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Thirty-seven Internet Marketing Podcast Oct. 30th 2009. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast! This is podcast number 37.

Paul: Hi, welcome back to another fun filled edition of our SEO podcast.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres, I am owner of EWebResults.

Paul: And I’m Paul Hanson, the sales manager at EWebResults.

Chris: Paul, can I ask you? Do you notice anything different about this podcast?

Paul: Other than the fact that there’s a camera in my face.

Chris: Oh yeah! There’s a camera! We got a new mic.

Paul: We do have a new mic.

Chris: A new camera.

Paul: It’s a very cool mic too. That’s a very cool mic. So, we’re stepping up in the technology world.

Chris: Absolutely! So, this is going to be, this is our last, first live, you know, we weren’t even planning on doing this. We’re like ok, the technology is in place, let’s just go for it, let’s make it happen. Boom! There you guys are. So, for those of you who are just listening to this podcast, it’ll probably be posted a couple weeks from now so while you’re listening to it there is no video but you can catch the next podcast because we are going to live stream all of the recordings of our podcasts at You Stream, on our channel there, each and every Friday.

Paul: I can’t help but keep looking at this, at the window when it’s on.

Chris: You’re supposed to glance at that. You’ll be a professional after…

Paul: ‘Cuz I’m used to looking at the monitor.

Chris: Right.

Paul: And now I got to look at the…

Chris: Right there!

Paul: At the camera screen. So, yes, all of the podcasts from this point forward, you can catch us at 9 am east, central standard time, 9 am central standard time here in the US, all of our podcasts will be streaming live on You Stream and you can find the link on Twitter.

Chris: Yes. Yeah, in fact we just tweeted that so. Speaking of Twitter, if you want to follow us on Twitter you can follow us at and that is e-w-e-b-s-t-y-l-e. You can also find us on Facebook, we do have a Facebook page, you can follow us, we haven’t put any promotions there yet, but we are going to be putting promotions on Facebook. The easiest way to get to Facebook is to go to and that’ll automatically forward you over to the Facebook page.

Paul: To our Facebook page.

Chris: And there you can become, is it a fan? Is it a groupie? Is it a stalker?

Paul: I’ll take a groupie. I like groupie.

Chris: Ok.

Paul: Be our Facebook groupie.

Chris: Be our Facebook groupie, that’s, we need more…

Paul: I’ve never heard that before.

Chris: We need more, isn’t like an SEO groupie?

Paul: Yeah, yeah. We need an SEO groupie. You know, someone that follows us around, you know, sets up our style sheets for us, you know, do the little things that we don’t, we don’t want to do ourselves. You know, I need some key word research done! Groupie, get on that!

Chris: Groupie, make it happen. A little bit about what we did last time. Last time we had with us, in the podcast, we had Chuck, also known as Mose Arias, also known as the Poetic Profit, also known as Charles.

Paul: Also known as the

Chris: Yes, yes, so you can find him at the We’re actually, yes, he’s a rapper who raps about SEO.

Paul: And it’s actually good. It’s really good.

Chris: Really good. In fact these are the lyrics here; this is what we’re going to cover today in terms of technical information. But before we get started we actually want to go and talk just briefly about what we talked about last time. We did interview Chuck, it was a really good interview and Chuck gave us two secrets, remember that?

Paul: He gave us two secrets that I’m not going to tell you.

Chris: Yeah, we’re not going to give them to you. One of them is regarding Google alerts.

Paul: It’s a Google product.

Chris: Called alerts. But he didn’t say how to use it, we’re not giving the secret away. So, go back and listen to the last podcast and find the value of Google alerts. He also gave us secrets about why do social media, why should you be doing social media? And it has to do with you getting found and so, go back and listen to that last pod, it’s a really good, last podcast, it’s a really good podcast, that’s podcast 36.

Paul: Yeah, that was good stuff. And he actually, you know, we need to get his new video ‘cuz he did a new video on social media a week ago. We need to get that and get those…

Chris: Quit looking at the camera.

Paul: I can’t! I mean, I can’t help it. I’m like there I am right there.

Chris: All right. So, we’ll just adjust that so he can’t see it, then he won’t get all distracted. That’s where you focus.

Paul: All right. Focus. What’s our news topic for today?

Chris: All right, so we got a little bit of news, you know, it is Halloween coming up.

Paul: Ok.

Chris: So I wanted to talk, well, not really news, right?

Paul: That song used to always come on when Halloween came around.

Chris: That’s true, that’s true.

Paul: I haven’t really heard it this year.

