Groupon as Internet Marketing Plan

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Groupon as Internet Marketing Plan

Charles Lewis:             Well, if that your model, you know, it’ll continue [0:08:12] [Phonetic] to work for you because it’ll take some upfront cost but you’ll get a lot of repeat business. You’ll get up sells. But if your business is usually the people I see who fill the most on Groupon are restaurants because they come in and they have a meal that cost 10 bucks and you’ll get it for, you know, 3 bucks —

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:                         … on Groupon because it’s 75% off.

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             And then, you know, the restaurant has spent, you know, 4 bucks preparing a meal. [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:                         And so, it’s a loss.

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             And then if they don’t come back, you know, hopefully, the food is good and they come back.

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:                         But if they don’t come back, then —

Chris Burres:               It’s just a loss.

Charles Lewis:                         It’s just a loss.

Chris Burres:               That’s all of this. And if you break even, it’s free advertising.

Charles Lewis:                         Exactly.

Chris Burres:               Right? It’s just free awareness advertising.

Charles Lewis:                         It steals the off time.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:                         It is free as — type of positive world.

Chris Burres:               Yeah. And you better be providing a good enough service for them to come back. Anyway, there’s a lot of —

Charles Lewis:                         Or better be good.

Chris Burres:               … there’s a lot of debates about whether Groupon, you know, where it works and I think it — I think it does work and it works for some — some groups and I don’t think we’re going to see it go by the wayside anytime soon. So probably I should be buying their stock if I did that kind of thing. [Laughter] We have a caption contest winner. I didn’t get a chance to print out the caption. Remember, you can follow us on Facebook at —

Charles Lewis:                         ewebstyle.

Chris Burres:               Or you can follow us on Twitter, —

Charles Lewis:                         ewebstyle.

Chris Burres:               Or YouTube, —

Charles Lewis:                         [Singing] ewebstyle.

Chris Burres:               By the way, our YouTube page is about to get a whole lot fuller. You can also e-mail us at podcast@ —

Charles Lewis:               

Chris Burres:               So — so the caption contest, go to our Facebook page which is again —

Charles Lewis:                         ewebstyle.

Chris Burres:               And we typically run a weekly or biweekly caption contest. We will show some image and we’d like to get — we’re getting some really good creative —


Charles Lewis:                         Yeah. [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               … and in kind of industry relevant –

Charles Lewis:                         This is the one for the guy with the — with the huge turtle?

Chris Burres:               Yeah, yeah.

Charles Lewis:                         Okay.

Chris Burres:               Yeah and the caption was good. I did get a chance to read. It was kind of long and how many SEOers does it take to move a giant turtle. Yeah, we have a picture of a giant turtle. It was like a three foot tall turtle on our Facebook page.

Charles Lewis:                         Is this the one with the essay? Oh, there was the essay.

Chris Burres:               You know, the caption was — I don’t remember. It was good. It was actually –

Charles Lewis:             You know, the title Turtle? For this told us [0:10:31] [Inaudible]. [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               I don’t — I don’t remember. You know what? It was good. I wish I had enough to be a real teaser. Let’s just have a teaser that I’m going to upgrade it. It was great.

Charles Lewis:                         [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               Go to our Facebook page.

Charles Lewis:                         Going to look at it, yeah.

Chris Burres:               And check out it out. Make a comment about it. You can actually say, “Chris, you’re wrong,” or you can say, “Chris, you’re right,” or maybe — I have another one, why not. And finally, I actually had to go to England to prevent from putting a tear tattoo.

Charles Lewis:                         Tear tattoo?

Chris Burres:               Right. So we don’t have any reviews in the US right now. So I almost put a tear tattoo on and then I said, oh, let me just check the UK. Maybe something news come in over there. Yeah, for those of you who don’t know on iTunes — first of, if you don’t know, then you need to get on the iTunes. You need to create an iTunes account. You need to write a review about this podcast. Only do that if you get some value out of this podcast. And then hit us up at podcast@ —

Charles Lewis:               

Chris Burres:               And let us know that you did it so we can give you a little link love and punch in the face. So I went over to England. Let me see, you know, in iTunes they separate the reviews and really the whole structure is a little bit different per country. So the very bottom, there’s a US flag if you’re here. You click it and then you can select another country. I selected the England. Went back to our podcast and here we have top quality content and funny too. This is by the Toe Cutter [0:12:01] [Phonetic].

