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This is a transcript from our 143rd Internet Marketing Podcast(1st page).

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Internet Marketing Podcast

Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast, The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing Podcast. My name is Chris Burres, owner of EWebResults.

Charles: I’m Charles Lewis, your internet marketing specialist.

Chris: Thank you guys for tuning in. We know that there are some people watching live, thank you guys for watching live. Thank you for your patience and as you can see, we are exactly on time.

Charles: You know I was definite. Right answer, you said and here to the back you said it’s always your fault.

Chris: [Laughter]. Listening live and commenting. Thank you, guys. You are listening to the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes that is because of you and you and you—

Charles: You over there.

Chris: Over there and—

Charles: You right there.

Chris: You docking under your desks, I see you right there.

Charles: Yeah, don’t do that. Cobwebs and there’s cords tangle–

Chris: And bubblegum. [Laughter]. The reason we’re the most popular SEO Podcast on iTunes is because you guys listen and because you guys write reviews. If you have not written a review, in fact, before we even talk about writing reviews, if you’re in front of some sort of electronic device that has the ability to twit, Facebook, Plus One, Stumble—

Charles: Digg it—

Chris: Digg it.

Charles: Trip it.

Chris: Trip it. [Laughter].

Charles: Just following him.

Chris: A crosses between Chit and Chong, Bob and Doug McKenzie Trip it. [Laughter]. Trip it, man. Anyway, get onto iTunes. [Laughter].

Charles: How’s Chit and Chong impressive?

Chris: Yeah.

Charles: Okay.

Chris: I was like— I was like in basically drag out stage last Saturday on stage, it was really good.

Charles: [Laughter].

Chris: Maybe a little inappropriate because I was like stoned, like way stoned six-year old.

Charles: Oh, wow.

Chris: But it was like, you know—

Charles: [Laughter] forty drugs.

Chris: Unfortunately no. Anyway, so go on to iTunes, create an account, post a review and then send us an email. You can send us an email, podcast@—


Chris: Send us that email. Let us know that you’ve submitted a review and we’ll read your review on air. We’ll give you a punch in the face. We actually have a sound effect with the punch. Based on this review, this is kind of cool. So this is—

Charles: Oh yeah. Well, I realize that you were tending up today.

Chris: Yeah, I know, yeah. I even took one off. I just felt like it was getting overdone.

Charles: [Laughter]. We’re not on row.

Chris: Chain is enough. [Laughter]. First one is actually from iTunes—

Charles: Start looking like Lil Wayne. [Laughter].

Chris: I just needed that head to toe— tattoos on the neck have to like hurt. I have to think that it hurts really badly. What a great tool for helping grow a website. This is by It reads what a great Podcast. I started a new website to expand my law practice and these guys gave me all the tips I need to start seeing my traffic grow along with my client base. Exciting and educational. You’ve been testing based on him?

Charles: Yeah, yeah. I based on another day, he says nacho, and I watch the Podcast you guys are doing great. I guess I should go do a review. [Laughter]. So appreciate that. A punch in the face to you, oh men, I’ll reach out to you. Don’t be late.

Chris: Let’s get— I’m going to skip that. I’ve got some more to read— reviews to read but I’m going to jump into news real quick.

Charles: Okay.

Chris: And before we get into news, do not forget we are your friendly local neighborhood top position snatchers.

Charles: Yeah, we’re going to get that.

Chris: And we have a mantra.

Charles: Don’t be a douche.

Chris: Don’t be a douche. In news, I saw Best Buy. The comment of the article was, is Best Buy destined to go the way of Circuit City and I tell you what this is something I don’t— but it was probably about 8 years ago, somebody mentioned this. I’ve heard it on the radio and I started thinking about it and this person on the radio was incredibly preachy about what you should and shouldn’t do. And they said if she— I think it was Dr. Laura or something— she said if you go to a store and preview a device and then go online and buy it, you’re actually going to— you’re actually doing something wrong.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: Because— and if you think about it, we need Best Buy. Where are we going to go to play with our electronic gadgets and go check out TVs? So you know, it may be great that you’re saving money by going to Best Buy and finding the right TV and then using your Amazon Prime and having it delivered the next day but if you keep doing that, yes, that’s going to push them to keep the prices low but there’s only— there’s some level where they can’t compete, you know, if you’re— all you’re doing is saving taxes then you’re penalizing a local company that is providing a legitimate service to you, the ability to see the TV and you’re ripping them off and—

Charles: Well, and I understand logic but at the same time as a consumer, it’s not my problem. [Laughter]. I mean, you don’t say anything. Well, it’ not my issue.

Chris: So what do we do when Best Buy goes away?


Charles: Go Fry’s. [Laughter]. I mean— but I mean, well, seriously speaking on Fry’s maybe that’s something Best Buy should consider. I think one of the reasons they’re in that situation now is due to—

Chris: So many locations.

