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Eighth SEO Podcast Feb. 13th 2009.  First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi, welcome to the E-Webstyle podcast.

Paul: Yes, welcome back. Thanks for joining us for another fun-filled edition of the E-Webstyle podcast.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Paul: And this is Paul Hanson, sales manager of E-Webstyle.

Chris: We are having a peanut-free podcast.

Paul: How about a salmonella-free podcast?

Chris: That’s a good call.

Paul: Yeah. There we go.

Chris: It’s an interesting story that it looks like they run the “brink [00:36]” already.

Paul: And they shipped the peanuts anyway.

Chris: Man, come on. Somebody’s going to jail.

Paul: Come on. Gosh, I mean the times must really, really be tight if you’re going to send out some salmonella peanuts to your suppliers. Come on.

Chris: That’s crazy.

Paul: Speaking of tight times, what do you do as a business owner when times are tight? You grow your business that’s what we like to do here at E-Webstyle and for our clients. We want to grow your business search engine optimization, and good website is obviously a great cost effective, great ROY way to do that. So we’re here talking about search engine optimization and how we can grow your business.

Chris: Here is what else you do when times get tough, you stop listening to the news and thinking that the economy is going bad and still grow your business.

Paul: Absolutely. We’re growing our business here at E-Webstyle. We’re excited about that and the reason is because we’re helping other businesses grow. So you can do it. Speaking of do it? Just to cover what we covered last time. We covered do’s and don’ts of SEO outsourcing. If that’s a subject of interest to you, make sure you go back and listen to our previous podcast. If that’s a subject that’s not of interest to you and you want to voice your opinion, don’t. [Laughing]. Just don’t.

Chris: You can always contact us at podcast at and we always look forward to your comments, all the positive ones. We look forward to throwing the bad one to the garbage. So keep those emails coming and keep listening to our podcast. The other thing that we touched on last time was search engine optimization sabotage. So if you are in a market for a SEO company and you’re not happy with your current SEO company make sure you call us first. We’ll help you through that process here at E-webstyle, but also make sure you go back and listen to the previous podcast because there are some measures you need to make sure that you’re old SEO company as it’s going out the door, doesn’t doing sabotages. The proverbial deliver the pink slip with the security guards, so the guy can’t go postal as he’s leaving your office at Friday at 4:45 p.m. before Christmas. [03:12 indiscernible]

Paul: Definitely listen to the old podcast because definitely… is a great example… a perfect example of SEO sabotage.

Chris: Alright so the next line on our sheet here, what’s that say here?

Paul: SEO is a slow process for those of you who don’t know. SEO does not… just because you start SEO does not mean you’re going to have overnight success.

Chris: And let’s… We can take a few moments here to answer the question why is SEO is a slow process.

Paul: That’s a great a question. It takes time. I mean, there’s a lot of things involved in SEO and we’ve covered those link building, key words, and all those things take time to develop. So it’s not… I have clients because I deal a lot of clients and we’re pitching SEO that they think, “Oh, I’ll be on the first page of Google tomorrow.”

Chris: And that can be true.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: It actually can be true.

Paul: It can be true.

Chris: It actually can be true if you’re selling blue one arm widgets, I promised I can get you on the first page of Google really fast.

Paul: [Laughing]. I quit selling those things awhile so.

Chris: Yeah. [Laughing]. The arm-free widgets.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: It’s so much better.

Paul: They really are.

Chris: And we know somebody’s going to listen to this podcast and they’re going to go out and they’re going to make a webpage for blue one-arm widgets and somebody is going to Google it and they’re going to say, “You said I could get on there the first day, first page of Google.”

Paul: Yeah. The reality for that is you know if it’s a term that there’s not many web pages or no web pages out on the internet regarding that particular subject, then of course, it’s going to be pretty easy to get on the first page. You know the slower process happens when you’re dealing with, you know, the more interesting key words.

Chris: You know if you want to choose, you know, we were dealing with one of our clients who is an attorney who does Mass Tort cases and they’re looking at Zyprexa. The Zyprexa and Digitek, you know those are huge class action lawsuits, are there. There is a lot of money to be made by the attorneys. I mean to have turned to the people who were unrightfully wrong. [Laughing]. And consequently, you know, attorneys out of the goodness of their hearts want to make sure that money gets to those people. So they’re spending a lot of their own money to make sure that those dollars get back to their clients.

Paul: Nice cover up, Chris. [Laughing]. Thank you our clients.

Chris: So, there is an example… So there is literally a lot of money there so you can get some really expensive key word terms in terms of pay-per-click and a lot of efforts going on for those key word term in terms of search engine optimization. So with the right SEO company such as E-Webstyle and with some patience and time, you can get to the first page of Google for those very expensive or very challenging key words.

Paul: Even the attorney is a very challenging key word to get to the first page of Google for it. It gets a lot of searches that’s going to be tough to do.

