How to promote your Facebook account

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How to promote your Facebook account
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How to promote your Facebook account

Chris:                           Yeah. Come back three times and just check in. so that means if you’re driving down the street, pull over and check in at Subway. If the Starbucks is on your way to work, pull over three days, get your free one on the fourth.


Chuck:                         Yeah. That’s why I have to figure out a way to — I might need to see you.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         Until the tweet peak or something to check in.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           Oh, yeah. Well, you see if people started using that —


Paul:                            And now I’d like to see businesses start taking that data who checks in often like often and say, “Hey, you’re a frequent check in club. Here’s a 10% off on your next purchase.”


Chris:                           Yeah. You just be proactive with it. The next one was too many updates. You did touch on that.


Chuck:                         Yeah, too many updates. I say as long as — too many updates is okay if it’s valuable information like Danny — Dan Sullivan. He updates frequently but it’s usually pretty good content.


Chris:                           Yeah. Well, he’s got writers and reporters or whatever put together content so…


Chuck:                         Or my guy, Flex.


Paul:                            Oh, yeah.


Chuck:                         Oh, man, in Flex we trust. He had like nine people, maybe more than that who are managing his one Twitter account. So update, update, update, update like every 45 seconds.


Chris:                           Wow!


Chuck:                         But…


Chris:                           Good stuff.


Paul:                            There was a link.


Chuck:                         There’s always a link to his site. He never sends you directly to the sources. I always tell how that information is put on his site but it’s good content. He’s interested in it, everything from cars to sports to music to whatever.


Paul:                            He’s like Yahoo basically.


Chris:                           I call him the urban — he’s like the urban CNN.


Paul:                            There you go. Urban CNN.


Chuck:                         Literally everything. So shout out for Flex.


Chris:                           Cool. Number 3 was again the one that you missed, not promoting your social media accounts and it says how to avoid this. Do tell people that you have a Facebook page or Twitter. Put it in your stores. That’s a great point because we always think in terms of web, but you — one of the things — and we just signed up a social media account about a month ago. Immediately we put links on the website. They’re already getting followers. I’m thinking of south sail — all point sailing. So anybody out there, go check out all point sailing in Houston and go ahead and like them. And the other thing that we need to do is get — he teaches sailing courses, get Facebook on his invoices and on his business cards.


Chuck:                         But now the caveat to that is I’m in Fiesta the other day and as I’m checking out there’s a big sign on the window that says “Friend us on Facebook.”


Chris:                           Where? Why?


Chuck:                         This is Fiesta.


Chris:                           Yeah, yeah. You’re getting —


Paul:                            Is there going to be a coupon following this?


Chuck:                         I don’t know why I should friend Fiesta on Facebook at all.


Paul:                            Yeah.   And for those who don’t know Fiesta, it’s a local grocery store here in Houston.


Chris:                           Yeah. And the sailing kind of makes a little more sense because it’s more recreational and they’re giving what we opposed on Facebook is sailing tips and boating tips and interactions like did you get out on Memorial Day? Did you enjoy the water and stuff? So yeah, but why?


Paul:                            I think it could work. Hey, followers on Fiesta, 10% off. 10% off on this this week or wash your vegetables before you do them because there’s an outbreak of E. coli —


Chuck:                         Yeah, exactly.


Paul:                            — which just happened, a serious outbreak of E. coli.


Chuck:                         Maybe they’re all posting tweets. I’d never friended them.


Paul:                            I haven’t friended them either. I highly doubt that they are though.


Chris:                           Yeah. Let’s do the biggest announcement on the Fiesta website. Oh, let’s go to Kroger.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chris:                           There’s somebody who’s like “Oh, the lettuce at Fiesta is bad.” That’s Kroger.


Paul:                            Kroger is expensive.


Chris:                           And then —


Chuck:                         Kroger is expensive but it works if you get their gas.


Paul:                            Oh, okay, yeah.


Chuck:                         Spend the money and then get a discount on your gas.


Chris:                           And then using social media only to promote yourself that would be don’t be a douche.


Paul:                            That will be “follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me.”


Chris:                           Man, you could do it —


Chuck:                         Because I’m awesome.


Paul:                            Yeah.


Chuck:                         Cool because I rock.


Chris:                           That could be a good YouTube video. “Twitter follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me.”


Paul:                            Yeah, a song. I say another one is not adding links, and I think that — you know, when you mentioned this 6% of tweets are status updates or whatever has links in them, to me that’s a — the biggest part of Twitter is either a catchy phrase — all of Twitter is either a catchy phrase or a link to someone else or a picture.


Chuck:                         Well, that — and now as this is becoming hashtags, trending topics are huge, but yeah, included link and some valuable content. I mean this is not only with social but this also with SEO. At the end of the day you’re generating traffic to a particular page that you linked to that someone else may link to from their site if they like it. So definitely do that. I got a shout out and I got some blank stare.


Chris:                           A shout out? Where does that —


Chuck:                         Yeah, a shout out, a punch in the face. A punch in the face to National Arborists.


Chris:                           National Arborists, all right.


Chuck:                         National Arborists is an incident marketing SEO firm that specializes in helping companies who service trees.


Chris:                           Oh.


Paul:                            Okay because I was like “What? Arborists?” Is that a marketing company?


Chuck:                         They specialize in helping companies that service trees and stuff like that.


Chris:                           Like tree trimming or fertilize — trees.


Chuck:                         Description says trees.


Chris:                           Tree?


Chuck:                         Helping companies service trees.


Paul:                            Okay. That’s what’s up.


