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International SEO Spanish English

Chuck: Make sure you do your basics first on page stuff and depending on your client over there but then get into some more advanced stuff and link that on things to that nature. “Google Plus One and SEO.”

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: We talked about that already. Do pluses have an effect on SEO? I think indirectly on SEO and yes, very directly in regards on to your personalized search engine results.

Chris: International SEO. I think what we’re really broaching — the subject we were attacking at that point is do you really need to do SEO in multiple languages? Can you get away with doing SEO in English or in any particular language and then having it translated? Our general best first pass is just translate it. And make sure you do a great job translating. Don’t use Google translate, right? You need to use somebody who’s actually familiar with the language. And again, the dialect is very important.

Chuck: Yeah. You might be puffing on a fag.

Chris: Yeah. Exactly. You might be puffing on a fag when you mean to smoke a cigarette. “SEO Update to Panda.” We were talking about a particular article where somebody got just slaughtered I think in the Panda update and so they —

Chuck: They said it affected like 23% of our search engine results.

Chris: Yeah. Well, that’s how much they were getting [00:32:04] [Inaudible] right? That’s why you end up doing a Panda update.

Chuck: Internet Marketing Podcast.

Chris: Ows, hi.

Chuck: Google shows click count on sponsored ads, yeah.

Chris: Yeah. They had the Plus One.

Chuck: Oh, yeah. And now they took it down. I haven’t seen that. I remember when they did that though.

Chris: It was kind of interesting. “MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, SEO Compared.” Really, we were just in general talking about all of the social media so you should be in all of them except MySpace.

Chuck: Yeah. “New Zealand, Australian, U.S. and Canadian SEO.” Kind of back to what you were just talking about when we go after international SEO. Just make sure — I mean, the driving point is make sure that the language is right for whoever you’re targeting.

Chris: Should I use click here in SEO?

Chuck: Nope.

Chris: The answer is nope. Foursquare and Internet Marketing —

Chuck: Great news. Internet marketing is going to mobile. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t say it’s going mobile — I said most of it is mobile.

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: So if you have a brick and morbid location, you should be doing Foursquare.

Chris: Yeah, be deceived. Business to consumer, you definitely need to be on Foursquare. We’re on Foursquare and we’re business to business. We check in there every now and then. Groupon and SEO.

Chuck: Yeah, I’m the mayor.

Chris: I curse you. There’s got to be a coup — a mayoral coup. “Groupon and SEO.” We just had that conversation. Groupon is obviously doing a phenomenal job in internet marketing. It’s a great way to get some exposure for your business. Just be careful —

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: — that you’re not losing money when you do it.

Chuck: “SEO 301 Redirects and CTAs.” Yeah.

Chris: It’s a great keyword combination, right?

Chuck: Absolutely. 301 redirects, make sure that if you’re redesigning the site or if you’re doing a new site, when you have pages that are really indexed and ranked, then make [00:34:12] [Inaudible] happen to change will stay certain, by the way, redirect them to the proper URL so you don’t lose that ranking. “SEO for Google Analytics.”

Chris: Weird. So real — okay. “Website Analysis Podcast Video.” Then we have “Search Engine Visitor Optimization Podcast.”

Chuck: “Firefox, IE, Chrome and SEO.” I used to use Firefox then I’m using Chrome then I went back then I’m using both. Two monitors, two different browsers.

Chris: Yup. “SEVO Website Analysis.” That’s our podcast.

Chuck: Go to, fill out the form and get joined.

Chris: “Pay-per-click Houston.”

Chuck: We do that.

Chris: That’s cute. And we just gave you some tips. Go back, rewind. “Yelp Reviews and SEO.” I think —

Chuck: I think this is where Yelp got snatched from the Google Places because of the noises they were making.

Chris: Yeah. And our comment would be you should be encouraging people to write reviews on your Google Places Listing. “Universal Search and SEO.” It’s actually kind of a fundamental concept of what we do in our web design so go back and listen to that podcast.

