Groupon and SEO

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Groupon and SEO
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Groupon and SEO

Chris:                           Hi! And welcome to the SEO Podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.


Chuck:                         You got it right this time.


Chris:                           Ooh, yeah. My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.


Chuck:                         This is Charles Lewis, your internet marketing person. We’re back again for another session of infotainment.


Chris:                           Infotainment.


Chuck:                         Yeah, yeah.


Chris:                           Unfortunately, there are no reviews, and you know, there should be like a tear or I’m going to get a tattoo every time a week goes by.


Chuck:                         You come here with a tear tattoo. I don’t know about that.


Chris:                           That would be the blank-stare news of the day.


Chuck:                         Of the rest of the year.


Chris:                           And again, I don’t even know what to say, like that is just crazy.


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           We are your friendly local neighborhood top position snatchers where our mantra is “Do not be a douche.” We appreciate you guys making us the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. You can stalk us,;




Chris:                  is how you can send us an email. So make sure you stalk us and make sure you go out, create an iTunes account. That’s like a two ‑ I’m going to say a one-minute process just to convince you to go do it.


Chuck:                         It’s like two steps.


Chris:                           Make an account. Write a review. Done!


As always, we’d like to mention at least one tip from our previous podcast and the tip last time was a pretty long one. If you are a vendor and use Groupon, make sure the deal you offer does not cause you to owe the customer money at the end of the transaction.


Chuck:                         You know what’s funny about that? So I was meeting with my guy Domino. He has a company called Big 6 Bar B Que. So we were meeting the other day and he was telling me that he was getting sold by a Groupon rep. Now mind this. He sells barbecue plates. He has one that’s 14 bucks that comes with two meats, two sides, a dessert and a drink. He said they wanted him to first cut the price in half to make it $7 and then at everyone that they sold for $7, split that with them.


Chris:                           Right, down to 25%.


Chuck:                         Yeah. He was like, “Chuck, that’s 25% broke! That is not going to work for me.”


Chris:                           Yeah. That can’t work. Yeah. There are some people that can’t, absolutely.


Chuck:                         Well, I told him — I said, “Yeah, that’s not for you.”


Chris:                           Well, there’s two things I’d say about that because I do some improv at Third Coast Comedy and they’ve done Groupon a couple of times. I would say that the number of people who actually took advantage of the deal that they paid for, it was probably 25% did not use it, at least 25%. So that’s one of the things. You do get the cash up front, and really, it’s about, you know, it’s a great kind of grand opening, but you spend some money.


Chuck:                         Yeah. That’s what I told him. I said, “If you were brand new, you got a lot of capital where you can afford to take that upfront loss for the sake of branding and getting foot traffic, then do it.” But if you, you know.


Chris:                           If you’re going to lose a lot of money, yeah, don’t do it.


Chuck:                         It’s not in your best interest, not at all.


Chris:                           I think in his case though, he would probably make ‑ by the end of the year, it would be worth it because he may lose some money on those initial plates, but he is going to make a whole lot of people aware of his business and have a lot of opportunity to get repeat business potentially because he does barbecues that goes to events and ‑


Chuck:                         Catering and all kind of that stuff.


Chris:                           So to give away a plate at 25, at least you’re getting something for that marketing opportunity.


Chuck:                         Okay. I could see that.


Chris:                           We’ll see. It might be worth it. So that’s our news. Apparently, some people are suing Groupon because Groupon is working such hard deals, maybe even harder than that deal at a poorly organized coupon campaign to the 25% off at the Big 6 Bar B Que and he’s paying.


Chuck:                         He’s paying you to come eat.


Chris:                           Please come it, and here’s a buck.


I thought this was interesting because a lot of information now was covered in a little bit of news. The FTC is ratcheting up their pursuit of Google for anti-trust probe. Google’s been in a lot of probes before. They’ve never had any issues and they seem to conform with government agencies significantly more than Microsoft ever did. Microsoft was like, “You’re slowing us down,” and even made a website to give this a chance, both of them. Get the government out of our hairs so we can grow faster. So you can find that. I think it was on CNN that I found that.


