Incorporating G+ in your SEO Strategy

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This is a transcript from our 170th Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Incorporating G+ in your SEO Strategy

Chris Burres:               Hi. Welcome to the SEO podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Charles Lewis:             I am Charles Lewis your internet marketing specialist.

Chris Burres:               Thank you guys for tuning. This is podcast number 170. You are listening to the most popular internet marketing podcast of iTunes. That is because of you, you, you and

Charles Lewis: You.

Chris Burres:               Do I see you back there over there and because of you. As always we have a tip from our previous podcast. That tip is: be sure to incorporate G+ in your SEO strategy.

Charles Lewis:             Yes, you have to. It’s not one of the social beings where you’re not going to do Linked In or you’re not going to do Facebook.

You’re not going to do Twitter. By the way I don’t know why you would do that but G+ is one of those things you have to do.

It’s mandatory at this point. Especially if you’re a local business, especially if you provide a local service then it’s even more effective for you. You look for foot traffic.

So, yes, incorporate Google+ on both sides of it. One for your local page and two on your site so people can ‘plus’ your content.

Chris Burres:               Yes. Make sure you have your relative author tag taken care of so you can have a little image of you next to the description on the search engine results page.

Charles Lewis:             We talked about author tag today. We save that for next week. I’ll tell you how to set it up.

Chris Burres:               All right. Remember we are your friendly local neighborhood Top Position Snatchers. [Laughter] I thought I changed it up.

Charles Lewis: Okay.

Chris Burres:   Our mantra is

Charles Lewis:             Next time–[Laughter] “Don’t be a douche.” “Don’t try to douchy” your [0:01:46] [Inaudible] [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               If you’re in a position to tweet right now as you’re listening to this get on your device and tweet. What you should tweet is: @

Charles Lewis:             seopodcast_170. Make sure you tag us in at @ewebstyle. That way we can link up and network and everything else.

Chris Burres:               You will notice that I do not have any sort of tattoo on my face today. That is because we have a number of reviews.

Let’s blow through these. They accumulated. We’ve got one which is five stars.

Title is “great work, guys.’ I’ve been turning through at the entire series to two-times speed and really is –‘

Charles Lewis: Two-times speed?

Chris Burres:               Yes. “It really is as entertaining – not just because of the two-time speed- as it is educational. Great info, great chemistry between co-host. Thank you. Mr. Mandarin.”

Charles Lewis: Patouf.

Chris Burres:   That sounds right. Mandarin.

Charles Lewis: Mandarin.

CHRIS BURRES            :We’ll go with Mandarin.

Charles Lewis: All right.

Chris Burres:               Here we have entertaining and educational. This is from Elite Sports Collector.

“I recently started a website and after going through twenty different podcasts. I always came back to these guys.

Their podcast might not be thirty straight minutes of information like some are but you guys keep me listening because the podcast is entertaining.

Just like in high school you learn more from the cool teachers than the dry, boring teachers. Bueller. [Laughter] Bueller. Anyone?

Charles Lewis: Yes, how classic?

Chris Burres:               Bueller Benstein. Punch in the face. Elite Sports Collector. Go check them out. I didn’t get a chance. Look at their–

Charles Lewis:             Five stars?

Chris Burres:   Yes, five stars. I didn’t get a chance to look at their—he wrote us a letter.

Charles Lewis:             I thought the name sounds familiar.

Chris Burres:               Exactly. The title of his email was “big bad punch in the face. Four times really fast. I was being kind of a douche.”

He was trying to find our email and he was emailing us at ewebstylepodcast at

Charles Lewis: Ohhh.

Chris Burres:               It was bouncing. He’s usually driving so his memory was failing him. He’s listened to–

Charles Lewis: It’s not a good time for your memory to fail.

Chris Burres:               Yes. [Laughter] Do you end up on the other side of town very often? [Laughter] Let’s see. So here’s a good question.

“I have a question about no following links from my primary [minium.] This is off the cough. You don’t have time to prepare for this, Chuck.

These links are the pages I’ll read slow.

Charles Lewis: Yes, I’m preparing. Let’s get it.

Chris Burres:               These links are two pages about policies, shipping and Contact Us pages. I heard on one of your podcasts about no following these links because Google looked to them first.

