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Unknown Secrets of SEO

Eighteenth SEO Podcast June 5th 2009.  First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi! Welcome the E-Webstyle’s “Secret of SEO” podcast!


Paul: Thank you for joining us again for another fun-filled edition of our “Secrets of SEO” podcast.


Chris: My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.


Paul: And this is Paul Hanson, sales manager at E-Webstyle.


Chris: We always have a news topic, so our news topic today, you know you gotta love Eminem. The guy is a little wacky, and he’s willing to have Sacha Baron Cohen’s manly parts right in his face for a joke.


Paul: Yeah, that’s pretty funny. I was actually surprised to learn that that was joke. I thought it was really serious. He got up and stormed out of the MTV awards…


Chris: And his big entourage was throwing around… When I saw them throwing him around though and he was swinging back and forth over other patrons, I was like “uh…”


Paul: They’re kind of…playing ping pong, like that’s not even… I did notice that because I was like “you know what, they would of just really beat the mess out of that guy (laughter) if that were real.


Chris: They would have just ripped his manny parts off.


Paul: Yeah, that is true.


Chris: The other thing: it’s a sad day, Grasshopper is dead.


Paul: Oh yes, Bill, Kill Bill…


Chris: Yeah, David Carradine, that’s such a shame. I grew up watching that show. It was…how did I describe it…there’s probably a lot of you out there that don’t even realize that he wasn’t just Bill in Kill Bill. He was also, I don’t remember the character’s name, he was called Grasshopper as he was going through the shaolin to become a monk, and he escaped from China, came to the US, and wandered around the country handing out wisdom and beatings. (laughter)


Paul: I like that one: “Here’s your knowledge for the day, and a beating to go with it”


Chris: Now remember, we now need to buy American. I’ve always been a fan of foreign cars, and now I own GM, 60% of it.


Paul: Tell me about it.


Chris: So, I guess we have to buy American now.


Paul: Support our economy, and I just happily drive an American car.


Chris: You do, don’t you?


Paul: I do. Well, that’s because I used to live in Detroit, and I don’t even think they sell foreign cars unless you actually have…(laughter)


Chris: Yeah, they’re called egg targets.


Paul: Exactly.


Chris: Yeah, I think yours is the only American made in the parking lot here, so, well done! You’re ahead of the game.


Paul: Didn’t do much for Ford’s econ…Ford’s business model though.


Chris: If just one more Paul had purchased our car, we would be alright. Wrong. Last podcast, we went over a client we were working with, I don’t know if we got into the details, tattoo removal client, and if you missed that, it was very informative on, you know, how we handle client’s, recommendations that we give to clients. We often talk about here at E-Webstyle that the value you get from us is not just, actually most of the value that you get from us is not in the service we provide, it’s actually in the advice that we give you. And, you know, we’ve said this in other podcasts, sometimes the most valuable advice we’ll ever give you is don’t bother doing a website, or don’t, whatever you do, don’t spend any more money on a website, you know. Depending on your business model and your business, you know, spending more money on a website can be a total waste of time. It usually isn’t, so give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you our open and honest advice, and at the same point, there are some people out there who really should not be doing or spending…


Paul: If they were going to give us a call, they would call us at…


Chris: Oh yeah, they would call us at 713-592-6724. You can also send us an email. We’ll be happy to address any emails on air, if we can, depending on the email of course. We don’t need any commentary about Sacha Baron Cohen’s junk (laughter) in Eminem’s face. We get to handle the humor here, you guys just stick to the SEO.


Paul: You guys just laugh. Now. Yeah, make us feel good.


Chris: Actually, handing out the phone number and the email address, it’s pretty cool. We’re, as expected with our podcast, you know, it’s an iTunes podcast, it’s available internationally, and we actually had a client call us from…


Paul: Costa Rica!


Chris: Costa Rica.


Paul: A special thank you to Mike down in Costa Rica. Thanks for being patient with us, Mike.


Chris: And Mike called us and he actually did us a favor. We recently added a five point SEO website analysis, and he pointed out that our forum was missing, so… I was talking to one of my clients and he says “Oh, whenever that happens to me and my website…”, he takes care of his website, he goes “I fix it, call ‘em back, and say ‘No, it’s working. You must have done something wrong.’”




Paul: Sneaky.


Chris: So we didn’t do that. We actually got it fixed. Turns out that Mike in Costa Rica found us because it was recommended to us from a person in…


Paul: Switzerland.


Chris: Switzerland.


Paul: So David in Switzerland, who I haven’t talked to yet, thanks for the recommendation. We appreciate and can’t wait to talk to you.


