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This is a transcript from our 142nd Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and SEO

Chris: Hi. And welcome to the SEO Podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.

Charles: Well, you got the title right even while sitting down.

Chris: Even though I was sitting down, man. Sitting down feels so much different for those of you actually watching our podcast. Chuck and I are sitting here in our living room.

Charles: It’s living office space.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres, owner of EWebResults.

Charles: I am Charles Lewis, your internet marketing specialist.

Chris: Thank you, guys for tuning in this is podcast number 142. You are listening to the most popular SEO podcast [00:00:23] [inaudible] the planet, in the known universe, in the unknown [cross-talk].

Just frankly, we judged that by going on to iTunes, looking at the reviews and also noticing when – there’s certain podcast that are out there haven’t actually produced a podcast in like six month to nine months. So, we kind of exclude those.

We’re up to about 80-something reviews, 86 reviews. So, we’re gonna get to the century mark of our reviews here pretty soon.

Charles: Oh, that’s gonna cost for brandy and cigar.

Chris: Then we’ll be here in our living room with the brandy and a cigar.

Charles: And a smoking jacket.

Chris: And a bunny on the table because we’re both married. [laughter] And it’s video taped. So, all of those things combined.

Remember, we are your friendly local neighborhood top position snatchers. Where are mantra is …

Charles: Don’t be a douche.

Chris: Yeah. Don’t be a douche.

Charles: It is not a good look at all.

Chris: And just briefly, a douche is somebody who goes out and post useless and non-contributory information on a blog, or on Facebook or on Twitter or – hey, speaking of Twitter, if you are seating next to some sort of electronic device and can do some sort of electronic interaction with us, do so now. On your computer, tweet, and what you should tweet is …

Charles: #SEOpodcast142. Tag us under @ewebstyle and let us know that you’re watching and we shall appreciate it and give you a punch in the face. Go do it right now.

Chris: That reminds me, we had a great idea. Anytime somebody new comes on the podcast and tweets about it, we had to – who was it?

Charles: Got a couple of new ones. Shout out to Carrie. Punch in the face to Carrie. [cross-talk] Punch in the face to Carrie over at the Content Factory [00:02:38] [inaudible] @contentfac. So, all of our people, man, give her a punch in the face. Show us some love on Twitter. And thank you for joining the team.

Chris: Cool. And you are gonna do that tweet right now, right?

Charles: Yeah. I’m gonna try, too. I can’t do two things at one …

Chris: Let me take over for just a minute because we have a tip from our previous podcast. Our preview podcast was 141. And the tip is if you are going to engage in a social media campaign, make sure you’re willing to be social.

Charles: Good. Definitely. You don’t wanna go in and create platforms and create names and set up all the stuff and then just have them.

Chris: That’s interesting because I have two-fold approach to social. The first one is, and actually you taught me this, it’s another place you can get found, right?

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: So, if EWebResults has a Facebook page. We think we do, isn’t it or you can hit us on Twitter., Excellent.

So, if the Facebook is just another place that you could actually find your business. So, I actually believe even if you’re not gonna be that social or even social at all, go ahead and set up your account. And then once you set up your account, realize you should be social. And either do it yourself or subcontract that.

I mean, we actually do social media marketing, we’ll actually engage your fans in a way that conforms to your business. And it’s actually very cost effective. So, you know, give us a call if you’re interested in doing that.

Charles: A good point to also add there would be keep in mind that type of social platform and the account you’re creating and how you should use it. For example, if you’re doing Pinterest or something like that. Then it’s very image-heavy or content sharing-heavy. And if you’re not the person who usually likes images or reads a lot of content, then it’s probably not the right platform for you because you won’t be sharing and pinning the way you should be.


Same thing with the Instagram or Tumblr, with the photo heavy size, usually mobile, frankly. So, you’re not the one who will be out seeing something cool and snapping the picture with your phone, then Tumblr is not gonna work for you. So, keep that in mind.

Chris: It’s interesting that you mentioned Pinterest. In a little bit of news today, I found Pinterest and there’s something that I called the Pinterestification of the internet.

