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This is a transcript from our 139th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Charles: All right.

Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast – Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.

Charles: You got it right that time. You got it right that time.

Chris: We have a mantra here and that mantra is…

Charles: Don’t be a douche.

Chris: Don’t be a douche. My name is Chris Burress, owner of E-Webstyle.

Charles: I’m Charles Lewis of Internet Marketing.

Chris: And right, pulling up because I had the wrong page…I have from our previous podcast and our tip from podcast 138 – because this is podcast 139

Charles: One thirty-nine.

Chris: Almost 140, woohoo – is identify your audience and keep them in mind of [00:00:33] [genre] content.

Charles: The content on your web is not your [00:00:36] [Inaudible] but actually addresses the audience and the concerns they may have when they visit your site.

Chris: So if any of that sounds a little foreign to you, go back and listen to our previous podcast. In fact, just go back and listen to all of our podcasts.

Charles: Yes, [00:00:51] [and picture] who’s trying to do that too. So a punch in the fact to y’all.

Chris: Boom. Remember, we are your friendly local neighborhood Top Position Snatchers where our mantra, as we just mentioned, is…

Charles: Don’t be a douche. It’s a little early with that.

Chris: You change it up every now and then, right? Remember, if you’re at some sort of electronic device that enables you to be social in any form or fashion, we’re asking you – imploring you – at this moment: be social.

Charles: Be social. It’s very easy.

Chris: Get on Twitter. Get on Facebook and tell people that you’re actually listening to podcast #139 right now. On Twitter, how do they do it?

Charles: #seopodcast139. Make sure you [00:01:40] [Inaudible] online.

Chris: Thank you. That’s actually been working really well. We’ve been getting lots of feedback. While we’re talking about social, you can stalk us at;; By the way, we’re actually getting all sorts of labeling descriptions and title tags in our YouTube pages now.

I just heard some talking. Was that me? A slow echo check. Then you can also e-mail us at

All right; a little bit of news. I thought there were some cool stuff going on. We know HTML 5 is coming out.

Charles: Yes.

Chris: We know HTML actually has the ability to do video in it, right? One of the challenges that they’re having with it are what are called DRMs. Do you know what DRM stands for?

Charles: Dr. M.

Chris: Dr. M; Dr. Media. He’s the dude who’s writing the code for HTML 5 so that it can show media. [laughter] He’s highly educated.

Charles: It’s just my guess.

Chris: It stands for Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Charles: Yes, okay, Digital Rights Management.

Chris: Yes, how you can lock out people to make sure that people can’t record videos and all of that stuff. Google has a guy on staff who is actually instrumental in saving HTML. His name is Ian Hickson and he says that all DRM is unethical. The government has already decided we have specific things that we can do with media after we purchase it.

Charles: Mm-hm.

Chris: For instance, you can go out and buy Toy Story. You have the right to cut out a snippet and blog about it. You have the right to actually make a copy of it for yourself. In my case, I need to do that because I have small kids and they like to go over to the DVD, grab the DVD out and rub it all over stuff so it would no longer work. A copy is really nice. So I actually appreciate that perspective

Another thing he’s saying is that the whole reason of having video in HTML 5 was to get away from the plug-ins – the Flash plug-in, the other plug-in – necessary to watch video. So by putting in a DRM system, you actually end up with a plug-in still. So what’s the point of that? I just thought that was pretty interesting.

Charles: An almost blank stare where they…

Chris: Yes. Let’s create a new standard so we can get away from plug-ins. First thing we need is a plug-in.

Charles: Yes.

Chris: Do Not Track. There’s a consortium like Google and online Facebook and online people who are just coming together and they’re creating this standard which is Do Not Track. Actually, it’s the Digital Advertising Alliance – that group. What it really means is ‘do not target’. So they want to have built-in into browsers the ability to not target. We all feel a little Big Brother-ish the first time we realize that an ad is being displayed to us because we went to a website. Does it really upset? I’m sure it upsets some people, right?


Chris: How many people does it really upset?

Charles: Personally, the only reason it upsets me is because we do PPC. So every time we market it to is usually a client of ours.

Chris: Oh, yes. I’ve never been interested in that.

Charles: It’s an ad I created that’s constantly being sold to me.

Chris: “I did that. Oooo.” It gives you an opportunity to tweak the ad.

Charles: Yes.

Chris: Definitely. “That didn’t look good that time.” Yes, so they’re trying calling a Do Not Track. The gist of the article was really ‘do not target.’ So the name Do Not Track is trying to circumvent Congress from trying to protect our privacy. They make an interesting point. If you don’t want to be tracked but you want to have all of these social tools and you also want your Yahoo page to show up and have all of your customized content on it, it has to know who you are to track you.

Charles: It has to track you.

Chris: Crazy. On our Facebook page, we are currently running a contest. It’s actually a really fun contest. You know how at the beginning of every Simpson episode…?

Charles: Writes a different sentence?

Chris: Bart writes a different sentence so there’s a link to a place where you could go write a separate sentence and the contest is whoever comes up with the most entertaining one will win a gift card. I’ve just printed out two of them here and one of them is: “I will not wear my black hat when giving SEO pitches.” [laughter] Sounds like maybe that was a lesson learned?

Charles: Lesson learned. No, that guy’s in one of my videos. [00:06:43] [Inaudible] with Aaron Goldman. I chose to wear the white hat.

Chris: Right, I remember that. Awesome video. Go out and check out the SEO Rapper because there are some great videos and I think that was some of your most inspired stuff, the back and forth with Aaron Goldman.

The other one I have is: “Write keyword-rich content. Click here for more information.” That’s just hilarious. [00:07:08] [Darren Bowie] wrote that one. Thank you.

Charles: Probably watching now. What’s up, Darren?

Chris: Punch in the face. We’ve got two questions. Before we get to questions…

Charles: Got some reviews. I noticed there wasn’t [00:07:17] [a tear].

Chris: [00:07:18] [A tear, yes.] I didn’t have to stop by my friendly local neighborhood tattoo artist.

Charles: Tatted up on [00:07:21] [Inaudible].

Chris: This one is: great actionable SEO podcast. This is from William Parlaman.

Charles: We’ll address him later.

Chris: Yes, he’s got one of our questions too, yes. I love these guys. They do a great job of sharing the most recent SEO topics and share their real-world experiences with you. It’s like Christmas morning every time they release a new episode. That’s awesome.

Charles: Phenomenal.

Chris: If you’re in SEO or responsible for your company’s search campaigns, this is a must-listen: a nice mix of SEO 101 and Advanced SEO Tactics. Again, Bill Parlaman, Radical Marketing Solutions. Punch in the face. Yes, he’s got a good question.

The other one is: great resourcing entertainment. That’s the title and then the first line is…

Charles: Five stars.

Chris: Five stars. Punch in the throat to you guys.

Charles: Ouch. Punch in the throat?

Chris: Yes.

Charles: He has to determine what that is.

Chris: Exactly.

Charles: That might not be good.

Chris: I can’t even say thank you. I’m learning about SEO while having a great time. Thanks for helping me put some basic thoughts in my website while in development. When it’s ready to show, I’ll ask for an analysis. Thanks again, Adam. His handle was [00:08:41] [engineerbell].

Charles: Punch in the throat?

Chris: Punch in the throat.

Charles: Adam, I appreciate it, I think.

Chris: I think, if I could speak.

Charles: Oh, yes.

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