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Fifty SEO Podcast Mar. 12th 2010. Second page of Transcription

Chris: So, and there is the personification of information exhibitionism right there.

Paul: That’s right.  We just put him on the Internet without his permission.  That’s right.  Ha-ha. (laughing)

Chris: (laughing) Oh, God.  We don’t have to sign any documents for that.  Oh, boy.  So what we – the last time you spoke about Microsoft …

Paul: SEO Toolkit.

Chris: Toolkit.  Okay.

Paul: Darren Booy of, I believe.

Chris: So far he has probably put us to work to the most, for real, right?  Give it up.

Paul: We were like “Come on.  Give it a break,” you know…

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: …and he said, “What do you think about Microsoft SEO Toolkit?”  I was like, “Thanks!  I’m glad you asked that because I have no idea what that is.”  Apparently, Microsoft has an SEO Toolkit.  You can download and you enter any URL.  It will give you information about that particular website.  One thing I do not like about it is that it requires you to download something they call the Microsoft IIS Website Platform.  So you have to download this first and then you have to download the actual toolkit to use it and I don’t use the…

Chris: IIS Web Platform?

Paul: …IIS Web Platform so I don’t really like that but – and basically, I thought it was a really good toolkit and it puts things together that I found on – whatchamacallit?  Google Analytics…

Chris: Right.

Paul: …things that you can…

Chris: Google keyword search.

Paul: Yeah.  Things that you can find on like Google Analytics, things you can find on other web development platforms.  And it kind of puts them together in a cool little area.  I think it’s really — it’s really good. I think it’s very, very detailed.  So it’s another one of those things like Analytics where you can spend a butt-load of time on and probably too much time on.  If you want, I’m going to go over a couple of different things but overall I felt it was pretty good.  I got some pretty good – I got some good reviews and I got some that was like “Oh, it’s kind of – it’s not as good as Google’s,“ ‘cause Google actually have – has a website optimizer and you can Google — Google Website Optimizer and that would be one of the first things that comes up.

Chris: All right.  Not the person?

Paul: I’m sorry but no. (laughing)

Chris: Hey, Google, you need a little bit of SEO on your… (laughing)

Paul: I think that’s the one from…

Chris: I think that sucks.

Paul: …the second one ‘cause that’s what I actually thought.

Chris: Give us a call.

Paul: You can do a few different things.  And I’m going to talk about the website analysis part of it.  Now, I know this is not like the website analysis that we give, it’s something a little – it’s a little different.  It doesn’t go into – it doesn’t come with the same things but they’re both really good.  You can not only create a website analysis.

Chris: Wait, wait, wait.  We do an analysis?

Paul: We do a free website analysis…

Chris: And it’s free…

Paul: …and it’s free…

Chris: Wow!

Paul: …for the time being ‘cause I’ll keep putting you to work.  I’m going to start charging out here in a minute.

Chris: Isn’t that like a 5.0 or…

Paul: It’s a 6.0 website analysis where we will cover things like links.  I’m not going to them all out.  I’m just going to let you fill it out and I will return it to you.

Chris: So the way you’d do that to get that free analysis is just go to our website, and then you’ll see — on the upper right you’ll see a SEO, go ahead and click SEO and I think there’s a form right there or there’s a button shortly thereafter.

Paul: A link to it…

Chris: Oh, yeah.

Paul: …and then you fill it out and just give a – what’s your website, what’s your e-mail, what’s your phone number and send it to us and we will get it back to you within a reasonable amount of time depending on how many we get.

Chris: So load it up.

Paul: And we’re — we’re definitely getting more.  So I’d tell people when I get them I said, “Hey thanks for this request.  We’re getting busy so I can‘t get this to you tomorrow like I usually do but I will – you will have it within a few days.”  So, then you can do a few things on the toolkit.  You can get a – ask for a website analysis, you can build the site map, and you can also manage the content of your robot.txt file which is like 30 podcasts ago.  I’m going to talk about just the website analysis.  So you download the IIS platform, you download the SEO Toolkit and then you enter in your URL, and then it will spot your URL just like a search engine would, a search engine robot would, and then it will give you back all this information.

And if you look down the left-hand side, there’s a bunch of little tabs and there are some tabs for links, there’s a tab for validations, a tab for content, a tab for performance.  And I’ll give you like some quick information about what it is.  You can actually say, “Hey I want you to just fire up my whole URL.  I also want you to go 10 pages deep,” and that’s a little bit more probably than I should cover but if you look at your links and your validations, all right.  So it’ll tell you how many links your website has.  Now this is why I thought it was cool because Google does not give you that information anymore.

Chris: It won’t give you about links, yeah.

Paul: If you go back a couple more podcasts, it won’t give you about links.  So, this you will find…

Chris: We thought Google stole our links that’s why we’re like…

Paul: Well, they did!