Chris: So, I found some, a geeky Halloween costume that I just, it’s pretty, pretty, and I reminded me of one that I did a number of years ago so we’ll cover that too. It’s actually pretty cool. So what he did is, this guy cut out a hole in his shirt, he hung an LCD in the hole of the shirt and he took a camera shooting out the back of his back so he’s showing…

Paul: So you could see through him.

Chris: Through him.

Paul: Oh, that is pretty live! That’s great! You know, there’s an iPhone application for that.

Chris: Well there was another a Halloween, another geeky Halloween costume, which was just a big box and then apparently iPhone has an app called iPhone mouth or something and so he stuck the iPhone with the mouth there and I think as it hears voices it starts moving or something. It’s not as good as the baby shaker app is.

Paul: That’s pretty cool though. You know, I saw an iPhone app that’s, where you can text, it turns your camera, you know the camera’s on the back of your phone, so while you’re texting your camera turns on so you can see what, you can see what’s behind you and it displays it on your screen. So it looks like your screen is clear and you can text and email while driving.

Chris: Hey, that’s always good. We need more apps that allow you to text and email while you’re driving. That’s…

Paul: I thought it was a great idea but it was for people if you’re going to walk your dog or something, you need to send an email or text, you can text and actually see what’s…

Chris: So, it’s kind of like a heads up display for walkers?

Paul: Everyone, yeah, everyone is text and walking, I have texted and walked into a wall or tripped over something while I’m texting somebody. I don’t text in the car anymore at all, I almost hit somebody.

Chris: When you say everyone’s hit a wall…

Paul: I mean everyone, everyone…

Chris: I’m trying to say…

Paul: Everyone, not just me. Not just me, you can’t leave me hanging out to dry here.

Chris: I haven’t, I haven’t actually run into anything.

Paul: I do, I be focused on my text.

Chris: It’s like Shakespeare when you’re texting. You got to really focus on that.

Paul: Add two, blue (06:52).

Chris: You know, reading about those geeky costumes reminded me, one year I did, I just went to a box store and got a couple of boxes. So I had big boxes, my arms were sticking out the sides and I had a little, kind of, round thing that was the Intel camera on top and then I had this velcroed Window’s screen and it was the blue screen of death. Except that I had changed the text, you know, all other operating systems are good, this operating system actually sucks. And I actually won, well, we were supposed to have a contest and you know, there was drinking and then we never got around to the contest and then I was one of the two remaining and the host actually told me I would’ve won if they had actually awarded any sort of prize.

Paul: You would’ve won but the other chick was hot. And she wore the typical cat woman outfit so I had to give it to her.

Chris: You can’t compete with that.

Paul: Yeah, I know.

Chris: There’s no competition there. The other thing I wanted to cover is, you know, the San Francisco Bay Bridge is closed still.

Paul: Yeah, you just told me that this morning.

Chris: Yeah, apparently chunks of the bridge fell down onto the actual lanes of the bridge. So they decided to close, you know, I’ve, we could just drive around it…

Paul: So if you live on the other side of the bridge, you like, what do you scuba dive your way to work? I’ve never been to that area so I’m like I didn’t know there was another way to get over there.

Chris: I always wanted to visit San Francisco, you’re right though, are they taking, there has to be another bridge now. Like that was their first bridge and it was a big deal and then they built four others that didn’t mean squat.

Paul: I know there’s a bridge to Oakland but I don’t know where the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge…

Chris: Go all the way around?

Paul: I don’t know.

Chris: Somebody from San Francisco…

Paul: Somebody from Oakland help us out or San Francisco help us out.

Chris: Send us an email.

Paul: And we know that there are some of you there ‘cuz there’s a map right here that tells us where you are. This map tells us where you are. Where is San Francisco?

Chris: This, by the way, this odd map that Paul’s holding up is the map of where people have listened to our podcast. And you’ll notice Australia, New Zealand, eastern areas.

Paul: Eastern, wherever that is.

Chris: Europe. So…

Paul: And us.

Chris: We’ve got, we’ve got listeners all around the world. Thanks to all you listeners. Hopefully in about three weeks you’ll start watching us also because that’s about the time that you’ll hear the first podcast that tells you that you can actually watch us on the video.

Paul: This podcast is for all of my brothers and sisters because they’re the only ones that know that this sucker is actually live.

Chris: Hi Hanson’s!

Paul: Hey everybody!

Chris: So that’s it. That’s the, Bay Bridge broken, oh, yes, please send us an email. You can get in contact with us via email at Everyone when they’re talking

Paul: Unless you are selling SEO services, you can email us. If you are, don’t email us SEO ‘cuz I still get emails about that every so often. Hey, we could help you with your SEO. Shut up dude!

Chris: That’s kind of what we do.

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