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Twenty-first SEO Podcast June 26th 2009.  Third page of Transcription

Paul:               A shout out?

Chris:             Yeah, trying to use some other word here.

Paul:               That’s the best way to say it  Everybody gets a shout out, and thanks again John, we really appreciate that.

Chris:             So you were talking about social media.

Paul:               I’m going to say yes, you should have social media but should you have a social media profile just for the sake of having it?  To that, I’ll say no.  And I say it’s a fine line because….okay, here’s an example.  I read an article and which magazine is this, website magazine….I’m not sure which issue it is….in the July 2009 article.  And it was a great article about using social media to boost your business.  And this one particular…..

Chris:             Specifically, Tweeter.

Paul:               Yeah, specifically Twitter. This one company put on a….

Chris:             Did I say Tweeter?


Paul:               This one company, a burrito company….actually a Utah based Mexican restaurant chain called Costa Vita….they sent a one day offer for a free burrito to it’s eighty Twitter followers as a kind of a promotion to kind of bring business in the door.  And it was a huge success.  They’re thinking….okay….we’re going to give eighty free burritos max.  What they didn’t realize is that they sent it to their followers….they sent it to their friends and then they sent it to their friends and more than twenty-five hundred people walked in the door with this free burrito coupon.

Chris:             Twenty-five hundred?

Paul:               More than -five hundred.  They sent it to eighty people.

Chris:             WOW!

Paul:               This was a great example of using social networking.

Chris:             Good thing they didn’t have twenty-five hundred people on Twitter.

Paul:               Tell me about it.  That would have put them out of business.  It was a great example of using a social network to promote your business.  And so, should you have it?  Yes, if you can use a social network as a way to promote your business….to offer promotions….to do newsletters….yes, do it.

Chris:             You know and that really highlights one of the incredibly powerful things of Twitter.  One…and I believe this…I didn’t start using Facebook until my mobile phone had reasonable access to my Facebook account.  Because when I’m at the office…when I’m at my computer, I’m just working hard-core.  But when I’m waiting at a bus stop….when I’m waiting for a free burrito….(laughter)  you know, whatever it may be….I’ve got time to open up my phone and type in whatever I’m doing.  Same thing with Twitter….it’s kind of the success of it and the success of that particular campaign is the testament to Twitter is how easy it is to pass information.  So now….you know….one of our business partners here…Rob…is an incredibly thrifty guy.  And if he gets a free offer, we get the free offer.

Paul:               Oh yes, we definitely do.

Chris:             He emails it to us, even when it doesn’t work.  Because he emailed us a free offer for BMW, USB Porsche jumpdrive and we’d get in on it.  Oh, cool, we’re going to get one of those.  This offer has already been taken.

Paul:               Ahh, that sucks.

Chris:             Because the number that….he’s already got it.  But he shares and it’s even harder with that.  Now, with Mobile, you can actually see the Twitter.  So, if the only venue to promote this was….okay lets say that burrito company had eighty three people on their email list, and they sent this free offer to all eighty three people and they forwarded it to all their friends, but it’s good the same day only….what’s the likelihood of all those people reading their emails in time to adjust their lunch plans and go to the burrito place.

Paul:               Of course.

Chris:             But when it comes to their phone, and they get it instantaneously….

Paul:               Well, I know I’m going to lunch today.

Chris:             You’re done, right?  You don’t have to check your email on your computer.  It’s the fact that it’s on the cell phone which is really cool.  We’re finally catching up to places like China who have been glued to their phones for like ten years.  And you know, we think we’re this hotbed of technology but they’re so much further ahead in terms of using it in these social ways. So, yeah, I think that’s a great testament to Twitter and that technology.

Paul:               And these guys actually built a social profile and they’re actually using it.  They’re sending things to their customers….sending newsletters….sending free offers….and that’s when I say yes, it’s a great idea to use a social network.  What about someone that wants to do a social network but doesn’t have time to be on it?  And I guess I don’t want to say, no don’t do it, but I think when it comes to social networking, you have to stay relevant….you have to stay current.  You have to be social.  If you’re going to be on Twitter, lets Tweet something.  Twit…whatever.  If you want people to follow you, you have to Tweet.  If you want people to follow your business, you need to Tweet.  If you want people to follow you on Facebook….

Chris:             And it needs to be….you know….it can’t be…I’m going to lunch, so it has to be also relevant.  Which, you know, if you’re passionate about your business, that shouldn’t be hard at all.  There shouldn’t be any problem with that.  It’s just if you’re not really keyed with Twitter, then you’ll lose audience that way as well.

