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Reddit, HootSuite, Foursquare, and Quora
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Reddit, HootSuite, Foursquare, and Quora

Chris:                          Hi and welcome to the SEO podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.


Paul:                           What’s up everybody? Welcome back to another fun-filled Friday, a Good Friday for a —


Chris:                          It is a good, Good Friday.


Paul:                           — for an SEO Internet Marketing podcast.


Chris:                          Thank you guys for tuning in. You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes, that is because of you, that is because you do amazing things like go out and write a review. As short as it may be, we really appreciate it. Actually, Damiso Lockheart has been interacting with us on our Facebook page. You can find our Facebook page at And Damiso, actually, has been interacting with us on our Facebook page, took, the time, he went and created a short, a simple user account on iTunes and he put this review. “You make SEO cool.” That’s it.


Paul:                           Yeah. I’ll take that.


Chris:                          Yeah.


Paul:                           That was short and sweet.


Chris:                          Oh, wait. And the title of the review is E-webstyle is the sh… What do you think he’s saying?


Paul:                           S — I don’t know the thing.




Chris:                          No, that’s the other search engine.


Paul:                           Oh…




Chris:                          You guys can stalk us at, You can actually watch this video. We record it and broadcast it live at 9:15-ish, between 9:15 and 9:30 is when we start, Central Standard Time on Fridays. All you need to do is go to, that’ll take you to that page, scroll down a little bit.


Paul:                           We should switch this to the happy hour.


Chris:                          Yeah, the —


Paul:                           [Laughs]


Chris:                          SEO.


Paul:                           You see the thing that Dean sent?


Chris:                          Nuh-huh.


Paul:                           That was awesome.


Chris:                          Oh, yeah?


Paul:                           I’ll tell you. We’ll go over it.


Chris:                          Well, yeah. We did mention that Dean, we’ve got a lot of different things to cover here. We’ve got some action on our Facebook page. We’ve got this article by Captico, which apparently is about three minutes of broadcast time.


Paul:                           [Laughs] Well, it’s a great topic though on you know —


Chris:                          Let’s put out the teaser.


Paul:                           — when to use social media.


Chris:                          Yeah. We’re like when is the best time to tweet, blog, and share blog content.


Paul:                           Yeah.


Chris:                          Or share content. So that’s some pretty good information. I’ve got a lot of little details on here. You’ve got to go — I don’t even know if we have a link to it because he sent it directly. We’ve got a listener, Guy Nimni. He’s in Israel.


Paul:                           He’s Nimni? I thought it was Nimini. You know, I’m mean with things.


Chris:                          Well, that’s what I wrote, but, you know, it could be — it maybe he abbreviated it on Facebook or something. He raps in Hebrew.


Paul:                           Yeah. And that was awesome. He sent me a link to it. I’ll post it after the podcast. I thought it was pretty fly because the first dude is rapping in English.


Chris:                          Well, yeah. Paul, his comment was like, I don’t know what you said.


Paul:                           Yeah.


Chris:                          But it was awesome. And then I’m like listening to it and like the first of half of it is in English.


Paul:                           Yeah.


Chris:                          I’m like what did Paul not…?


Paul:                           Yeah, yeah. So he sent me a link and it was — and as the guy starts rapping I was like, —


Chris:                          That’s English.


Paul:                           — that’s my guy.


Chris:                          Yeah. And that’s not Hebrew.


Paul:                           Yeah, and I was like —


Chris:                          Or I do or I understand Hebrew. [Laughs]


Paul:                           And then he jumps in and it just like blah, blah, blah and I’m like, yeah, I don’t know what you’re saying, but it’s pretty live though.


Chris:                          I listen to — I have a global hiphop CD and there’s some French and some African rappers on it.


Paul:                           Oh, MC Solaar.


Chris:                          Yeah, yeah.


Paul:                           Yeah.


Chris:                          Good stuff, right. Is that from FIFA?


Paul:                           No, I just know that MC Solaar, just like he’s a very, very — like the Jay-Z of French rap kind of.


Chris:                          For those of you who don’t know, Charles just came in. We’re going to bring him out a little bit later. He just came out with a video. It has a phenomenal amount of views. We’ll announce that.


