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This is a transcript from our 149th Internet Marketing Podcast(2nd page).

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Increase video views by 70%

Chris Burres:               And so he basically had all of the things that were going on in New York Central Park and on the upper left of his website, there was actually a video that could play but it didn’t have a big play button in the middle of the image. And we said, “Why don’t you add a big play button?” He wrote us back later. He said it increased the video watches 70%.

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah.

Chris Burres:               So it’s those kinds of things make sure look at it from the perspective of a user. So not your kind of web design perspective, not your client’s perspective who’s kind of creating this content for the user but look at it from the perspective of the user —

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah.

Chris Burres:               … and does everything really makes sense. And if you want to guide them somewhere, is it easy for them to get there.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah, exactly. Kind of consider the actions you want them to take. If you want them to e-mail you or you want them to call you, put there information, how would they do that when they landed on the site, how easy for – easy for them to do that, you know, the phone that will prominent is then contact information readily available, is what their prime target, what they’re looking for is that easily accessible. You know, keep those things in mind when you analyze the website. And if you haven’t, you know, submitted their site for our webinar, we had a few come in. I haven’t —

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             … look at those yet. Or submit that. And you know, we’ll be glad to take a look at it.

Chris Burres:               And just go to our website and do that speaking of which, there are number of ways you can interact with us. A couple of them are go to

Charles Lewis:                         ewebstyle.

Chris Burres:     

Charles Lewis:                         ewebstyle.

Chris Burres:     

Charles Lewis:                         [Singing] ewebstyle.

Chris Burres:               And e-mail us at podcast@ — [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:               

Chris Burres:               [Singing] .com.

Charles Lewis:                         [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               [Laughter] All right. So, I think we —

Charles Lewis:                         Can we do — okay.

Chris Burres:               [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         That was alto I used in there.

Chris Burres:               [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         I was like —

Chris Burres:               That was natural. You looked like an alto. [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         Look what?

Chris Burres:               All right. So that is — we have reached our Gino time limit. Again —

Charles Lewis:                         Oh yeah.

Chris Burres:               You know what? She did give us a compliment. I will call it a review. She said she loved the podcast so I didn’t have to put a tear. And I have to be honest there were no new reviews on iTunes this week, you know.

Charles Lewis:             How do you get, you know, 7,000 downloads in a week and no new reviews?

Chris Burres:               Yeah. We don’t have —

Charles Lewis:                         Almost disappointing, almost. We had a great week and weeks.


Chris Burres:               Yeah, this is —

Charles Lewis:                         I’m not letting that spoil my great week but come on, you know.

Chris Burres:               Yeah. Just go on to iTunes. Create an account, write a review. And if you choose to let us know that you wrote a review and we can give you a punch in the face, little link love. So let’s make that happen. Also another thing that you can do, go to — [Laughter] /seopodcast. We’re about to jump in to the SEO rapper. So I’m a little excited about that. /seopodcast and just under the video section, you can find our G — our Google Places page, go there and write a review about our podcast. That would — we really appreciate that. That would help us out a lot.

All right. Gino time limit exceeded. We are now going to get in to the latest rap by the SEO rapper.

Charles Lewis:             Yes so let you all know Google – we’ve been – this has been a consistent topic throughout the past few podcasts we’ve done is about the algorithm changes Google has been making. And so a while ago, probably earlier this year actually, I said to Chris. I said, “Man, I think I will start composing with a new rap covering all these algorithm changes.”

Chris Burres:               And he was like, “I am now composing it.”

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah and so —

Chris Burres:               “I’m about to wrap up.”

Charles Lewis:                         No —

Chris Burres:               “I’m now wrapping up.” [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:             Be careful about the words [0:11:23] [Phonetic]. I finished it in like probably March and I – we — I recorded the video and everything and I was really – I had a cool concept in my mind on how the video should go but, you know, I was editing myself and in my spare time and I couldn’t execute it the way I wanted. Problem with that hold was [0:11:42] [Phonetic] spending a little time to execute it, Google released two new algorithm changes.

Chris Burres:               [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:             And so it was like, “Okay. Now, this sucks.” It’s now my new rap is already old.

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:                         And — it’s never been released yet.

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             So I decided to just edit the best way I could, post a video that’s called Google Algo Changes. And so go to It’s the first post there. You’ll find it. Comment on it. Hit me up. Check it out. Tell me what you thin about it. And I covered really, we’re going to now talk about — I started from like 2010 is when somebody made the algorithm changes started really has an effect and I covered those in 2010-2011 and up to early this year. And so the lyrics, we’ll go to the lyrics. I guess I’ll start from the top. “The SEO Rapper, back with another one. Pay attention this time you might learn something.” Shout out to The Business Makers made me thinking, you know —

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:                         So —

Chris Burres:               We did an interview with this week.

Charles Lewis:                         Yesterday.