Charles Lewis:                         Ouch.

Chris Burres:               Yeah. [Laughter] We need — that’s a new — we need to add a new —

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah.

Chris Burres:               Running term. “These guys give top quality up-to-date content and to top it — top it all, they are very easy to — I’m missing the comma. I really get stuck without commas, oh my God.

Charles Lewis:                         You need several focus.

Chris Burres:               [Laughter] And to top it all, they are very easy to listen to and very funny. Keep up the great work. Thanks, Nick.” Punch in the face to you, Nick. Thank you. That was five stars if you are wondering. Again, thank you guys. You are the ones who make us the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes and instead of ending the podcast right now, we’re actually going to the meat of our podcast. [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:             So we were talking about Facebook early. So we got a couple of questions from Facebook. So let’s address those and then we’ll get to some whippy C [0:12:51] [Phonetic] tips I have from this —

Chris Burres:               What type of style was that?

Charles Lewis:                         This is —

Chris Burres:               Oh, that’s printed on .matrix printer? [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         This is really from notepad.

Chris Burres:               [Laughter] Wow.

Charles Lewis:                         You know, I use notepad when I was in school.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             I use a code in notepad and then take it over in notepad. So anyway, two questions came from Facebook. The first one is from Dave Gibbins. He asks, “Hey guys, can using a templated WordPress theme affect your rankings versus customizing a design yourself. I am thinking of buying a template and doing a little bit of work to it to personalize but could the fact that there will be other sites out there with a very similar design/structure cause any negative effects?”

Dave, my answer is yes. The reason I say yes is because, first of, themes do have an effect on SEO. In worst case scenario, you click a free theme that may have expanding links embedded in the footer that you can’t see or it was coded bad and so, your page ends up loading slow or also some things like that. If you’re going to use a free theme, my suggestion would be to — to download themes from, right? If you’re going to do a new one, 2011 theme, we always use that one and then customize it and build off of that to do a custom WordPress site that’s because that was the latest one as always very clean, minimal coding, loads fast. So I always start there. I would kind of stay away from, you know, you do a — Google search for a free WordPress themes, you’ll get —

Chris Burres:               In days [0:14:26] [Phonetic].

Charles Lewis:                         [Laughter] Yeah.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             And you know, some people embed malicious stuff in there where they use a lot of scripting and things like that to make it look cool and give a lot of features but it load slow and it’s not that friendly. So be careful with that and then make sure you’re using the right plugins to help with your SEO.

Chris Burres:               Well there’s two — two other things I would add. I had a conversation, again, just yesterday and talking about how often does another web developer here in town do WordPress updates and do they have any problem when they do updates with plugins, and she mentioned specifically that she has problems when she’s working with the template — working with the purchase template.


I would also say that I don’t think, one of the things you mentioned is I don’t think that having that same template repeated multiple times is a problem, checks concern is, if that if that templates — just make sure that template is designed right. If it designed right, if you want to have an SEO expert look at it and look at the code, then — then it can work really well for you. His biggest concern is that it’s going to have malware attach to it if it’s free. It did say you’re going to purchase it, just — just be careful and know, in no way does it matter that a hundred people have that exact same theme as long as you’re doing the basics that you need to do with the SEO —

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah, count [0:15:44] [Phonetic] any different.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah, the —

Chris Burres:               Different content, different images, different title tags, different — different URL structure because —

Charles Lewis:                         Optimize it differently. [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               Yeah. So those are the things to watch out for.

Charles Lewis:             The second question was — I hope that helps, Dave. You know, hit me up. Let me know what you think, how they work out for you.

Chris Burres:               Punch in the face.

Charles Lewis:             Send me the site. We’d like to do an analysis on it. Scott Burrage, another Facebook question. He said, “I heard you talking on a recent podcast…” thanks for listening “About how to link your Google profile to show a photo in the Google search…” that was the —

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:                         Google to Google.

Chris Burres:               Try Bermuda triangle.

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah, that’s what you call it.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             No, you didn’t call it Bermuda triangle. It was something else because I remember thinking how crazy it was. The triangular — something you say it.

Chris Burres:               Just combobulator?

Charles Lewis:                         No.

Chris Burres:               [Laughter]

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