emails here.

Paul: Oh, yeah.

Chris: Fantastic. Yeah, they’re going crazy.

Paul: The studio audience goes wild.

Chris: And so we’ll be answering those emails here pretty shortly. News.

Paul: What’s in the news for today?

Chris: You know, there’s only one thing in the news today.

Paul: Really? What’s that?

Chris: That is–well, they’re okay, two.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: Maybe three.

Paul: That’s low news day.

Chris: Yeah. Nobel Peace Prize.

Paul: Sucking news.

Chris: Goes to Obama. How about that?

Paul: They said they had to wake him up. That’s how shocked the world was. He didn’t know that he was going to get there. He didn’t know he was the–he wasn’t even a frontrunner.

Chris: We know–

Paul: One of the announced frontrunners, he wasn’t.

Chris: We’ve been talking about this all morning. We know we got a lot of international listeners our there so we’d love some perspective from you guys. You know, my first reaction is, “Okay, he was nominated after being in office for 16 days. 12.”

Paul: I think it was 12 days.

Chris: Twelve days.

Paul: He’s been in office.

Chris: So let’s be honest, he didn’t do shit in 12 days. He deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Let’s just be honest.

Paul: He did. He got elected president. That’s all he needed at that point.

Chris: You know, progress, there’s something to be said I guess there’s something to be said about progress. (03:27) Nobel Peace Prize.

Paul: Nobel Peace Prize. So if I were the next president, I don’t want a Nobel Peace Prize, I’d be pissed.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: It’s whack. I’ve been in office four months.

Chris: Bush was in eight years. He didn’t even win a Nobel Peace Prize. Obama did it 12 days!

Paul: Obama won probably ‘cause Bush was in office for eight years.

Chris: Yeah, that was like yeah ‘cause you beat the Republicans–

Paul: Anybody, you, you’re breathing?

Chris: Great Peace Prize.

Paul: Come on, give me the Nobel Peace Prize ‘cause you’re just not that guy. You win ‘cause you’re not that guy.

Chris: Yeah, so that was my initial reaction. The other reaction is, you know, my opinion doesn’t even matter because this is actually a statement I believe from the international community. You know, it’s not a statement about, then, you know, internal statement of U.S. politics, it’s just a statement from the international community. And frankly, it’s clearly a statement of approval of the efforts and things that Obama’s doing. You know, I may not like a lot of what he’s doing. Did you see the SNL skit with Obama?

Paul: No, but I heard that they’re (04:28) calling him out like, “What are you going to do now?” The honeymoon is over. That’s what I read. They were saying, “Honeymoon’s over, what are you going to do?”

Chris: It was absolutely hilarious. And it was, you know, it was really the first roast that SNL’s done of Obama and, you know, some of the pundits were saying, “Oh, that’s ‘cause, you know, he doesn’t really have anything to fall back on. You know, he’s not, you know, a prolific womanizer, he’s not a total alcoholic. He doesn’t have self (04:52).

Paul: The major, major flaws.

Chris: Yeah, he doesn’t–he hasn’t thrown up on a Japanese president.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: So, this is, you know, it took them a while to come up with the piece and they did so I have no idea where I was going with that. And we shall move on.

So, you know, this is just a comment from the international community saying, “You know, hey, we like at least the thought processes and the things that he’s doing. We gave lip service to his apology tour. Well, apparently the apology tour has helped the change–I have to believe (05:26) the change. And then you follow-up and we can get online discussions about should we actually be trying to get rid of nuclear weapons, which of course, we should and at the same point, we shouldn’t even be discussing it ‘cause part of that would be us giving up our nuclear weapons and that’s not going to happen.

Paul: Of course, yes.

Chris: I don’t believe.

Paul: Yeah, tell me about it. At least not in Texas, we’re not giving up RD.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Texas isn’t giving up theirs.

Chris: We’ll still see.

Paul: We have our own stock pile.

Chris: (05:50) fighting words. We’ll succeed at seceding.

Paul: I keep a little enriched uranium (05:56) out the house, you know. For (05:59) and giggles.

Chris: Mellow…

Paul: You know, there’s a party, people are passing around enriched uranium, hey, I’m going to pass up on it.

Chris: We got tens of listeners, it could spread out! Be careful. And all of them have sent us an email. All right, so that was that.

We also–one of the things in the news we noticed and really the fact that the couple died and that’s tragic.

Paul: Oh, yeah. That lady.

Chris: The lady who showed up at her daughter’s soccer practice, right?

Paul: Yes. And with a five-year-old daughter.

Chris: And she shows up with a loaded holstered handgun. Was that in Texas?

Paul: Thankfully not. No. It was at–

Chris: Really? I’m a little disappointed. I’m a little surprised.

Paul: It was here in the States. But unfortunately, over these past couple of days, she was–her husband were found dead.

Chris: Her kids got out so they’re fine.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: You know, with whatever postulate murder-suicide whatever but that’s weird.

Paul: So I mean I understand you have a right to carry a gun but I mean to a five-year-old soccer game?

Chris: Yeah, let’s be appropriate.

Paul: There’s a lot of places you can make–and actually she got her handgun license revoked by the county for that.

Chris: For that?

Paul: They gave it back to her but they were just saying, “Oh, what you need is better judgement.”

Chris: Better–

Paul: Which you should.

Chris: Yeah, you should never take a handgun to a five-year-old soccer game.

Paul: I’m going to take my kid out of that game.

Chris: Maybe to a town hall meeting.

Paul: Oh, yeah. That’s cool.

Chris: But not to a five-year-old soccer game.

Paul: Or to a rally. Some dude took an M16 to like an anti-Obama rally. That’s also a while back.

Chris: Like the Panthers used to carry a like AK47.

Paul: Yeah, yeah.

Chris: Rally, meetings and stuff back in the day. I don’t know if they had–that’s, you know, that’s not even a concealed handgun. It’s just like–

Paul: It’s like, “Please try to take this away from me, please.”

Chris: Yeah, go for it. Wow. So that’s the two items in the news that we have. So we’ve got our listener mail. That’s pretty awesome. I like that.

Paul: Who’s the first letter from?

Chris: First is from a good and dear friend of ours, Joe Orsak. If you guys have been listening to our podcast, you’ve heard the interview with Joe. It was an amazing interview. It’s a four-part–actually I’m going to post the last part today.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: Which will sound weird while you’re listening to this. So I’m posting the last part–three episodes ago ‘cause that is the last part of that four-part series. And it was a great interview. We, you know, he’s a marketing expert so he gave us some great ideas about marketing business, how to set up a website, you know, some really good fundamentals about a business and business processes and business concepts in terms of having a marketing plan.

And then that was really the first two parts of the interview and then the third and fourth part of the interview were about us kind of ripping his website to shreds.

Paul: His SEO on his website, yeah.

Chris: So if you want to hear it, somebody get their website rip to shreds, yeah.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: That’s it.

Paul: We’re going to rip his website a new domain?

Chris: Anybody like to?

Paul: I don’t know.

Chris: Rip here–see somebody get their website rip to shreds? Yeah.

Paul: Barely a lot of people want to see.

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