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Forty-second Internet Marketing Podcast Dec. 11th 2009. First page of Transcription

Chris:             Hi and welcome to the unknown secrets of SEO podcast!


Paul:               Hi.  Welcome back to our unknown secrets of SEO podcast. Welcome to another fun-filled edition.  We have some awesome time today.


Chris:             Yes.  This is the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes.  Do not forget it.  You’re here because you want to learn how to get your website on the first page of Google or you just want to be entertained by Paul and I.


Paul:               Can we say we’re the most popular on PodOmatic yet?


Chris:             We — no, we have been number three on a couple occasions.


Paul:               Okay. All right.


Chris:             And on PodOmatic, that’s where our audio podcasts are hosted actually.  Even though you’re listening to them on iTunes where you subscribed on iTunes, they’re actually hosted on PodOmatic and we were on the first page or we’re on the second.  We’re still working on — I’m going to make that happen in here actually.


Paul:               I thought we were on first page yesterday, but maybe not.


Chris:             No.  I think we were on …


Paul:               I just made that up then — number one.


Chris:             Yeah.


Paul:               (laughing)


Chris:             Go check and send us an email. (laughing)  Yeah, so this is what we do.  We teach you how to get your website on the first page of Google.  As always, we want to cover a little bit about what we did last time.  And we always a little bit ’cause if we cover the whole then it would be …


Paul:               It would be the same podcast.


Chris:             Same podcast.  We’re not going to do that.


Paul:               With different color shirts on.


Chris:             The last time — yeah, it is actually — no, I think I wore this one last time.


Paul:               You wore black or blue, I think.


Chris:             Did I?  Are you keeping track of my fashion?  What’s up with that?


Paul:               Hey, man.  I’m sorry, man.


Chris:             (laughing)


Paul:               I got to keep my 0:01:28 what’s hot.


Chris:             We got to keep the podcast real.  So, last time we talked about Google Goals.  We finished off a really long discussion on Google Goals.  Google recently up the amount of goals that you can have from four to 20, and we covered all the reasons why you would want to set up Google Goals, what you can do with Google Goals, the values and principles associated with Google Goals.


Paul:               I mean, we could do four or five more podcast on …


Chris:             Google Goals.


Paul:               … just Google Goals ‘Cause it gets pretty in-depth. 


Chris:             So, research those.  If you’re doing your own SEO, make sure that your researching that, find out what you can do with that.  Also, we’ve got any news?  You got anything?


Paul:               I do have some news, a Baltimore technology news.


Chris:             So, it’s not just like regular news.  It’s actually technology news.


Paul:               This is actually relevant to what we’re talking about.  Not as fun though.  Okay.  A couple of things that happened this week.  Yahoo has fully integrated as of yesterday, Thursday, December the whatever.  What’s yesterday?


Chris:             Tenth.


Paul:               Yesterday was the 10th.  Yahoo has fully integrated Twitter feeds into its search engine.  This is pretty — actually this is really big because I doubted the usefulness of Twitter but someone was like, okay, you know, when CNN puts Twitter posts on their news feed that means it’s really important.  Now, search engines have started to include them.  As of Tuesday, Google has been fully integrated with Twitter and as of Thursday, Yahoo has fully has fully integrated Twitter into their search results.  So, it’s to say it’s going to take a day or two for it to really get going.


Chris:             Google on Tuesday, Yahoo on Thursday.


Paul:               Yahoo on Thursday.


Chris:             Now, this brings up a question.  I don’t know if you know the answer to this but isn’t …


Paul:               I know the answer to everything.


Chris:             Isn’t it being hooo?


Paul:               That’s right.  That’s right.  And …


Chris:             So, when yahoo says that they’re incorporating Twitter into their search results, doesn’t that just mean being is and therefore got the …


Paul:               And then — and he said — they got on a phone and said, “Bang, you better have my search results.”


Chris:             Better have Twitter.


Paul:               You better have Twitter results in my search feed.


Chris:             Tweets better be in my results.