Chuck: “WP e-Commerce sucks.” They do.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Right now, we [00:35:27] [Inaudible] is the one that’s been working well for us so, yeah, WP e-Commerce —

Chris: Back to — yeah, it was rough. It was very rough. “B2B, B2C.” We’ve talked about that. “Webmaster Tools and SEO.” Webmaster Tools change pretty regularly so make sure you go in there and check it out.

Chuck: One thing that’s key about Webmaster Tools and I always keep in mind that your site will probably get indexed faster from having a high quality link to your site versus submitting to Webmaster Tools. Submitting to Webmaster Tools is something you just do. You should do that. “SEO Podcast Microphone,” which we’re not wearing right now because it got broke.

Chris: Yeah. “Video Branding and SEO.”

Chuck: Necessary. If you have video, use it. YouTube it. Vimeo it. Put it on your site. If you don’t have video, get some.

Chris: “Google Plus,” we’ve covered. “SEO, Social Media, Facebook,” also covered. We’ve got two pages to go through in the next few minutes.

Chuck: Okay.

Chris: “Orthopedic and Sports Medicine SEO.”

Chuck: Some of our clients.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: [00:36:37] [Inaudible].

Chris: Yup. “Call Tracking and Internet Marketing.” Wow. We will be coming out probably in the next six months with a tool for — oh, okay.

Chuck: Shh. This is top secret. You’re about to give it away.

Chris: It’s going to be an awesome tool.

Chuck: Yeah. This is gonna be an awesome tool that is gonna be available to you all, most likely a video or a WP plug-in.

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: That’s all I’m going to say. But I will say this in regards to call tracking and internet marketing. You should be doing it. Call tracking is the easiest and probably one of the most effective ways to track leads and revenue generation from different ad sources whether it’s a landing page ad, whether it’s your optimized website, whether it’s television commercial, anything. Put your different phone numbers on there to track them off.

Chris: Yup. “Subdomain and Google Link Juice.” That was a good discussion we had about maybe having english.ewebstyle and spanish.ewebstyle or whether it’s — how does Google react to subdomains.

Chuck: “Android Firefox versus Default Browser SEO.” I use a default. I haven’t installed Firefox on my Android.

Chris: I did put Firefox. It’s heavy. It’s way heavy. And yup, it’s not on there anymore.

Chuck: “Know Your Customer, Know Their Keywords.” Great. Don’t you market for, you know, pay-per-click management Houston, Texas and our client is searching PPC Houston. Know what they’re looking for. Optimize for what they’re looking for.

Chris: “Invisible Algorithmic Editing and SEO.”

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: We’re gonna skip that one. And the next one’s social media. “Using Google Instant as a Keyword Tool.”

Chuck: Absolutely.

Chris: That’s a little trick, Chuck.

Chuck: I do it all the time, Google Instant. And frankly, Yahoo was doing it first. Yahoo had Yahoo Search Assist which is like last year. And you would type in a keyword, and it would drop down, then I would copy all those and use them when doing a keyword research. “PPC and SEO Keyword Research Podcast.” That’s — they probably followed each other.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: But do keyword research. And you can never do enough keyword research.

Chris: Let’s see. “News Followed by Great SEO Information.” I think I was going after SEO news.

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

Chris: “PPC Keyword Broad Match, Exact Match.”

Chuck: Yeah. That’s a struggle. It was not necessarily a struggle but just make sure you’re doing it right. You know, I would say start off with an exact match and then go open a broad match if your budget will allow and if it just not, send a traffic that you need.

Chris: “Increased Website Utilization 70%.” This was for the New York City Park — Central Park website.

Chuck: Yeah. We told them to make a few changes.

Chris: And put a play button on his video. And he says his videos are now watched 70% more. So that’s awesome.

Chuck: Let’s see here.

Chris: And the moral of that story is listen to our advice.