Paul:               Exactly.  And that’s what I’m saying.  If you’re not on it, you’re going to lose your audience.  Your Facebook….your Dig….your Twitter….if you’re not staying on it and doing things with it….sending cool links and articles and offering free stuff….you’re going to lose your following and they’ll just go with someone else.  So, I would say, if you’re not going to be on it, find a company to help you do that.

Chris:             You might want to do Facebook, but Twitter is so much more interactive, you probably don’t want to do Twitter.  So how about….you can have a static Facebook, but remember, in terms of having a static presence online, you should already have that.  That’s your website.

Paul:               I need a website, exactly.

Chris:             So, if you’re intention is, look I’m a small business…I don’t really have time to do this whole online thing…I need just a static presence because I need….you know….I have to get back to sales and work and product and service….then you have a website.  You need to have a website.  That’s kind of what it’s become is now…this is the standard….the bog standard is….you have to have a website and if you have the capability and the info structure to do it, then you have Facebook and Twitter and you actually work those mediums so that you can support your business.  So those are just great, great marketing tools.  You know there’s no way we can talk about social media without talking about Hammer Pants.

Paul:               That’s one and the same.  (laughter)

Chris:             And you introduced me to the….

Paul:               Hammer Pants dance.

Chris:             The Hammer Pants dance.  Yeah, if you go on to You Tube and type in Hammer Pants….and I don’t know if the … we know if the guy…..the store is called Live On Sunset, and it must have been fifty – eighty, probably fifty people and wasn’t it like gold lame pants…..

Paul:               These gold MC Hammer pants, and I mean shiny gold, like screaming gold.

Chris:             So you’ve got a bunch of……let me paint this scene before you actually go and watch it.  You’ve got a bunch of shoppers in this Live On Sunset Strip store, or Live On Sunset may be the store name and they’re all chillin….buying stuff…and I think over the internal speakers comes MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This”….and fifty people in gold lame pants come running in the door and start dancing and they were pretty good.

Paul:               They were. They were running and screaming…..YEAH!!!

Chris:             Some would get up on the tables and they’re all dancing to Hammer.  And then….you know….STOP!!!  And they all stick their hand out….they do like a five second count and then they all go running out the door.  Now, this is some brilliant marketing.

Paul:               I thought it was a great marketing tool, because it was funny and that was something that Louis Carlos sent to me….I sent to you…we sent it to my friends….

Chris:             My wife has seen it.

Paul:               Yeah, and now it gets spread out.  And to me, that was an awesome way this guy used You Tube to market his website with a viral video.  I thought it was awesome.  Now should everybody run out and do a Hammer Pants dance video?  Not quite.  You don’t want to see me in gold lame pants.  I don’t want to see me in gold lame pants.

Chris:             You know what?  Maybe they do   (laughter)

Paul:               We are doing a video podcast now.  I’m going to have to get a hell of a lot of emails for requests to put on some gold lame Hammer pants.

Chris:             Did you hear that?  All we need is five email requests to see Paul in gold lame Hammer pants.  I don’t know if lame is right, it sounds cool.  Gold lame Hammer pants and we’ll see it.

Paul:               And doing the Hammer dance.

Chris:             Yeah, I think we owe it to our audience and fans and groupies.  I don’t think they’re groupies. We’re not at that level yet.  But we do have a whole lot of fun.  We are at the end of our podcast, so let’s just kind of recap.  M J was on top of technology just like the current people are on top of say…Twitter and Facebook.  It’s cool they’re using it the right way.  It’s interesting and it’s sad that Michael Jackson has passed.  I’m an idiot and I’ve helped you to not be an idiot.  (laughter)  Yeah, maybe your company should be on Facebook and maybe your company should be on Twitter….that depends entirely on what kind of efforts you’re able to look to spend.  And go see some gold lame Hammer Pants video or Hammer Pants dance on You Tube and send five emails….we need five emails from people and we’ll get Paul in some gold lame….I’ll even buy them.


Chris:             Hell, I’ll make them.

Paul:               Hey, real quick before we go…I read this article.  If you’re interested in social sites, if you Google fifty social sites that every business needs a presence on, and then make your own judgment from there.  But it’s just a great way to find a ton of social sites.

Chris:             In fact, I saw one that I hadn’t even seen.

Paul:               I saw about forty five that I hadn’t ever seen


Chris:             See fifty, forty five, so you were aware of five of them.

Paul:               And I’m being liberal.  It was a cool article….I got a lot out of it….so check it out.

Chris:             Excellent.  Well, that’s our podcast for now.  Until our next podcast, this is Chris Burres.

Paul:               And this is Paul Hanson

Chris:             And we’ve got Louis Carlos here.  Say hello.  Alright and that’s Louis Carlos and bye bye for now.

Paul:               Bye guys.

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