Paul:               In my search feeds but bust a cap in your behind.


Chris:             (laughing)


Paul:               So, that was in the news being in — Yahoo and Google are fully integrated with Twitter.  That’s pretty big so if you’re not on Twitter, you need to be on Twitter.  We’re on Twitter, right?


Chris:             Yeah, we’re on Twitter.  You can find us at e-webstyle — excuse me.  Stop.  Stop. — there is no dash in that particular one.  Or you can find our Facebook page ’cause we know you want to stalk us at and you can also — if you’re, you know, up-to-date, if you’re, you know, hip, if you’re cool, if you know what’s happening, you’re actually watching this right now.


Paul:               That’s very cool actually. I know Dean Calhoon is watching.


Chris:             All right, Dean.  Shout out to you.


Paul:               (laughing)


Chris:             You can watch us at 9:15 Central Standard Time every single Friday — except this is the last one this year.


Paul:               Okay.


Chris and

Paul:               (laughing)


Paul:               Except any Friday and today.


Chris:             Today until the New Year and how would that happen.  I will look through the calendar about our next live broadcast will be the Friday — the first Friday in the New Year.


Paul:               You got a calendar?


Chris:             Give or take, I don’t know.  Oh, by that, if you noticed our new digs here, we’re actually here in …


Paul:               Javier’s …


Chris:             In Javier’s cubicle.


Paul:               His mansion cube.


Chris:             We kind of took it over.  We knew he was going to be running late this morning so we’re like, “Hey, let’s do the podcast from Javier’s cubicle.”


Paul:               Yeah. (laughing)


Chris:             So, that’s the new digs.  So, those are the ways you can get a hold of us.  Those are the ways you can — you got anymore news?


Paul:               I do have some more news but I completely forgot it so …


Chris:             Okay.


Paul:               It will come to me in …


Chris:             You did have a joke or something that you were going to say.


Paul:               Ah, okay.  Okay.  Everybody has seen Tiger Woods in the news, right?  So …


Chris:             He’s in the news?


Paul:               (laughing)


Chris:             Who’s Tiger Woods?


Paul:               He has not been in a cave, he’s in the news, right?  So, I got to give my little spiel about Tiger, right?  Not even a spiel, it’s a stupid joke, but I got to say it.  A little off-color so I’m going to say that now.


Chris:             All right.


Paul:               So, a buddy tells me this joke.  He goes, “Hi, Paul.  I got a joke.” 


Chris:             I’m pissed.


Chris and

Paul:               (laughing)


Paul:               Hey, Paul.  We’ll say it.  Hey, Paul.  Okay, what’s up?


Chris:             Tell me, Chris.


Paul:               Tiger Woods is coming out with a new search engine.


Chris:             New search — Tiger Woods, really?


Paul:               Yes.  It’s called Firecrotch.


Chris:             Firecrotch.


Paul:               Firefox, Firecrotch.


Chris:             Oh, oh, yes.  You are right.  We should get the joke.


Chris and

Paul:               (laughing)


Paul:               Yes.  I told you, it’s a little off-color but, you know, I really laugh about it about Tiger Woods.


Chris:             You didn’t say it sucked.


Chris and

Paul:               (laughing)


Chris:             Man, I like it.  I insisted that you tell it.


Paul:               I got to do something, you know, that’s our Tiger Woods for today. 


Chris:             All right. 


Paul:               And I did not sleep with Tiger Woods.  Just put that out there. 


Chris:             Yeah.


Paul:               I will admit to it for a million dollars though.


Chris:             (laughing)


Paul:               Just like everybody else is doing right now.


Chris:             Yeah, yeah.  Let me up and then we’ll talk about it. (laughing)


Paul:               Yeah.  There we go.  There we go.