Because the Pinterest is done so well and it’s market’s share just shut up really quickly, a lot of websites are grabbing the Pinterest look and feel. And so where they may have been the traditional banner and one main body section and then, a bar on the right, now they’re going for three bars all the way down the page.

And there were totally adjusting you know maybe that’s…

Charles: Well, you know, that’s part of our blank stare though.

Chris: Okay. Hopefully I’m not stepping on the blank stare.

Charles: No, you’re good.

Chris:` And what happens is, it’s just a different approach and it turns out at least as well as Pinterest is done and frankly, some of that is because of what? Pinterest is not just how it’s laid out but that lay out still has a good feel.

And frankly, that layout has the feel that we’ve been putting in to our clients for a long time. And that’s the blocks. Pinterest is comprised of a bunch of blocks with a blurb I think, just a little piece of text or whatever.

Charles: Something like that.

Chris: And so, our websites, we recognize and actually learn this from what’s called Google Universal or universal search, is that people will look at the sections, the individual sections. So you wanna increase time on site, you actually make little blocks that people’s eyes will be drawn to.

So, I just thought that was interesting. Hey, little trivia question for you. What does Angry Birds Space or what do Angry Birds Space and I have in common?

Charles: This is the easy one. You’re not on Windows.

Chris: Yeah. I will never be on Windows 7.

Charles: You’re not on Windows. That’s easy. I have read that this morning. That’s why I know that.

Come on, Windows. I mean, it’s not the fact that you know, one of the most popular mobile games, is not going to your platform. What’s more important is their reason behind not doing it.

They feel that the platform probably sucks, that it’s not going to grow, and that the [00:07:35] [inaudible] crash and burn.

Chris: Too hard to support – was the quote that I had. It’s too hard to support Angry Birds on a Window 7 phone. So, we’re not just gonna put it on a Windows 7 phone.

Charles: I feel like they just didn’t want to supply the necessary resources to make it work there, like it’s not worth it.

Chris: Yeah. There’s not enough people over there.

You may notice there’s another tear tattoo over here. I may have some more reviews to read.

Charles: But there’s no new ones.

Chris: There’s no new ones.

Charles: How can I catch up? Go to iTunes, subscribe for an account, leave us a review, hit us up, tell us you did it.

Chris: Let us know that you’ve submitted. Well, you know, the other thing you could do. You could actually, in this account, this would help erase the tear tattoo that’s now just covering my entire face.

You go to and when you scroll right under the videos, you can see a Google Places link. Go to our Google Places page, and submit a review over there. We’ve got a lot of people put some nice reviews over there. So, thank you. And one Moe has put a bad review.

Charles: Moe?

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: He’s probably, you know. Never mind.

Chris: All right. So, here we go. I think this is from the UK. The title of the review is – This is the best SEO info. Ibiz121.

“These guys really know their stuff. They are easy to listen to. I can listen to this podcast all day and still crave more. Keep up the great work.”

That’s awesome. Punch in the face to Ibiz121.

The next one is – Don’t be a douche and listen to this podcast.

I think there’s supposed to be a comment in there. This is by Ryan McLain. “I listened to almost the entire series of this podcast on a road trip I did for work. It was a real punch in the face when I realized that there was so much about SEO that I didn’t know. I pity the fool who gives you four stars.”

Charles: So, he was around that time. That was, wow. Okay.

Chris: December 2011. “Blank stare to all those people who complain about the [00:09:57] [inaudible]. It kept me awake on the road and I owe you for that.”

Here’s a big punch in the face to knock unconscious.



Charles: Yeah. Pity the fool who go to sleep driving.

Chris: I always say, if I’m driving and I need to sleep, only until the next bridge. [laughter]. You do the math.

All right. We’ve got some interesting things to talk about. Things that we’ve been working on and going around at the office today. And one of them is the relative author Bermuda Toggle. Real author Bermuda Toggle.

Charles: All right. So, instead of triangle, Toggle. Okay, I’m with you. I got you.

Chris: So, you may have noticed in the SERP’s that sometimes when a page shows, there’s actually an image of an author. And you may be wondering, much like we did, how do you get your image next to a page hopefully that you authored, in the Google SERP?

Charles: And what we thought out is that image is actually your avatar from your Google Plus page.

Chris: Profile.

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