Paul:                           Yes.


Chris:                          And you guys can — kudos to Charles for…


Paul:                           And it’s in Spanish. He raps in Spanish. [Laughs] No, he didn’t rap in Spanish. It’ll be live though.


Chris:                          No, it’s not Spanish, it’s Hindi.


Paul:                           [Laughs]


Chris:                          That was the first foreign language that popped in my head. Let’s see. Oh, you may have visited our Facebook page and seen a picture of us enjoying a Frosty Malt Beverage while enjoying the Madrid Barcelona game.


Paul:                           That was awesome.


Chris:                          And then Dean Calhoun hit us on our Facebook page and he’s like, did you hear? They dropped the trophy and ran over it with a bus.


Paul:                           Yes. And I was like somebody’s got to die.


Chris:                          Yeah.


Paul:                           Because you just can’t — yeah.


Chris:                          It’s soccer. People die when you lose.


Paul:                           I know.


Chris:                          If you break the trophy…?


Paul:                           That’s somebody’s got to go.


Chris:                          Somebody, yeah. And I think it’ll actually be justifiable in most courts in the world.


Paul:                           Yeah.


Chris:                          [Laughs] Here’s an interesting one. You know, what do you think the fascination is with like CSI and Law & Order like why —


Paul:                           Cop shows like in the States —


Chris:                          Why are they so into it?


Paul:                           I don’t know, but there’s like — there’s probably ten cop shows that are on TV, probably 15.


Chris:                          They’re offshoots from Law & Order, right?


Paul:                           Yeah, yeah, like Law & Order —


Chris:                          CSI: Miami–


Paul:                           Law & Order has like three.


Chris:                          Yeah.


Paul:                           CSI I think has three or four and then there’s another one, and NYPD Blue has — there’s like at least 10 mainstream cop shows that come on American television.



Chris:                          What do think — like what do you think the fascination?


Paul:                           I think people like the criminal mind.


Chris:                          Right.


Paul:                           Actually, I think people like it.


Chris:                          So, I kind of have this theory because there’s an age at which most people are attracted to watch fights.


Paul:                           Uh-hum. Oh, yeah.


Chris:                          Because you’re learning how to defend yourself from a safe environment, right? So I think there’s a similar thing going on where people are watching these CSIs in case they ever have to commit a crime.


Paul:                           Yeah.


Chris:                          And I put have to in folks.




Paul:                           What I’d say is everybody wants to commit a crime.


Chris:                          [Laughs] Like there’s — yeah. Yeah.


Paul:                           But they’re not going to do it, but they’re like if I was going to rob that bank…


Chris:                          I’d want to do it right.


Paul:                           That’s how I’d do it. I think people are really captivated by the criminal mind like, oh, yes, I would love to do that, but–


Chris:                          I’m not going to.


Paul:                           — I’m not going to.


Chris:                          And if I did, I would do it better than that dude who’s in jail. Well here’s how to do it better than the dude in jail, if you have an iPad, an iPhone or some Android devices, don’t take it with you while you’re committing the crime because actually —


Paul:                           GPS.


Chris:                          — they record and return information back to Apple.


Paul:                           Wow.


Chris:                          And law enforcement —


Paul:                           Somebody got caught?


Chris:                          It just mentioned it. I’m sure somebody has, right, because like the title of the article is “Law Enforcement Knows This.”


Paul:                           Wow. That is crazy. That’s got to be some sort of privacy infringement.


Chris:                          Yeah. Well, there certainly are some complaints.


Paul:                           [Laughs]


Chris:                          And apparently to turn it off is non-trivial — you know, because you’d want to turn that feature off, but leave your GPS on right?


Paul:                           But they could turn your GPS on.


Chris:                          Yeah.


Paul:                           Google, Android can turn your GPS on because I have a program that turns it on for me.


Chris:                          That’s a program, right.


Paul:                           Yeah.


Chris:                          So, the trick on that you’d want to be able to turn off the feature that uploads your data to Apple or to Google, but still be able to use your GPS with software, different pieces of software.


