Influencing Your Visitors – 3 Tips and Tricks

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Hello and welcome to this week’s E-Webstyle Newsletter. Have you ever wanted to know what exactly makes people do the things that they do? Have you ever wanted to influence someone’s decision in a meaningful way with your website? Look no further! Today, we’re going to be going over three tips and tricks for influencing your visitors! Starting with

Tip 1 – Include Action Words in your Title Page

Having action words in your title page is crucial to influencing a visitor’s decision. Words like apply, buy, shop and register, help set a tone for the visitor even before they read the content of the page. Action words, more specifically, action words that tell the visitor what they should do, help get your new visitor into the right mindset that they should have when viewing the page. Even if they glance ever so slightly at the title, the action word will stick out and resonate with them, and will help influence their future decisions.


Tip 2 – Optimize Your Forms

A good way to influence your visitors is to optimize, optimize, and optimize. Form Optimization not only lets the visitor convert faster and in a more efficient manner, it reduces the user-end headaches that can ultimately result in a loss of conversion or a loss of action. Not only should you be trying to make the forms easier for your potential customer to fill out, you should also be using the form as an opportunity for building up your customer’s confidence. Adding things like privacy guarantees to forms will only help you, as it leads to establishing credibility with your future customers amongst other things.


Tip 3 – Don’t be Intimidating

This is very important. While it’s good to have various points of information required for your contact forms, it’s equally, if not more important for your forms to not be intimidating. What does this mean? Include the least amount of pressure for your visitor as possible. Don’t create a thousand pop ups asking for your visitor to register. Don’t create a plugin that prevents the user from leaving. Don’t make the more personal bits of the user’s information “mandatory” in your registration forms. You want to make the visitor feel inclined to fill out your form/buy your product as if it were going to give them some sort of benefit. You do NOT want your visitor to feel like he or she is being forced to buy something from a pushy sales person.


This is it for our Newsletter. Thanks for joining us this week!

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