Google is actually showing the Google Plus accounts to users who aren’t logged in now.


Chuck:                         Really?


Chris:                           Yeah. And that was from Search Engine Land that I got that.


Chuck:                         I’m always logged in so I guess I never noticed. I mean it’s crazy, Google. I don’t know why you make do this. So right now, I have like IE, Chrome and Firefox open, and I’m logged into Google with three different accounts. I didn’t know the browser. I don’t know a solution to this problem.


Chris:                           Well, and we saw there was an add-in. The only problem is that the add-in made every tab a new Google account and sometimes you’ve got Email, Analytics, and Local Places associated with that account.


Chuck:                         Yeah. I may be in Places, Analytics, AdWords, and Email and that’s okay.


Chris:                           Right. It needs to be one account.


Chuck:                         Yes. So yeah, they need to fix that with a new browser. Open up a new Chrome browser and that should be new cookies.


Chris:                           Yeah. That’s probably out there. I mean there has to be an add-in that’s out there that does that.


Do you remember the Winklevoss brothers?


Chuck:                         Facebook dudes. So they quit, didn’t they?


Chris:                           They’re going after it again.


Chuck:                         I though they’ve fallen a bit.


Chris:                           They got 65 million, right? And now they’re going after it again. Part of me is like, “Really guys? I mean really? You got 65 million. You’re twins so that’s 3250, 32 million.”


Chuck:                         Well, there’s three of them. There’s the twins and then there was like one more guy.


Chris:                           Okay, okay, so 20-something.


Chuck:                         Yeah, 21 million dollars apiece like come on, man.


Chris:                           And then other process is well, it’s just litigation. Let me just take a million of that 21 million, use that to fund my attorneys and just ‑


Chuck:                         You could try to get more, especially after you read something that says Facebook just went over 750 million users.


Chris:                           Yeah, it’s crazy.


Chuck:                         It seems like they can never lose more money when it comes to payday.


Chris:                           Yeah, we’ll try again. Anybody who’s actually liked us on Facebook saw a really cool image. Remember the four monitors and the two monitors. Go check that out on our Facebook page. We’ve got 143 users. We’re excited about that. What percentage do you think are female?


Chuck:                         According to a few podcasts ago, 40% I think it was.


Chris:                           That’s 25%. I think 40% of interactions are females and 25% of our followers. We have a listener in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia so punch in the face to anybody over in Riyadh. Hit us up on Facebook and let us know who you are. And then oh, that’s going to be blank-stare news.


Chuck:                         I was going to say man, I don’t know where Riyadh is. I’m glad you said the country.


Chris:                           Right in the middle of Saudi Arabia.


Chuck:                         Yeah. We complain about the heat here.


Chris:                           Yeah, right in the middle of Saudi Arabia is not ‑


Chuck:                         Hot!


Chris:                           Yeah, not comfortable.


What do we got here? So we’ve got this. This is the Twitter American Express. We can do that. That’s kind of cool. So Facebook users with American Express, so American Express is coming out with a campaign.


Chuck:                         Foursquare.


Chris:                           Foursquare, not Facebook, Foursquare absolutely. They’re doing a program where if you check in with Foursquare and then purchase with your AmEx, you get an AmEx specific discount.


Chuck:                         Yeah. So that’s pretty cool. That’s like a big punch a face to Foursquare and AmEx for coming together doing that. I think that is very innovative. It’s a creative way to help people save money and to, you know.


Chris:                           Well, and encourage people to use AmEx.


Chuck:                         Yeah.


Chris:                           I use Discover because it tends to give back more money, and then if you register every month, which is actually a cool process because that reminds you to continue to use your Discover. It’s a cool process for Discover, not for us.


Then on those particular, you know, so you register in for grocery stores that month, you get an extra 2.5% or whatever so it’s pretty cool. So then AmEx is saying, “Look, all you got to do is tie your AmEx account with your Foursquare account.”


Chuck:                         Somehow, yeah.

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