Charles: So many locations. I think and as a matter of fact, I read an article. They’re seeing someone who come down who come out with a smaller mobile type scanner and so I think that they should—

Chris: Everything’s smaller and mobile withheld, right? If their concept is just to have one location and we were also— if, if that trend continues though then we will go to Fry’s and see the TV and then buy it from Amazon. I mean obviously, it seems like Fry’s business model is working so maybe that’s not— that’s not too big a deal. All right. You know, I think, I think it’s something that I had never thought about until I heard it. And what—it’s frankly true about most things. [Laughter]. And, and—

Charles: Like life.

Chris: And it kind of opened my eyes like wow, you know, they are providing a service and if the service they’re providing is access to see the equipment and they don’t get paid when you access to see the equipment, you know, it’s—

Charles: Good.

Chris: Frankly, that’s a business model that’s going to go away so I just thought that was worth mentioning. Google Drive is about to be launched or it has been on Beta or something.

Charles: Yeah, I saw it.

Chris: And similar to Dropbox, they are thinking that Google Drive’s going to be free at the 5 gigs. Dropbox is free up to 2—

Charles: Gigs.

Chris: Yeah and I was checking. I actually have a paid Dropbox account. It’s at 6 so I could probably trim that out a little bit and switch over to Google Drive and the HTC the One is coming out that I literally brought my new phone not too long ago and I had debated waiting for I think, you know, it’s still going to be a while before it’s transformed but—

Charles: It did.

Chris: It did get launched and they were comparing the phone on the HTC to the phone on the on the iPhone, the camera, not the phone.

Charles: Okay.

Chris and Charles: The camera on HTC. [Laughter].

Chris: Yeah. Well, I will take a sip of coffee now. [Laughter]. And it will be quick because I have to read a couple of review.

Charles: Yeah. Go ahead.

Chris: GoatCloud Communications. This is on own Facebook page. By the way, you can find us on

Charles: e-webstyle

Chris: Or

Charles: e-webstyle

Chris: Or

Charles: e-webstyle.

Chris: And this one is on our Facebook page. It says, “I listen to your Podcast every week. I find you funny and informative and not necessarily in that order. [Laughter]. You’ve given me a lot of good ideas for the various sites and online present properties I managed. Thanks guys, a big punch in the face to you.” Boom, back at you Mr. GoatCloud.

Charles: GoatCloud. Yeah.

Chris: Yeah. Go check them out GoatCloud. You didn’t leave— I’m assuming it’s like or something. And the next one is from RhythmPassport Kia. First off, Kia, thanks for the CD. It was— it’s awesome.

Charles: Oh, the CD. Okay. Yeah.

Chris: I’ve listened to it. It’s really good. It’s a— I got a lot of [0:08:01 crosstalk].

Charles: Kind of international—, yeah.

Chris: Yeah. Very mellow. It would be really good to—as background music for Trip it. [Laughter]. Big shout out to you both and a big PITF—

Charles: And a big—

Chris: Punch in the face?

Charles: Okay.

Chris: PITF.

Charles: PITF. [Laughter].

Chris: PITF. [Laughter]. I thought he was spitting. [0:08:24] [inaudible] we’re still on camera.

Charles: Yeah, I like this kind of rude. [Laughter].

Chris: All away from the UK—

Charles: Okay, yeah. [Laughter].

Chris: Been listening to your Podcast on SEO. They are great, informative and funny. Only discovering them about a week ago but listened to about 10 already. Awesome. I submitted my—

Charles: A long way to go.

Chris: [Laughter]. I submitted my site—yeah, we are on 143— and actually I spoke of them after he wrote this. I had a good long, long 1-hour conversation with him and it was, it was great. He’s, you know, a guy who’s got a passion about what he’s doing about his website and, you know, that it’s always great to see and I love international music and so that’s something that he is doing. Basically, it’s a site where you can—if there’s an international band playing in the London area, you can actually find out where they’re playing on his website. He even breaks it down so if you want to find a Senegalese artist who you may not even know the name of the artist but you just want to hear some music from Senegal and you could pull up Senegal and if there’s no artist playing in London from Senegal, he’ll have it.

Charles: That’s pretty cool.

Chris: Yeah, yeah. So that—

Charles: Pretty cool.

Chris: And I think that’s an opportunity to expand into, you know, the cities that could support it. I mean, Houston probably could support it.

Charles: And this international situation here in Houston.

Chris: Yeah. You know, of course, the first four largest cities in the US, we’ve got London, Paris I’m sure, so it will be pretty niche little product and so it was exciting to shop with him for about an hour and he paid me with a CD which was really, really cool and really great music. I’m a fan of Manucho anyway so that was great. All right. That’s it. We have restarted gino time limit.


Charles: Okay. So I got a punch in the face to—

Chris: PIFT. [Laughter].

Charles: To one of our— [Laughter.

Chris: Okay. I got it. PIFT.

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