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Invisible Algorithmic Editing and SEO
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Invisible Algorithmic Editing and SEO

Chris: Yeah, that’s two percent of sales – all of our tractor sales. So, I posted this, I haven’t posted on our Facebook page yet. There’ a TED Talk, in fact this last weekend I was on vacation over in Austin and stayed at a place called Steiner Ranch that had evacuated because of fires. So, that was all exciting as we’re leaving I’m taking pictures, not just of a small – actually I’ve seen flames so we were a lot closer than I wanted to be.

And the guy I was staying with, he should me a TED Talk, if you’re not familiar with TED Talks, go to, I think it’s with an “S”, maybe just Ted.

Chuck: I think it’s “ted”.

Chris: And, it’s great, amazing 8 ½ minute talks about, you know, blade is great and cutting edge stuff.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: This one and it is ironic, ‘cause I watched it this last weekend and then this Danny Sulivan, Twitted at him, posted it on his GPlus account.

Chuck: Yeah, he flagged it.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: And twitted it.

Chris: And, yeah. But, you told them not to do that but he’s doing it anyway.

Chuck: It was okay. It’s something I said it was just a link.

Chris: It wasn’t too much, it’s simple. Yeah.

Chuck: You know.

Chris: The talk is really interesting, basically the guy giving a speech and I don’t know his name, we will post it on our Facebook page. Send out to like a hundred or thousands of his friends, hey I want all of you to logged out of you Google account, search Egypt, take a screenshot and send it to me and then he was going to compile the results and there was, you know, there was variation. Even though they’re logged and should, you know, not have that dependent on, you know, the fact that you’re logged in adjust your results significantly.

There was one – two examples extreme examples that he gave. One was Egypt and this is right around the time of all the riots in Egypt and it should, you know, all this political stuff and riots and what’s going on. And the other one was like, you know, come visit the beautiful pyramids of Egypt. And, you know all this vacation travels.

Chuck: All vacation travels.

Chris: Yeah. And, so here it is, here’s the situation where you’re looking at two different totally different results for the exact same search based on computer usage.

Chuck: Right, based on probably that this currently being logged in, but browsers…

Chris: History.

Chuck: History, you know or something like that, eventually cookies and then probably hold – hold a lot of things that it will off the low searchable.

Chris: Yeah, and so the really, there kind of just of it was that eventually he started this process because he was on Facebook, he was kind of a left leaning guy, he likes to keep in contact with the right leaning people on his Facebook page, you know, so that he has some sort of balance input of information. By the way, probably a good idea.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: And, what he noticed is that eventually his entire newsfeed on Facebook was only left leaning people. All of the right leaning people were removed as much as he’s trying to be balance he does probably tend to click on left-leaning article or more, Facebook tracked that, understood it and then stop actually showing the right-leaning articles and you know, it’s a challenge, right ‘cause you – Google wants to override that experience to users that’s kind of customize. So, we know that you’re interested in left-leaning things so we’re going to show you left-leaning things. It’s also important though that people have different opinions and in the example of the Egypt in showing vacation stuff was, you know that’s…

Chuck: Weird ‘cause it could potentially create a problem.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Right, even though you – you happen to be looking for a vacation spot, you would definitely need to see the fact that, the riots and all sorts of what’s going on…

Chris: Exactly. Think – think I might just laugh in the mic. So, we’ll see if, see how that one did.

Chuck: But then, I’m thinking about it though, I’m saying by my Facebook experience and what I notice is that most people who saw all my wall what it more on the homepage are people who are interest with the most.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: So, when I click, you know show everybody…

Chris: Show you like, wow.

Chuck: Yeah. I didn’t realize this much is going on.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: And you notice it’s strange how they select the few people who I may comment on. I may like the most. So, you know this…

Chris: And that probably works for some people, probably, work doesn’t for some…

Chuck: Yeah. So, that’s why I expanded and I see all the like I quickly commit…

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: So, you see…

Chris: I kind of know that I didn’t really want to see of all that anyway.

Chuck: Oh, wow. Yeah.

Chris: Too much information. I don’t need that. So, that TED Talks is great we’ll put it on our Facebook page. Let’s begin Facebook, we only have 163 Facebook followers. By the way, this is so search relevant, we’re not even consider this part of the Geno time limit. So…

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: We’re just going to keep going. A 163 Facebook followers, we get like between 2,000 and 4,000 depending on the week, downloads per week. Come on, like us on Face please.