The more relevant links are usually in the secondary [minium.] I have researched this quite a bit.

It seems that the opinions are split right down in the middle. I’ve even seen a video from Mat Cats saying not to use no follow for internal links.

What are your thoughts on that subject? You have helped me come from ground zero building my site to kind of knowing what I’m doing.

Hopefully in a year from now my site will grow to the point that I will be in a position to utilize your services.”


First, we hope that also and second what about no follows?

Charles Lewis:             I think he asks two questions. One was no following links basically in this primary [0:05:10] [Inaudible]. Then the second question was no following internal links.

Part A I’ve always been under the logic that you do not follow links to About Us.

Two pages that you don’t want to necessarily pass link juice to because you wanted to have most of the juice going to your primary pages that either you are [0:05:35] [Inaudible] for or pages that you wanted to generate a conversion on.

Pages like if you were a plumber pages to your plumbing services page and not necessarily to your company history page.

I still believe that. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have as much weight now as it did let’s say two years ago.

Chris Burres:   Google has been refining their algorithm.

Charles Lewis:             Definitely and not just that. Due with the caffeine update they can index much more faster, receive a lot more information.

It’s probably not that important frankly to no follow those certain links. They pass juice anyway.

Chris Burres:               No follow usually takes a little extra time. I don’t think it’s worth the time.

Charles Lewis: To do that.

Chris Burres:               If you’re going to do it or you had somebody who’s doing it okay. The other logic in terms of page rank there’s a good rule of thump there is an optimal page rank that your own site can give to individual pages.

There’s an optimal link structure on your site. You can never exceed it but you can be less than it.

For instance, if the About Us does have a link to the services’ page and it’s got proper anchor text that’s another page that is linking to a relevant page with a relevant anchor text.

Charles Lewis: Those are internal links by the way.

Chris Burres:               If you’ve done that linking properly you actually don’t want to do no follow. If it’s a dead end it’s just a history page and maybe you can get back home.

No follow it if you want to frankly don’t spend the time on it. We’re not split down in the middle. We have a consensus here.

Again, Dale, anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone? All right. We got some UK reviews. This is awesome.

This is from Chris Churchill. You just assume he would be from the UK, right?

Charles Lewis: Yes. Definitely Churchill. [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               Five stars. “Best SEO podcast on iTunes. Simple as. Barry—” I think that’s phraseology that they use in the UK.

“Berry informative, free content. I wish people could stop moaning about their chit-chat at the beginning. I kind of like it.

It brings a personal feel to the podcast. I can tell these guys are doing it for the love not for the bucks.

These guys are engaging and top guys could tell a night out with these guys would be a lot of fun.” Hey, when you’re in Huston…

Charles Lewis: Let us Know.

Chris Burres:   Let us know. “Ching-ching, guys.’

Charles Lewis: You are right, Churchill. Small correction; for the love and the money.

Chris Burres:   Yes.

Charles Lewis: Love and the money.

Chris Burres:   There’s nothing wrong with both. There’s nothing wrong with both.

Charles Lewis: As you were.

Chris Burres:               Next one is “well worth to listen. Five stars.” Also this is big laces “content as relevant, useful and above, all well presented [0:08:27] [Inaudible] the podcast. Keeps you listening. Congrats. “

Charles Lewis:             I appreciate it. All you who are tuning in. All who take the time to do those three things they need to do to write a review.

Chris Burres:               It’s only three things. Create and iTunes account, write a review and then let us know if you want to at podcast@

Charles Lewis:

Chris Burres:               While we’re at it you could also go to the following link to get to our G+ page

Charles Lewis: G+

Chris Burres:   Which G plus?

Charles Lewis: G plus.

Chris Burres:   All of them.

Charles Lewis:             Google plus. Google plus. G plus.

Chris Burres:               How do you distinguish the symbol + and the word plus as you’re trying to say it without saying the symbol +? I

f you’re in front of somebody you do the cross with your fingers. Plus. Anything: G plus, G the symbol +, Google +. When you’re –

Charles Lewis:             Yes. You see what I’m trying to do? Plus. [Laughter] I don’t know if that’s working man.

Chris Burres:               @ +? All right. You can go there and write a review. We would really appreciate that.

One last thing. We do have a Facebook page. You guys can find our facebook page:

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