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Fortieth Internet Marketing Podcast Nov. 20th 2009. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the unknown secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: All right, welcome back. Thanks for joining us. We have another fun-filled edition of SEO information.

Chris: This is podcast number 40 so we’re so glad that you joined us today.

Paul: Let me go turn off my speaker.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: I can hear that in the back.

Chris: Yeah, feedback from the speakers is going to be a little distracting. This is podcast number 40. We really appreciate you guys who are out there on UNSTREAM joining us today. Come on, step on by there, Paul. And for those of you listening to our podcast, we really appreciate you listening to our podcast. You can find us here on USTREAM every Friday at 9:15 give or take three or four minutes Central Standard Time.

Paul: Central Standard Time is a good point ’cause we got listeners all around the world.

Chris: All around the planet. That’s right. Oh, we picked up a new listener, a brand new listener in Singapore. I’ll tell you Janet Nan.

Paul: Janet Nan. Yes.

Chris: All right, Janet Nan. Thank you for joining us. This is podcast number 40. If you are interested in contacting us or having one of your questions answered on our podcast, all you have to do is send me $20.

Paul: Hey, man. You left it wide open so …

Chris: $20, yeah. And a check made out to me.

Paul: Oh, yeah.

Chris: And that’s really funny ’cause of a previous podcast so go back and listen to that. Really, you can send us an email at podcast at There’s lots of ways that you can stalk us. You can stalk us on Facebook. You can stalk us on Twitter. Here, you’re probably already stalking us on USTREAM.


Chris: Yes. Here in the studio. That’s awesome. To find us on Facebook the easiest way ’cause I don’t know the URL on Facebook. It’s all long and this can 00:01:51 is just go to, that’ll take you to our Facebook page.

Paul: Automatically.

Chris: You can find us on Twitter at, there is no dash in the e-webstyle in Twitter on that one. So, and it’s a little confusing. No, it’s actually really easy. There’s no dash at Twitter.

Paul: There you go.

Chris: There you go.

Paul: Works for me.

Chris: And our domain works on both. So and e-webstyle, buy we do prefer for emails If you go back and listen to some of our previous podcast, you will realize that we actually answer your questions. If we don’t know the answers, we actually appreciate those a lot more ’cause we go out there and we’ll research and we’ll talk to the people that we know in the in the industry, and we’ll get that question answered for you and we’ll give you — you know what, the only people who can guarantee you first page placement on Google or any of the search engines is the actual search engines. So we’re talking with the experts and the experts who do the best they can and we’re going to give you the best answer that we can. We are world class at what we do and we don’t own Google. So, you know, there’s a little nuance there yet. We’re on our way. And the only reason we want Google now is ’cause we’re really impressed with Google wave.

Paul: Oh, yes, but you know what? Last week I was kind of pissed ’cause they stole our links. They took a bunch of links away.

Chris: They took our links away, yeah.

Paul: But we got an invitation to Google wave and I …

Chris: All is forgiven?

Paul: I’ve been — yeah. I’m going to go say, “oh.”

Chris: At least for the week.

Paul: I want my — yeah — I want my links back.

Chris: Yeah, and if you want to know what Paul is talking about, yes, we lost a bunch of links. If you go back to our previous podcast, that’s podcast number 39, you can find it. Actually, you are podcast is hosted. You can find it on our website. Just go to our blog. You can also find it, we’re on podomatic. So just go e — there’s no www — That’ll take you directly to our podcast page on podomatic. So go back and listen to podcast number 39. Some of the other things that we talked about last time, well, we got started with Google goals.

Paul: Okay. We wrapped it up a little bit.

Chris: We talked about back links and just a little bit about how we’re running some experiments on duplicate content and back links. So go back and listen to that podcast ’cause it’s a really good podcast. We got a little bit of news. Every day, we want to cover a little news, give us some relevancy, give us some kind of food for our father for the 4.19 rest of the podcast.

Paul: Here’s an interesting something that we found last Friday after the podcast. For you car enthusiasts out there, if you know the Bugatti or Bugatti, I don’t know how to pronounce it is, but it’s a million dollar car. I think the one that was in the news cost about $1.6 or $2 million dollars, right?

