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Industrial Social Media and SEO

Chris: If you’re in an industrial sector and you want to start your efforts in social media marketing in Houston, start them with LinkedIn. Paul: Start them with LinkedIn. So know what platforms, what social platforms your audience is using and from last week, it’s not always Facebook even though we all gravitate to Facebook. It’s not always Facebook is the first one. And in fact, I think in the industrial sector, it was like Facebook was last. It was LinkedIn and then it was Twitter and then it was Facebook. Chris: Yeah.Social Media Marketing Houston Paul: So this is a great tie in, so know what platforms they’re using and know what time to get a hold of those people. Chris: All right. So when is…? Paul: Wednesday. If you are using – basically, if you’re using Twitter, the best time to get re-tweeted is between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. The best day of the week to get re-tweeted is Friday. The best time of the day to share on Facebook is 9:00 a.m. and the best day on Facebook is Saturday, which makes perfect sense. Chris: Yup. [0:15:00] Paul: Because you know, to me when I get on Twitter every six weeks. Chris: [Laughs] Religiously every six weeks. Paul: You know, I get on Twitter and bam, bam, bam, real quick and I’m done. When I get on Facebook I spend a lot of time on Facebook. So I spend more time like browsing Facebook on Saturdays and Sundays. I don’t post as — I don’t really post on the weekends, but I browse, I see what everybody else has got. And as a matter of fact, my post I think last Saturday was Facebook makes me lazy. I used to browse the internet now I just get on Facebook and wait for people to post stuff. Chris: And tell me where to look at. [Laughs] Paul: And it’s something I just go, I’ll go look at that. And I spend a lot of times on the weekends doing it. So if you’re going to share something on Facebook, share it on a Saturday where I’m, you know, at home in my drawers looking at what you got. I’m like, oh, that’s awesome, that’s awesome, that’s awesome. I’m going to share this. I’m going to share this. And the best time to get your blog read was in the morning. Chris: In the morning. And we’ve heard newsletters should go out on Wednesdays. That’s just — Paul: Newsletters go out on Wednesdays. Chris: I don’t have that in here. Now, we do have the king of social here so let’s bring him out and see if he’s got any experience related to when he re-tweets, when he gets re-tweeted, when he Facebooks, when he shares. Paul: When he shares. Just to recap, best day for Twitter Friday, best day for Facebook Saturday, best time for Twitter 3 to 6, best time for Facebook 9:00 a.m. Chris: Chuck’s here. Welcome, Chuck. Charles: What’s happening, what’s happening? Chris: So you had a video that was — and how did all that play out? I heard it was with HubSpot and…? Charles: Yeah. So long story short was I went to Boston, did the HubSpot TV thing. Chris: You made a cool video of your trip to Boston too. Charles: Yeah, yeah. Chris: So people check that out. Charles: It’s at Then we did a video for inbound marketing, which is, you know, I won’t call it a new technology because it’s something we do. Chris: Right. Charles: You know, the whole thing about inbound marketing is really getting clients to come to you rather than you go fishing for them. Chris: Right. Charles: So instead of using TV, Yellow Pages, stuff like that, outbound cold calling, you’d rather do some SEO, some social media marketing houston and have people find you. Chris: Right. Charles: And it’s cheaper. Chris: Right. [Laughs] Charles: And so we did the video– Chris: And they’re at least kind of looking for you so… Paul: Yeah. Chris: So it’s highly, what we would call highly targeted. Charles: Exactly. So, we did the video. The cool thing about it was HubSpot has a wonderful network of people. Chris: Right. Charles: I uploaded the video Wednesday. Paul: Uh-hum. Charles: Made it private. Paul: Did you upload it Wednesday between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m.? [Laughter] No, I was kidding. Charles: Uploaded the video on Wednesday, we kept it private. We had a marketing push for it. Push is going to start early Thursday morning. Paul: Uh-hum. Charles: So Wednesday night before I went to bed about midnight, made it public. Got to work. We looked at it. Paul: Yeah. Charles: We had 300 or something views that morning. Chris: Yeah, like 9, is that by 10 or 9 or whatever. Charles: Yeah. Which is literally 24 hours ago, right? Chris: Yeah. Charles: And so this morning, I looked at it and was over 7300 views. Chris: 7000 views. Paul: So I was like — you know, that’s wrong or 7000 people hit that video in a day. Chris: Yup. Paul: Which is serious business. Charles: Yeah, it’s called viral. Chris: Yeah. Charles: