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Chris: All right. We are the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes because of you. You guys can follow us, chase us, stalk us, and annoy us at a couple of locations,,, and And you can contact us at Reach out to us and we really appreciate it. [00:09:58]   There was no new review, although I did find these so that prevented me from [cross talk]. And all you need to do is go on to iTunes. Three steps, create an account, step number two. Step number three, write a review and if you want to, optional step number four is send us an e-mail at and let us know that you submitted a review. We’ll look for it, we’ll read it on air, we’ll give you a punch on the face, we’ll say [00:10:26] [inaudible], and then we’ll move on. Charles: Cool thing about [00:10:30] [inaudible] is that it’s spelled P-T-I-F. Or P-I-T-F. Yeah. Which is punch in the face. Chris: How cool is it that our stick has a sound effect. Charles: That’s spelled the same. Chris: That’s awesome. That’s really cool. Was there anything else that I wanted to cover? I was thinking that – oh, another place that you can write a view. You could go to our podcast page and that Just another the second set of video images, because we got some video images under there, there’s a Google Places page link. Go there, submit a review about our podcast, we really appreciate it. You know what, and do that unless you’re getting good value out of this podcast. If you appreciate this podcast, do it. Thank you. Charles: We need to probably make that easy to find. Chris: Yeah, probably. [cross talk] it should be on the right section. Charles: Well, under the [cross talk] Chris: Oh, but that’s a – once you get into our bug. Once we redesign our website. Charles: Yeah, redesign a couple of so and so. Never mind. Chris: That would be easier then. Charles: All right. Let’s dive into the content on this good Friday. Don’t plan on being here long but you did bring up the article and so I also read that article. And the article really talked about moving forward pass March. All of the Panda changes and linking changes and all of the algorithm changes Google has put in place. If you survived, great, but either way, make sure you don’t forget your basics. And not only not forgetting the basics but it goes into some other stuff about things that people tend to overlook. And so we’ll talk about those briefly and we’re now going to the second quarter of the year. Hopefully you can attack this stuff. Chris: I like his little note about – so all these changes and everything is going crazy, you know what we really have to do, we have no other recourse than to end this list. And the list is one, build an awesome website. Two, build brand recognition authority and trust. Three, produce great content all the time. Charles: That’s the keyword there, great content. Chris: Four, implement SEO basics and advance strategies onsite. Charles: Five, build links. Avoid paid link networks because Google just banned another one, [00:13:24] [inaudible] which is a paid link deal huge company. I’ve heard about them years ago. And now they have been eliminated. Chris: Well. Charles: Six, track everything. Speaking of that, shout out to Bill, punch in the face to Bill Hamburg. He’s in the, an open source analytics for [00:13:29] [inaudible] Go try that out. I will put it on and let it run for a month or two and see how it works. To be hon
est, I asked my Google Plus people and I asked some people on Facebook. Only two people responded but their reviews weren’t all that positive. Chris: Okay. Charles: And so, and then it isn’t that complicated but it’s not as easy as Google Analytics, so… Chris: It takes at a little server level stuff, it seems. Charles: Exactly, which is not my lane. And so, but yes, if you have tried it, hit us up and let us know what you think about. But if you haven’t tried it and you can, go to the site. I’d like to get your thoughts on it. So, yeah, track everything. Chris: Number seven. Charles: Number seven was test to optimize conversion and implement changes as necessary. Test, is what that means. Especially if you’re optimizing, especially if you provide a service and you’re optimizing pages that are meant for conversion, then you want to test maybe different landing pages. You wanted to optimize these pages differently or maybe target similar keywords but not the same keywords on different pages. See which one ranks, see one converts more or see which one generates a better response. You know, does this one information generate questions, does this is one information generate clicks or sales or potential leads. And so you know, definitely test. Frankly, he is talking SEO here but that goes with Pay Per Click as well. [00:14:59]   And in any marketing, you know, I always test what’s your control with working against other things and then you know, tweak as necessary. And number eight is repeat. Well, number one, you kind of breeze to building off some website, that’s always the start of any internet marketing campaign because that website becomes the foundation. Chris: I was literally on the phone last night with a potential client who desperately needs a redesign, doesn’t necessarily have the budget. And I shared the story of a recent client who was running PPC with another company, who was gonna switch PPC over to us. We said, we didn’t want the PPC until we had the chance to redesign the website because we don’t want that liability if you will, of sending lots of… Charles: Traffic to that site. Chris: Yeah. So, we redesigned the website. There was a little overlap after we redesigned the website, where it was still running with the old Pay Per Click Company and they called us and let us know that their sales went up because of that website redesign. That’s how important redesign is. I’d literally told the guy. I said, I’m gonna go back. I’m gonna talk to Charles about this particular account. And he is literally gonna say, okay, great, Chris. I looked at the website. As soon as we finish the redesign, we will start this kind of campaign. And then I will have to explain to Charles that there’s no budget for redesign that we’re gonna have to – in this case, the full E-commerce site. So, we’ll end up doing mark ups that will be great landing pages. And interestingly enough in this particular product, it’s not a landing page, it’s landing pages. We’ll turn those over to their guys and they’ll implement just those few pages rather than redesign the whole website. But anyway, that’s how important it is. Charles: Yeah. The last thing you wanna do is to drive traffic to a page that … Chris: Will never convert. Charles: It’s basically on a paid search. [00:17:00] [inaudible]. You’re just gonna waste your money. For the optimized site, it takes a lot to get to the first page. You know, the last thing you wanna do is get there and your site doesn’t convert. Building off the website. Building the brand recognition authority and trust is huge. I was just reading another article which kind of getting me an insight. Something I already knew but it kind of hammered it down on a different way to build brand recognition. Comment on your Youtube videos. The one place where I just choose not to – I stopped replying the comments. You know we’re always quick, as internet marketers to make sure you follow up on Facebook is somebody says something or somebody posted a comment when you blog. You comment that immediately. Somebody, you know, misses on the tweet, you re-tweet that, you reply, you readdress those immediately. Chris: Right. Charles: However Youtube gets tons of comments and we kind of brush those off to the side. Chris: Yeah, we don’t think about them as much as we should. Charles: The article I was reading from search engine and I’ll post it later, he was saying that you know, Google likes Youtube, which we know. They like videos which we know. And if the creator, the profile, that the Youtube profile is replying to comments, with the information about the video, it gives you more authority, your comments get placed to the top of the comment box and it says it so what more in the search engine records. Chris: Interesting, yeah. Charles: So, immediately wanna look at my latest SEO Rapper video which is like… Chris: And reply to comments. Charles: I just got curious. [cross talk]. And do the thousand comments. [cross talk] Chris: Just do one. Charles: Just later. Put that on the list of stuff I need to do those will eventually get done when I hire somebody. [laughter] Chris: We have a collection of lists around here that was just one of them. Charles: One of them. Chris: We have a list for lists.

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