Chris Burres:               Yesterday.

Charles Lewis:                         Are they yesterday? Yeah, it was yesterday.

Chris Burres:               It was yesterday. And that’ll be on their website probably in the next — in the next —

Charles Lewis:                         Coming soon according to them.

Chris Burres:               … three to four weeks. Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah. [Laughter] “Dedicated to my online marketers spending all day looking their monitors.” Doesn’t it?

Chris Burres:               [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:             “First page aim. I get it in mayne. We had Google tamed till the algorithm change.” So that was kind of the intro in to the song. So then I talked about the 2010. “Let me take you back, 2010 local listings, Google Places.” So local listings, remember that one was the one that came in where all of a sudden Google Places started showing up —

Chris Burres:               In the results to begin with.

Charles Lewis:                         … in the search somewhere.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:                         Yes, exactly. And it was all kind of scattered.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:                         They had —

Chris Burres:               Over here, they are here.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah. They have maps over here above the sponsor side then removed the map to the middle. Then it was like some natural listings then some places listings, just some more natural listings. And we were kind of freaked out a little bit because they were changing it everyday.

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             And so that was back in 2010. That was — that was in April. I put the date here. “Man, you gotta see. Everybody wants to be A through G.” That’s what happened. After they finally figured it out, they came over with a seven pick, A through G are the listings for local listing search.

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             “In June came Google Caffeine. It increased Google’s website crawl speed.” And so Google Caffeine was, you know, the algorithm update that allows Google to really index more sites —

Chris Burres:               And massive content.

Charles Lewis:             … and a massive, huge amount of content. That was when — that cost — then you say they could take a screen shot —

Chris Burres:               Of the – the entire web.

Charles Lewis:                         … the entire – in the web? Yeah. [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               Yeah. In three seconds or something, they actually have the —

Charles Lewis:                         The power bandwidth —

Chris Burres:               … bandwidth in their computer systems to literally take a screen shot [Coughing] the web like that. That’s crazy. So they don’t do —

Charles Lewis:                         We’ll do it —

Chris Burres:               [Laughter] Because it will take down the web.

Charles Lewis:             Uh huh. “Google Instant came in September. Everybody was panicking, remember?” [Laughter] Yes, I remember that. Google Instant is when you began typing your search query in the search box and it drops down and gives you some instant related search terms. And so from an SEO perspective, we were like that suck —


Chris Burres:               How does that affect PPC? Yeah.

Charles Lewis:                         … because that also — because the page changes.

Chris Burres:               Yup.

Charles Lewis:             As the word more in — as you type, the more words come up, the results automatically change.

Chris Burres:               Yup.

Charles Lewis:             Didn’t come as [0:15:15] [Phonetic] impressions. This or they — we learned that they would – they implemented the 30 second rule.

Chris Burres:               Right. And that’s how I actually found a rap group called Tech N9ne. I was looking up Tech News and by the time I had typed the N in news, Tech N9ne had come up. And so now, I’m a fan of Tech N9ne.

Charles Lewis:                         Okay. [Laughter] Awesome. Yeah, right. Google should get paid for that.

Chris Burres:               Yeah. [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:                         Or they probably do it some time.

Chris Burres:               Oh no, they should pay me. [Laughter] Oh yeah.

Charles Lewis:             Let’s see. “Then they switch gears and focused on landing pages. In November Instant Previews initiated.” So Instant Preview, if you’re looking at a search page, you can hover to the right of the search engine result and you’ll get a pop up with a — with the screen shot of the website you’re about to click on, Instant Previews. I use it occasionally especially when I see the text that doesn’t…

Chris Burres:               Match necessarily —

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah, that seems like this is the result shouldn’t be here. You know?

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             When I look at the site. So pretty cool, saves you a click. “Social Signal was added in December. Your rank influenced by Facebook and Twitter.” So yeah, that’s when they kind of made a change to see if how much social was affecting your site, you know, how much social activity you had links, tweets, Facebook posts, comments and things like that. Some destruction. “So in 2011, there were changes. You know ’em? I remember about 6 or 7.” So in January 2011, the reason they call it [0:16:45] [Phonetic] “Attribution, updater. January try to stop content scrapers.” So the attribution update was really targeted towards people who copying content and placing, you know, content in other places spinning articles and things like that. That’s what that algorithm update was for, to try to prevent that.

Chris Burres:               And that hit us.

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah, they hit —

Chris Burres:               We got hit our — our — actually SEO Podcast page. We were, you know, bouncing between our page one and page at the time and then we ended up, you know, back in the supplemental and it was because we were just taking snippets of our podcast from our — our ISP and that actually ended up — they cut us out because it was a great content.

Charles Lewis:                         Yeah, yeah.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             So then, “They released Panda in February, messed up a whole bunch of people very scary.”

Chris Burres:               [Laughter]

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