iPhone Tech issue results in Human Hand recall

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Sixty-seventh Internet Marketing Podcast July 2nd 2010. First page of Transcription

iPhone Tech issue results in Human Hand recall

Chris: Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: What’s up, everybody? Welcome back. Welcome to Houston, Texas. This is the Unknown Secrets of SEO. We’re going to have a great time today.

Chris: I think that clock is fast. I think we’re actually starting on time today.

Paul: Oh, we’re three minutes behind. [Laughter]

Chris: We’re three minutes behind. 9:15 Central Standard Time. For those of you listening to this podcast, you can actually catch the video of us recording it live at 9:15 Central Standard Times on Friday mornings. This is podcast number 67. You’re listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. We got some really cool stuff today so we’ll start off with what we did last time. And right off the tip of our tongue, we had no idea so we had to go back to —

Paul: Contextual linking. There you go.

Chris: Contextual —

Paul: I was like contextual advertising like —

Chris: This sounds good.

Paul: [Laughter]

Chris: You can by contextual advertising from us as soon as we figure out what it is.

Paul: Yeah. [Laughter]

Chris: Actually, so the last podcast which was podcast 66, we talked about what’s called contextual linking, and it’s really the process of — and Paul gave a great example where maybe your company’s name has FIFA in it or something and because the World Cup was just happening everyone was talking about FIFA, and that’s contextually relevant, Google obviously, in this case the robots are getting it slightly wrong but could help you immensely. So that’s kind of an example of — also, well, Paul also mentioned, as the World Cup disappears for the next four years the value of that contextual linking is going to disappear off of the face of the earth also. That’s just a good example ’cause what we’re really talking about is, are people out there talking about you? Are people out there doing like — even right now —

Paul: Or tweeting ’cause they’re tweeting Facebook and FIFA FIFA or your FIFA company or whatever.

Chris: But they took down the Twitter APIs.

Paul: Oh, they did?

Chris: Yeah, the programming interfaces like — they didn’t take them down, they slowed them down immensely. Even I use TweetDeck in order to kind of manage tweets and follow different things and every day I signed in. During the World Cup they said Twitter is experiencing delays probably because of the World Cup because during the World Cup which, by the way, is the largest sporting event on the planet, people were tweeting and there’s a lot of people in the world.

Paul: Yeah, constantly. I think people — I was just seeing Facebook going like crazy. I don’t tweet as much as I probably should.

Chris: Well, we were watching on Univision, right?

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Univision.com.

Paul: Oh, and they have it.

Chris: And they had Facebook right there like —

Paul: The Facebook — were all gone.

Chris: And they would scroll like 30 —

Paul: Yeah, like Bang! Bang! Bang! I can’t read that fast. I don’t read Spanish so…

Chris: Well, it was kind of weird though ’cause I wouldn’t want to — in Facebook, I wouldn’t want on my wall what I’m talking about — what I’m thinking about the game, right, ’cause your wall is more like, “What am I doing now? Okay, I’m about to watch the World Cup, but while that go was amazing?

ul: Yeah, yeah.

Chris: You know, and so somebody comes back to your wall —

Paul: I think they’re also like conversational posts.

Chris: There’s more like tweets.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: — which even then is marginal but they’re like yeah, they should almost have been independent maybe in discussion which I don’t know. I don’t know how Facebook handled it. I didn’t put a comment so I don’t know what it showed up on our wall so… Did I mention Face — I just said Facebook, didn’t I?

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah. You can find us on Facebook, yeah. All you have to do is go to — I love it when people say this, “You can find us on the Facebook.”

Paul: And “the Google.”

Chris: And “the Google.” So to find us, just go to Facebook.com/e-webstyle. You can also follow us on Twitter, twitter.com/ewebstyle. I did tell you that we broadcast live on Fridays at 9:15 Central Standard Time. I did not tell you how to find us. The easiest way to find us is to go to our website. Just go to e-webstyle.com/ustream, and that’s USTREAM with a letter “U.” That’s how you find us. That will forward us to — forward you ’cause you’re typing it through us on USTREAM and you will be seeing us live now, and I’m moving my hands frantically and I stopped.

Chris and

Paul: [Laughter]

Chris: So we’d like to cover a little bit of news.

Paul: What’s in the news today?

Chris: Well, you know, it’s always Apple. I don’t know. Speaking of contextual, all of this conversation about the iPhone and the disaster that the iPhone is — by the way, go get an Evo.

Chris and

Paul: [Laughter]

Paul: Oh, my buddy came the other day, he’s switching from the iPhone 3G to an Evo.

Chris: Really?

Paul: Yes.

Chris: I mean who —

Paul: He’s going to save like 100 bucks also.

Chris: And he’s going to get off the AT&T shitty-ass network.