Chris: …we just looked it up and our links were all gone.  And I’m like “Google stole our links.”

Paul: They took all of our links but they – they have our links but they’re just not displaying them.  Now with the Microsoft SEO Toolkit it will tell you how many links you have on your site and it doesn’t use the same thing.  It doesn’t use Google to find it though.  Obviously not ‘cause they’re our competitor.  But…

Chris: And because it actually shows your links. (laughing)

Paul: Yeah.  So it will tell you how many links you have, it will tell you if there’s any issues or problems within your links that are coming through or things you should watch out for.  It’ll tell you about validations.  What I thought was cool was that it’ll – you can actually create your own validations on here.  It will tell you about specific validations like you have an H1 tag that’s missed – excuse me — violations…

Chris: Violations.

Paul: Violations.

Chris: Violations, enter like…

Paul: You validate by displaying the violations.

Chris: Yeah.  Yeah, I’m sure.

Paul: Like you have a header tag missing, your image tag doesn’t have an ALT tag, you — like your link tags, your anchor tags is not relevant to what it’s linking to.  It’ll tell you all the thing — validations like that.

Chris: There is that little certain irony in getting, you know, HTML Validation Information from Microsoft, who is arguably one of the, you know, indoor browser is the one that don’t…

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: …all of the HTML specifications to a D — a little irony there and yeah.

Paul: But — and I thought this was really cool about links and violations and potential violations that it’ll separate your violations into like green-yellow – like green is kind of okay, yellow like, you know, you might want to watch it.  Red is like you have a serious issue, you need to watch that.  It’ll tell you the – there’s a validation stab, let’s say, the pages with the most validations, you click on that particular page and they’ll list them all for you.  I don’t even know if you want read all of that?

Chris: And this is all from an SEO perspective, right?

Paul: Yes, all from an SEO perspective.

Chris: So you may not care that an underlined tag is dead but if you’re missing a header tag, you know, and from…

Paul: And you can set that up.  You can say, “Hey I want to check this,” and you can set up your own validations and if whenever this happens I want you to notify me.  It might just be something that’s particularly your website that you don’t want there.  I thought that was really cool, you can customize it.

Chris: Right.

Paul: What else?  Oh, here’s another cool thing.  It will explain your violation errors in plain English…

Chris: Woo!

Paul: … because like I’ve seen violations before and I really don’t know what they mean but I could actually…

Chris: Each one missing?

Paul: Yeah.  Oh, yeah.  And I could actually go through these things and read them.  And gives me a couple of sentences, “Hey this is exactly what’s wrong.”  And I didn’t see where it tells you where to – actually, no, it did tell you where to find it.  It just took me a while to find that.  But it will also give you like a recommended fix, to fix this particular violation.  I was like, “Okay, that’s pretty cool,” ‘cause not everyone that’s – that downloads this might – might be, you know, understand how to read code.  Me, like, you know, I can kind of figure it out but if I went and I go this “Oh, my god, I don’t what that means” ‘cause I don’t read code like a coder or a programmer does.  So I thought that was really cool for someone that just wants to download – download it and they can actually – it will walk you through exactly how to fix some stuff.

Chris: Kind of the same thing as this podcast, you know, let us –you know, they’re giving you the information so that if you really want to take care of it yourself, which we don’t necessarily recommend and we understand people are going to do that, then they’re giving you the tools to do that.

Paul: ‘Cause this could be really, really complicated like, you know, you got to understand reading code and like what code is like right or what’s like a questionable code and, you know, even some of those things I’m still kind of learning on.  Another thing that I thought was cool was that there’s a content tab that will tell you about the pages and content in your website and it will, you know, check for duplicate content which is something that we probably have like five or six podcast on — I don’t know — 50.  It will check for duplicate content, duplicate titles, links, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  But I thought that was really cool and then there was a performance tab.  It will say, “This is your performance of all of these pages.”  And it will say, “This is page is loading slowly, this page is loading quickly,” “Here’s why this page is loading slowly” and possibly give you some recommendations on, okay maybe you have to meet images or maybe you’re hosting a large file or a large audio file on this particular page, takes a lot to load.

And so other than that it was really cool and then that’s pretty much it that I went over for website analysis part.  There’s also a site map part of the Google — excuse me, the Microsoft SEO Toolkit and a manager robot.txt part.  And those are also very important but I’m not going to cover those all in today.  But I thought it was really cool and that’s from Darren Booy.  Thanks, Darren.  darrenbooy@dot –

Chris: Dot-eu.  Or in…

Paul: That’s his website.  He asked me about his software and I said, “Hey Darren next week we’re going to give some info on the Microsoft SEO Toolkit.”

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