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This is a transcript from our 137th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Great SEO Strategies

Chris: Hi. And welcome to the SEO Podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.

Charles: Right that time.

Chris: Boom! My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Charles: Charles Lewis, your internet marketing specialist.

Chris: Here at E-Webstyle where we are your friendly, local neighborhood top position snatchers with a mantra. What’s our mantra?

Charles: Don’t be a douche.

Chris: Don’t be a douche.

Charles: Yeah, because it’s not a good look.

Chris: Being douchy is bad. We, as always, have… it’s just bad. As always, we have a tip from our previous podcast. Plan out your SEO strategy before you start using your SEO tactics.

Charles: Definitely, we want to make sure that you have a plan of action. You know, you plan on talking on this keyword, to accomplish this goal, to get this ranking and hopefully bring in these sorts of clients. Now [0:01:05] [Inaudible] in the SEO because you may do it wrong and frankly you won’t get those type of clients. You won’t get the – it won’t add on the page you want. So definitely make an action.

Chris: Plus the gist cast last – pretty six on tactics [0:01:19] [Inaudible]. What do you do on G plus? Do you update?

Charles: Update.

Chris: Update on G plus, go ahead and do that right now. What information are they need included?

Charles: Hash tag, SEO podcast 137 and then tag us of at E-Webstyle. We need to get the G plus accounts set-up, right? Tag us at E-Webstyle and on that, we can track back and punch you in the face for shouting us out and also let us know what you think about this podcast here.

Chris: Please do. You can also follow us not just when we’re on air. We are on air more like 9:45 Central Standard Time on Friday mornings so you can catch us live at E-Webstyle/seopodcast. Either ways, you can stay in contact with us or…

Charles: …ewebstyle.


Charles: …ewebstyle.


Charles: …ewebstyle.


Charles: …/ewebstyle. Yeah.

Chris: I think it works.

Charles: I hope it works.

Chris: And you can always send us an email podcast@…

Charles: …

Chris: Excellent. A little bit of news then we got a question and then we got some great information. It’s actually really, really good information.

Charles: Content, get ready. The content questions, hopefully we’ll answer those today.

Chris: So a little bit of news, it’s funny, one of the guys at the office here yesterday got his Ipad2, received it in the mail.

Charles: Blank stare at him.

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: And our partner, he was buying an Ipad2 the day before the Ipad3 drops.

Chris: He was almost, like, I come in today to pull up the news and everything is Ipad3. Ipad3, they’re looking for apps to show in their commercials. It’s going to drop in March, for early March, if not March one so it’s all over the place.

I saw this. I thought this was cool. You know, Tesla, the auto company, they’re the electric auto company. They have a new SUV out which looks pretty cool. It’s not a big SUV. It looks small.

Charles: Like a crossover?

Chris: Maybe like… yeah. Yeah. It’s got some cool features, going doors, front – at least the back, I saw that in the image. Because it doesn’t have a transmission drive train underneath and because…

Charles: …it’s lower?

Chris: …well, it sits lower and they said that they had a dude stand up in it. So it’s about the height of my Odyssey. I’ve got a Honda Odyssey and you can stand up in it because it drops down. It’s kind of cool.

Charles: I see where that’s going to ever be necessary.

Chris: Yeah but…

Charles: No.

Chris: If one of your rap songs comes on and you want to start doing the page rank. I don’t even know how to do the page rank.

Charles: That is the sprinkler.

Chris: The sprinkler right? I think I got that wrong. Then you got to stand up and dance. Get your dance on. The other thing I thought was – just olds are cool. The first company I started was a carbon nano material company and they now have nano lasers. They are one micron in diameter, this laser.

Charles: I have no clue what that means.

Chris: The human hair is 600 microns.

Charles: Okay so what’s the purpose of having a laser that small?

Chris: Why are you asking such ridiculous questions? [Laughter] They say that they can use it for data transfer and they can – things like that so maybe you’re system bust could be replaced by lasers…


…smaller than the human hair, 600 times smaller than the human hair. Crazy…

Anyway, we have a question. For those of you who – check out our Facebook page from time to time. You can come – you can go there, find questions. We actually post about our podcast. We post interesting things that we saw, interesting things that we heard.

This week, one of the things…

Charles: I saw that image about the social media.

Chris: Oh, that’s awesome. That’s powerful. And one thing I posted this week was a quote that I heard. I was watching Mobbed with Howie Mandel. You know that show?

Charles: Yeah, kind a cool show.

Chris: And they were playing a prank on somebody and the quote was “You’re dancing is so bad. You do not deserve to meet your father.”

Charles: Wow.

Chris: [Laughter] Because it’s like – it’s so bizarre right? That’s really bad dancing. All right, here’s a question from Facebook. I’ve had a website for two years at and recently came available. I bought this domain from a different provider to where the site is hosted and to where the address is registered. How do I change my site from the to the .com? Just boarding the url? What else do I need to think about in terms of SEO?

I think that’s just a phenomenal question.

Charles: I think it’s a great question but I think what you have to consider, number one is where you’re target is. Right? Because if you’re using the domain name then it indicates you are on the UK and that maybe where your target clientele is. If that’s the case and you’re already ranking there, then I probably wouldn’t consider even changing my domain name to the .com. I would probably void it.

If, on the other hand, you’re trying to rank with your .com name, you don’t want to use the UK name then, yeah, I would switch them in GoDaddy. I’m not sure who the host is. It did say we’re using a different host from a different register. Was pretty simple and GoDaddy, I mean, for the most part it’s probably pretty simple across the board but definitely.

And the .com name to the UK site and then once it’s propagated and is active then remove the UK.

Chris: Yeah and I think you want to leave your UK up for a little while with 301 redirect.

Charles: Definitely. Take care of any ranking you have or anything like that and frankly thing to be careful for is how that kind of domain change is going to affect the [0:07:46] [Inaudible] management system you might be using.

Chris: Yeah, there’s a number of things it can bump into. In general, the principle is move an exact copy of your website over there and then 301 redirect each and every page on the over to the other one and I think Charles makes a great point.

If you’ve got the for a reason and your target is UK then don’t – you may not want to make that change. If you’re trying to go a little more global or even target US, a US audience, there is value in .com.

Also, I don’t know the mindset of Brits. Are they happier at a .com or do they feel more comfortable? Do they not care? I don’t know. Maybe Darren Buoy can hit us up and let us know… it is.

Charles: …what’s the word?

Chris: Because he actually won a $10 gift card on our Facebook page. That’s another reason to be a fan of our Facebook page and follow. We give a $10 gift card away every week. He won it once. I’m trying to get it to him and he actually wanted I got to to try and purchase this gift card and it says, “These are not useful in” And I’m like, “Okay.”

So I go to, I don’t have an account over there and now I got to make an account. And so I, Darren Buoy, hit me up. Let me know if you know you can use – I didn’t even buy it yet. I’m like, “Can you use a” I don’t know. Whatever. Maybe people in the UK can’t even – they won’t let them buy from .com.

That seems stupid but…

Charles: If that’s the case then yeah, definitely…

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