Interview with Ken Roberts part two, how many people who search the web follow with a phone call

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Fifty-two SEO Podcast Mar. 19th 2010. First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast! My name is Chris Burres, owner of EWebResults and you are listening to podcast number 52. We’re actually doing this on the same day. He might look familiar and know we didn’t wear the same clothes from a week ago. We actually jumped in and we’re doing another podcast immediately ’cause the interview was going so great and we had actually in between. We’ve got — looks like we got a lot of good information. We’re not going to have any problem with our Gino time limit this time.

Ken: Yeah. (laughing)

Chris:’Cause I don’t really have any new news for you.Our news last time was Facebook unseeds Google and Yahoo drops Shopping API.Do go back and listen to the last podcast ’cause this is part two of a two-part series of an interview with Ken Roberts and he is with to get a little housekeeping out of the way, turn off your cell phone — oh, wait.You guys don’t have to do that, that’s only when you’re speaking in a crowd.You can stalk us, stalk us at and that ewebstyle doesn’t have the dash.You can also stalk us on Facebook.The best way to find that is to go to

You can also — this is being broadcast actually now, looks like at about 10:05 Central Standard Time.Our normal video podcast is broadcast at 9:15 Central Standard Time every Friday.So tune in for those on USTREAM.The best way to find that is go to, that’s the letterU.And then finally, we got YouTube.Find us on YouTube and the best way to get there is to go to always appreciate comments.We always ap — we’re very generous with our link love.

So send us some comments.Send us some reviews.We love it when you go create an iTunes account and then actually submit a nice review about is and then let us know at so that we can give you some link love and, you know, some appreciation for the kind words that you are about to give us.I am hypnotizing you.And look at that.There’s no way — Gino, you can’t complain about the — Gino, if you — you can send us an e-mail, Gino, and say thank you for podcast number 52 ’cause I think I’m what, two minutes into the podcast and we’re going to get right into the meat of some information.At the end, we were doing — we’re talking about — I don’t even know what we were talking about.

Ken: Getting to come back to your, you know, get them engaged and get them to come back to your website for more of what you have.

Chris: And you call it a 3 — well, in written English, it’s the 3 Get Thems. In Texas English, it’s Get ’ems and the 3 Get ’ems. So maybe just kind of go over that real quick in case anybody didn’t hear the podcast.

Ken: The first Get ’em is get qualified visitors to your website. The second Get ’em is to get them to take action when they do come to your website whether to buy something, fill out a form, pick up the phone and call, many other things but basically some type of action. And the third Get ’em is get them to come back for more. And we were talking about the Get ’em…

Chris: The process of getting them back and then the value actually of getting them back and, you know, making the point that it’s easier to — the best way to increase revenue is actually to go after your — just in customer base and if you design your system ’cause what we really talk about I think you too, your clients and our star clients is what system are we putting in place. You know, people will come to us and say, “I want to be on the first page of Google.” And you’re like, “Of course, you do. Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google.” And I’m the person to help you or you can go to Ken, either one, EWebResults or Ken at Search Marketing Profits. We can help you and then we look at the website and you’re like, you, you really don’t want my SEO help yet. (laughing)

Ken: We’re not going to be able to do much. In other words, we might be able to get visitors there but that’s where it’ll stop.

Chris: You can only do one Get ’em. (laughing)

Ken: Right.

Chris: Yeah, ’cause we — you know, Search Engine Optimization, it’s not rocket science. It takes some time and persistence so we can get you on the first page on of Google. But then if they come to your website and, you know, and let’s say, we know 80% of the clicks happen in the first three positions and if so two of the three positions are competitors who have much better websites, then don’t bother. Don’t bother being one of the top three. You can’t say that. There’s always the guy out there who wants to work with the website and goes,
oh, he obviously did it himself. He’s a small businessman and we’re going to — I want to support the small businessman. But you know, that’s not really the market you want to go to.

Ken: Yeah. And in a competitive niche, you’re not going to see those.

Chris:Yeah.Yeah.Mostly, they’re going to go “Wow, this looks — you know, we were talking earlier, this isn’t about reputation and confidence.It looks like these people have a reputation.I have confidence in what they do.We always say that your website should impart to the visitor the value and quality of service that you give to your customer ’cause it should do that because that’s what the customer thinks.So you’ve got, you know, a templated website that’s not well done because they can we well done.You know, people are going to go “Wow!That guy might get the job done and it might be good” ’cause that’s what — they’re looking at the website.

It’s kind of good and it’s, you know.So our first thing is, you know, hey, let’s focus on really you kind of take a step back and you focus on the second Get ’em which is get them to take action ’cause if you got a marginal website, they’re not going to take action.So I was just thinking, have you ever Googled the 3 Get ’ems and have you even thought about optimizing for that?

Ken: Yeah. In fact, it’s — there’s a handful of…

Chris: People to speak in the same…

Ken: Yeah. The basic typo along the same lines.

Chris:So like Wrangler Wrestling.There’s three rules to Wrangler Wrestling, the 3 Get ’ems.I say that. I went to the rodeo last night.I don’t know.So a lot of our listeners probably don’t even know about the Houston Rodeo.It’s the second largest rodeo on the planet, I believe.The first one I think is in Alberta,

Canada. Right now I sound like a rodeo expert and I’m not.

Ken: Right.