Chris: Yeah, so, we have at least two countries under our belt. Well, three if you count Texas. (laughter)


Paul: Which is first, actually!


Chris: Texas, US, Costa Rica, and Switzerland, that’s awesome. So, yeah, we’re looking forward to your email, get an email to us, and we’ll.. we’ll get an answer to your error. And again you can always call us at 713-592-6724. Like I did just mention, we did add recently add a five point analysis, and you know, straight up front, this is an opportunity for you guys to get some great advice about your website, while it’s free.


Paul: I was going to say, “how much is it going to cost? It’s free!”


Chris: Yeah, because we’re not going to, it’s not going to be free forever. I know as we start picking up the phones, we spend some time, we start looking at your website, we give you some honest opinions. Actually what we’re going to do right now for the Costa Rican company, we’re not going to mention the company. We’re not going to mention the domain name just because we haven’t gotten approval from him yet, but we are going to go into the details that we—the recommendations that we gave on his website, and you’ll see that it’s not just SEO. You see that It’s not just traditional web design and development, where, “Oh, this image should be here, and these colors should be this” No, it’s more in-depth on our OI. You know, how do we turn this website not just into a pretty brochure, but something that can actually convert customers. And, we say it’s a five point analysis, but we actually even throw a bonus in there.


Paul: You get six points. You buy five, you get the one for free—well, they get them all for free, so…


Chris: How’s that work? Maybe we could like, give five for free and charge for the sixth one?


Paul: Hey, that’ll work. We’ll have to throw that around.


Chris: We’ll bat that around. Yeah, have an all night long….


Paul: How can, here we go, I know somebody’s probably thinking “Well yeah, I’d like a free analysis”, where can they find that sucker?


Chris: Ok, so if you go to our website, you can go to our website by going to, and Webstyle spelled W-E-B-S-T-Y-L-E .com – by the way, if you forget the hyphen, don’t worry, you’ll end up on our site anyway. It’s green, there are some frogs on it that move from the beginning…that’s the designer, don’t ask me about frogs, those are friendly frogs, those are financially free frogs, and that’s what we try and create with our customers.


Paul: I like that: “Financially free frogs.” Yeah, I like that.


Chris: Nothing to do with France, not French frogs, alright. Go to that website. Go to our website, there is a button across the top that says SEO and what…really, we changed that link recently, that SEO was specifically designed for Paul, right here, because Paul needed some documents that he could get to people as he was talking to them in the sales process, and you know, I know I’ve mentioned in previous podcasts, we’re kind of like the mechanics with the car that barely runs. Because we don’t get paid to work on our own car, I mean our own website. You know, so we tend not spend as much time as we should on our website, that’s why we get a call from Costa Rica saying “Hey, one of your pages is down.” By the way, thank you very much for that, we appreciate very much when people can give us feedback on our website, I know that’s a little bit of an extra effort. We actually try and do that, I actually try and do that for other websites. If I see, you know, something misspelled or a link, you know, if it’s something easy I can do, I’ll fire off an email and say “Hey”, you know, “I’m a web designer, this is missing. You probably should get it back up for your customers.” So I think I just got lost there…


Paul: (laughter) So we’re….


Chris: So it’s the five point, actually six point, and so we’re off the not-working-on-our-own-website, and really what we’ve done with this SEO page is implement some of the things that we’re telling our customers on a daily basis—we’re telling them… what are we telling them—keywords are important, content is important, graphics are important, all tags, header tags, meta tags…


Paul: Calls to action.


Chris: Calls to action. So you’ll notice on that SEO page that we’ve got two calls to action. One of them is a phone call, give us a call and we’ll do that six… I’m sorry five and a bonus point analysis or fill out the form, which is now available…


Paul: Which is definitely available.


Chris: And so those are calls to action, we’re really implementing, practicing what we preach, if you will. So what we’d like to do today in today’s podcast is kind of go through what we were looking at in this particular—it’s in Costa Rica. It’s a Boutique Hotel if you will, and they service some fairly high end clients. They service… the area is beautiful. All the photos on the website are beautiful, and we’re going to through all the recommendations that we have. So we’ve got our five plus one point analysis is comprised of the following. Point number one is meta tags, and I’m going to go over these real quick and then we’ll go into details about what we told our Costa Rican client, or future Costa Rican client. Meta tags is number one. Content is number two. Keywords is number three. Calls to action, which we just implemented on our website, number four. Overall look and feel, number five, and navigation. So there’s obviously some overlap on some of these, and Paul and I took a bit of time and put our notes and then we kind of combined all of our notes into and got those off to him. So the first item on the list. Do you want to talk about what you notice on meta tags there, Paul?

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