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Fifty-one SEO Podcast Mar. 19th 2010. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast! Today is the 51st podcast. Unfortunately, we do not have Paul here today. Don’t worry. I will introduce this gentleman shortly. Paul is out. We wanted to send our thoughts and prayers over to Paul his grandmother. His grandmother is having some surgery – emergency surgery this morning and he’s heading over to exciting Beaumont. So, our thoughts and prayers are over with him. And here next to me, we have Ken Roberts and you know I printed off a page for Ken. So, why don’t you introduce yourself and say a little bit about your company and I’m going to get that page that I’ve got.Ken: All right. Good morning. My name is Ken Roberts. I’m with Search Marketing Profits. And Chris asked me to stand in and talk a little bit about what we do, collaborate, and I’ll let him…

Chris: All right, so Ken Roberts we’re going to get right back to him. As usual what we want to do first in our podcast is we want to talk about what – briefly what we talked about last time ‘cause, you know, if we talked about it at length it would be the same podcast, so we definitely don’t want to do that. Last time we were talking about the Microsoft SEO tools and I think it was Darren Booy, he sent us a message saying “Hey, what about Microsoft SEO tools.” We honestly didn’t know anything about it and Ken actually had heard of it. But really…

Ken: Asked him right up?

Chris: Yeah.

Ken: You didn’t look at it? You didn’t even look at it?

Chris: I was like “Oh, yeah. That sounds interesting and I have too many other things to do.” So we did a little bit of research and we came up with some good information so the last podcast, that is podcast 50, is a good podcast — podcast to go back and listen to. Remember you are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. You might even be watching the most popular SEO podcast – then it would be on USTREAM I guess ‘cause you’re watching it there. We love it when you stalk us. We love it when you give us reviews. We’re always kind of reading our reviews on air ‘cause we get some wonderful things. People are saying some great things about us.

If you want to stalk us, you can stalk us on Twitter. To find us on Twitter, you just go to and we’ll talk about that ‘cause we were talking about social media a little bit earlier this morning. Facebook, because the URL is so ugly and useless that I don’t give it off over the air, what I do, do is I tell you to go, that will take you to our Facebook page. Please become a fan. Our fans are growing. Actually, that was another thing that I wanted to discuss today. We may not get to that. USTREAM, hopefully some of you are watching us on USTREAM already. We do broadcast the video of this podcast live every Friday at 9:15 Central Standard Time. Holler at – wave hello, Ken.

Ken: Good morning.

Chris: Hello out there in internet video land. If you want to find our USTREAM page, again the easiest way is Don’t worry I’m almost done. And next is our YouTube page and I’ve been promising you for at least two podcasts that I would give you a shortcut to it. We do have a shortcut. The shortcut is And that is Y-O-U Tube and stream is U the letter and then stream. So make sure that you follow us and make sure that you stalk us. What we really enjoy is when you take the time and you make an account on iTunes, you put in your vote, you say that we’re awesome.

If you get any good information, please take a little bit of time out and go to iTunes, make an account, and submit a review. We really appreciate that. And if you do submit a review send us an e-mail so that we could give you a little bit of link love and you can find us via e-mail at and that will go to both – either Paul or I. I think – and then we got a little bit of news. This is kind of cool. Did you – I don’t know if you knew this. Facebook unseeded Google as the most visited site this week.

Ken: Yes.

Chris: Yeah, so that press release went out. This is kind of interesting.

Ken: Actually, that’s something that’s — over a month that they’ve – they have more traffic coming in than…

Chris: Than Google.

Ken: …than Google does.

Chris: Yeah. And this…

Ken: In fact there are a lot of people from – even from the Pay-per-Click standpoint are moving to Facebook for Pay-per-Click because of Google and the higher cost you – anyway.

Chris: Yeah, I know. It’s interesting ‘cause I did mention Facebook and that I was going to – I printed out something. Facebook sent me an e-mail and I think it was with regard to our business page saying, you know, these are the people who have come and said they liked your page and so there was actually like Facebook Analytics and one more thing that we have to deal with here…

Ken: Right.

Chris: …as Search Engine Optimizers. And I think we’ll probably talk about that ‘cause social media is such a big monster right now and there’s a lot of potential in it for traffic depending on the type of business. So we’ll bring that up in a little bit. It’s just exciting, you know, and so we’re now – you know, Google had their run – I don’t know if that sounds like they’re done. Obviously, they are not done but, you know, they were on top for so long and now here we are – Facebook has overcome them in terms of traffic. So that’s pretty exciting.

Another thing that we wanted to bring up, Yahoo drops — and this is just in one of the magazines that we have here industry magazines — Yahoo dropped their shopping API. So they’re sending all of that shopping API traffic. They are just saying, “Hey” — they’re not even sending it. They’re saying, “Hey, go to PriceGrabber.” So this is like almost – probably three out of four podcast where we kind of talked about technologies that Yahoo is stopping doing. What are they going to do? Like where are they going? Eventually, maybe they’re going to their core competency which – what? Is it e-mail?