Chris: It’s funny how $1.2 you kind of forget the two, but two represents 200 thousand dollars.

Paul: Yeah, it’s like $400 thousand dollar difference there, you know. So this guy ride — he’s driving down the expressway going to Galveston in Texas which is a little small island outside of Houston and I don’t know what he’s — I don’t remember what he was doing but he drove off of the — a bridge into the bay. He drove a $1.2 million dollar car into salt water up to the doors. You can actually find a video of them pulling the car onto a flatbed tow truck.

Chris: And he didn’t just kind of weave off and get in the water a little.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: He was like 100 yards.

Paul: He was into the bay.

Chris: A full football field into the base.

Paul: A million dollar car. So Google it, you will find it.

Chris: It’s kind of entertaining and relevant to Houston. That’s cool. That’s — I don’t know if that’s a positive thing about Houston or — we’ll just see …

Paul: It happened in Galveston.

Chris: At least we have people who own $1.2 million car — well, he’s actually from 00:05:41

Paul: Yeah, dude.

Chris: Which is even worse.

Paul: What else is in the news? All you ladies out there, Oprah is ending her show and I’m not even going to go more into that ’cause I don’t watch her show at all.

Chris: But you did have a good point and I think this is absolutely true. The way that Oprah works, the only possible reason she could be ending her show is she …

Paul: She’s getting bigger and better and they are saying that is possibly going to start her own TV network.

Chris: The whole network, like one show is — I don’t know.

Paul: I’m CNN now.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Yeah. I got my own news, I got everything.

Chris: Welcome to the O channel. Maybe she’ll buy overstock ’cause that makes it …

Paul: O.

Chris: We put the O back in that day or something.

Paul: That’s pretty fun. One more interesting piece of news, I found a guy in California that filed for disability with the State of California and he was found a few weeks later on a home improvement TV show working in home improvement. What a retard. Come on, man. That’s a — weird news of the dummy you got. I don’t even know what to say to that. So, that’s pretty — that’s pretty crazy. That’s pretty crazy. So don’t be surprised that you got caught. All right. Today, Google goals. What is a Google goal?

Chris: You know, when you told me earlier today our topic today, you said there are goals and I heard gold. I’m like, what we talking about gold for? The price of gold?

Paul: The price of gold?

Chris: Are we going to invest in gold or — well, remember for most of our websites, this is going to be a little corny so prepare yourselves.

Paul: Okay.

Chris: Google is gold. Let’s be honest.

Paul: I’ll take it. First page is Google. The gold standard right there.

Chris: Being on the first page is gold. We did mention last time that Google upped their amount of goals that you can have and this is in Google analytics. And we’ve done previous podcast on Google analytics, you know, with the things to look at on Google analytics, the things that you want to be tracking on a regular basis on Google analytics. And we didn’t really talk about goals at that time. I think we probably mentioned that they exist and you should be doing stuff with them. We decided especially because Google up to the end they used only up four goals. Now, they got 20.

Paul: Twenty goals in all.

Chris: Well, that means as you were able to set four goals in Google analytics in your normal Google analytics account and now you’re actually able to set 20. So…

Paul: As before, you would have to set a — create a duplicate account and then you could set some more goals and then another account if you needed more than eight. So now just a little more user-friendly for — a lot more user-friendly for the end user.

Chris: Well, and you also, you know, one of the things that this points out, if you’re in Google analytics and you’re looking at it on a daily basis and you’re happy with Google analytics is providing you, when Google says, “You know what, four goals isn’t enough. We need 20.” That’s kind of a big warning flag, you know, the sirens going off. I don’t know if you watch the Simpson’s. Is that a good siren?

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Homer, have you ever known a siren to be good?

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: This is in fact a good siren saying, “Hey, look, you know, if Google is saying four is not enough, 20 — we got to get at least 20 to the people who are using Google analytics,” then that should tell you, you need to be using Google goals.

Paul: Yeah, and maybe you should expand your current goal.

Chris: If you’re using — yeah, let’s work on …

Paul: And if you’re not using them, today is the day that you should start.

Chris: So there’s lots of — today?

Paul: Now.

Chris: Yes.

Paul: You should start using Google goals.

Chris: After the podcast.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: After you watch the podcast …

Paul: After the podcast.

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