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This is a transcript from our 122nd Internet Marketing Podcast(2nd page).

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Increase Website Utilization 70%
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Increase Website Utilization 70%

Chris: Yeah. If you just search SEO it shows like SEO applications and then singers who go by the monochord SEO and all these stuff and then there’s a section for Podcast and we’re not in the top 4 or 5 there and when you click on the SEO Podcast we’re in the top 2 there. So I don’t know what iTunes is just all over the place.


Chuck: They’re trying to get us, we’re moving overview, overview our ranking.

Chris: What’s up with that?

Chuck: I mean you know I use a Macbook Apple.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Yeah, you know. I us iPad as well.

Chris: Statistically we’re probably a little bit higher in Apple usage than the average location, right? You know we got you and Nicholas.

Chuck: Okay. Yeah we have to Mac users here who have got Apple.

Chris: So we got these reviews one of them we mentioned last time so let me just breeze through that and in fact I’m only going read two. I’m going to read the low star one first, so we can be more excited for the next Podcast.

This is Style Illusions, we actually did.

Chuck: Style Illusions, I’m assuming post the two of you, two thumbs up, punch in the face.

Chris: Yeah, she as her website. We did a…

Chuck: A Webinar.

Chris: Cebo Webinar and she says thanks so much for the site review, I’ve been enjoying your Podcast, I’ve been listening to as many as I can, as I build my e-commerce store alone and many of these SEO Podcast are worthless, she’s talking about other ones, I’m sure.

One star short of five because of the extra chic-hat, it’s funny but I need to get as much as I can get in the lunch break, this show is definitely worth the time though.

Chuck: All right, cool. Appreciate it.

Chris: So, I respect that.

Chuck: I feel sorry that you alone, you know – you know, sorry about that.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: But thank you for tuning in and hopefully we say something here to help you. Feel free to e-mail us, you have to e-mail if you have any question or anything like that, I’ll be glad to answer it personally.

Chris: Yeah. And we’d like to know the impact. So if you make a couple of changes base on our suggestions, you know, like we made suggestions for New York Central Park.

Chuck: Central Park.

Chris: or something like that and he increased video views by 70% just from a recommendation we made, I got to love that.

Here we go great info but blank stares on audio quality. I love it when people use like the things we use.

Chuck: Yeah. Low blow. Right, yeah. Oh, how about right now, check out my new lapel mic.

Chris: Yeah, we got lapels mics now. So I don’t think… This is from Patterson_JD.

Chuck: All right, Patterson punch in the face to you. Thanks for tuning in, appreciate the criticism. But you know listen to the last 3 and hit us back.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: So, that’s on top of that.

Chris: Let us know, in fact go back. Here we go I love the Podcast because of the great SEO information and timely updates within the tech industry, big punch in the face for the content. But blank stares for the audio quality. I drive a lot and sometimes listen to all the Podcast and your audio quality hasn’t improved over time, please consider in investing in better microphones, we did consider it, in fact we did it.

It would make the Podcast sound more professional and improve the overall presentation. I promise to change my 4 star review to 5 when we get on that mic.

Chuck: Oh, yeah.

Chris: So, I’m going to look for that chance. Thanks, guys for your hard work and keep it up. Yeah, big punch in the face to Patterso JD.

Chuck: We can get the whole combo.

Chris: We’ll save the other 2 reviews for the next one for the next Podcast, let’s just get in to the meat. I think we exceeded our Geno time limit.

Chuck: Yeah, I know. I would take from Style Illusions.

Chris: Yeah. Check from Style Illusions, start listening now.

Chuck: Now. So we’ve been talking about keyword research for the past two Podcast and so last we talked about keywords researching to going SEO and some of the processes for determining which keywords you should go after. Today we’ll close this whole keywords research series with the Paperclip, right. Big keywords are the most important, the most important part of the Paperclip campaign.

Chris: Absolutely.

Chuck: Those keywords determine who comes to your site, what they see, how they get there and everything else. And so I have a few tips I’ll put a few articles one that pull, probably shred, right. Because I disagree with a lot of it and some of it was pretty cool.

The first one I pull from the search engine watch, shout out to Jason, punch in the face to Jason tabling, five for selecting PPC keywords. One of things he’d mentioned was, do your homework.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: He PPC the keywords are critical to your search campaign, so don’t selection lightly. Three things to think about, seasonality, competition and geographic variance.

Chris: So, seasonality would be, maybe something like if for instance we have a client who does AC and Heating.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: So we want to target AC in the summer, we wanted to target heating in the winter.

Chuck: Heating in the winter. Exactly. No need to be running your AC or maybe in Houston.

Chris: Yeah, in Houston.

Chuck: But generally, no need to be running your AC campaign, you know, in January.

Chris: What are the other two points?

Chuck: Competition.

Chris: Competition. So, that’s where we talk about long-tail words, go up to long tail words ‘cause the competition, if the competition is high, you may be going – We’ll here’s a good example if you know if your website is a little suspect you’re not ready to invest in upgrading your website.