Chris:             Now, they’ll see what we can put together.  There was an announcement this week of Google personalization and when I — you know, I’m going to be honest here.  When I say “announcement,” I happen to get an email and …


Paul:               Okay. (laughing)


Chris:             So — and it’s interesting because Google is doing a lot of personalization that is kind of a trend.  I think with most search engines where — remember we talked …


Paul:               Like did your own account like …


Chris:             Well, no.  So, remember when we were talking about how we were doing some kind of background research on one of our clients and their website was on the first page.  And then you were looking at it and was like, “No, it was not on the first page.”  And I’m like, “Yes, it is on the first page.”  And finally we figured out that because I was signed in …


Paul:               Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.


Chris:             … and I had visited that page, it was showing up, not in the first position which is a little weird, but it was showing on the first page and so that was kind of a personalized result.  Well, Google is actually now doing that and that’s been an option even if you don’t sign in.  You have this kind of web history.  In fact, if you’re not signed in and you go to Google, you’ll see a web history.  Up there on the upper right corner you’ll see web history and a couple other things.  It’ll keep track of your web history.  You don’t have to be signed in.


Paul:               Okay.


Chris:             And it’ll give you relevant results and there’s a little video from Google out there and it talks about if somebody were doing a search for sox, all right, one of the dweeb — I mean one of the guys …


Paul:               (laughing)


Chris:             … was, you know, a Red Sox fan and the other one might be looking up the Sarbanes-Oxley doctrine.  And so, the next time the Red Sox fan goes and tied some sox, Google will try and present more relevant to the Red Sox.  Next time the other guy comes into sox, it will produce results more relevant to Sarbanes-Oxley.  And — I don’t know.  What do you think about that?


Paul:               I don’t know.  I like the idea of making it more personal because if I like Red Sox, I want Red Sox to come up.


Chris:             Yeah.


Paul:               What if I’m a Red Sox and a White Sox fan?  And a Oxley-Sarbane — what — that’s a long term.  I can’t even say that.


Chris:             Well, that’s — it’s a Sarbanes-Oxley.  So, that’s — I mean that’s what I’m thinking.  I’m like, okay, you know, today, sox may mean one thing to me.  And tomorrow socks may mean something else but if I — if you’ve limited me in any way, then you’re limiting the — I think it’s negative results.


Paul:               I think so, too.


Chris:             And it’s not what I want.  So, look, if sox pulls up, you know, Red Sox, White Sox, Sarbanes-Oxley and I click one of those or maybe it doesn’t pull up Red Sox and that’s what I’m interested in, guess what I got to do.  I got to type “red.”


Paul:               (laughing)


Chris:             Right?


Paul:               Oh, gosh!


Chris:             Right?


Paul:               You know what people …


Chris:             You didn’t give more specific.


Paul:               … it didn’t happen least resistance and they don’t, oh, I’m going to have to work — I’m going to have to do extra work even though it’s easy just to type in “red.”


Chris:             Well, and maybe we’re a little bit different ’cause — I mean I am literally looking up totally random stuff most of the time.


Paul:               My searches are so random.


Chris:             It’s like — and then there’s a lot because of what we do and probably a lot because of just — we just kind of do clients like that. 


Paul:               And we knew client would search in — we got to search a different industry and we’re looking for new keywords, new competitors so …


Chris:             So, if it’s limited or just like that result that came on the first page, you know, for us that’s not, you know — so now I got like four browsers.  One where I’m always signed in, one where I’m not signed in, one where I’m signed in another account, you know.  And I — personally I don’t like it.


Paul:               I don’t, either.  So …


Chris              I don’t like it.


Paul:               Google should solve that.


Chris:             Yeah.  And it gives us our link. 


Paul:               ‘Cause I said so and give — I need to check those links. 


Chris:             I checked them last week. 


Paul:               We have them back yet?


Chris:             No, no.  So, now we’re going to cover something intelligent today. 


Paul:               And what would that be?


Chris:             I think it’s Google Intelligence.


Paul:               Google Intelligence.


Chris:             That just sounds fundamentally intelligent, like our computer is falling asleep here.


Paul:               I feel smarter just by talking about it.  


Chris:             All right.  Yeah.

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