Paul: Yeah, ’cause this feels like my bills like $175 a month, and I get the Evo for $69.99. So it’s like — it’s a no-brainer.

Chris: $69 — how —

Paul: Well, plus the 10 bucks for 4G.

Chris: Oh, per month? Okay. I was thinking like I pay $200 for that phone. Oh, it’s a great phone and you just got to go out and Google on YouTube — don’t Google. Go to YouTube, also owned by Google. Go to YouTube and type in “iPhone Evo” and look for a little tiny squat cartoon characters that have been viewed over 5 million times. It’s hilarious.

Paul: And I guess that wouldn’t make any sense for people in other countries because I think they get like a whole different list of phones.

Chris: Oh, they can have some — so it’s actually —

Paul: ‘Cause I probably looking and I was like, “We have that phone for like a year.”

Chris: Yeah. Is that a new phone you got? It’s a piece of crap.

Paul: Like we all have — ’cause I thought we get stuff like —

Chris: I use that as a coaster. [Laughter]

Paul: Yeah. Other countries get stuff like way before we do at times.

Chris: There are definitely other countries that have been using phones to advantage for a lot longer than us which is, you know, it’s hard for us to accept as Americans. And it’s true. So basically, iPhone is on the news contextually. All these articles don’t actually link to iPhone necessarily or link to Apple, but that would be a great example of contextually. So it’s going to keep giving value to —

Paul: So maybe you want to put an article. Maybe you do like cell phone repair company and you want to write an article on your blog about —

< span>Chris: Repairing the dysfunctional iPhone.

Paul: iPhone 4, there you go.

Chris: ‘Cause the announcement that I was going to talk about is that it looks like there was some discussion of iPhone during a recall, and it looks like they’re not going get that. Can you imagine? And they’re not going to do a recall.

Paul: That would be it.

Chris: What Steve Job said in a brief e-mail was that, “God should recall the human hand.”

Paul: Really?

Chris: No.

Chris and

Paul: [Laughter]

Paul: I was like, “Whoa!” All right. I would brush over that one. That’s a —

Chris: That was me. [Laughter] It makes sense though.

Paul: Yeah, it does. It does.

Chris: If the human hand doesn’t work with the iPhone, there’s got to be a recall.

Paul: And I mean like — man, somewhere they should have really caught this thing. Oh, wait, if you hold the phone, it doesn’t work.

Chris: Yeah, yeah, there’s some engineers —

Paul: As soon as you pick it up, the phone doesn’t work. Hey, but it’s iPhone 4.

Chris: There’s an engineer who lost an iPhone 4 who is also now dead. He’s had his hands recalled.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Google, actually their profits came out today or yesterday. I think it was today — maybe it was this morning, and their profits are up. It didn’t meet targets and the reason they didn’t meet targets is ’cause they hired 1,200 people. How many companies in this economy are willing to hire 1,200 people?

Paul: That’s what’s up, Google.

Chris: Yeah. So the hiring costs have kind of way laid their profits. Podcast video — okay. So inspired by the video that I told you you should go get, the iPhone Evo video, we went out and we converted a portion of our podcast into a cartoon thing, text to movie thing. It’s hilarious. It actually came off really good. Paul, the bird —

Paul: The birdhouse hat?

Chris: The birdhouse on your head is awesome.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: The flap in the back of your pants —

Paul: Yeah, the butt flap?

Chris: The butt flap is also good and I have to say I’m styling with my Princess Leia ears —

Paul: Yeah, that’s what’s up. That was very cool. Is it up? Did you post it already?

Chris: It is up so you could find that on our Facebook, facebook.com/e-webstyle, and you can also find it on our YouTube. The easiest way to get to YouTube — to the YouTube is to go to e-webstyle.com/youtube. In that case, you spell out “you” as in “Y-O-U.”

Paul: Well, check it out. This is something that’s a little funny we put out there and hey, Darren, this is for you. I’m going to challenge you to — ‘ cause I know to do —

Chris: Something better.

Paul: — to make one better ’cause I know, I know that he will sit there but I —

Chris: Oh, I’m going to kill this.

Paul: Oh, yeah. [Laughter]

Chris: That’s crap. That’s just crap. All right. That’s all I got for news, but I do — unless you wanted to start and break off for an exciting, we have a review.

Paul: Okay. Yeah, go ahead.

Chris: We need like some sort of alarm. Whoo-whoo!

Paul: Just go ahead with the review.

Chris: We have a review. Whoo! All right. This one is for iHardcore. [Laughter] I haven’t actually read this is whole thing so…

Paul: Okay.

Chris: Hopefully, it doesn’t get too hardcore. “If you listen from the beginning you can see these guys grow in sophistication, understand the running jokes, and gain their perspective. Refreshingly honest. In fact, the best part is when they say, ‘Mmm, I don’t know. Let’s find out.'” Did we say that?

Paul: [Laughter]

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