Ken: (laughing)

Chris: Are they just going to drop out of the face of the earth? Who knows ‘cause it looks like every couple of weeks — boom! They’re just dropping off and they’re deciding, “Well, you know, we just don’t want to – that’s, you know, one of the ones was GeoCities. They dropped GeoCities.

Ken: Right.

Chris: It was still getting like millions of traffic on a daily basis and they just shut it down. They didn’t try and sell it. They didn’t try and do anything with it. I just think that’s a little – it’s a little bizarre.

Ken: Yeah, I don’t understand it. I don’t think they’re done.

Chris: Right. And you think they’ll be dropping more?

Ken: Yeah, well, I – you know, they’re changing gears but which direction?

Chris: Right.

Ken: Well, ’cause — you know it will be a good – good question to see.

Chris: Yeah. So we’ll keep an eye on that. We’ll have the latest Yahoo drop some technology announcements here on the secrets of – Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast. Google so – and one last thing, I think we’re really close to our Gino time limit. And Ken – Ken actually listened to one or two of our podcasts before coming and I appreciate that. And one of them was the one when we were talking about Gino and Gino complaining about the first 10 minutes being mocked that he just has to fast forward through so we’re close. But I did want to give one shout-out to a City on an island next to Ibiza. I was looking at our stats and we actually had somebody, I think it was last night, they downloaded two of your podcasts and they’re from Palma de Mallorca. Now, I think it’s Spain.

Ken: I would…

Chris: I think it’s Spain. It could Italy but I think it’s Spain.

Ken: And you think you it’s a guess, huh? To me that’s something just…

Chris: Yeah. It is right next to Ibiza so…

Ken: So look it up before next week.

Chris: Yeah. Forgive our or my American geography ignorance and not knowing specifically, exactly where that is. But we’re really excited that we’ve got listeners there. If you are the listener there, send us an e-mail and let us know, give us an education. We’ll, you know, put a little bit more information. By the way, the City looks gorgeous. I zoomed in Yahoo! Maps actually or with the satellite view and the City looks awesome. There was a port with just huge yachts and I was like “Wow,” that’s – that will be some place that I’d visit, you know…

Ken: Broadcast from there.

Chris: Yeah, oh, that’s a good idea. Yeah, actually if you’re listening from Palma de Mallorca and you have a place that we could set up our webcam and our microphone, maybe we could come there and broadcast from there, that would be awesome. We just need a place to stay. That’s it. All right, so we – awhile back we had some people who were interested, you know, send us e-mails and we love your comments, keep them coming, and they – an individual requested some interviews. Suggested “Hey, you guys should do some interviews” and we have done one interview and I think I mentioned to you we did an interview of the SEO Rapper. Charles is his name. It’s a great interview and yes, there is an SEO Rapper, believe it. Did you have a chance to look it up?

Ken: Yeah, that’s unbelievable. That’s incredible.

Chris: Did you see it?

Ken: Yeah.

Chris: Isn’t it awesome? Did you get a chance to see his video yet or has…

Ken: I didn’t watch do his thing but…

Chris: Amazing. Yeah, he does really an amazing job. So, props to Charles also known as Mo Serious, also known as the SEO Rapper. He is really good and has done a great job of, you know, some of the comments we get are that, you know, SEO is dry material and we actually make it fun and entertaining. Well, the dude rapped to it.

Ken: Right.

Chris: I know you…

Ken: How can – how much more can you stick out than that, you know?

Chris: That’s awesome. So, and hopefully we’ll get him back in here. It would be nice. So, in the bane of interviewing people I bumped into Ken. Actually, I had a networking event the other day…

Ken: Right.

Chris: …and we’re, you know, both doing the same thing. It was “Hey.” Yeah, you know we seemed to be on the same page on a couple of things. Why don’t you come in and we’ll do a podcast and so you guys can have a little different perspective and – how long have you been in the business?

Ken: Since 1994.

Chris: Since ’94. Did you hear that? Did they have Internet in ’94?

Ken: Well, the browsers did not display pictures at that point.

Chris: So, he was doing optimization before there were pictures. Wow! That’s cool.

Ken: Well, I come from the brick and mortar side of the business and back then there was no SEO company to go to.

Chris: Right.

Ken: And it was just the emerging of all that…

Chris: Right.

Ken: …where all of a sudden you can realized that on Infoseek, if you remember Infoseek…

Chris: Yes, I’ve heard of that.

Ken: …how you could submit your page, hit refresh, and you could see your page jump and I’d had wars with my competitors and we’d be doing this all day.

Chris: Wow.

Ken: And so it just – it grew from there. And we actually had a full-blown SEO department in-house.

Chris: Right.

Ken: And…

Chris: And this was for your data retrieval business?

Ken: Right.

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