Paul:                           Yeah.


Chris:                          So, I don’t know what the status of that is, but you know… In the interest of being better criminals —


Paul:                           And, you know, I was telling Chuck the other day, this is a terrible idea and I hope it never happens, but I could see —


Chris:                          [Laughs] Love it. That’s the best preface ever.


Paul:                           [Laughs]


Chris:                          This is a terrible and I hope it —


Paul:                           This is a terrible idea–


Chris:                          — and I hope it never happens. Let’s talk about it.


Paul:                           I hope it never happens. But listen to it. I was saying, you know, I could see a time where let’s say you’re walking by and this was a bad example, it’s the first thing that popped into my head. You’re walking by a store and through your phone’s GPS, it recognizes a deal because, oh, Google Offers came out and it says, oh hey, you’re walking by E-webstyle, they’re having three for one tacos. I know that’s a bad example, but I could see that happen.


Chris:                          Because our tacos are four for one. [Laughs]


Paul:                           Yeah. You walk by someplace and they’re like you’re walking by the shoe store, they’re having a 50% off sale right now. I could see it where it just pops up on your phone.


Chris:                          Yeah.


Paul:                           I think location based —


Chris:                          I think that’s a great idea, I like it.


Paul:                           Well, I could see it just saying your phone just going blank and an ad just being right — like you know, just coming across.


Chris:                          Yeah. That’s a little, that’s a —


Paul:                           Now, I think the concept is a good concept. I hope it never — I don’t want–


Chris:                          Have you noticed on the top of Gmail where it says, we’re trying to make ads better for us, click here — better for you–


Paul:                           Yeah.


Chris:                          Click here and learn how. I finally clicked the other day.


Paul:                           Oh…


Chris:                          It’s a little video and she’s just outlining that actually based on whether you say something, spam or throw it in the junk, they’re going to figure out what you’re interested and what you’re not interested in.


Paul:                           Uh-hum.


Chris:                          So if you’re reading an email that the text of the email is only subjects you’re not interested in, they won’t even bother showing you an ad.


Paul:                           One it’s smart, but what they really should have said is we’re learning, we’re reading more of your emails.


Chris:                          [Laughs]


Paul:                           We’re following you wherever you go.


Chris:                          We know who you are.


Paul:                           We’re watching you when you sleep.


Chris:                          Do you remember the Google toilet? There’s a YouTube video about the Google toilet —


Paul:                           Nuh-huh.


Chris:                          You don’t know that? Oh, yeah.


Paul:                           But I assume it’s like–


Chris:                          Then they know what you eat.


Paul:                           — you’re urine is —


Chris:                          [Laughs] Yeah. Then they know what you eat.


Paul:                           [Laughs]


Chris:                          And where you ate.


Paul:                           You don’t digest broccoli properly.




Chris:                          You need this ad, this product.


Paul:                           Lay off the corn.


Chris:                          It’s a good video. We should put a link to that on our —


Paul:                           They do that in Japan. I just remembered this. A guy shouted out to me in Howard Sheppard in Detroit. He told me he did spend some time Japan once and he was saying — this was like 10 years ago. He says they’re working on that where –


Chris:                          That can analyze your poop.


Paul:                           Your urine.


Chris:                          You know, when —


Paul:                           Well it was a urine to tell you, oh, you’re about to get sick or you have this bacteria in you, you need to go… This was 10 years ago.


Chris:                          I believe it.


Paul:                           It was 2000 he went and they were —


Chris:                          There was a movie —


Paul:                           — saying, but that’s crazy.


Chris:                          — in like about… I can’t remember the name of the movie. But it was about like a health clinic.


Paul:                           Uh-hum.


Chris:                          So you’d go there for weeks and the whole premise I think of the health clinic is they had to analyze your poop and decide what your diet should be.



Paul:                           Okay. Yeah, but this was something they were working on so I wouldn’t — ten years ago. I’d bet there’s one somewhere you know.


Chris:                          I’ve got another piece of news, this is pretty interesting. Amazon EC3, which is a place where you can store data, actually it had an outage. It doesn’t ever — it rarely happens, but that outage took down Reddit, HootSuite, Foursquare, and Quora.