Chuck: Yeah, like us.

Chris: And GPlus us or Plus one us or something.

Chuck: Yeah. Plus one us.

Chris: Hey, we got some cool interactions on Facebook.

Chuck: Speaking in the Facebook.

Chris: Yeah, continuing in the Facebook team. Pom Flair, “love, love, love you podcast. I can’t wait to utilize them, the information you have offered, thank you.” This is actually only 10 hours ago.

Chuck: Oh, appreciate it. You are welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome.

Chris: Yeah, go to our website and go to Pom Flair and check that out. I didn’t have a chance to check it out before I printed it out. This one is awesome from John Bradley, the image that he has associated with his post…

Chuck: Oh, that name I sound familiar.

Chris: Is, “The Breakout Podcast” and he says, “One of my favorite podcast. You guys are the SEOG.” There’s a punch in the face for you on that one, that was awesome.

Chuck: Yeah. Two punches.

Chris: I left you a view on iTunes, where’s my punch in the face, you don’t have idea, here’s a couple little left, little uppercut. I don’t even know what that’s called.

Chuck: That’s called left punch.

Chris: Watch out. Flailing, inexperience over the head into the hardest part of the head, the forehead punch breaking to the hand.

Chuck: Unexpected knock-out.

Chris: ‘Cause no one expects that. That’s you know, that’s how some amateurs could be price fighters ‘cause they just start doing stuff that no one supposed to do and then like really?

Chuck: Oh, yeah. You know.

Chris: What’s he doing now?

Chuck: See how confident he is.

Chris: And he also said, he’s latest website is djfett —

Chuck: Okay.

Chris: — .com. As in

Chuck: I never heard that link before, man. If you’re tuning in, hit me. John, I think I know you.

Chris: All right, let see. Oh, we’re going to do keywords, there’s one other thing, I did post this article. Google eats their organic search results. I’m just going to cover briefly, it’s kind of interesting.

Chuck: Yeah, I mean. It’s you know, there’s two things to that. Collaborate article and yes they do, right?

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: But at the same time what do you do?

Chris: Exactly.

Chuck: Yeah, well and I understand but there was also like the most relevant.

Chris: Right.

Chuck: And, so you know, in the net sale it’s.

Chris: Well, one of the search that they had that I thought was interesting was where it showed two, with the exact same content. Right, it was two Google pages basically it was, you know, there’s Google Books online that it all been scanning and entered into their unbelievably huge database and it was arrived at the same book, kind of like you would maybe arrive at a smoking cessation products by going to the category smoking and going to the category cessation and they both show the same page. Imagine those two pages showing up with a different link path on a Google result that would never happen for us.

Chuck: Oh.

Chris: Right, like that just…

Chuck: The most cross link that we have, yeah you won’t – never get to…

Chris: You’ll never get that lucky, right? Well, Google does allow themselves to happen with themselves.

Chuck: Maybe they did it exactly the way it was.

Chris: Yeah. Maybe we should investigate that specific example.

Chuck: They did the way it’s supposed to be done. You know, just to get, you know the same page. This is back to back.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: With two different links.

Chris: Yeah, on the same Books that on the same domain. So, it’s an interesting article. It’s out there, I think it’s a lot of complaining. I think there’s validity to or some validity to it. I think it’s interesting, those were the things that we need this guy and I didn’t get his name, his name is on here somewhere.

Chuck: That’s it.

Chris: Aaron Wall. And the title of the article is from SEO Book, “Google Eats Their Organic Search Results”. It’s important that guys like that are out, you know.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: You policed in Google, so we appreciate it that.

Chuck: I’ll post that one too.

Chris: I think I already did. I think I did before we got on air.

Chuck: So, okay cool. That was cool.

Chris: All right, so one other thing we talk about is, what’s the most important thing when it comes to SEO?

Chuck: Content. Right?

Chris: Contents King.

Chuck: Yeah, that mean, but I mean we talked keyword research.

Chris: Here’s what I always relate and the long time listeners know, in real estate, its location, location, location in a SEO its keyword, keyword, keyword. Because you’re right Contents King and if you’re right in content about the on keywords.

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