Chuck: Mm-hmm, yeah. We know what we’re talking about. “Part Number versus Part Description.” Both. I mean frankly, anybody who’s looking for a part — if they’re the — let’s say a mechanic, he’s probably gonna search by part number because he has the part number. If he’s you know, me — I’m trying to fix it. I’m going to —

Chris: Just cry [00:39:46] [Inaudible] that’s under the wheel next to the —

Chuck: Next to the [00:39:50] [Inaudible].

Chris: “Anchor Text and Link URL Consistency.” We talked about consistency on so many different levels in SEO. Make sure that your anchor text — you get more value if your anchor text matches the URL that you’re landing on.

Chuck: “Match Types, Bing and Google.” Match types are how you want your keywords to be — how you want your results to be displayed when people search for your certain keywords. Google has broad match, exact match, phrase match. Bing has — I’m drawing a blank. They have some other match.

Chris: Slightly different.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: “High Landing Page Quality and PPC.” This was a — Google recently adjusted their algorithm to be more aggressive about the fact that the landing page for a PPC ad needs to be a high quality landing page and relevant to the keywords that would get them there. So your SEO skills are now saving your money on PPC.

Chuck: Yup. Friendly local neighborhood top position snatchers. That’s us. We will get that position for you.

Chris: I did a SEO in Spanish Espanol. We did a podcast — somebody from Puerto Rico sent an e-mail and he was asking about does it need to be in Spanish and I don’t remember the research. I did some research and actually —

Chuck: You did a bunch of research.

Chris: — came back with some pretty cool results for him.

Chuck: “Google Can Index Flash.” They said they can.

Chris: They can.

Chuck: Oh, yeah. We saw the site.

Chris: We’ve seen it. And oh, it was with the Spanish one. Remember one of the sites on the first page when I was doing some other —

Chuck: It was all flash.

Chris: It was all flash. And they had indexed it. So we do know that. They’ve claimed it for a long time and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen an all flash site on the first page of Google so, you know, don’t tempt fate.

Chuck: Yeah. “55 Tips for SEO.” That was a great one. That’s number 125. Go check that one out. We’ve covered a lot of stuff on that one.

Chris: I think we ended up that spread across 125 and 126s —

Chuck: Yes.

Chris: “Search Engines Unique Content versus Quality Content.”

Chuck: Both. You need to have both. You should have unique quality content.

Chris: Yup.

Chuck: How about that? Let’s see. “Cover the SEO Basics for Local Search First.” Yeah. Like I — again, do all your basic on-page stuff first. At least that way you’ve covered the basics.

Chris: Also, that’s with Google Local so make sure you’re focused on your local area and make sure that your Google Local Places is complete.

Chuck: I think that’s it.

Chris: That’s it. That’s our 2011 Year-End Review. Do you have any blank stare?

Chuck: Yeah. A little bit of blank stare.

Chris: We got blank stared so we better have some blank stare. Yeah.

Chuck: Yeah. That was the year-end blank. This blank stare goes to Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: They finally decided to automatically update the IE browser for people using Windows XP, Vista or 7. At first it was an option but now it’s not. They’re going to do it automatically because they’ve noticed an increase in security threats when people use the old IE browser.

Chris: Oh, yeah. Wow. Yeah. Really? That’s great.

Chuck: [00:43:14] [Inaudible] you know what I’m saying like. Even just for us, for people who design websites, thanks for upgrading people off to IE6.

Chris: Because we get clients who call and they’re like —

Chuck: My site’s not rendering right.

Chris: Yeah. And we’re like, it looks good here, it looks good here. Oh, let’s go get that old Windows 3.1 machine to look on it there. That’s the problem so — that helps. Excellent. You have been listening to the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes. That is because of you —

Chuck: — you, you right there and you over there.

Chris: Thank you very much. This is the — probably the last podcast for the year I think.

Chuck: — of the year. Merry Christmas.

Chris: Happy New Year. Merry Christmas. Any other holiday that you can think of. And we’ll see you guys in the New Year. Bye-bye for now.


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