So it was pretty cool though. Chris: So that was — Paul: What was the comment, go check out the video. Did you post the video on the — did you post the link to it on the Facebook page? Chris: Not yet. Charles: No. Paul: So we will post the link on the Facebook page. Go post a comment and if you really have nothing else to do, start to fight with somebody that’s –argue with someone else. Chris: Yeah. Paul: Because that’s what other people would do. Chris: If you’re a loser and — Paul: [Laughs] Chris: — have tons of time to do nothing, and waste your time. Paul: Some people just came out with the stupidest comments. Chris: Oh, yeah. Paul: Oh my gosh. Charles: And I go call you up. I just responded to one. I think — Paul: I will. DJ– Charles: Yeah. That’s who I responded to. Paul: — Jackass or whatever his name was. Charles: DJ– Paul: Marriot? Charles: Yeah. Paul: Something like that. Charles: Good memory, yeah. Paul: Is it really Marriot? Charles: DJ such and such. Paul: Yeah. Chris: [Laughs] Paul: DJ such and such. Hey, everybody start a fight with that guy. Chris: Yeah. [Laughs] Charles: Yeah. Paul: That would be awesome. Chris: [Laughs] Paul: This guy goes on and just starts to share that he was going to use HubSpot for his marketing, but this video was so disrespectful. Charles: To hiphop. Paul: To hiphop that he’s not going to use it. So I was like — Chris: That’s like — Paul: I’m going to start a fight with that guy. Chris: That’s going to be on blank stare. Paul: I’m going to start a fight with that guy. I went just all caps like what is wrong with you? I was going to use you for do something, but you’re stupid. Chris: You just did the all caps. Paul: Okay. Chris: Oh man, he’s getting serious. Paul: [Laughs] Charles: To yell, right? Paul: [Laughs] Chris: Just make sure it’s not from your iPhone because the cops can track you. [Laughs] Paul: That’s how you yell at somebody. Chris: [Laughs] Paul: You can’t really yell so you’re like all caps. Charles: All caps. Paul: I HATE YOU. [Laughter] Charles: Exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point, you know. Paul: [Laughs] Chris: *$… Paul: All caps, I HATE YOU re-tweet. Charles: Uh-hum. Chris: Oh, he’s even re-tweeting. So we’ve covered that. We’ve got a little bit of other information. I don’t know but you probably haven’t seen this — [0:20:02] Paul: Here’s a — I have a question. Charles: Yup? Paul: Chuck, what are the cities for Google Offers? There are six cities that are for Google Offers– Charles: Portland I know is one of them. It was something in Florida, something like… Paul: But we’re not in Florida so it doesn’t matter. Charles: Yeah. Nothing in Texas. Paul: Which is… Charles: Yeah, Google. What’s up with that? Paul: Seriously though. Chris: Come on man. Paul: It seems like every time they — Charles: Made an offer… Paul: Yeah. They release something, they pick different cities because we got the Tags. Chris: Yeah. Paul: You know, Yellow — Chris: And Boost. Charles: We got Boost too. Paul: Okay. Chris: They cut the Yellow Tags actually. Paul: Oh, they did? Chris: Yeah, they’re fading it out. There’s no new customers and it’s stopping in 30 days. Well Google Boost — Paul: Is kind of taking? Chris: Pay-per-click on Places. Charles: Yeah. Paul: It’s kind of taking over– Chris: Yeah. So a little bit more than 25 month. Charles: I know Portland for sure. I don’t remember the other ones. Paul: Me neither because I was like what? Portland? Seriously. Charles: Why not Portland? Paul: Because we’re Houston. [Laughter] That’s why. Chris: It’s always raining in Portland. Paul: Exactly. I don’t want an offer in Portland. So that’s coming out. Here’s my guess. It’s going to do okay, but the more people that start getting Android phones, it’s going to take off and will be the Groupon in a couple of years. Because I think — I really do think they’re going to find a way to integrate that in people’s cell phones and start pushing ads all the time. Charles: Groupon just raised $6 million on the top of the $16 million they raised a few weeks ago. Paul: Like… Charles: Just capital. Paul: Like why? Charles: Why not? [Laughs] Chris: Expand cities in they’re offering. I just read also. I didn’t cover this in the news that Amazon is coming out with their own tablet and it’s an interesting thing because what they’re saying is it has the potential to compete against Apple who’s — Paul: Against Apple. Chris: Apple’s got an Amazon tablet. Because Amazon has access to all the movies, the music, and everything. Paul: Wait like an Amazoin, like Amazoin? Chris: Like an Amazonian tablet. Paul: It has Amazon on like they…? Chris: Like an Amazon tablet, yeah. Charles: It’s MH Amazon. Paul: Yeah. Charles: Anyway… Paul: Seriously. [Laughter] Re-tweet. Chris: So I just thought that was interesting because that’s about okay let’s give away our tablets but give people