Paul:                           A whole lot of like —


Chris:                          Massive websites.


Paul:                           Get it together Amazon.


Chris:                          Yeah.


Paul:                           Seriously. So discounted Amazon products?


Chris:                          Yeah, I want — from HootSuite, I want my money back.


Paul:                           Yeah.


Chris:                          Oh, wait, that’s free.


Paul:                           I know.


Chris:                          Damn.


Paul:                           I want 20% off anything from Amazon.


Chris:                          I want four tacos from E-webstyle.


Paul:                           There we go. [Laughs]


Chris:                          And Apple, I just like this. Apple is a tsunami-sized force to be reckoned with and I wrote that title because the article is really interesting that, you know, the tsunami hit Japan.


Paul:                           Uh-hum.


Chris:                          And has caused a lot of supply chain issues for a lot of vendors of electronics.


Paul:                           Oh.


Chris:                          Not Apple because they’re such a preferred vendor because they spend so much money, they get first dibs on whatever is available, which is —


Paul:                           So–


Chris:                          — all that’s available.


Paul:                           Yeah.


Chris:                          [Laughs]


Paul:                           Here’s what that really means, Apple and Steve Jobs goes, hey, we’re sorry about this earthquake, but we really don’t give a shit. You better have my microchips on the bus the next day or on the boat that next — that’s really what it says.


Chris:                          Radiated or not.




Paul:                           Yeah. Get me my stuff. Sorry, here’s a million, you know, to cover just so we can — you know —


Chris:                          It’s a donation.


Paul:                           — to give to the press.


Chris:                          I’m going to do a write off.


Paul:                           Yeah. But give me my products. I want my iPhone 4 now.


Chris:                          I want my iPhone.


Paul:                           That’s crazy. Here’s news. Google Offers just came out. Chuck, I hope I’m not stealing your thunder because Chuck’s the one who actually told me about it. And it’s always —


Chris:                          And kind of like Steve Jobs you don’t care, you’re going to steal it anyway?


Paul:                           Yeah.



It’s Google Offers is out in the United States only. It’s only in six cities and I don’t know what those six are, but it’s not Houston so who cares.


Chris:                          Yeah. Boo.


Paul:                           Yeah.


Chris:                          And we got boos first. Come on, we should be getting everything first.


Paul:                           Yeah. And if you don’t know what Google Offers is, we talked about it. It’s a Groupon basically.


Chris:                          Oh, yeah.


Paul:                           Googlepon. We talked about this a few weeks back. I said — Chris you said, Google tried to buy —


Chris:                          Groupon.


Paul:                           — Groupon for like six billion.


Chris:                          Yeah.


Paul:                           And they said, no. I specifically remember saying, okay, watch Google is going to come out with their own one. I was just kind of throwing it out there like whatever and that’s exactly what they did.


Chris:                          Fast. Super fast,


Paul:                           Uh-hum. And that was this year, I think that happened. So that’s crazy.


Chris:                          All right, Paul, I’ve got a question for you. When is the best time to tweet, blog, and share content? By the way, we’re bringing this up, we are an SEO podcast, really we’re an internet marketing podcast and one aspect of internet marketing is certainly social. We’re constantly talking about the value of being social and providing content — you know, in order to be social, you’ve got to provide some content. And so when’s the best time? You know, if you’re going to release some brand-new awesome article or again, Chuck just released a video. What’s the best time? Is it best to release it on Monday afternoon or can you adjust the amount of views that you get by say 10%, 20%, 30% just by releasing it at the right time?


Paul:                           It’s a great question.


Chris:                          So when is the best time to tweet, blog, or share content?


Paul:                           And this — you know, this ties in very well to what we talked about last week. Last week, we’re really focusing on know your audience and know what social media that they use because you can just go out there and you can — if you’re in an industrial industry, they don’t really use Facebook as much.


Chris:                          Yup.


Paul:                           So you use LinkedIn so–


Chris:                          Oh by the way, thanks for — that reminds me.


Paul:                           Okay.


Chris:                          Our tip from our last podcast.


Paul:                           Okay.

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