Chris: And it can be done. It takes time and it takes… that actually something like that takes a bigger SEO strategy we usually don’t have to get in that kind of strategy on our day to day SEO client based. You know it’s the more traditional link-building, key words, meta-tags, all of those good things. And the other thing that can take time is link building. So if you want to go out there and you need to do link building and Google gives you, you know, significant credit for having high-value inbound links. You know, it takes time to build those and put those together so that’s it takes time. So the next question is, “Okay, Paul, this is going to take a long time before I can get my website up there, but I want customers today. What should I do?”

Paul: I’d say the next thing you should do is set up a pay-per-click campaign to get immediate results.

Chris: And can you guys help us with that?

Paul: We can certainly help you set up, help managed your pay-per-click campaign, do all the labor work because pay-per-click is not…. I don’t want to say it’s hard, but it’s not… I don’t want to say it’s not easy. Help me find a better word.

Chris: It’s time consuming.

Paul: That’s exactly.

Chris: It’s laborious.

Paul: It is laborious. It is definitely time consuming.

Chris: And you’re a business owner, you don’t have the time to do that, and frankly, the people who are… You know, who would be talented of doing that. You don’t… We recommend that you spend an hour, maybe two hours a day. So you’re not going out and hire somebody to come in who is a pay-per-click expert who only needs to be working an hour a day that doesn’t make sense. And consequently, the people that you can get for an hour a day aren’t going to be talented enough and pay-per-click to properly manage it. So it’s a great example of where you really should outsource that labor.

Paul: And you know, you could do it, but as you know a lot of client comes to us because they have to run their business…

Chris: And they should be running their business.

Paul: Yeah, they have to be a physician or an office supply company or whatever is they do and then come home at night and manage a pay-per-click campaign after they make dinner and do all these other stuffs in their lives. So it is definitely a time-consuming process and lot of our clients comes to us, “Like hey I just really don’t have time to do this or I don’t want to do it.”

Chris: And then they learn our price and say, “Wow, that’s really cost effective so take it, we’re definitely going to do that with you. One of the things that people asked, you know, we may recommend a $500-a-month pay-per-click campaign and when I say $500 a month, I’m talking about the amount of money that goes into your escrow account, which is to be spent on clicks. And then our charge for pay-per-click campaigns can vary… It’s usually between 375 and 475 and people like, “Okay, wait a minute so I’m paying as much for your management of the campaign as I am actually spending on the campaign that doesn’t necessarily feel right.” And there’s a reason for that. There is… You can get significant… If you just go in and nonchalantly setup a pay-per-click campaign and you’re not monitoring it and you’re not tracking it and you’re not taking care of it on a daily basis like we do then some of the things you can run into is you can spend you’re whole $500 in the first day.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Or you can spend it on the wrong terms or you know, it maybe sending traffic to the wrong pages. If you aren’t cognizant of what’s going on and keeping track of that, then literally that 500 dollars could disappear quickly, which you want the value of having somebody monitor can actually triple, quadruple, turn that 500-dollar investment into the actual pay-per-clicks, into, you know, thousand of dollars in return. And that’s where, “Okay, if I tell you, look you’re going to spend 500, you’re going to pay us, we’ll just say 500 and in a course of a month, you’re going to get eight customers back to you or worth 1000 dollars a piece. Well, it’s a no-brainer. I was spending a thousand dollars. I’m getting 8 thousand dollars of business that’s a no-brainer. I’m going to do it.” So you definitely need to consider having somebody manage your pay-per-click campaign and we loved to talk to you about that here. We’d love to have your business with that. So in general, we want to talk today about pay-per-click campaigns and what it is you want to look for, what it is that you want to do in order to succeed in your campaign.

Paul: And I’d said the very first thing or one of the most important things is you need to have a strategy, have an online strategy before you start a pay-per-click campaign. I mean I think you should have goals and a strategy before you do anything, but you know you definitely need a strategy before you start it. You know define your purpose for your online marketing campaign. It could be to… obviously you want more clicks, but are you trying to make sales, do you have any commerce website, are you trying to get more people to fill out a contact form of some sort. I mean, so know exactly what your strategy is, what your goal is for your pay-per-click campaign. Don’t just jump out there and start a pay-per-click campaign and say, “Oh, I can’t wait to [12:07] coming.”

Chris: That’s absolutely true. And you know you’re right in some sense that sounds unbelievably obvious.

Paul: [Chuckles].

Chris: And this phrase also sounds unbelievably common, which is, “Hey, let’s just throw a couple of hundred dollars at pay-per-click and see what happens.” Does that sounds like you have an online strategy before you begin your pay-per-click?

Paul: It sounds like you don’t know what you’re doing.

Chris: Exactly. And you specifically have no strategy. You’re just throwing money. Again, you know, we’ve all heard business owners do it, say it, whenever I tried pay-per-click campaign it didn’t work because they just throw 100 dollars at it to see what would happen and that’s not what the strategy, that’s not how you make that happen. That’s not how you make that happen properly.

Paul: Yes. You can do it. You can just throw money at it, but you know you might be throwing money away.

Chris: If you’re planning on just throwing money in general and this is Chris Burres talking not the owner of E-Webstyle, you know you could just throw it at me.

Paul: I’ll catch it. I’ll catch every dollar. I promise.

Chris: I probably even give you a little bit of good advice, you know, about everything that you might want to do with other money that you want to spend.

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