access to — Charles: To all the stores. Chris: — apps and store and everything. Paul: Okay. Chris: So it’s an interesting point. Paul: I didn’t think Amazon actually made anything or it was ever going to, but they’re not going to make it, but yeah, they’re going to put their name on it. I didn’t know they would be– Chris: The Kindle. Paul: That’s Amazon? Chris: Yeah, the Kindle’s Amazon so they’ve already — Paul: Wow. Chris: — even got some of the technology and some of the structure in place so… Paul: Yeah, but those things suck compared to like tablets. Charles: Oh, I’ve got tablets. It’s in my blank stare too. Paul: Yeah. Chris: Oh, you’ve got some bad– Paul: My mom has a Kindle and I was like this is cool. What’s cool is that it looks like — Chris: A book. Like a newspaper — Paul: Yeah, it looks like a book and I was like wow. Chris: And the battery lasts forever. Like so like a week. Paul: But as soon as you have — Chris: You could read for a week. Paul: It’s cool until you play with a tablet and then it’s like that sucks. Chris: Yeah. What is that piece of trash. Paul: Because I have a Kindle app on this tablet and then on everything else. I was like… Charles: Yeah, it looks like yeah… Chris: You know, they did hit in the commercial they have the one aspect that is actually better than a tablet and that is the fact that you can read it in bright light. Paul: Oh, okay. Chris: That’s like the only think you’ve got really– Paul: Okay. Chris: — is it can be read in a bright light. Paul: Okay so — Chris: Like in — Paul: — like if I’m in an interrogation room with lights on them, I’ll whip out my Kindle. [Laughs] Chris: And it won’t be an iPhone because I don’t want them to know I’m at the police station. Paul
: So, you know what I see — Chris: [Laughs] Paul: I see the Kindle sales just go poo…. Chris: Yeah. Charles: You know, Kindle. Paul: So which is probably why they’re like let’s come out with a tablet. Chris: Let’s do a — it looks better. [Laughter] Paul: Because they probably got more — they probably have more people with a Kindle app on their phone or their tablet than with Kindles. Chris: Yup. Paul: That’s what I would — Chris: That’s probably true, yeah. Paul: –say. Chris: I would say that’s true. All right. So, we do have one other piece of useful information aside from us kind of waxing philosophical about technology. First link priority. So we’ve got this article. You’ve got — it’s got a really good image. I’m trying to figure out — it was written by Ben Stickland and it’s — is that right Stickland? Charles: Yeah. Chris: Okay. Bed Stickland. Charles: Yeah, it probably should say Strickland but maybe it’s Stickland. Chris: Maybe it’s Stickland. Charles: I don’t know. Chris: And it’s talking about the fact that Google gives priority to the first link that you have to a particular page on a given page. So that is say, your homepage links to, say in our case, internet marketing and we may have multiple links to that internet marketing page and the point that it’s making is if your first link is an image, going to that internet marketing page and your second one is anchor text going to that internet marketing page, you really want Google not to ignore the second one. Because even though you have all tags, all tags don’t have as much value as — Charles: — as text. Chris: — as anchor text. Charles: Yeah. Chris: So you want that first link on the page to be — this all kinds of fit in with link sculpting. [0:25:05] Charles: Link sculpting exactly. Paul: Uh-hum. Charles: And, you know, the problem people run into is that they all have the logo, right, the image you’re talking about. Chris: Yeah. Charles: And that will link to the homepage. Chris: Uh-hum. Charles: Not too much value in the homepage per se, you know, unless it’s – do it like a landing page. And then the next link will usually say home. Chris: Right, right. Charles: You know? Which is another link to the homepage. Chris: So now you’ve got two — Charles: Two going to the homepage. Chris: Which is zero value, yeah. Charles: And then the biggest problem people make is that top never come first and top in that will usually be home, about us. Chris: Yeah. Paul: Yeah. Charles: You know — Chris: Products in general. Charles: Yeah. Chris: Yeah. Charles: And so these are your first four links that Google is seeing and they don’t have any value. Paul: Yeah. Chris: Yeah. Charles: So what we should do is in your coding, tell the robot to skip to the second nav. Chris: Yeah. Charles: You can do this on the style sheet and your second nav is usually your primary products. There’s where you have you know — Chris: The keyword-rich links. Charles: Exactly. Chris: Yeah. Charles: Yeah, you have, you know, residential plumbing services — Paul: Yeah. Charles: — or commercial plumbing services. Paul: SEO or…

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