Chris: I saw Black Eyed Peas last night which is a really — it was an awesome concert. But, you know, I’m not — you know, I didn’t grow — I grew up in, you know, kind of pretty good size cities, not on farms and, you know, I have an uncle who has a horse and whatever. The Houston Rodeo is amazing. I mean it’s just an amazing event that, you know, it’s amazing to be in the stadium when, you know, they’re actually doing the bull riding and they’re doing the bareback bronco riding and that’s just really cool. Have you heard of mutton busting?


Chris: Unbelievable. And they even like made fun of it as they’re announcing it. It’s the only sport where you can strap your child to a farm animal and call it a sport.

Ken: Right. (laughing)

Chris: You know, and call it entertainment. Basically, they take like I think it’s five-year-old kids.

Ken: Five to seven-year-old kids.

Chris: They throw a helmet on them, they throw like a Rodeo vest ’cause it’s like bull riders have vests on them, they set them on a sheep, and tell the kid to grab onto the wool of the sheep and they…

Ken: Then they hold on.

Chris: … and then they shoot the sheep across the field. And the kids are holding on slowly sliding off. It is unbelievable. And then the kids, you know, they land on their head and they’re all twisted and they stand up and they’re crying and they’re going “Yey!” and crying at the same time.

Ken: (laughing)

Chris:It’s really entertaining.Anyway, so that was the total digression I’m promoting Houston.In fact, my sister-in-law from New Jersey is in town.We took her to it.She’s probably going to bring her whole family the next time the rodeo.I mean it’s that and it’s…

Ken: It’s a lot of fun.

Chris: …great for kids and…

Ken: We’re going this next weekend.

Chris: Yeah. It’s so — you’re going to have — you’re going to have — you know who you’re going to — are you going to see the concert of you’re just going to…

Ken: No, it’s going go into the Livestock.

Chris: The Livestock area and…

Ken: The hands on.

Chris:We need shoes so there’s 70,000 people watching the rodeo and the concert and then there’s like another 30,000 people outside at the carnival.There’s a full-size carnival and then Livestock show and they’ve got art shows.It’s really, really an amazing event
.So, you know, look it up and come see it.It’s pretty awesome.We’ll throw in a little bit of Houston love there.

Ken: Maybe when we did hit that 10 minute Gino…

Chris and

Ken: (laughing)

Chris: Sorry, Gino. (laughing) Damn. You caught me on that. So one of the talk — we were talking about is this — yeah, that’s 52. So last time with the last 3 Get ’ems we kind of covered that. We’re really focusing on the last one which is get them to come back. There’s a lot of value in that. It’s about dialogue. It’s about having some sort of engagement. And you mentioned a number of times phone calls and I think that’s probably underrated. I think there’s a…

Ken: I was gathering you say something you might want to try if you don’t have — not already is that most people with the web they are saying, okay, we can migrate to people placing orders online, give us their credit card and they’re, you know, cha-ching, we look at the screen and…

Chris: And you make money.

Ken: Right.

Chris: Like that — wasn’t it a Super Bowl commercial where they — so they opened their online business and they’re all — they’re like the whole group of five people and they stand around and it goes click…

Ken: Right.

Chris: …in one order and they’re like “Yey!” And it goes click click and there’s three orders and “Yey!” And then it starts rolling out orders and they got 10,000. It doesn’t work that way anymore.

Ken: No.

Chris: You know, it’s a concerted effort in a long campaign to get you to the point where that dial is spending regular — it’s a business and I love this story and our listeners have probably heard it before. I got a phone call and the lady says, “I want a website. I want to be making money 24 hours a day.” And I was like as nice as I could I said, “Lady, if it were that easy, I’d never make a website for anyone else.”

Ken: Right.

Chris and

Ken: (laughing)

Chris: ‘Cause it’s not that easy. Each thing you do is a business and it requires a marketing plan or at least an action plan. You maybe don’t have to formalize it but you’ve got to have, okay, I’m going to market it this way. I’m going to advertise it this way. I’m going to make sure customer service works this way. I’m going to make sure the product gives you — everything’s a business so…

Ken: Right. And it all needs to be done on purpose.

Chris: Yeah.

Ken: Testing even needs to be done on purpose but it all should be done on purpose. Something that I see a lot of companies moving away from or not doing as much as they should is having somebody make a phone call.

Chris: Yeah.

Ken: Statistics show that 62% of people that go and search the web for something is followed with a phone call. People that are either not encouraging to give us a call even to place an order where normally they would do it right there.

Chris: Give them that option. Yeah.

Ken: Right. You’re leaving money on the table by not giving them the option to call. Now some people will — have told me, “Oh, my gosh. I got to answer the phone too. I got to do all this other.” If you can’t — you know, there’s different things. You can bring somebody else in to answer the phone to…

Chris: Hire somebody.

Ken: …to take orders. There are services out there. There are answering services that will do order processing for you. You have — you know, if you’re talking about volume here if you can’t answer the phone. But I can promise you if you’re not giving it as a viable option to place an order even if it’s not just give me your money order but sign up, you’re leaving people on the table if you’re not giving the option to call.

Chris: So ’cause, you know, we’ve been in computers for so long it takes us like 10 seconds to fill out a form. There are people who aren’t that at good typers, who are I’m comfortable in general probably…

Ken: I don’t want to — I don’t want to give their information now because thinking…

Chris:To be on the Internet, yeah.

Ken: Right. They’re thinking “I’m going to garbage up my e-mail account with things I don’t want to happen.”

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