You don’t really want to go against the biggest guy in your town if you do AC repair and your website is, you know, aesthetically outdated.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Don’t go head-to-head for the term AC repair because you’re going to go against some high dollar people, got high dollar websites and people click – people tend to click more than one.

Chuck: Three to four, five clicks.

Chris: Right. So they’re going to C3, 4, 5 website. They’re not going to choice yours, just be honest with yourself. Go after the longer tail keywords that somebody may not be going after.

Chuck: Especially if your budget doesn’t permit that. You know, that one click you get in AC repair Houston and we actually have a client that keyword right now is $18 a click. And so we may not be worth spending that $18 a click and then possibly, you know, how will you take a huge dinner out to your budget for the reminder of the day.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: Instead find a longer tail key phrase AC you know repair my brand name… AC repair in such a geographic location.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: You know, in KD or in Missouri City or in Sugarland and that way it’s a longer tail key phrase.

Chris: Those are all suburbs of Houston, by the way.

Chuck: But $18 is probably now 5 books and you can manage more clicks and truthfully whoever who said that terms is a more qualified user and already in the purchase and decision, purchase and mindset.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Leverage and match types to control the experience and also gain insight. Match types are broad met, exact met, phrase met and Google air words. Definitely use the match type, he put to control experience from a budget in perspective to manage your budget, you know broad met, if someone searches AC repair you may get a car AC repair.

Chris: Do it yourself AC repair. Right?

Chuck: Yeah, you may get, there’s a lot of stuff that does not really what you’re targeting. So exact match those, so that way you only get AC repair searches or phrase match them. So that was it has to be the exact way that you phrased it and not some other variation to the same words.

Yeah, he put number three, don’t forget about customers search experience that cost devices.

Chris: Here’s the question I wanted to ask. So, is there any pricing difference if you do exact match, phrase match.

Chuck: Broad match is on the Cosmore.

Chris: Okay.

Chuck: It’s in the Cosmore. There the Cosmore quickly go up.

Chris: Just because everyone clicks broad and, okay that makes sense.

Chuck: There’s more volume for, there’s clicks for it and so do cost of it.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: So, broad phrase match. All the time you really wanted to use broad match is that there’s extremely niche of service or product and you’re having a hard time getting clicks.

Chris: And or your—your name of your product and you know it’s only even going to be use when the referencing…

Chuck: Exactly.

Chris: To you and it’s relevant to you. So you put, you know, I don’t know Blue One Armed Widget and anyone who type Blue One Armed Widget, repair, do it yourself.

Chuck: Yeah, it does that.

Chris: Maintenance, buy new refurbish, anything that they could possibly put with it, you’re interested in them funding your website that’s the great example when to do it.

Chuck: Number three, don’t forget about the customer search experience on cross device, mobile and tablet devices, account of 10 to 15% of search volume.

Chris: You know Dean Calhoun send a number that after hours mobile devices are now accounting for like 70% of searches.

Chuck: ‘Cause people still do search, they just not in front of the computers.

Chris: Right. You either at the restaurant or in front of the TV or whatever, you don’t want to walk over to the computer or even fired up your laptop and you know, either you have tablet or either you just fired up your Smart phone or you do a lot of searches, interesting.

Chuck: Speaking of mobile is actually why I’ll be going today, going to Chicago for the Mobile Marketing University and so one of the things I’m putting in this new Mobile Marketing rep about the debut out of tomorrow.

Chris: Awesome.

Chuck: It’s the guy who shoots the video when I get down there, but one of the things I talk about in there I was doing a mobile version of the site for these people who were searching on tablets.

Chris: Yup. Well, tablets I’m not sure so much, although you probably should look at on iPad just to see if you got Flash component tab add and how does it look at on iPad. I think you do need to mindful of, you know, expediency potentially, like for our website we really, you know, our mobile app can – our mobile version really can be the same almost because you know you got to do a little bit of research, you pick up the phone and you call and especially if that’s after hours, you’re probably not going to call.

So you’re just kind of researching, so you’ve got, most Smart Phones are able to do that…

Chuck: I think those mobile versions are really — are really for – for older – I won’t say older platforms.


‘Cause they still has newer phones. But more like, I think Blackberry, I think mobile version I think Blackberry, poor Sweetie, my girl – she’s the only person I know to go back to Blackberry from Android.

Chris: Oh, oh.

Chuck: We were both Blackberry users, we were Crackberry users and yeah literally mine was crack, it was right across the screen. So instead of getting a new one I went to Android. She went to Android, I was like, this is awesome, this is phenomenal I’m never going back. She was like, hmmm, I missed my ball, right. She’s use to damn in it.

So, anyway she went back to Crackberry and her phone sucks, how do you try to view webpages.

Chris: Right, you can’t see anything, right.

Chuck: It’s just text. So, yeah, you know maybe. Anyway…

Chris: You’re going to get a new phone here pretty soon, so…

Chuck: Samsung Galaxy are on our way. I got my newsprint credit.

Chris: With the keyboard, right?

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