Chuck:                         That’s what the bio says. But anyway, she hit us on Twitter. I said “she.” I don’t know if it’s a he or a she. They hit us on Twitter and said that we are the greatest SEO podcast on earth. A punch in the face to you guys.


Chris:                           That is wow! That is what’s up.


Paul:                            A very intelligent —


Chris:                           I think they swing a bat or something, something tree related.


Chuck:                         See, I go followed them at NATLARB.


Chris:                           Cool.


Chuck:                         Well, I said I got blank stare so…


Chris:                           All right.


Chuck:                         Yeah, I blinked at times.


Chris:                           We’ll be coordinated next time. No blinking.


Chuck:                         Yeah. So blank stare at Google. You were talking about Yelp earlier.


Paul:                            Uh-huh.


Chuck:                         So Google through their app on Android and iPhone are scraping reviews —


Paul:                            Ohh!


Chuck:                         — in the Google places. So on the web it’s fine. They reference you, but on the app I just saw the review and the review was —


Paul:                            They had a big view when this license came out.


Chris:                           That is when I got to go wow!


Paul:                            Yelp and Google. But again, it’s for real when that — I remember when places came out because of that.


Chuck:                         They fixed it the web.


Paul:                            Okay.


Chuck:                         You know, not a show created like they’ll show you who searched this. They’ll show you whatever you came for.


Chris:                           Right.


Chuck:                         But not on the app.


Chris:                           Well, and Yelp is in a bad place, right?


Chuck:                         Well, yeah, because they need it but they — they also need credit for it.


Chris:                           Exactly. I mean if — yeah. And man —


Paul:                            I wouldn’t say that they’re in a bad place. They’re still doing very well.


Chris:                           Well, I think they’re in a bad place in this issue because literally they could say, “Okay, Google, remove your listings.” They’re like, “Okay. We’ll just make sure Yelp never shows up on Google ever.”


Paul:                            But the Yelp’s — the thing is Yelp’s traffic comes from Yelp itself, not from Google. So — and I know this because I was reading a lot about the battle between them. So they’re kind of on their own —


Chuck:                         Well, Yelp appreciated the fact and they loved the fact that Yelp reviews were showing up in the natural listings.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Paul:                            That didn’t happen anymore. I don’t ever see them anymore.


Chris:                           Well, and think about it, what’s the — we tend — and I think we’re a little bit different because we do the web so much. We don’t like directories. Yelp is a directory like at the end of the day it may be a really well put together it’s got good reviews. But if I’m searching, I probably don’t want to end up on it. I don’t want to end up on a Yelp page. So any — if Google pulls Yelp out of an organic, I think they’re actually doing great. It’s good for me, yeah.


Paul:                            Actually, I said that incorrectly. I do — I did see a Yelp review and then —


Chuck:                         Well, I said things because he uses Yelp.


Chris:                           Yeah.


Chuck:                         And so like if I used Yelp, I have an account and don’t use it, right? If I used it, I probably would click on the Yelp —


Chris:                           You want to see it and you’re familiar with it.


Paul:                            And I did. I guess about two days ago I searched for something I found and I went to it because I use Yelp and it was probably the —


Chris:                           And you’re familiar with it and you’re like, “Oh, yeah.”


Paul:                            I’m familiar with that. I just got an invite to be Yelp elite status.


Chris:                           Ooh, what does that mean?


Paul:                            I have no idea.


Chuck:                         The layer.


Paul:                            I don’t know. I don’t know.


Chris:                           I know but you’re jealous, aren’t you?


Paul:                            I was like, “Yeah, I felt really good.” I was like, “I don’t know what this means.”


Chris:                           Do I get free Air Mouse or something?


Paul:                            I don’t know.


Chris:                           You get the special waiting room.


Paul:                            Yeah, I don’t know because I need to reply and find out what that means but yeah, we’ll see what goes between that battle. Google places still sucks though so… Even though I follow them on Twitter, they suck.


Chris:                           Well, they are getting better. And Google, all of Google’s packages are really kind of coming gelling right now and so now we’re actually able to have like webmaster accounts with multiple access to it. We’re able to have a really good win, and I think that’s been true for a while with the pay per click and the MMC —


Chuck:                         Yeah, an MCC.


Chris:                           MCC. What does that stand for?


Chuck:                         My Client Center.


Chris:                           My Client Center. So then you can have lots of pay per click accounts in one place and that’s apparently been in place for a long time. I just wasn’t aware of it.


Paul:                            They are getting their stuff together which I think is cool. They’d better get on the social band wagon and as Google offers band — this daily deal bandwagon for they are left behind.


Chuck:                         And the Groupon is killing me. IPO, they have to raise like a certain amount of money —


Chris:                           They’re scheduled to raise $725 million.


Chuck:                         Yeah. So yeah.


Paul:                            Yeah. And Offers I think just launched last week in Portland. So we’ll see how that goes. I’ll sign up for it because if it’s a deal, I’m all about a deal.


Chris:                           You’re going to fly to Portland?


Paul:                            I am — yeah. That’s why we didn’t get that, but Google you better get on it. Don’t drop the ball on this because you will get left behind.


Chris:                           Yeah. Anything else? We’re good? All right? Yeah, you’ve been listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. That is because of you. You saw the reviews. You can find us on Facebook, We actually have a review section. There’s also a question that’s pending. Click the question and answer the question. It’s about whether you’re servicing B2B or B2C, business to consumer. You can follow us on Twitter, Hit us up, email I think that’s it. This has been a great podcast. My name is Chris Burres.


Paul:                            Paul Hanson.


Chuck:                         Charles Lewis.


Chris:                           Bye-bye for now.

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